Lew Rockwell Reporting that Gary Johnson will Seek LP Nomination

“Two LP insiders” tell Lew that Johnson wants to seek LP nomination:

Two LP insiders confirm that the former NM governor wants to run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket, and is actively seeking the nod. Were he to get it, Gary would be the least libertarian Libertarian candidate ever. “For me,” says an LP elder statesman, “it’s anybody but Gary. Mainly, of course,” he added, “I want Ron to run.”

72 thoughts on “Lew Rockwell Reporting that Gary Johnson will Seek LP Nomination

  1. Darryl W. Perry

    “Were he to get it, Gary would be the least libertarian Libertarian candidate ever.”
    Less libertarian than Bob Barr?
    Less libertarian than the theocrat that ran for Congress in Missouri last year?

  2. Richard Winger

    Bob Barr changed many of his positions in 2008, becoming far more libertarian than he had been in the past. Barr made a 100% turnaround on marijuana and same-sex marriage. When he had been in Congress, he had authored the amendment that made it illegal for the D.C. Board of Elections to count the votes in the medical marijuana initiative. Congress passed that, but a U.S. District Court judge held it unconstitutional, so years later, the votes were counted. It passed, but it couldn’t go into effect because Congress vetoed it.

    That shows how utterly opposed to medical marijuana Bob Barr had been while he was in Congress.

    And everyone knows how he completely changed his view on same-sex marriage. He was the author of Defense of Marriage Act and how he forcefully advocates its repeal.

    If Gary Johnson becomes more libertarian (as he seeks the LP nomination) than he was in the past, and if he moves even halfway as much as Bob Barr moved, then Johnson will end up very libertarian indeed.

    It is vital that minds change toward liberty. If the process of attracting former major party politicians into the LP keeps up, we will all be winning the war of persuasion.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp

    “Barr made a 100% turnaround on marijuana and same-sex marriage.”

    Actually, Barr made a 200% turn-around on gay marriage — 100% when he apologized to the LP and said he’d changed his mind about DOMA, and another 100% two days later when he reversed himself and told Fox News that DOMA was states’ rights and that states’ rights is “the essence of libertarianism.”

  4. Q2Q

    I think this is a ploy by Democrats to get someone who could hurt the GOP nominee in the election.

  5. John C Jackson

    Well, to Rockwell, Paul is some perfect libertarian. So anyone who disagrees with his brand ( or their brand) of paleo-libertarianism is “less than” libertarian. I consider myself a Libertarian. In my view.. While Johnson is far from a “perfect” libertarian- so is Paul, IMHO. I think both could have a place within a big tent LP.

  6. Jeremy C. Young

    Actually, of all the outsiders who’ve tried to usurp the LP nomination over the years — Barr, Gravel, Ron Paul ’88 — I think Johnson is by far the MOST Libertarian.

    Also, I do not think he will draw more from the GOP than from the Dems in the 2012 election. Unlike Ron Paul, Johnson is about the closest thing to a center-Libertarian that there is. I think he’ll draw equally from the right and the left.

    Johnson for the LP, Goode for the CP, Jill Stein for the GP — this is shaping up to be a banner year for third party candidates!

  7. Melty

    If Ron Paul does not get the Republican nod and chooses to not run anyhow elsewise, then if Gary Johnson chooses to run with the Libertarian Party, I applaud it.

  8. Tom Blanton

    Virgil Goode is a cranky old bastard, a bigot, and a war monger. He should try to get Michele Bachmann to be his running mate. If he knocked her up, their demon spawn could run for Imperial Anti-Christ.

  9. Robert Capozzi

    5 tb: Does anyone know his [GJ’s] position on limousines? What about bestiality?

    me: I have little doubt that GJ has taken a car service from the airport, and may well have taken limos, especially during his terms as Gov. To satisfy the PennyPincher Faction, he’ll forswear all such indulgences, in the hopes to avoid being narced on by Perennially Disgruntled Faction. He’ll turn this dysfunction into a positive, riding his bike wherever possible.

    As a fairly hip dude, GJ is reasonably PC, so he doesn’t use the old term “bestiality.” He prefers zoophilia. He has no real view of zoophilia other than he’s OK with laws against it, mostly based on intuition, though he prefers such laws be state, not federal. If he gets asked in public about this “controversial” issue, he’ll probably just laugh, then turn serious, and change the subject to get things back on message.

  10. Tom Blanton

    Thanks for clearing these important issues up, RC.

