October ’11 Open Thread

Discuss almost whatever you want in the comments here, other than stuff that would get you and/or IPR in legal trouble, or stuff that has already been quarantined in “special” threads.

This can include news items IPR should be covering, as well as just about anything else.

Personal update: I still don’t have enough time to post here regularly, unfortunately.
I know that was not the case in September, but it is likely to become the case again soon.

Call 415-690-6352 if you need to get a hold of me (Paulie), or contact.ipr@gmail.com and/or comments on this thread (both if possible) for news tips to IPR.
I’ll keep forwarding anything I receive that I think belongs on IPR to other IPR writers, but will not be posting articles myself, with rare exceptions like this one. I would also like to sign up some new people to help us post.

For those of you who have my personal email, in any situation where you can call me rather than emailing me or otherwise contacting me online, please use the phone, not the computer. Thanks!


PS here is the latest from Rap News. Some of the commenters on their youtube page have pointed out that some of Ron Paul’s positions are not exactly as portrayed here, but some of you may still like it:

132 thoughts on “October ’11 Open Thread

  1. Michael H. Wilson

    Here is an article from our friends to the north which takes a look at the debt of a number of nations. Given the histrionics we sometime read about maybe it is worth some time to think about the nations mentioned in the piece. Let’s see where are the Swiss compared to the U.S?

  2. George Phillies

    The LNC is voting on buying a building, someplace in the belly of the beast. It will take a bunch of years to pay off the large mortgage, and will give something like the space we now rent in the Watergate, meaning that the LNC is so confident of our future that they expect current space will be adequate for a long time to come.

    I’d prefer an LNC that expected the current space was totally inadequate, and was doing lots of things to make those expectations come true. However, delegates were given that choice, with a coherent plan, in 20120, and you voted for what you know have.

  3. Nerd School Drop Out

    With the membership in decline I doubt that this is the best move in town. It seems to me that it would be prudent to move to the suburbs somewhere. But whadda I know.

  4. RedPhillips

    I have a technical question that maybe some of our computer whizzes might be able to answer. You might have noticed that there have been no recent CP announcements from Gary Odom posted here. I’m still getting them, but I can’t post them. I don’t know if it is the e-mail program he is using or I’m using or what, but I can’t cut and paste the content of his e-mails. When I right click on the highlighted content the cut option does not light up. What is up with that? Any solutions?

  5. RedPhillips

    OK, I forwarded the e-mail to another account and that worked, but if anyone knows how I can get it to work with my Yahoo e-mail address that would still be appreciated.

  6. paulie Post author

    Does anyone have any new intel on a possible liberal primary challenger for Obama. Time is getting short.

    I talked to Cavlan. He was talking about someone I never heard of before. Politics 1 lists a bunch of people that won’t get debates or media – I think Alvin Greene and Randall Terry were the most recognizable names I saw. Nader and a bunch of other people keep talking about running six single issue candidates, but I don’t think I have seen any of their names yet. Also, I believe Gravel said at one point he might run.

  7. Darryl W. Perry

    here’s the list from Politics1

    Aaron Leon Ammann (Washington)
    Warren Ashe (Virginia)
    George Ballard III (Pennsylvania)
    Sanderson Beck (California)
    Jeff Boss (New Jersey)
    Harry Braun (Arizona)
    Willie Carter (Texas)
    Alvin Greene (South Carolina)
    Al Hamburg (Wyoming)
    Patrice Hardcastle (Virginia)
    Raphael Herman (Florida)
    Robert Jordan (California)
    Cody Judy (Utah)
    Leah Lax (Pennsylvania)
    Kip Lee (California)
    Mark Levetin (Florida)
    Kenneth Keith Litzinger (West Virginia)
    Dave Montgomery (California)
    Deonia “Dee” Neveu (Virginia)
    Shawn O’Brien (Florida)
    Dean Phillips (District of Columbia)
    John Sawyer (Florida)
    Gary Stephens (South Carolina)
    Vermin Supreme (Massachusetts)
    Randall Terry (New York)
    George Washington Williams (Ohio)

  8. Darryl W. Perry


    Press Release: Impeach the President
    Posted by Jim Babka

    This morning, during the 9 AM hour, DownsizeDC.org issued the following press release to thousands of media outlets…

    DownsizeDC.org Launches Obama Impeachment Campaign

    (Akron, OH) – “President Obama has confessed to murder,” says Jim Babka, President of DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

    “The President admits that he ordered the killing of a natural-born American citizen, Anwar al-Alwaki, without due process of law. This is murder. Now the President must receive the due process he denied to Alwaki. Impeachment by Congress is the proper legal remedy when the President becomes a criminal,” says Babka.

    DownsizeDC.org is urging its 31,000 members to ask Congress for impeachment. DownsizeDC.org provides a FREE online program that visitors can use to simultaneously submit a letter through the webforms of their Representative and Senators. The group hopes to generate tens of thousands of constituent letters to Congress.

    Babka went on to say…

    “This is not about personalities or partisan advantage. NO person with the power to order missile attacks on individuals should operate free from the strong constraints of legal due process.

    “The President assumed to himself vigilante powers, and in the process likely violated at least three Constitutional provisions, which he’d sworn to uphold.

    “The President’s action sets a dangerous precedent that must NOT be allowed to stand. The President claims that we must trust him when he says that Awlaki was guilty of great crimes, but the whole point of our system is that it relies on publicly tested evidence, not trust.

    “We must restore due process by impeaching the President.”

  9. paulie Post author

    Laurence Vance at Lew Rockwell blog:

    “A Pew Research Center poll of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans finds that “about half (51 percent) of post-9/11 veterans say that the use of military force to fight terrorism creates hatred that breeds more terrorism.” Amen. Only half say the Afghan war was worth it. Amen. Less than half say the Iraq war was worth it. Amen. Pew said its survey results found “isolationist inclinations” among post-9/11 war veterans. Amen.

    I did find this disturbing: “Nearly half of post-9/11 veterans said deployments strained their relationship with their spouses, and a similar share reported problems with their children. On the other hand, 60 percent said they and their families benefited financially from having served abroad in a combat zone.”

  10. Darryl W. Perry

    The Nobel Peace Prize hasn’t been about “peace” for years… I started the Free Patriot Peace Prize to recognize those who support the non-aggression principle.
    Voting for the Free Patriot Peace Prize http://tiny.cc/9ityj is open through October 31, 2011

  11. LNC Motion to Buy Building

    For those of you who are curious, the LNC is now acting on a motion to buy a building in the belly of the beast. Votes are due by the 18th.

    “Sponsors: Dan Wiener, Vicki Kirkland, Dan Karlan, Mark Rutherford, Doug Craig

    Motion: that the LNC hereby authorizes the Chair to make an offer to purchase the office at 1428 Duke Street, contingent on the conditions listed below. An offer to purchase may be made, so long as the Secretary and legal counsel confirm that the offer contains provisions that allow the offer to be rescinded if the conditions below are not met. The purchase and loan agreements shall require the approval by the LNC prior to their execution.

    Condition 1: The total monthly cost of OTM plus any outside storage plus payments for fully-amortized loans shall not exceed $8500. For the above 2846 square foot property, the OTM costs are projected to be $9 per square foot per year or $2,134.50 monthly. Based on monthly payments which fit within this budget, the projected remaining total balance as per the stated terms of the loan or loans used to purchase the property shall not exceed $380,000 at the end of five years.

    Condition 2: The down payment on the purchase must come from dedicated contributions to the building fund, and not from the LP’s general funds.

    Condition 3: 33% of the necessary down payment must be raised with restricted donations within 20 days of the date on which this motion is officially approved or the date on which twelve LNC members have voted for its approval, whichever comes sooner. At least half of that amount must be actual money, while the remainder must be in legally enforceable pledges using an agreement crafted by legal counsel.

    Condition 4: 66% of the necessary down payment must be raised with restricted donations within 40 days of the date on which this motion is officially approved or the date on which twelve LNC members have voted for its approval, whichever comes sooner. At least half of that amount must be actual money, while the remainder must be in legally enforceable pledges using an agreement crafted by legal counsel.

    Condition 5: 100% of the necessary down payment must be raised with restricted donations within 60 days of the date on which this motion is officially approved or the date on which twelve LNC members have voted for its approval, whichever comes sooner. At least two-thirds of that amount must be actual money, while the remainder must be in legally enforceable pledges using an agreement crafted by legal counsel.

    Condition 6: 100% of the necessary down payment must be raised with restricted donations by January 5, 2012. All of that amount must be actual money.

    Condition 7: LNC members who request it, and who explicitly agree to keep the information strictly confidential, shall be provided with each donor or individual pledger’s name and amount (and a copy of the signed pledge agreement) used to meet Conditions 3-6.

    If the Secretary provides notice to the LNC that there was a failure to meet any of the aforementioned conditions, it will result in an alternate lease agreement being executed, as provided for in a separate motion.

    (Example 1 – likely worst case scenario: A building purchased for $875,000 has OTM of $2134.50 plus outside storage costs of $400 per month, which leaves $5,965.50 available for a monthly payment on a loan. A down payment of $300,000 in cash by January 5, 2012 plus a loan for $575,000 at 6.5 percent interest payable in equal installments of $5,795.15 and fully amortized over 11 years 3 months would meet the first condition because it would be paid down to $366,396.44 at the 5 year mark.)

    (Example 2 – likely best case scenario: The seller accepts a purchase offer of $850,000, and it is determined that the outside storage cost of $400 per month is not necessary, leaving $6365.50 available for a monthly payment on a loan. A down payment of $245,000 in cash by January 5, 2012 plus a loan for $605,000 at 6.5 percent interest payable in equal installments of $6365.50 and fully amortized over 11 years would meet the first condition because it would be paid down to $379,280.28 at the 5 year mark.)”

  12. Jill Pyeatt

    MHW @ 23: That is absolutely the best ad I’ve ever seen. It truly made me cry. I’m going to post it on Facebook every day this week. It needs to go viral!

  13. Jill Pyeatt

    Yes, Paulie, thanks!

    I found other good stuff on the blog MHW linked to, however.

