No Primary Challenger for Obama?

This isn’t exactly third party related, but since Ralph Nader is such a big part of the drive to recruit a primary challenger I figured it was worth posting and would be of interest to this site.

There is a new article up at American Spectator that suggests that Obama won’t have a primary challenger.

Expect the talk of a primary challenge to Obama only to get louder. Pundits salivate at the prospect of an unusual twist, turning the foregone conclusion of Obama’s nomination into a story. The problem is: A challenge won’t happen.

The article is more of a pragmatic technical explanation for why a primary challenge won’t happen. It is not an ideological treatise. But oddly, he fails to mention Nader as a main driver of the primary challenger talk. I think this article is more of an explanation for why there is unlikely to be a “big name” primary challenger. I still suspect there will be a challenger of some standing.

I recognize my comments above are editorializing a bit, but I included them in the post since the comments are down. Once the comments get fixed I’ll move them to the comments section.

One thought on “No Primary Challenger for Obama?

  1. Deran

    Wouldn’t anyone who wanted to challenge him in the primaries have to file this month for Iowa and NH? I thought I read that the filing deadlines for those two were this month?

    I do not think there will be amy significant opposition in the primaries, unless the economy tanks again in the next few months.

    In the general, definitely there will be Left opponents.

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