Darcy Richardson Now On Ballot in Four States

Darcy Richardson, who has commented here at IPR for a long time and was once a contributor to IPR, is running a primary challenge in the Democratic Party against incumbent President Barack Obama. Mr. Richardson is now on the ballot in four states–Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, and New Hampshire.

Additionally, Darcy Richardson is hoping to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania, where petitioning is required, and be the only other Democratic candidate to do so. Mr. Richardson’s campaign only began after he failed to convince former Labor Secretary Robert Reich to run. Darcy Richardson has previously run campaigns for Democrats and has run for various offices as a member of the Consumer Party and later joined the Citizens’ Party. He has also written what has been called the most authoritative history of third parties in the United States–the four part series is called “Others“.

4 thoughts on “Darcy Richardson Now On Ballot in Four States

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Or just help him get on the ballot. There are a number of states where petitioning is not expensive or onerous, but Mr. Richardson can’t do it all himself.

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