  14. George Phillies

    Articles in Next Liberty for America

    LNC Continues to Defy JudComm
    Judicial Committee Issues Clarification
    LNC Motion to Comply With JudComm Is Losing
    Oregon Nominates James Foster
    LPMass Triples Income
    Ken Moellman Does Well in Poll
    Hinkle Responds to Wagner Request for Clarification
    Ruwart Differs with Hinkle
    Judicial Committee Rejects LNC Claims
    Hinkle Rejects LNC JudComm Finding
    Hall Chides National Committee
    LNC Reinstatement Motion
    Judicial Committee To Oregon: Remedies Exhausted
    Georgia Party Condemns LNC, Seeks Removal of Flood
    LNC APRC Decision Over-ridden
    LP Membership Down, Income Up
    Benedict Gives LNC 90 Days Notice
    LNC Motion To Buy Building
    Free State vs. Social Reaction
    More Florida Far-Right Infiltration
    Ron Paul Proposes to Nullify First Amendment

  15. George Phillies

    @28 Very effective video.

    Of course, in 2008 Obama actually said that he would send more troops to Afghanistan and enlarge the Marine Corps to do so. But when your own supporters ignored what you were telling them, they can;t rally to your defense later.

  16. Jill Pyeatt

    GP @ 30: I’m anxious to get the next edition. I’m especially curious about the last article about Ron Paul.

    I think the Georgia motion deserves its own thread. I’m sure some of yours do too, George.

  17. Tom Blanton


    Here’s something a lot of IPR people should be interested in.

    In an effort to send a message to big banks, some protestors, who seem to be associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, have organized an event to remove all funds from banks and into credit unions.

    Protestors are calling the event “Bank Transfer Day” and are encouraging people nationwide to participate November 5.

    The Facebook page for the event states the following:

    “Together we can ensure that these banking institutions will ALWAYS remember the 5th of November!! If the 99% removes our funds from the major banking institutions on or by this date, we will send a clear message and give the 1% a taste of the fear that we experience every day when we aren’t able to pay for our rent, food, medication, utilities, student loans, etc.”

    more: http://www.cnbc.com/id/44800021

    This is a great opportunity for “doing real politics” by direct action and being the change you want to see.

    Take your cash away from the the rent-seeking too-big-to-fail banksters who are in partnership with the Fed and give it to a local credit union. They are not regulated by the Fed and are only required to report deposit liability to the Fed for statistical purposes.

    State-chartered credit unions are subject to some federal laws, but are generally regulated by the state. They are not members of the Fed – you are a member of the credit union.

    Besides, the credit unions are usually more service oriented with lower fees than the big banks.

    It may take years to end the Fed, but you can certainly make it less relevant on November 5th.

    Spread the word and start shopping for a good credit union.

  18. paulie Post author

    Protestors are calling the event “Bank Transfer Day” and are encouraging people nationwide to participate November 5.

    Should be easy to remember 🙂

  19. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    Myth of the Independent Voter
    Bruce E. Keith (Author), David B. Magleby (Author), Candice J. Nelson (Author), Elizabeth Orr (Author), Mark C. Westlye (Author)

    Available worldwide
    ISBN: 9780520077201
    June 1992
    $27.95, £19.95

  20. Deran

    I’s a pity, but I can’t see there being any, even second or third tier, challene to Obama in the primaries, at this point. Don’t people wanting in the Iowa and NH caucus/primary have filing deadlines soon? This month even?

  21. Thomas L. Knapp


    I don’t think there’s any filing, let alone any filing deadline, for the Iowa caucus. The nature of the caucus is that party members show up, stand in corners to make it clear who they favor, and argue until they get tired of arguing, after which heads are counted and delegates are apportioned on the basis of levels of support above a certain minimum.

    In theory, someone could show up at the Democratic Caucus, stand in a corner with a “Roseanne Barr” sign, and try to argue his fellow Democrats into his corner.

    But, your point remains salient — if anyone wants to take on Obama in the Iowa caucus, they should be knocking on doors in Iowa by now.

  22. CommonTater

    Daniel Miller at the Daily Mail:

    Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul told reporters at a press club lunch that they could be assassinated by their own government in the same way it targets Americans with ties to Al Qaeda

    Paul was criticising President Obama for approving last week’s drone strikes against an American citizen in Yemen based on secret intelligence that linked him to failed terrorist attacks against the U.S.

    American-born Al Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in the attack in what American officials said was a major blow to the organization.

    Texas congressman Paul told the National Press Club luncheon if citizens do not protest the deaths, the country could start adding reporters to its list of threats that must be taken out.

    He said: ‘Can you imagine being put on a list because you’re a threat? What’s going to happen when they come to the media?

    ‘What if the media becomes a threat? … This is the way this works. It’s incrementalism.

    ‘It’s slipping and sliding, let me tell you.’


  23. CommonTater

    by Bill Bonner
    Daily Reckoning

    You want to know what lies ahead? Just read the classics…particularly the history of Rome. Empires have roles to play too. They have scripts to follow. They have plots they must respect…and destinies they must fulfill.

    For example, in the US, it is probably only a matter of time before a weak president is replaced by a strong emperor. A senate may be able to rule a constitutional democracy, but a real empire needs a real emperor, someone who can make decisions without getting caught in the gridlock of Congress. Besides, the public will love it. Yes, a popular general is sure to cross the Potomac sooner or later…from the Pentagon to the White house. The crowds will cheer. Garlands will be hung. Flowers will be strewn in his path. Finally, someone will bring order to the US…slay its enemies and reward its friends with war booty (military contracts).

    And then, of course, there will be civil war. Once a government can be taken by force, rather than the fraud that is customary in democracy, force will be used to compete for it. Perhaps the Democrats will have their military men…the Republicans will have their own forces. They will fight it out for control of the empire.

    And then, to stop the killing and the destruction, the army will get together and decide to put its own man in the top position. Inevitably, this will lead to more struggles for power…

    …and much comedy. The military forces will choose even bigger morons than the voters. They will come and go quickly…with two, three…maybe a dozen new leaders in a single year. Some will be dangerously incompetent. Others will be dangerously able. Some will be lunatics.

    How long will it be before an American Caligula appears? Will he force the senators’ wives to become prostitutes? Will he proclaim himself a god? Will he be murdered by his own guards and companions? We hope so.

    Of course, it won’t the America we knew. Or even the one we want. But it should be a treasure trove for future historians and stand-up comedians.


  24. Darryl W. Perry

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  25. War with Uganda!

    George Phillies writes:

    In other incredible news of the absurd, the United States has invaded on the side of one faction in the Ugandan civil war. Some Americans can actually find Uganda on a map; rather fewer, I suspect had known until now that there is a civil war in Uganda. see antiwar dot com for details.

    The Lord’s Resistance Army is substantially composed of children and people who think that they are bulletproof, so perhaps we have finally found an opponent we can beat. On the other hand, with the Iranian plot claims falling apart, Obama may still be looking for a war he can win.

  26. War, War, Glorious War!

    War with Uganda! At least, that will be the description that one faction in the Ugandan civil war gives to President Obama’s decision to send the army to Uganda to reinforce the Ugandan Army, which has been our loyal mercenary force in places like Mogadishu.

  27. George Phillies

    All five tries (eventually) worked.

    The astute reader may be to name the author who gave us @51’s (my) name.

    It appears that we are doing this so Uganda will rent us more mercenaries from their army.

    ‘More mercenaries’ really served George III Hanover well, now didn’t it? Ask George Washington.

  28. wolfefan

    “Invades” Uganda? Laying aside the merits, is it an “invasion” when the troops are there at the requet of the legitimate government?

    Also, FWIW the proposed party office does not appear to be in DC, so it’s not really in the belly of the beast. The upper right arm of the beast, maybe? 🙂 Alexandria is far more affordable, and there is no real benefit to being IN the District proper. Is this the property under consideration? http://www.weichert.com/28639703/

  29. George Phillies

    When we send troops to a foreign land to enter a foreign civil war, it is — the other side is also part of the country, an invasion.

    The proposed site is indeed in the belly of the beast, inside the Beltway.*

    *It is an amusing but irrelevant quirk of geography that part of DC and part of Alexandria is actually south of the Beltway.

  30. wolfefan

    Hi George –

    Fair enough! What part of DC is south of the beltway? I know the Lorton Prison is south of the beltway, but I think that property has reverted to Fairfax County.

  31. George Phillies


    There is a map in wikipedia. In order to close the ring, because the river becomes extremely wide and deep at that point, the highway comes a bit north into DC proper. I have actually been driven on the portion in question.

    I am fairly sure, though I may have gotten turned around at some point, that this is roughly where the Naval Research Laboratories are located.

  32. Robert Capozzi

    56 gp, huh? DC proper is both north and south of the Beltway, but the Beltway doesn’t touch DC. It may touch the City of Alexandria. 295 and 395 do indeed go into DC. Small point, but I think you might double check this one…

  33. Thomas L. Knapp


    “is it an ‘invasion’ when the troops are there at the reque[s]t of the legitimate government?”

    What if it’s at the request of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny instead? Non-existent entities don’t make requests.

  34. Robert Capozzi

    56 gp, clarifying, the Naval Research Laboratories is near 295 (not the Beltway), not 95/495.

    However, the DC line crosses the Potomac to the Wilson bridge and does indeed slightly run south there. Google Maps shows the sliver. DC soil is always well inside the B’way, but it does break outside of in on the Potomac.

  35. wolfefan

    Hi Tom – do you mean non-existent entities in the sense of “there is no such thing as a legitimate government”? Certainly Uganda has a government that has been in power for 25 years and recognized by almost every other country in the world. If not the above, are you saying that since they came to power through violent revolution they are not legitimate? Would “de facto” government be more accurate?

  36. Thomas L. Knapp

    wolfe @ 61,

    I guess there might be such a thing as a legitimate government — but there’s no such thing as a legitimate state. Recognition of one overgrown street gang by almost every other overgrown street gang in the world doesn’t confer “legitimacy.”

  37. George Phillies

    War, war glorious war.

    There are also suggestions that Uganda has recently discovered small oil fields, but I am more inclined to believe the mercenary interpretation.

  38. Deran

    Now that Stewart Alexander has gotten the Socialist Party USA presidential nomination, I wonder if he will be considered by the P&FP/NOC effort? Last I heard, the SPUSA was not actively participating in the NOC effort, but only observers.

    I’ve looked around online, but have not found any info on updates on the NOC.

