Ron Paul Endorses New Book Written by Boston Tea Party Chairman, Darryl W. Perry

Ron Paul has endorsed  Duopoly: How the Republicrats Control the Electoral Process.

The ten-term Congressman and three-time Presidential candidate from Texas wrote, “Darryl Perry has produced a comprehensive examination of the ways in which ballot access laws, campaign finance ‘reform’, gerrymandering, and other restrictions limited participation in the electoral process. I recommend this to anyone interested in learning how the political monopoly arose and what we might do to open the process to new candidates promoting the old idea of liberty both inside and outside the major parties.”

In addition, one of the reviewers suggested that “the book be read by every Political Science student, State Legislator & Congressman. I’m hoping that people get on board with the suggestion and send a copy to their State Rep., State Senator & 3 members of Congress (1 US Rep. & 2 US Senators)”.

Additionally, Free Patriot Press is announcing a special limited time offer. For anyone (in the U.S.A. or Canada) who pre-orders Duopoly by Monday (Oct. 3, 2011) will pay no added shipping charges! Pre-order link

Duopoly, by Darryl W. Perry, published by Free Patriot Press, will be available October 4, 2011 from, and all major book stores.


Free Patriot Press is an independent alternative media / publishing company, founded by Darryl W. Perry in June 2009, with the mission of “ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT” and to also give new authors an avenue for publishing freedom oriented material.” FPP welcomes any author committed to the Freedom Movement.


For more information on the Boston Tea Party, see

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul Endorses New Book Written by Boston Tea Party Chairman, Darryl W. Perry

  1. Starchild

    Congratulations, Darryl, on the book and on the favorable blurb from Ron Paul!

    It’s definitely a topic deserving of a thorough, book-length treatise, and if it’s what Dr. Paul says it is, you’ve done the freedom movement a service by writing it.

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