    Do you happen to know what Johnson’s views are on cryptozoophilia and necrozoophilia?

    What type of bicycle will he be riding?

    I’m also wondering if “Johnson” is his real name. Has anyone inspected his birth certificate?

    According to the recent article in the New Mexican:

    As for money, Johnson’s most recent campaign finance report, filed in October with the Federal Election Commission, showed he had less than $11,000 cash on hand.

    Does he plan on raising any more cash?

  11. Robert Capozzi

    18 tb, I’m not sure what GJ’s views of crypto and necrozoo are. My suggested answers include:

    – I’m proud to say I don’t know what those things are.
    – I’ll have to get back to you on those “urgent” issues.
    – Your question wastes my time and the voters’ time. Security! Please escort this person out of the building.

    GJ prefers racing bikes.

    Johnson is not his birthname, nor is Gary. He was born Nathan Rothbard, opting for Johnson as a subliminal attempt at sex appeal. 😉

    No, he won’t be raising any more money. Instead, he and his fiance will be staying at the Super 8 in Manchester, naked in bed, singing Give Peace a Chance from 8 to 8. He will pay the bills, and will report these payments to the FEC, so as to not draw the ire of GP. He’s not sure how his fiance’s presence there affects the filings, but he’ll run it by the Penny Pincher Faction for counsel on the matter. 😉

  12. Tom Blanton

    Johnson is not his birthname, nor is Gary. He was born Nathan Rothbard, opting for Johnson as a subliminal attempt at sex appeal.

    I had a hunch this was the case. The Beavis and Butthead faction of the LP will have a hard time (no pun intended) taking “Johnson” seriously.

    Perhaps the LP can find another Republican (whose party left him/her) to run for the Imperial Presidency.

    I’m beginning to think that the LP should run Harry Browne again, or maybe David Nolan. America loves dead presidents.

  13. Darryl W. Perry

    I had the pleasure of meeting David Nolan in Arizona… I was at an election night results watching party with him, Barry Hess, Andrea Garcia, most of the Freedoms Phoenix crew and many others in 2010… I said it then, and will say it again:
    Barry Hess 2012!

  14. Richard Winger

    Everyone interested in this post ought to read the wiki page about Gary Johnson. He first called for the decriminalization of marijuana in 1999, while he was in his 2nd term as Governor.

    He started his own business. At first he was the only employee, but it became a very large and successful company.

    If he becomes the LP presidential nominee, he will be only the fifth two-term Governor to run for president as the nominee of a minor party in U.S. history. The others are Martin Van Buren, Benjamin Butler, J. Frank Hanly, and Robert La Follette Sr. Other Governors who ran as minor party presidential nominees had only served one term or less.

  15. Richard Winger

    Correcting my last comment, I should have said the only two-term governors in U.S. history who ran as minor party presidential nominees after they had served two gubernatorial terms were John P. St. John and Robert La Follette Sr.

  16. Jeremy C. Young

    Roseanne Barr was thinking about running for President as a Green Party candidate, since she is a member of that party. That she changed her mind is evidenced by Jill Stein’s entrance into the race.

    Richard, are there any other multiple-term governors who have formally declared as candidates for the nomination of a minor party, but did not win? The only one I can think of off-hand is Richard Lamm for the 1996 Reform Party nomination.

  17. langa

    While I like Rockwell and usually agree with most of what he says (including his belief that Ron Paul is much more libertarian than Gary Johnson), claiming that Johnson would be the least libertarian Presidential candidate in LP history just makes Rockwell look like a bitter jerk with an axe to grind.

    Heck, the first LP Presidential candidate ever, John Hospers, was arguably less libertarian than Johnson, especially given that Hospers was such a warmonger that he endorsed Dubya not once, but twice, arguing in ’04 that even though Bush’s first term was a disaster domestically, libertarians should still vote for him, lest John Kerry should win and fail to slaughter the requisite number of Muslims.

  18. Jeremy C. Young

    My understanding was that Hospers used to be Libertarian, but changed his mind and became a warmonger. That happens to every party. Some notable examples from the major parties are Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, and Charlie Crist.

  19. langa

    That might be true, although if Hospers’ beliefs changed, he seemed unwilling to admit as much, given that his endorsement of Bush included appeals to his “fellow libertarians”, or something to that effect.

    Also, even if Hospers was more libertarian than Johnson, Barr most certainly was not.