  39. Deran

    I spole too soon. Seems like the NOC founding conference is in December. I see the SPUSA is not a participant. I wonder if the SPUSA hopes to get Alexander nominated ny this effort via Alexander’s membership in the P&FP and avoid direct membership in the NOC?

    Here is teh press release.


    If I lived in SF I would try and attend and cover the meeting.

  40. Leaving a Paper Trail [don lake]

    REferring to Number 70:

    We still remember the 1773 Boston Mascacre ………..

    Imperialist Winston Churchill gradually fades from the collective memory. Ghandi, that beggar in rags grows to icon status!

    Notice the parallels to the Tennimin Square ‘Confrontation’ that every on the planet has ‘forgotten’

  41. George Phillies

    Readers may be amused to note that the LNC is voting on (or is voting on voting on) electing a credentials committee to the next National Convention. Readers will doubtless have noticed the extensive publicity calling for applicants. (;^)) Among the short list of applicants is a member of the Oregon Reeves faction state committee.

  42. George Phillies

    It’s much easier to conduct cronyism behind closed doors. The message from the LNC Secretary seems to fix how the vote will be undertaken, but the intent is to elect people at the same time. The current candidates are:

    Mark Bodenhausen (served in 2010)
    M Carling (served in 2010 – requests to be an alternate this time)
    Jo Coleman
    Jeff Dimit (chaired in 2010)
    Scott Lieberman (served in 2010)
    Carla Pealer
    Emily Salvette (served in 2010 and chaired previously)

    “We have an electronic mail ballot.

    Votes are due to the LNC Secretary by 11/1/2011, 11:59:59pm Pacific time.

    Sponsors: Alicia Mattson, Dan Karlan, Randy Eshelman, Kevin Knedler

    Motion: to hereby elect members and alternates to the Credentials Committee via approval voting

    Procedural note: Usually our mail ballots are simple yes/no votes, but for this election by approval voting, rather than sending me a yes/no, vote by sending me a list of the individuals for whom you wish to vote. Just to remind you how approval voting works, you will be able to vote for as many as you approve of. You may vote for fewer than 5, exactly 5, or more than 5. The top five vote-getters who receive a majority vote (and agree to be members of the committee) will be elected as members of the Credentials Committee. Anyone else also receiving a majority and agreeing to serve will be a ranked alternate.”

    Supposedly a message was sent to state chairs asking for candidates, but I have seen no mention of that anyplace, including from my own state chair.

  43. Hugh Mann

    Let’s hope for the best until it comes out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it says that he wishes Dr. Paul was an African-American bazillionaire 🙂

  44. Michael H. Wilson

    I have no desire to be on this or any other committee that George refers to above, except maybe the platform committee. I do object to the general membership not being made aware of these positions.

    I get an email once a week and the news letter at times. It is quite possible to place an announcement in the news letter and send out an email 90 prior to the closing date for all these announcements so that there is a wide distribution of these openings.

    There is no reason that more of the membership should not participate.

  45. Darryl W. Perry

    Does anyone know why the LP membership isn’t made aware of openings on the various committees?
    I get the weekly emails but haven’t received a copy of the newsletter in a while.

  46. Deran

    Did anyone see this?


    In the article thre is a link to the “Declaration”. And at the end of that they announce a National General Assembly, and if the demands aren’t met, they will for a new political party.

    Problem is, this “declaration” and the proposed national convention and potential new political party are something that was publicized unofficially by a member of a working group attacked to the #OWS in NYC. If you follow the link in the article to the Working Group on Demands you see there is a lot of opposition to this whole thing in the forums at the yahoo group.

  47. Robert Capozzi

    83 d, no, thanks. The OWS “demands” validates for me that OWS is not fertile on balance for Ls. Cherry picking a few issues that Ls might agree with does not make for common cause, IMO.

    Leading with federal financing of elections tells me these folks are in the Naderite progressive-to-socialist space.

  48. Deran

    I thought it all seemed a bit fishy. A whole program, plans for a national convention and a new political party coming seemingly out of no where.

    http:occupywallst.org and other sites are saying there is no “Demands Working Group” and this whole thing was the product of James Ogle-like “retender to the throne”

    False alarm.

    I was going to bet it was some Trotskyist pip dream, but turns out to be a “lone gun man”.

  49. Deran

    @86 I’ve heard corpses of Japanese tsunami vistims will start arriving on the Pacofoc Northwest in the next year or so? All this article makes it sound more like 2014? And how much will end up stuck in the Northern Pacific gyre?

  50. Hugh Mann

    The OWS “demands” validates for me that OWS is not fertile on balance for Ls.

    It validates ugatz.

    The “OWS demands” is one whacko, who represents himself only.

    Sure, there are others there that have similar views.

    And others who don’t.

    Do Libertarians have a case to make to the 99% or not?

    Well, I guess you could go the Root route and tr to make the LP appealing to the 1%.

    I’m guessing the 1% are not going to find the LP very appealing.

    Even if only 1% of the 99% finds the LP even slightly appealing you will make more headway than you ever will trying to persuade the 1% that the LP is better than the Big Two.

    Bigs like Bigs. Underdogs are more apt to like underdogs. The LP ain’t no top dog. So where does an opening exist? (****headslap*****)

  51. Yo Ming

    It’s so much easier to say that the opportunity does not exist when you fail to try.

    And when you fail to try it is so much easier to say the opportunity does not exist.

    See how that works?

  52. Moderate Pragmatic Libertaryan

    They ARE all the same. None of them have a lot of money. We only want people who have a lot of money.

  53. Humongous Fungus

    Went to occupy today.

    Mostly cool people, a few douchebags.

    Majority supported multipartisan system, opposed co-option by Democrat Party (DP). Some exceptions.

    One guy was preaching against violence and authoritarianism.

    Many were interested in info about federal reserve scam. Some were already familiar with it.

    Most but definitely not all favored some sort of social democracy or socialism.

    Scattering of others – anarchists, hardcore commies, anarcho-commies, libertarians, Democrats Against Democracy, anti-everythings, dunnowhats.

  54. paulie Post author

    I have a new job (call me if you want to know 415-690-6352) so I am not posting as many articles. I’ll try to post stuff we get sent by email in here in addition to forwarding it to other IPR people.

    If you are sending IPR stuff to post as articles please also post it in here.

  55. Braddock District Supervisor election

    Carey Campbell, the Independent in Braddock Supervisor – Fairfax County, Virginia race continues to win debate after debate.

    So far there have been 7 debates. 10 are scheduled.

    Campbell is U.S. Air Force Veteran, the only veteran on the ballot for Braddock District Supervisor.

    Braddock District has about 120,000 residents, and is one of 9 districts in Fairfax County Virginia.

    Campbell focuses on “Strong schools, strong public safety, police and fire, reliable human services, growing revenue by installing solar on roof of public buildings, and above parking lots as Cincinnati Zoo, and U.S. Air Force have done. More Trains, Less Traffic.”

    Campbell calls for the lowest property tax rates, and largest cuts and shifts. Campbell advocates for cuts in taxpayer subsidies to oil, auto, asphalt, and cement fat cat campaign contributors.

    debate videos are Here:

  56. More LNC Genius

    Readers may recall that some time ago the LNC
    voted to accept proposals for the 2016 National Convention up through February 2012.

    There is now a new motion before the LNC, to cut off acceptances of proposals for venues for the 2016 convention. The new cutoff date would be December 9, 2011.

    That is if you get your LNC news on between-meeting events from the report in the minutes following the next in-person meeting, you will find out about the change in venue date after the new cutoff.

    Even more astonishing, there were a bunch of yes votes on this motion within minutes after the motion was posted by the Secretary.

    The motion reads: “With an LNC meeting coming up in March of 2012 and the likelihood of a decision on the national convention location for 2016, we need to address the timing of the venue candidate deadline.

    We need to address the motion that was passed at the LNC meeting in November of 2010 in New Orleans, which instructed the LNC to accept venue candidates by February 10, 2012 and to make a final decision by the 2012 convention (now will be in May). That three month window should be maintained in order for the Convention Oversight Committee to do site visits.

    Therefore, I ask for acceptance of a new deadline date of December 9, 2011 for venue candidates. This will give us a three month time period to do site visits and make a final decision on 2016 by the March LNC meeting.”

    …George Phillies

  57. George Phillies

    Mary Ruwart is telling the LNC that locking in a 2016 convention now when they have no idea what shape the party will be in, come 2016, is inadvisable.

    Of course, that argument goes double for buying a headquarters building, an act of faith that the national party futureward will be little bigger than it is now.

    Next weekend — I am just coming off a very bad cold, and my state committee just committed to three more fund drives — the last one was worth a 10% increase in members, and by the way 60% of our people who belonged at the start of 2007 or have joined since are still members — by the end of the year.

    We are generating a trifold for OWS outreach; your suggestions on issues to include are most welcome.

  58. Aaron Starr

    It makes perfect sense to me to cut off convention proposals early enough such that site visits can be conducted before coming to a decision.

    I am delighted that the LNC is now planning conventions at least four years in advance. I would have preferred that it had been the standard all along.

    One of the reasons why we wound up having conventions during holiday weekends is because other weekends were no longer available — other organizations planned further ahead than we did.

  59. paulie Post author

    Email from Carl Person forwarded to other ipr writers for inclusion as article

    Download the original attachment

    Carl Person


    Dr. Tom Stevens Campaign Manager


    325 W. 45th St.

    New York NY 10036-3803


    Your browser may not support display of this image.


    Substance of My Statements Made at the 10/22/11 Illinois State LP Presidential Debate

    (by Carl Person, Candidate for Libertarian Party Nomination for President)


    New York, NY, October 24, 2011. Carl Person, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President, revealed his plan for enabling each of the 50 State Libertarian Parties to win the election in its own State during November, 2012 – by helping a test town in the State to create prosperity for its residents and small businesses, applying Libertarian principles.

    I Will Help Any State LP

    Implement My Prosperity Plan

    I believe that most of the Libertarians attending the Presidential Candidate debate were impressed with my proposal, but the time allotted for discussion was not enough to tell the whole story. I am using this release to make a full presentation and invite each State LP to implement the plan for creating prosperity (my “Prosperity Plan”) in a town or village in the State, with or without my assistance. Additional details are available at election-issues-us.com. Please call me to discuss how my Prosperity Plan can be implemented in your State.

    11 Preliminary Concepts to Help

    You Understand My Prosperity Plan

    1. A town or village with a population between 7,500 and 12,500 is recommended. The Prosperity Plan for a town (the “Town”) within this population range can be implemented in about 2 months, with a team of 10 and a team manager.

    2. My plan is 100% “viral” as to the Town, because we reach everyone in the Town through direct solicitation. Although it’s impossible to obtain anywhere near 100% viral on the Internet, you can obtain 100% viral in a small geographic area, by knocking on every door and bringing your message to each person in the area. This is being done successfully by religious groups (Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses) and by numerous door-to-door salesmen of various products (e.g., vacuum sweepers, cleaning supplies, magazine subscriptions and home improvement products). The Libertarian Party features door-to-door marketing with its Libertarian Door Hangers [http://www.lp.org/take-a-look].

    3. The plan results in obtaining a list of the email addresses for all residents and small business owners/managers in the Town, which means that the plan results in ownership of an electronic newspaper with almost everyone in Town (of working age) as a subscriber. The newspaper (actually, a weekly newsletter sent by email at no cost) is able to provide information to the residents and voters about Libertarian values, candidates and projects that the Town’s existing single newspaper fails to publicize.

    4. The marketing area for the Town is going to be, approximately, a 75-mile radius from the center of the Town [the reach of the 10,000 Watt local radio station(s)], which is almost 18,000 square miles, with perhaps 100 to 400 other towns within the area, or approximately 15 counties (averaging 1,207 square miles each).

    5. A 1-minute commercial run on a local radio station should cost approximately $1, for the advertising of a catalog of all the offered goods and services of perhaps 5,000 residents and small businesses of the Town, at an annual cost of advertising per participant of less than $10.

    6. A technical course to qualify residents to work for small businesses and self-employed persons will be the first part of a free college education for each resident; the rest of the college equivalency curriculum will be the more traditional college courses.

    7. The education to be provided in the Town’s tuition-free equivalency college for residents only will be 1st class as to the vocational training and economic sustainability components and traditional courses (English, history, etc.) as to the rest of the program.

    8. The Town’s Voters have rights under New York’s Municipal Home Rule Law to overturn actions by the Town’s legislative body through a referendum. The right to a local referendum gives New York residents a formidable political power for exercise when needed.

    9. The principles involved in my Prosperity Plan are Libertarian, involving self help of the Town’s residents and small businesses.

    10. If the Prosperity Plan is successful, the Town Voters can be expected to vote Libertarian, and all of the offices up for election in the area should have Libertarian candidates with an excellent chance of winning.

    11. The surrounding Towns and Villages will demand the same Libertarian reforms, because the Prosperity Plan is actually a grass roots plan for spreading Libertarian principles by showing they work and creating a demand for the same reforms as the implementation successes become known.

    Here is My Plan for Creating Libertarian-Based

    Prosperity in Any Town or Village in the United States

    12. A Team of 10 Trained Representatives and a Team Manager goes door-to-door (which is how 100% “viral” is created) to disseminate the Libertarian message and explain how prosperity can be created for the Town and its residents and small businesses through the implementation of four reforms. This would be a good way to put volunteers to use, and to bring in local members of Occupy Wall Street and its 99% to further their objectives.

    13. A Town of 10,000 population will have about 3,750 housing units to visit and an estimated 200 retail businesses.

    14. The Team will obtain the email addresses of every Town resident and small business owner/manager; and create email addresses for those not having an email address (and set up several retail locations where they can receive email. (This creates a local newspaper with a near 100% subscription rate, at a cost of about $6 per subscriber (or $20 per household). [Note: During the 1980’s, newspapers sold for about $1,000 per subscriber.]

    15. The Town’s Mayor will be encouraged to have the Town’s lawyer function as the Town Attorney General to protect the rights of the Town, its residents and small businesses at public expense, and obtain refunds (or “clawbacks”) from entities that have breached their contracts with the Town. These amounts could lower real estate taxes and pay 100% of the costs of the Town’s tuition-free equivalency college for residents only.

    16. Set up a tuition-free equivalency college for residents only; courses would be “live” and not internet-based. Students would live at home. The costs of running the college would be $2,000 per year per student (30 students in a class), or $2/hour for instruction. The college would provide a 1st class technical education as the first year of the curriculum, to train students how to earn a living working for local small businesses or to create their own small businesses. The 2nd through 4th years would be a more traditional curriculum, but including courses in manufacturing, business, farming, creating renewable energy and creating a sustainable economy. The students who complete their 1st year of the equivalency college will be in demand by the Town’s local businesses. [Note: the equivalency college will be area-wide, serving more than the Town, but residency in the area required, with students not residing in the Town having to pay the low-cost tuition.] The equivalency college has a low cost of operation because it would have no regulation, no student loans, no dispensary, no parking lots, no Chancellor’s home, no dormitory, no library, no trucks or grass to be cut.

    17. Area-Wide Payroll Administrator (“AWPA”) as a Workaround for My Plan “The 1st 3 Are Free”. The AWPA will make it easier for local small businesses and households to hire employees. The AWPA will act similar to an office temporary service and handle the payroll withholding, reporting and insurance requirements. The business or household merely notifies the AWPA each week the number of hours worked by each employee. This does not have to be a cooperative, and it could and perhaps should be privately owned, with competitors. Each Town business and household pays for whatever use it has of the AWPA. The AWPA will make it easier for small businesses to manage payroll and induce small business to put on more employees of the classic type (involving payroll withholding) and enable local businesses to grow and add more employees.

    18. Electronic, Searchable Catalog of all Goods and Services Being Offered by All of the Town’s Residents and Small Businesses. The Sears Catalog (a thick, printed paperback book) was a successful marketing tool for 100 years, but was discontinued in 1993. The catalog had almost everything anyone wanted to buy and was far less costly to advertise than trying to advertise separately each of the items in the catalog. Ebay is today’s electronic equivalent. My idea is to have a catalog for all goods and services being offered by a Town’s residents and small businesses because of the economies of scale in marketing the catalog. By using local radio advertising, the cost of advertising the offerings of 5,000 residents and small business is only $1 per minute, or less than $10 per year per catalog participant.

    19. Keyword Advertising, Zip-Code Based, Making It an Improvement upon Craigslist. When a member of the Team visits a household, he/she will provide consultation services to the resident(s) to identify the services and/or goods the resident should offer (as a way of increasing their income). For each identified, a keyword ad needs to be created, for inclusion in the “catalog”, which is in reality an online searchable database. Each resident and small business owner will be encouraged to prepare as many ads as needed to advertise each of the services or types of goods that the resident would like to offer and sell (or to buy). Here are 3 samples: “Tutor quantum mechanics, high school level, $25/hour”. “Have car truck with plow, shovel or remove snow from home driveways for $50 flat”. “Have car truck with plow, shovel or remove snow from parking lots for $125/hour, $75 minimum”. “Consultant on creating keyword ads for town database or catalog. $20/hour”. “Create website landing pages. $28/hour”.

    20. Group Sessions or Online Videos to Reduce Cost of Instruction for Creating Keyword Ads. There are two critical things for every catalog participant: (i) keyword ads that use words and terms that will be used by prospective customers seeking the goods or services being offered by the participant; and (ii) the appearance and content of the landing page that a website user will see when jumping from the participant’s keyword ad to the participant’s landing page for such ad. The landing page needs to include pictures, prices, recommendations, descriptions of services, contact information, and anything else that will help to sell the offered products and services. Participants should learn how to create their own landing pages based on the first landing page created for them by a landing-page consultant. The use of good keywords ads and landing pages for the ads will bring in more income for the participant, and will result sooner or later in the hiring of employees by many of the catalog advertisers. Group sessions and online videos can provide the needed instruction after the team member, during his door-to-door visit, has provided the initial information and sample keyword ads.

    21. Surrounding Towns Will Demand the Same Prosperity Reforms and Vote Libertarian. Because of the 1-minute radio advertisements of the Town’s catalog, residents and small businesses in the surrounding 2,000 square miles will be purchasing from the catalog and wondering why they can’t offer their services as well. This should result in demands for the same reforms to create prosperity in these other towns on a grass roots reform basis, similar to the growth of Craigslist. The reforms are Libertarian and most of the beneficiaries will know this and vote Libertarian as a result. It would be no major task to recruit residents of the Town or surrounding area to become candidates to compete for all or most of the elected positions in the counties involved.

    Carl E. Person

    Libertarian Party, Candidate for Presidential Nomination 2012

  60. paulie Post author

    Forwarded to other ipr writers

    I kindly ask that you post the following letter / blog on your website.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Michael Jingozian

    Title: Resolving the LP Oregon Fiasco

    Dear Fellow Patriots,

    I am reaching out to you in the spirit of fellowship and goodwill in the hope that all of us can arrive at a fair and just resolution to the very serious rift that currently threatens our beloved Libertarian Party of Oregon. In addition, it concerns me that this situation is negatively impacting the progress and direction of our national party. At a time when America sorely needs the ideas, passions, and solutions offered by Libertarians, we cannot in good conscience allow this quarrel to continue.

    Let’s review the facts that lay before us. Over the past two years, two rival factions have been battling for control of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO). Each faction is promoting its own agenda and supporting its own slate of candidates for state and national offices.

    One faction, led by Wes Wagner, recognizes him as chairman of the LPO. The other faction recognizes Tim Reese as chairman. The Reese faction is backed by Richard Burke and M Carling. In my opinion, both factions want to do the right thing by pursuing their own agenda and strategies. However, when strong passions and dynamic personalities clash, feelings and egos can become bruised.

    It’s important to understand how this unfortunate situation developed. At the 2009 LPO state convention, we voted on many changes to our bylaws. All of these amendments were prepared in advance and recommended by Burke and Carling. One of the motions was not published in advance. This amendment stated that if no explicit rules existed in our bylaws regarding any issue, then the issue would be resolved by applying Robert’s Rules of Order.

    I was present at this convention. I expressed my concern about voting for an amendment that was presented hastily and which did not seem to serve any practical purpose. . (I’ve seen this tactic tried when I served as Vice Chair of the LNC). However, Carling supported the amendment’s passage and I deferred to his superior knowledge of Libertarian bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order. The amendment passed and the bylaws were amended.