  20. Jeremy C. Young

    Yeah, but when do they ever admit that they’ve changed? My favorite example is Zell Miller and his “I’m a liberal Democrat and I support George W. Bush” act at the 2004 RNC. Miller had completely jumped the shark by then and was calling for Bush to nuke whole countries, but damned if he wasn’t going to claim it was all good liberal democracy. That’s where his credibility came from, after all.

    Definitely agree with you about Barr.

  21. langa

    The funny thing about Zell Miller is that he used to hate being called a “liberal”, until everyone started calling him a conservative, and then he started calling himself a liberal. He was definitely quite the chameleon.

  22. Robert Capozzi

    31 L: …claiming that Johnson would be the least libertarian Presidential candidate in LP history just makes Rockwell look like a bitter jerk with an axe to grind.

    me: Yes, this sort of thing feels more like a religion than a political POV. We now have a L prez hopeful who has added the “bestiality” issue to the list of litmus tests, it appears.

    Somehow, some got it in their heads that there is a pecking order of what constitutes a L and what is “heresy.” This is ridiculous! It confuses a general theory with specific positions at a moment in time.

    If a person does not advocate a specific position based on a theoretical POV, they are sniffed at as “impure.”

    It’s all very tiresome…

  23. Eric Sundwall

    Rockwell & Co. are consistently dismissive of electoral politics unless RP is involved. So the snipes at Johnson are immediately suspect on that level alone.

    I don’t think Carl Person is holding up bestiality as a litmus test for Libertarians. I think he got caught in something he didn’t intend and subsequently didn’t back down and will suffer the consequences in the LP nomination process.

    The chimerical plumbliners that RC so frequently heralds as tiresome aren’t holding the fort as vehemently as he would imagine.

    I think Johnson represents something that the LP will have to contend with for some time now. Namely the idea that the top of the ticket will be appealing to politicians like him who feel that the red & the blue have failed them. At which point the prospect of potentially incrementally greater electoral success will have to contend with the issues and ideas that have bound the small group together over the years.

    Johnson doesn’t support the dismantling of Gitmo. That’s my beef with him. Perhaps that’s a purist trope in some folks estimation, but I’d rather be getting hundreds of sigs for someone who feels the same. I will certainly do as much for Johnson as I did Barr in 08 (managed the NY petition drive).

  24. Robert Capozzi

    es, thanks, maybe there is actually very little plumbline activity…that could be. I certainly encountered MUCH of it on my months on PlatComm. The resistance to deleting any of the extreme views I perceived in the pre-08 platform were fought against by a very vocal minority–hammer and tongs, was my impression, even for what I called the “private nukes” clause.

    I happen to be for ending capital punishment, but I’d vote for someone who didn’t or someone who did but did not favor pardoning everyone on death row. GJ is for ending the conditions that led to Gitmo in the first place, so that’s good enough for me.

    Politics — and political theory, for that matter — have SO many variables, at least by my estimation. How plumbliners (perhaps few as they are) cling to that way of being is kinda beyond me.

  25. Robert Capozzi


    es: I think he [Person] got caught in something he didn’t intend and subsequently didn’t back down and will suffer the consequences in the LP nomination process.

    me: Yes, very possible. I do wonder why he won’t back down on such an obvious misstep. Could it be that he afraid of being perceived of being “inconsistent”? Afraid of admitting to a mistake?

    Most unfortunate. Ls generally probably need to learn the art of walking back from such missteps. Or to admit a mistake, fess up, and move on.

  26. Team LP

    I think it’s very good that the LP’s voters are considering working with candidates from the other parties.

    Perhaps the other parties will reciprocate, and consider putting a LP candidate as VP on their ticket too?

    If communication was better, then we could work a lot better at this and unite as a coordinated team for the good of the American people.

    We’ll need to expand our influence faster, so bringing in the other party’s losers in the upcoming primaries ASAP and considering them as our own would only help us expand the big tent.

    Johnson or Bachmann as VP on a Libertarian ticket would be phenomenal, I just can’t see how this will hurt the efforts to the team.

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  28. NewFederalist

    “Johnson or Bachmann… ”

    This only works if the candidates in question agree with the vast majority of the LP’s positions. Johnson may pass that test but I doubt Bachmann would.

  29. Bruce Cohen

    Setting the record straight: John Hospers did not endorse Bush.

    He did say that in tossup states it would make sense to vote for Bush instead of the LP Candidate, since that would have a greater effect on outcomes.

    He also stated that in States like California, where the outcome was a fete accomplis, it made the most sense to vote Libertarian.