    At the invitation of the Reese faction, LNC Chair Mark Hinkle and LNC Secretary Alicia Matson attended the subsequent state convention. Citing the newly adopted amendment to the bylaws, Hinkle and Matson ruled that an LPO quorum was not based on the number of active party members but rather on everyone who had ever joined the party—an unrealistic number. As a result of this ruling, it is now virtually impossible to achieve quorum to call a meeting, elect new officers, amend the party bylaws, or conduct any meaningful LPO business.

    The current situation is a dysfunctional stalemate with two executive committees, one led by the Wagner faction and the other led by the Reese faction – each claiming legitimacy. To convolute matters even further, the Wagner executive committee adopted a new set of bylaws to support its agenda. The legitimacy of this new set of bylaws has been called into serious question.

    The bottom line is how do we resolve this dispute in the easiest, quickest way possible – so that we can move on with the party’s business? Currently, there seem to be two courses-of-action.

    The first option is to recognize the Wagner executive committee as the legitimate governing body of the LPO. The Libertarian Party National Judicial Committee ruled that the Wagner executive committee was in fact the legitimate ruling arm. However, this decision was not supported by LNC Chair Hinkle, who has stated that he does not recognize the Wagner executive committee.

    The second option is to disaffiliate the LPO and install a new executive committee. This would essentially create a new and second LPO. The Reese faction is actively pursuing this course of action. Although this second option may initially appear feasible, it would likely create even more problems and uncertainty. Our party would likely encounter serious reproof from the secretary of state’s office, from our membership, and from our donors and supporters. Party assets would be in dispute. We face the real chance of loosing our ballot access status.

    Yes, friends. We’ve created a huge challenge for ourselves. But the overriding question is where do we go from here? In my opinion, neither of the two aforementioned options is ideal. After evaluating facts, personalities, and agendas, I propose a different course of action:

    o We recognize the Wes Wagner executive committee. This was also the ruling by the LPO Judicial Committee. I agree with their decision.

    o We need to void (nullify, etc.) the amendment that created the unrealistic quorum requirement. There are many reasons why this amendment can and should be nullified. I propose that the national Judicial Committee meet again and vote to void this amendment.

    o We also need to nullify the new Oregon bylaws that were adopted by the Wagner executive committee. In my opinion, the executive committee did not have the authority to adopt new bylaws. (If the LPO membership wishes to change bylaws, it can do so at any future state convention.)

    Even if this course of action is taken, there is no guarantee that the Wagner faction will recognize these decisions. It is my hope that he (along with the rest of the Oregon Executive Committee) decides to resolve this stalemate before this problem escalates even further.

    Moving forward, I urge that all of us to drop our fixation with bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order, and other constraints and clever attempts to further an agenda by manipulating our policies. Please keep in mind our true adversaries in our fight for liberty! Let’s devote our time, energy, and brainpower on activities that are key to our party’s growth – activities like marketing, membership recruitment, candidate development, and fundraising. I also urge the LNC to not over-step their bounds or muddle in the activities of the state affiliates.

    When I served on the LNC, too many of our discussions revolved around rules and parliamentary procedure. Friends, we’re losing touch with what’s truly important. In our preoccupation with rules, we’re neglecting our friends and neighbors who desperately need action and solutions. Parliamentary procedure is not going to create jobs or put food on the table. I fervently believe that our party is not about rules. It’s about a purpose – to increase personal freedom and personal responsibility. It’s about fundraising, and spreading our message, and attracting powerful candidates to run for office. It’s about inspiring more citizens to rally around our principles and join the Libertarian party.

    At future Libertarian conventions, I respectfully ask you (the LP members) to re-evaluate the qualities that your leadership should possess. I encourage you to especially consider individuals who can share experience and knowledge in areas like marketing, public relations, organizational development, fundraising, just to name a few.

    The situation that we find ourselves in is politically driven – and it is a mistake. Let us put aside our petty differences and desire for control. Let us forgive the barbs and insults that may have wounded us. Let us remember why we joined the Libertarian Party in the first place. At this dangerous juncture in our nation’s history, it is critical that we recommit ourselves to the greater fight – the fight for personal liberty and freedom. Please. Let’s do the right thing now.

    Freedom & Peace,

    Michael P. Jingozian

    Former Vice Chairman, LNC

  61. Robert Capozzi

    102 mj: We need to void (nullify, etc.) the amendment that created the unrealistic quorum requirement. There are many reasons why this amendment can and should be nullified. I propose that the national Judicial Committee meet again and vote to void this amendment.

    me: First, I like the tone and spirit that MJ articulates in this letter. I do wonder whether the JC would view this particular nullification as in their jurisdiction…I’d guess no. Perhaps MJ could serve as mediator for this dysfunction himself. He lives there. He’s not allied that I can tell with either faction. And he gives all indications of being reasonable, smart and filled with good will.

    He would probably need to flesh out how the nullification “can and should” be done. Off the top of my head, I’d suggest that a rule that is essentially impossible to meet is on its face void.

  62. paulie Post author

    Bruce or someone else at ipr will probably post this soon but here it is in the meantime …

    The Perfect President: “Herman Paul”

    By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

    The mainstream media seems to love the traditional status quo robots (Bush, Clinton, Gore, Bush Jr., Obama, Romney) who got us into this economic crisis of epic proportions — while despising and disregarding non-traditional candidates such as Ron Paul and Herman Cain.

    They make sure that only a Mitt Romney or Barack Obama with a certain look (well-groomed, attractive, nice suits, good hair), certain education (always Ivy League), and certain views (support the Fed, support corporate welfare, won’t cut spending too much, won’t rock the boat) are portrayed as “popular mainstream candidates.”

    The candidates who don’t fit this traditional role are portrayed as crazy, kooky, and extreme with “no chance of winning.”

    Yet, those status quo elitists with their Ivy League degrees and orthodox views led us right into this Great Depression II. Those “traditional” views about everything — taxes, spending, entitlements, Social Security, bailouts for billionaire bankers, the Fed, wars — led to the insolvency and bankruptcy of this great country.

    Why would we celebrate and elevate the very same traditional thinkers who brought us to this point of disaster?

    Even more damning, these same beliefs (taught at every Ivy League economics department) have led us down the very same path as Europe, which is right now at the edge of Armageddon.

    Whether the masses of U.S. voters realize it or not, Europe’s very survival is at stake over the coming days — all because of too much debt, spending, entitlements, taxes, free healthcare, and government employees with outrageous pensions.

    Look back at the past few years. We have lurched from a bank debt crisis to a corporate debt crisis to now a much worse crisis — a sovereign debt crisis with entire European countries on the edge of implosion .

    When banks and big corporations go under, countries save them. But who will save the countries? The world economy is at death’s door. And, there is no cavalry to ride to the rescue.

    Look at the leaders of each insolvent country now in crisis. They are the same person, cut from the same cloth. This “group think” of Ivy League spoiled brats, almost all born with silver spoons in their mouths, is at the root of all that ails America and the world.

    World leaders lack common sense or blue-collar roots. Few have ever run a business. Even fewer are self-made. These types have destroyed the world economy. It is time to change our thinking . . . and change our leaders.

    It is time to merge anti-heroes like Ron Paul and Herman Cain to create the perfect president. No traditional thinking found here. This newly merged “Herman Paul” is the kind of non-traditional, non-status quo president we desperately need.

    Ron Paul was not just the first, he was the only politician to predict the debt bubble, housing crash, banking crisis, student loan crisis, and economic tsunami we are now experiencing.

    He predicted the Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae, and Freddy Mac would destroy the housing market. He predicted reckless government spending would drown the nation in debt. He predicted the high cost of college, driven by student loans, would enslave college graduates. He railed about “crony capitalism.” He predicted the Fed would keep printing until the value of the dollar was destroyed. He was right about everything.

    You’d think the media would celebrate Ron Paul as a hero, hailing him for his courage. But instead he is despised for making the Ivy League elite look foolish, ignorant, and reckless. He embarrassed the smartest guys in the room, showing them to be the dumbest guys in the room. They will never forgive him for it.

    So, the media elite do the bidding of their former Ivy League classmates, painting the guy who was right about everything as “dangerous” and “extreme.” So the very guy whose brilliant insights are most needed right now is slandered and ignored.

    Then there’s Herman Cain. No spoiled-brat privileged background here. He’s the son of a maid and chauffeur who became CEO of Godfather Pizza — a self-made success. Those are the perfect qualifications for a president.

    But the D.C. insiders, big business, and media elite hate Herman. Why? Because he is not a member of their snobby little club. He climbed the corporate ladder based solely on talent and relentless spirit. He makes the elite feel guilty and insecure.

    So, they belittle the “simplicity” of Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan. They forget to tell you that Hong Kong has the best economy in the world with booming revenues and almost no unemployment — all based on the simplicity of a 16 percent flat tax, plus zero capital gains taxes.

    Likewise they forget to tell you that the simplicity of Ronald Reagan’s tax plan to cut income taxes from 70 percent to 28 percent turned the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression into the greatest economic boom in world history.

    Simplicity and common sense are exactly what we need right now in a president. We need the kind of blue-collar common sense that comes from a country baby doctor Ron Paul and a son of a maid turned CEO Herman Cain.

    We need to run away from elitists with traditional ideas and orthodox thinking who have destroyed the U.S. economy.

    America desperately needs a President like “Herman Paul.”

  63. paulie Post author

    From Joe Buchman

    Ernie, Paulie, Rob, Bill,

    As Steve Kubby said — The LP is the PARTY of FUN.

    AND, I think Ernie’s no-government paradigm has terrific value.

    So the idea I’m “throwing out there” is one where we would see Ernie as “The Campaign Manager for NOTA” at the LP Convention, debating that position on stage with our other candidates for the LP Presidential Nomination.

    How much FUN would that be? AND How much good could come out of that?!?!?

    Lots I think!

    Ernie’s a bit reluctant, but when I first mentioned the idea, I saw a fire there, so . . . who would like to help make this happen? Who knows who to send this email to next? And if not Ernie for this role, WHO? and if not NOW, WHEN?


    I am against NOTA myself but promised i’d pass this on

  64. George Phillies

    You may want to contrast the current LNC with the New Path proposals as we had them last year:

    Part Four
    The New Path Business Plan

    LNC Inc. has a long list of weaknesses that have combined into a threat to its continued existence. If these weaknesses are not corrected soon, the National Party will cease to function in a meaningful way. On the other hand, there are enormous opportunities awaiting an active, effective party.