    Accuracy and integrity go a long way in politics.

    Like or dislike John Hospers, he’s a prototypical Libertarian in his positions. He’s not a ‘warmonger’, either. He’s a pro-defense, pragmatic Libertarian.

    Like Larry Elder.
    Like a lot of folks.

    Code Pink Libertarians do not own the LP.
    The LP is not the anti-war Party.
    The Party platform is not pacifist.
    Invading Afghanistan was retaliation not pre-emption.

    The funniest thing about anti-war Libertarians hating the other half of the party, blindly, without regard to ANY OTHER policy position proves them for what they are. Esentially *Single Issue* voters.

    Their hero, Harry Brown has said publicly, and on the record, that this is not a defining issue and should not be a dividing issue.

    Harry said both ‘sides’ of this issue should work together on everything else and ‘ignore’ our differences on this one.

  30. Jill Pyeatt

    I can’t think of one issue where Bachmann is a Libertarian. She’s a mean-spirited, extreme right-winger, and has no business even talking to the good people in the Libertarian party. The more I get to know her in this Presidential campaign, the more I wish I would never hear her name again.

  31. johncjackson

    Hospers was definitely a warmonger in 2004, and being a warmonger should be a defining issue. If not, what is?

  32. Thomas L. Knapp


    Based on the writing style, I’m still pretty sure that Hospers’s 2004 endorsement of George W. Bush (and contra Cohen it was in fact an endorsement: “I believe voting for George W. Bush is the most libertarian thing we can do. We stand today at an important electoral crossroads for the future of liberty, and as libertarians our first priority is to promote liberty and free markets, which is not necessarily the same as to promote the Libertarian Party. This time, if we vote libertarian, we may win a tiny rhetorical battle, but lose the larger war”) was written by someone else and simply presented to Hospers for signature.

    As a matter of fact, based on the content of that piece and on his “No Mosques at Ground Zero,” in which he calls Wayne Allyn Root’s position “common sense” and “right on target,” I think the only reasonable assumption is that he spent the last few years of his life in the grip of two enemies — senile dementia and political opportunists who were willing to take advantage of it.

  33. Eric Sundwall

    RC@40 – I think your conflating the issue when you use C Person as an example of plumbline thinking. He certainly is no Austrian eco when it comes to his flavor of economic revitalization. By citing the bestiality thing your kind of using it to your own advantage with regard to the whole plumbline.

    As far as the platcom in 08, I jumped that ship knowing the majority of reformers committed to the cause. The whole time clock thing Holtzy was using in Vegas kinda pushed the agenda from an efficiency and utility perspective. I never really got my thinking injected and it saved me a boatload of time for what I already consider a marginal activity.

  34. Robert Capozzi

    49 es, all good. People individually assess what’ s his or her highest and best use. Since I consider this bizarre propensity among Ls esp. to rate just how “L” an L is or isn’t, my fallback is to adopt the most flexible and vague metric possible. The SoP may be even more dysfunctional, but at least it’s vague, aside from the loopy cult phrase.

  35. Steven R Linnabary

    Code Pink Libertarians do not own the LP.
    The LP is not the anti-war Party.
    The Party platform is not pacifist.
    Invading Afghanistan was retaliation not pre-emption.

    All strawmen…

    We’ve been over this many times, but one more time…

    We invaded Afghanistan because some Saudi’s flattened some NYC buildings? I don’t see the “retaliation” you speak of.

    Your arguments MIGHT make sense to somebody that never picked up a newspaper. Reminds me of when I got out of the USMC in ’73, I was grumbling that we had no business being in Nam and somebody said “Oh yeah, sure…like Pearl Harbor never happened”!

    It really is hard to have a conversation with someone that doesn’t know (or worse, DOES know but prefers to distort) the facts.


  36. langa

    As far as I’m concerned, when someone writes an article telling other people to vote for a given candidate, and stresses how much better that candidate is compared to his main rival, that writer is “endorsing” that candidate. You’re free to disagree; in any case, I’m not interested in a semantic debate over exactly what constitutes an endorsement.

    As for whether Hospers’ hawkishness makes him less libertarian, I don’t see how that can be disputed. Hospers enthusiastically supported the war on terror, which has resulted in thousands of needless deaths, contributed greatly to the collapse of the American economy, and paved the way for a full-fledged domestic police state.