    What are some of these weaknesses?
    Falling membership — down more than half in ten years.
    Declining income — down nearly three-quarters in real dollars in ten years.
    Shrinking donor base — the number of large donors keeps falling.
    Decreasing credibility — fundraising appeals that were once a major income stream now sometimes lose money.
    Declining activity base — some state parties have been inactive for years; others have vanished.
    Negative momentum — the National Party is going backwards.
    Treading water — the National Committee response to the above is to keep repeating the same activities on a smaller and smaller scale
    Parliamentary Paralysis — the LNC spends its time dreaming about Robert’s Rules of Order.

    The LNC needs
    More Resources: Money, People, Activists
    Positive momentum
    Credibility to regain lost members
    Credibility to gain new members

    There is a clear solution. (1) The LNC frees up resources and generates new resources. (2) The LNC starts doing real politics rather than treading water. (3). The LNC is seen as being politically active. (4) Steps 1-3 generate new resources and opportunities, allowing these steps to be repeated. We generate more activists, donors, candidates, and other resources. The LNC moves into an ascending spiral.

    Below is a phased approach to putting the LP on a New Path:
    Phase Zero: Elect the New Path. If you support our proposals, if you want to see them put into effect, you need to elect candidates who understand the plan and are ready to make it work. That’s the Candidates of the New Path for the Libertarian Party.

    Contrariwise, if you re-elect people who talked while our National Party lost more than half its members and more than 70% of its income, you have repeated what we did last time, and you should expect more of the same. It’s your choice.

    You made your choice. What did you get?

  65. paulie Post author

    Another article we were sent …this one from Darryl Perry. Forwarded to all IPR writers. I will try to post these when I have time if no one else does first. Hopefully someone else will get to them as I am not sure when I can

    Podcast available at http://freepatriotpress.podomatic.com/entry/2011-10-24T13_33_54-07_00

    With the Occupy protests continuing, and with hundreds of arrests at the various protests across the country, some people that oppose the protests have resorted to attacking the character of the protesters instead of the message. Some of the accusations are:

    They didn’t get a permit, the “TEA Party” did.
    They’re getting arrested, that never happened at “TEA Party” protests.
    They don’t respect public or private property, “TEA Party” protests rented porta-potties, they use the restrooms of local businesses.

    Other accusations are more outlandish, claiming the occupy groups are anti-semetic, anti-American (because of the supposed absence of American flags), and the derogatory term “fleabagger” has come about because of a perception that the protesters are dirty.

    The first three accusations are inter-related (I will not dignify the more outlandish claims with a response). The Constitution of these United States of America supposedly protects the right to peaceably assemble. The Constitution does NOT say “you have the right to peaceably assemble, as long as you receive permission from your local government.” The Occupy protesters that are being arrested have mostly been charged with “disorderly conduct” and “protesting without a permit” though a few have been charged with assaulting police – the latter being a charge I do not condone.

    The accusation that the protesters don’t respect property rights is equally invalid. The protesters are protesting on public property and (in most locations) without a permit, which is their right; however, if the occupy protesters were to rent port-a-potties they would “need” a permit for the set-up. Protesters attempted to get porta-potties in least one city, and were denied. I’ve heard firsthand accounts that the protesters are being respectful of private property; as most businesses only allow customers to use the restrooms, the protesters are making purchases before using the restrooms.

    I wonder if the people leveling accusations against the occupy protesters would put the same accusations against protesters from the Civil Rights Movement or the anti-Vietnam War protesters.

    Peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience has been proven to bring about change. If you don’t believe me, look at the work of Gandhi & Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe that most of the people demonizing the occupiers are doing so because they do not wish to debate the issues. I don’t agree with everything the occupy groups want, just as I didn’t agree with a good bit of the “TEA” groups, however, I support free speech enough to support everyone’s right to protest and speak, even when I don’t agree.

    In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
    Darryl W. Perry
    Chair Boston Tea Party National Committee
    Owner/Managing Editor Free Patriot Press
    2016 candidate for President of the United States of America

    Darryl W. Perry is an Activist, Author, Poet & Statesman. Darryl writes a weekly article for the Mountaineer Jeffersonian, a monthly article for The Sovereign and has appeared on various alternative media talking about his books, political career and goals. Darryl is the Chairman of the Boston Tea Party National Committee and Owner/Managing Editor of Free Patriot Press.

    To schedule an interview with Darryl please send an email to editor@freepatriot-press.com or call 202 709 4377

  66. paulie Post author

    LP Monday Message, hopefully someone here will post it as an article

    October 24, 2011

    Dear Libertarian Party supporter,

    I’d like your help.

    The lease on our national Libertarian Party headquarters is up at the end of February 2012.

    The landlord has indicated they’ll be raising the rates 10% to almost $140K per year.

    The building (the infamous Watergate Building) is only 60% leased as it is, so we think they’re trying to get everyone to leave.

    Speculation is that the owners want to sell an empty building, ready to occupy, to George Washington University, which is right across the street from our office.

    Also, building maintenance has begun to slip and we’re overrun with mice and rats!

    Time to move!

    So, rather than jump into another expensive long-term lease, former LNC Chair Geoff Neale suggested last year that we create a Building Fund to buy a building or office condo/townhouse outright.

    And the LNC late last year authorized the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by Geoff Neale, to do just that.

    In honor of our Party’s co-founder, we named the committee the David F. Nolan Memorial Building Fund. And we’ll be offering naming rights to individual offices, e.g. the Harry Browne Library, etc.

    Just within the leadership of the LNC, we have pledges of almost $50,000 and through some limited phone calling by Geoff Neale and myself, we’ve raised another $50,000 in pledges.

    Our goal is to raise about $125-200K for the down payment and moving expenses. And medium term, our goal is to pay off the building in about 5 years. Imagine never having to pay a rent or a lease payment for office space ever again. That will free up more funds to pursue ballot access, candidate recruitment, media communications, membership growth, etc., etc., etc.

    We’ve identified a prime office condo in a nice building, with free parking, access to the DC Metro, and a good layout and the right size for our needs. We’ll continue to review other sites as they come on the market, but in the meantime, we need to get busy raising the funds for this project.

    As I noted above, we need to vacate the Watergate office by the end of February 2012.

    We’ve done a detailed analysis of the financial aspects of this project and determined that buying a building is dramatically less expensive than leasing our current space. And still less expensive than other leasing options we’ve found that are suitable for our needs and safety of our staff.

    We can eliminate the uncertainty of a lease by purchasing a building; will lease payments go up or down and in what time frame? If we lock in a 3-5 year lease now and rents go down, we’ll be overpaying. If rates go up, we’ll have to pay higher lease rates at the end of our lease and without any retained equity. Buying a building gives us certainty in the short term and long term we get the prospect of never having to make a lease or rent payment ever again and substantial equity. And at a cost less then we’re paying for our current lease. Win, win, win!

    We don’t see this as just another donation — we see it as an investment. $10,000 given for the purchase of a building will still be there in five years, in the form of equity. Finally, who knows what the market value of a building will be in five years — and that value could have grown measurably. This really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Please let me know if you can help us achieve this historic goal.

    We’re in this fight for freedom over the long haul. We can establish ourselves in the DC Metro area and send a message to the R’s and D’s that we’re here to stay, just like the Cato Institute did when they bought their building.

    What I would like from you is a donation toward this goal. And I would encourage you to think about the legacy you can have in the battle for freedom with a substantial investment towards our goal of freedom in our lifetimes.

    Any amount up to $30,800 (Federal Elections Commission legal limit) can be donated this year and an equal or slightly increased amount may be donated after December 31, 2011.

    If you think we should create a permanent beachhead in the DC Metro Area, please send me an email note with your pledge. And, if you want to go ahead and send the Libertarian Party a check or donate online, please note that your donation to this Building Fund project can only be used to buy a building and for associated moving expenses.

    By law, it cannot be used for anything else. Online, you can donate here or if sending a check, please note “building fund” in its comment field.

    To review the highlights of this project, we get:

    the stability a permanent office offers over having to renegotiate a lease every few years.
    the ability this gives us to attract qualified staff, with an office convenient to reach, with available parking, in a good and safe neighborhood.
    the improved financial condition of the LNC, that currently gives it the ability to qualify for a mortgage, something it could have never done in the past, and may not be able to do in a future rough spot.
    the ability to leverage an individual’s contribution, with savings compounded each year.

    With your support, we will make this happen. You can make a one-time donation online. If you would like to make a monthly pledge toward the Building Fund, please call LP Headquarters at 1-800-ELECT-US.

    Please let me hear from you soon via email.

    Yours in liberty,

    Mark Hinkle, LNC Chair

    P.S. my wife and I have already pledged $1,000 toward this project.
    P.P.S. Doug Craig, LNC member, has already pledged $1,000 toward this project.
    P.P.P.S. Geoff Neale and his wife have already pledged $5,000.
    P.P.P.P.S. Current LNC Treasurer, Bill Redpath has pledged $5,000.
    P.P.P.P.P.S. and Past LNC Chair Jim Lark has pledged $25,000!!!

  67. paulie Post author

    forwarded to ipr writers

    Vote “No” on proposed Constitutional amendments


    October 26, 2011

    Contact: Rob Lapham

    Executive Director

    Libertarian Party of Texas

    (281) 750-5342


    The State Libertarian Executive Committee (SLEC) met in Victoria, Texas on October 15, Patrick Dixon, Libertarian Party of Texas Chair, presiding. Consideration was given to the ten proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution that will appear on the ballot on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

    The Libertarian Party of Texas urges a “no” vote on each of the ten amendments proposed.

    The SLEC vote was preceded by debate at the meeting, and through exchanges of emails to its group list prior to the meeting. The sense of the body is perhaps summarized best by the view of one Libertarian:

    “Vote “No” on all Propositions, if you want to keep Texas’ taxes and government power to a minimum.

    “Vote “Yes” if you want to give our government some quick money to be paid for with future taxes.”

    The party’s position is restated at http://www.lptexas.org/Elections


    The Explanatory Statements for the November 8, 2011 Texas Constitutional Amendment Election are shown at http://www.votexas.org/exp-statements-2011.html


  68. paulie Post author

    forwarded to ipr writers

    Dear Independent,




    Last February Cheri Honkala held a press conference announcing that she planned to run for Sheriff of Philadelphia with the Green Party. It was quite unconventional that a formerly homeless single mother who has been arrested over 200 times in the past 25 years for her anti-poverty work would seek the office of Sheriff however this move was almost inevitable.

    Housing has been at the center of Cheri’s work since she and her nine year old son Mark had to take over an abandoned HUD property in the middle of winter in order to keep from freezing. Today millions of families are living on that same edge.

    Philadelphia has been listed as America’s poorest big city and has one of the highest hunger rates in the country. Most people realize that this system has failed yet they still remain on the fence about doing anything about it. The Cheri Honkala for Sheriff of Philadelphia campaign is forcing people off that fence. The interests of the banks, developers, and speculators are in direct opposition with the needs and values of the vast majority of people. We must now decide which we will support.

    We have only two weeks left to make history. Cheri Honkala could really win. Voter dissatisfaction with politics and business as usual is at a high. People are ready for change, which is why they support the Occupy Movements. Cheri Honkala is the only true Occupy Candidate. When she’s elected she will effectively support thousands of struggling families to occupy their own homes and that’s something we should all be excited about!

    We really need your help these last two weeks. I know you are all very busy and strapped for cash but we really need you to find a way to help Cheri’s campaign before it’s over.

    Let’s be honest. Things are getting worse and our economy is being held up by bigger and bigger credit bubbles that keep exploding in our face. We shouldn’t let pass this incredible opportunity to do something real and tangible about it. Please make a financial contribution and ask people you know to visit Cheri’s website and donate. One person who is living out of their car donated $40 to the campaign because they get it. Give what you can and volunteer what you can. Help us cover the polls on November 8th.

    Let’s keep families in their homes this winter.

    Thank you for your support. We have already made a difference.

    In Love,
    Jason Bosch
    Chief of Staff office: 215-923-3747
    Cheri Honkala for Sheriff
    “Keeping Families in Their Homes”


    Thursday, Oct. 27th @ 8PM
    Free Concert featuring Open Mike Eagle, J Natural, Has-Lo and Curly Castro (718 Market St.)

    Sunday, Oct. 30th @ 2PM
    Party/Fundraiser Hosted by the Green Party of Philadelphia (718 Market St.)

    Wednesday, Nov. 2nd @ 7PM
    Voices from Families in Foreclosure (718 Market St)

    Tuesday, Nov. 8th
    Election Day – A New Sheriff’s in Town!
    also Jason’s Birthday;~)

  69. paulie Post author

    forwarded to ipr writers

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tuesday, October 25, 2011


    Phil Huckelberry
    Illinois Green Party Chair

    Laurel Lambert Schmidt
    Green Candidate for 3rd Congress

    The Illinois Green Party, and congressional candidate Laurel Lambert
    Schmidt, on Monday filed suit against the State Board of Elections
    over the Board’s interpretation of the “established party” statute. A
    victory for the plaintiffs would substantially lower ballot access
    bars for Green candidates in numerous congressional and legislative
    districts across the state, which would allow for many more Greens to
    run for office in 2012.

    The case, Schmidt v. State Board of Elections, was filed in Cook
    County Circuit Court (11-CH-36783). The complaint charges that the
    Board erred in determining that the Green Party does not retain
    established party status in areas of the state where Green candidates
    exceeded 5% of the vote in 2010. Four congressional candidates and
    six legislative candidates reached that level, including Schmidt,
    whose 10,028 votes in the old 3rd Congressional District earned her
    just over 6% of the vote.

    The Board’s argument is that since the old districts no longer exist
    due to decennial redistricting, the 5% rule does not apply in the new

    “Laurel’s situation demonstrates the absurdity of the Board’s
    position,” said Phil Huckelberry, Illinois Green Party Chair.

    As an established party candidate, Schmidt would need to submit a
    petition in December with valid signatures from 600 registered voters
    in the district, and would then be on the March primary ballot.
    Non-established or “new” party candidates would have to file 5,000
    signatures in June.

    “The advantages for established party candidates are substantial,”
    said Huckelberry. “Forums and debates are often set up by June, and a
    number of organizations will have already issued endorsements based on
    who is already on the ballot.”

    Schmidt is running for the second time against Dan Lipinski, a
    relatively unpopular Democrat who was the latest recipient of what
    Huckelberry called “Mike Madigan’s sugarplum gerrymandering.”
    Schmidt’s own residence was drawn mere blocks outside of the district,
    but she is prepared to move back across the line to serve the district
    in Congress.

    “I’ve been an active member of this community for 27 years. Dan
    Lipinski moved into Illinois and the district after he was handed a
    spot on the ballot that his dad had won in the primary. Now, every
    rule and every line are bent in Dan Lipinski’s favor,” said Schmidt,
    who labeled Lipinski as a “socially conservative, blue dog hawk.”

    “The people of the 3rd District deserve a choice. As the first Green
    in Congress I will work for and be a voice for peace, people, and
    planet over short-term profits. The two-party system and its control
    by corporate cash is destroying the 99% – that’s us.”

    Schmidt is not the only candidate who will be affected by the ruling,
    said Huckelberry. “We have interested people who are looking for some
    resolution on this issue before jumping in.”

    Illinois Green Party: http://www.ilgp.org
    Laurel Lambert Schmidt for Congress: http://www.laurel4congress.org

    – 30 –

  70. Darryl W. Perry

    @Paulie (or anyone from the TexasLP)
    Can you give a reason why someone should oppose Amendment 1 or 9?
    Amendment 1 “The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of all or part of the market value of the residence homestead of the surviving spouse of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran.”

    Amendment 9 “The constitutional amendment authorizing the governor to grant a pardon to a person who successfully completes a term of deferred adjudication community supervision.”

  71. Catholic Trotskyist

    Any coverage here yet of James Ogle’s announcement as a presidential candidate? He is definitely running for the Libertarian and Constitution Party nominations, and may announce for the Green Party also.

  72. paulie Post author

    Paulie (or anyone from the TexasLP)
    Can you give a reason why someone should oppose Amendment 1 or 9?

    You would have to ask them, I’m just passing along what they sent us. In fact I did not even read it. And I don’t know if any of them are reading this.

  73. Wall Street Bailouts are an Inside Job

    Posted at punkpatriot.blogspot.com

    The connection between 9/11 and the occupy movement
    I’ve been traveling around the country and interviewing people in the movement about what brings them out of their home, and camping in public space.

    The economic issues come up. The political issues come up. But something else also comes up surprisingly often – September 11th, 2001.

    I’m not talking about “truthers” who are convinced that 9-11 was an inside job, though there are some who are in the movement.

    I’m talking about the fact that 9-11 keeps coming up tangentially in conversations.

    “Since 9-11…”
    “Ever since the WTC attacks…”
    “After 9-11 happened…”

    What follows is also similar.

    Everybody has noticed that since 9-11 there has been narrowing of political discourse until we are left with nothing but a fear-mongering, crony capitalist middle.

    There is a willful ignorance of “radical” ideas such as alternate modes of economy, and the rich and diverse political history of socialism and labor in the USA is all but forgotten entirely.

    The fact that our country used the death of their loved ones as an pretext to invade another nation that had nothing to do with the attacks, murdering millions in our name, and all of it, just to line the pockets of the 1% with our tax dollars.

    After 9/11 the world really did change, and it changed for the worse. The world became black and white. It became polarized. Things were defined as “with us or with the terrorists.”

    We became afraid of everything and everyone that was different, who looked different, who acted different, who thought different thoughts. We put trust and faith in a government that then proceeded to rob us blind– stealing from the taxpayers for war. Stealing from the taxpayers for weapons. Stealing from the taxpayers to bail out the banks. At every turn, they capitalized on our fear to steal even more from us. They passed the USAPATRIOT act and stole our rights from us. They passed bills that made it impossible to declare bankruptcy, unless you’re a corporation. They used fear as a cover to restructure our entire legal framework to allow the 1% to steal every last penny in our pockets.

    They used fear, racism, xenophobia, classism, and used it to deflect our attention away from the crime that was happening in broad daylight, right in front of us.

    It is a coincidence that the occupation in Zucotti Park is directly across the street from the 9/11 memorial, but it’s a cosmic coincidence. The fact that this reclamation of humanity exists here is a powerful and poetic symbol of what this movement is.

    We are healing the psychic wound that was cut into our collective consciousness ten years ago.

    We are human beings who are capable of loving our neighbors again.

  74. Wall Street Bailouts are an Inside Job

    Posted at think3institute.blogspot.com

    The Evictions
    The crackdown on “99%” occupiers is under way in Oakland, in Atlanta, and in Albuquerque. It may be imminent in Baltimore. “Where do they think they are?” a co-worker asked as the noon news showed the mayhem in Oakland from last night — “Greece?” I wasn’t sure whether she meant the protesters, the police, or both. Everywhere, it seems, public safety and public health concerns are cited to drive people from (presumably) public places. Everywhere, too, you could claim that the charade of party politics has been exposed. In Atlanta, as in Oakland, the city government is Democratic, and the mayor is unapologetic about his decision to drive occupiers from a park. Democrats are “the left” as far as Republicans are concerned, and as long as Republicans exist the Democrats can claim to be all the left the country needs. How left do they look now?

  75. Wall Street Bailouts are an Inside Job

    Same source as 116

    Idiot of the Week Nominee: Birtherism is Fun
    It may be unfair to call Rick Perry an idiot for a moment of honesty, but when he admitted, despite not considering the question of the President’s birthplace a serious issue, that it was “fun” to “poke” at him about it he most likely achieved a feat only an idiot could manage. In one utterance, he’s probably managed to alienate both a multitude of mainstream people and the hard-core birthers for whom, we sadly presume, the birthplace question is a matter of grave national urgency. At the same time, he’s probably exposed the gratuitous spitefulness that keeps the question alive. Gov. Perry has really just said that it doesn’t matter whether the birthplace and birth-certificate questions are closed or not, as long as sport can be had by continuing the question the President’s nativity, citizenship and entitlement to his job. We may assume that the madmen of the Republican right attack Barack Obama because they sincerely and insanely consider him a threat to republican institutions, and we should be able to dismiss many of these people as the madmen they are. But Perry has confessed that some Republicans, and probably others even further to the right, attack the President and raise ludicrous charges against him simply because they enjoy doing so, because they get the same thrill, presumably, that an internet troll gets as he reads the responses to his comments. It may indeed be unfair to call that attitude idiotic. Given the consequences for the national temper of birther trollism, those who continue to indulge in it , as opposed to the merely weaselly Perry, might well be called evil.