    Furthermore, all wars always involve massive amounts of death and destruction, and as such, I can think of nothing less libertarian than war. War is the total rejection of the principles of peace and freedom that libertarians are supposed to stand for. The very notion of a “hawkish libertarian” makes about as much sense as calling someone a “slutty virgin”.

  37. Sam

    46 said: “…Bachmann is … a mean-spirited, extreme right-winger…”

    Thank you for your assessment Jill, from one who had not followed her campaign.

    I suggest that if the Libertarian Party is looking for good allies outside the party, constitutionalist/Attorney Diane Templin, a loser in the CA Attorney General campaign in 2010 with the California American Independent Party.

    She is a very sweet person, not mean-spirited and we at the American Independent Party are very fond of her cooperative nature.


  38. Darryl W. Perry

    disclaimer: I know it’s not a Mosque, but this is funny!

    Why do so many on the “right” oppose a Mosque near “ground zero” in New York, when they’ve been supportive of the American military putting ground zeros near Mosques in the Middle East for decades????

  39. Boston Tea Party Ballot Access Committee

    The Boston Tea Party looks forward to working with the Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

    One of our top female candidates would make a great team player, in a “Johnson & Johnson” ticket.

    All of our members are looking forward to 2012.

    We’re eager to join the Libertarian Party’s national effort, and it’s expected many people from all political persuasions and backgrounds, conservative and liberal, will be welcomed.

    Together we can build the Constitutional Libertarian alliance with the American people and Ron Paul like in 2008.

  40. Darryl W. Perry

    I would like to request the previoud comment be deleted… While the BTP Nat. Comm. did vote last year to create such a committee, no one has been approved to be on it.

  41. Darryl W. Perry

    @60 TK – “Isn’t it enough to point out that whoever posted it isn’t actually who he or she claims to be?

    Yes, that should suffice. I realize my request for deletion was a rash decision; it just really irritates me to see people misrepresenting the BTP and claiming to officially represent the BTP when they do not.

  42. Boston Tea Party Ballot Access Committee

    One who’s fifteen years younger than Ron Paul wants to take his place, be president and do a better job at getting Constitutional electors organized in Missouri , in conjunction with the Boston Tea Party.

    Darryl, the coach can’t always win the game all by herself, so sometimes the players have to take things into their own hands, improvise on the fly, just get squeeze out the victory.

    Some people don’t want to wait for 2016, and no single person is more important than the team, especially the ones that are slowing us down.

    I suggested that we expand the number of coaches from one hundred to one thousand, and it was done.

    The BTP is expanding. There’s going to be one thousand coaches working as a team, and the BTP may get some of those positions. Don’t worry, we want you to be one of the 1000 too, Darryl. (pat, pat, pat on the back) You have been trying to do a good job, but you can’t do what 1000 people can do all by yourself, so there will be up to 999 others helping to get it done in varying capacities.

    The BTP is working with the Socialist, CPUSA, Green and many others. Thanks Darryl, good job!

    We’ll need your cooperation too ASAP, like I said we’re too small and we’re going too slow.

    As soon as you have time to work as one unit on a larger team, please do be sure to give us a call. You have always come though for us at just the right moment, and of course we’ll be counting on you for that in the future too.

  43. Boston Tea Party Ballot Access Committee

    Darryl, your sense of humor has always been charming. So now I have one for you…

    Man knocks on the door and a kid in diapers with a burning cigar in his mouth opens the door and the man asks “Are your parents home?”

    Kid says “What do ya think?”

    :0 Back at cha!

  44. Darryl W. Perry

    I would like to ask the person commenting with the name “Boston Tea Party Ballot Access Committee” cease doing so.
    The National Committee has never appointed anyone to that committee, so whomever is posting as the committee is committing an act of fraud.

  45. Catholic Trotskyist

    Sometimes these things have to be done. The Catholic Trotskyist Party is in full support of the Boston Tea Party ballot access team. Gary Johnson and James Ogle are running for President in the Missouri primaries, and in many other states also. I’m not a Johnson supporter; in fact I disagree with him on almost every policy except for some ideas about foreign policy and drugs; but, he is probably going to join the team soon and we need everyone for the team.

  46. Observant Reader

    CT is back? I was wondering if he was banned. Why doesn’t he write his weird poetry anymore? All he does now is come back once in a while to support other commenters.

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  48. Catholic Trotskyist Party Ballot Access Committee

    Things are going pretty well.

    We’ve been working well with some really cool people, we’ve attracted a few team players, we’re poised for success and we’re probably on the verge of finally making some headway after 28 years of steady growth.

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