  76. paulie Post author

    Forward to ipr writers


    For Immediate Release:
    Thursday, October 27, 2011

    Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,
    Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene@gp.org

    Campaign news and more endorsements for Green Party candidates running
    in the Nov. 8, 2011 general election

    • List of endorsements for Green Party candidates:

    • Green Party elections and candidates
    http://www.gp.org/elections.shtml /

    WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party candidates have continued to receive
    endorsements in local races across the US.

    59 Greens will be on ballots in the November 8, 2011 general election.
    Ten Greens have been elected to public office in elections held
    earlier this year, out of 34 candidates who competed.

    Green candidates in St. Paul, Minnesota, received several
    endorsements. For the first time, St. Paul will use Ranked Choice
    Voting (also called Instant Runofff Voting) in City Council elections,
    which will increase the chances of a Green election victory.

    • TakeAction Minnesota, a progressive grassroots coalition, has
    endorsed Jim Ivey for Ward 2 (http://iveyforsaintpaul.org) and Bee
    Kevin Xiong (http://xiongforsaintpaul.org) for Ward 6 in City Council

    • United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1189 has also endorsed Mr.
    Ivey and Mr. Xiong.

    • The St. Paul Area Association of Realtors has endorsed Mr. Xiong and
    Johnny Howard, candidate for Ward 1 member of City Council

    Josephine Okot has been endorsed by the Maine League of Young Voters
    in her campaign for At-Large member of the Portland School Board in
    Maine (http://josephineokot.blogspot.com). “I am the candidate for
    all voters concerned with improving our public schools and making the
    real changes needed for our children. My time in Portland schools
    prepared me for life and I want to make sure all of our students can
    attend schools without fear of bullying, have caring mentors who can
    prepare them for life after graduation and can get to and from school
    safely and quickly using as much public transportation as possible,”
    said Ms. Okot. More on the endorsement:

    Update: Terry O’Neill, national president of NOW, visited Philadelphia
    for a press conference announcing NOW’s endorsement of Cheri Honkala
    for Sheriff of Philadelphia (video:
    http://www.cherihonkala.com/?p=1121). Ms. Honkala is running on an
    anti-eviction platform and, as sheriff, will not cooperate with banks
    attempted to foreclose on homeowners (http://www.cherihonkala.com).
    Video of Ms. Honkala at Occupy DC: http://www.cherihonkala.com/?p=1146
    Video of Ms. Honkala at Occupy Wall Street: http://www.cherihonkala.com/?p=1134

    More Green election news:

    • The Illinois Green Party and congressional candidate Laurel Lambert
    Schmidt (http://www.laurel4congress.org) filed a law suit on Monday,
    October 24, against the State Board of Elections over the latter’s
    interpretation of the “established party” statute. The board
    determined that the Green Party does not retain established party
    status in areas of the state where Green candidates exceeded the
    required 5% of the vote in 2010, claiming that since the old districts
    no longer exist due to decennial redistricting, the 5% rule does not
    apply in the new districts. Illinois Greens say that the board erred
    in its decision and called the redistricting that led to the decision
    an example of “sugarplum gerrymandering.” More:

    • New video clips:
    Terry Baum, Green candidate for Mayor of San Francisco, at Occupy San
    Francisco http://www.gp.org/video/display.php?ID=67 (campaign site:
    Audrey Clement, Green candidate for Arlington, Virginia, County Board:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYIBqsv7zdE (campaign site:

    • “Howie Hawkins: Perennial power to the people” (on Mr. Hawkins’
    campaign for 4th District Councilor in Syracuse, New York)
    By Ken Jackson, Urban CNY, Eagle News, October 5, 2011
    Campaign site: http://howiehawkins.com/2011

    • “Green Party candidates pick up key endorsements in 2011 state and
    local races across the US”
    Green Party press release, October 20, 2011

    • Green Party Watch http://www.greenpartywatch.org


    Green Party of the United States http://www.gp.org
    • Green candidate database and campaign information:
    • News Center http://www.gp.org/newscenter.shtml
    • Speakers Bureau http://www.gp.org/speakers
    • Ballot Access Page http://www.gp.org/ballotstatus
    • Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus
    • Video Page http://www.gp.org/video/index.php
    • Green Papers http://www.greenpapers.net

    Press conferences, forums, and other events at the Green Party’s 2011
    Annual National Meeting in Alfred, NY, broadcast and archived on the
    Green Party’s Livestream Channel
    • 2011 Annual National Meeting http://nygreenfest.org

    Green Pages: The official publication of record of the Green Party of
    the United States (Summer 2011 issue now online)

    ~ END ~

  77. paulie Post author

    Forwarded to IPR

    Vol. 32, No. 5 – October-November 2011

    Articles from the latest issue of the Freedom Socialist

    Arizona: Ethnic studies elicits “cult” charges

    Over the summer, the ongoing battle over ethnic studies in Arizona royally exposed the grimy politics and tactics of the right wing

    Art imitates life imitates history

    In Even the Rain, Spanish filmmakers travel to Bolivia to make a historical film about European exploitation of indigenous people…and find history
    repeating itself

    Tea Party caucuses: a formal affair

    A look at a few of the cynics in Congress on the bandwagon of the “grass-roots” Tea Party – a party of the millionaires, by the millionaires, and for the millionaires

    England: “Lost Generation” demands a future

    Mass media is portraying the rioting committed by thousands of people from London to Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester as a “crime”
    committed by “animals.”

    Leon Trotsky and the power of ideas

    Marxists are often accused of being crass materialists because they emphasize material reality as the foundation for everything else: social
    relations, culture, individual psychology, and so on. Still, Marxists do believe that ideas can change the world.

  78. Jason Gatties

    Not sure if it was mentioned as this thread is pretty long, but Darcy Richardson is running against Obama and will be on the ballot for the New Hampshire primaries.

    His website is Darcy2012.com

  79. Darryl W. Perry

    BTP member challenges Obama

    BTP member Darcy G Richardson (Darcy2012.com) has filed as a Democratic Party candidate for the New Hampshire primary. According to articles here and here Darcy will be seeking primary ballot access in more States aside from New Hampshire.
    Darcy says, “I hope that my candidacy, as limited as it may turn out to be, might in some small measure restore a belief in American politics and American government, reinforcing the notion that real change can be achieved at the ballot box.”
    As Chair of the BTP National Committee, I wish Darcy the best of luck in his campaign!
    In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
    Darryl W. Perry

  80. Scotty Boman

    Scotty Boman Endorsed by Former Opponent, Chad Dewey

    CONTACT: Scotty Boman. 313-247-2052


    Freeland, MI – Former Republican United States Senate hopeful, Chad Dewey, has endorsed College Professor Scotty Boman for United States Senate. Dewey posted the endorsement on his webpage on October 26th:

    “It appears that there are now around 7 candidates in the spotlight for the 2012 U.S. Senate election for Michigan. More may enter the race, but there is one particular candidate that I feel everyone should focus on as I strongly agree with his stance on shrinking the size of government, free market principles, and strictly adhering to the Constitution – Scotty Boman. Please check out his web site to learn more about how he intends to help restore America at http://boman12.org and his Facebook campaign page.”

    Until recently, Dewey was also seeking the Republican nomination for United States Senate. Dewey announced his withdrawal from the United States Senate race on September 12th. In the announcement he wrote, “So having been given sound advice by many in the direction to take going forward, I have officially removed myself from the U.S. Senate race as a Republican candidate. Instead, I am now running as a Republican State Representative candidate for Michigan’s 96th district in 2012. While I may be running for a different office, my principles and beliefs have not changed.”

    Boman posted a brief reaction on his webpage, “I am flattered and honored to be endorsed by my former opponent Chad Dewey. He holds to the same principles as I do and I am sure he will make a fine State Representative if the voters in the 96th district give him a chance.”

    Boman just received the Liberty Candidates endorsement on October 25th, and won the Campaign for Liberty straw poll on August 27th. Boman will be among the candidates participating in the West Michigan U.S. Senate Debate on August 19th in Richland Michigan.

  81. Scotty Boman

    Liberty Candidates 2012 Endorses Scotty Boman

    Gigi Bowman, Founder
    Sally O’Boyle, V.P.

    LIBERTY-CANDIDATES.ORG enthusiastically welcomes Scotty Boman to the growing slate of candidates championing a return to Constitutional governance in the United States!

    A Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of:

    Individual Liberty
    Constitutional Government
    Sound Money
    Free Markets
    a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy.

    This endorsement is the hallmark of a true Liberty Candidate. To qualify, Candidates must submit answers to the liberty questions (http://tinyurl.com/libertyapplication). Then, each application is voted on by a committee made up of peers and other liberty minded individuals. Each candidate’s website is visited by committee members to see that a candidate’s answers and his/her stance on the issues coincide.

    If accepted, each Liberty Candidate is added to the Liberty-Candidates.org site with prominent links back to his/her site(s). All Liberty Candidates are eligible to participate in the Liberty Candidate Money Bombs.

    With candidates like Scotty Boman serving the people at the city, county, state and federal level, there is real hope for change in America.

    Let Freedom Ring!

    About Liberty-Candidates.org

    Liberty Candidates.org’s mission is to support Liberty Candidates running for public office in the United States. A true Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of Individual Liberty, Sound Money, Free Markets, Constitutional Government and a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy. Our Goal is to have at least one Liberty Candidate in each state!

  82. Michael H. Wilson

    Anyone know Jim Lesczynski? Seems he managed to get in the news.

    “Rep. Ron Paul may not win the Republican nomination for president, but the prospect of him running as a third party candidate in the general election is not off the table, he says.

    Paul, long a favorite of the Libertarian Party, is drawing enthusiastic support from its leaders, who are openly pushing him to consider a third party run for the White House.

    “Absolutely, that would be fabulous,” said Jim Lesczynski, media relations director for the Manhattan Libertarian Party.

    Lesczynski says his party agrees with Paul on most of the major issues, calling him an “ideal candidate.” He added that Paul will do better than he did four years ago, but ultimately thinks he will fail in his bid to gain the Republican nomination.”


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