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BTP nominee Tiffany Briscoe not a graduate, says Community College Registrar

According to the acting registrar of Howard Community College, Boston Tea Party (BTP) presidential nominee Tiffany Briscoe is not a graduate of the school, but rather a current student. The information, which was e-mailed to IPR from the registrar, contradicts Briscoe’s campaign website, which claims:

[Briscoe] is part of the Board of Trustees of the Howard Community College, of which she is a former graduate…

Briscoe has previously acknowledged that she is not a part of the Board of Trustees, explaining last week:

all graduates with a memorable mention at their graduation are offered a title as being part of the ‘Board of Trustees’.

However, this no longer seems possible if Briscoe did not graduate. Nevertheless, investigations are continuing on the issue, and Briscoe has yet to respond to the registrar’s statement.

The news seems to confirm an investigation by former BTP presidential candidate Robert Milnes, who wrote on January 7:

I called Howard Community College. 443-518-1000 President’s Office 443-518-1820. Reportedly Tiffany Briscoe, in contradiction to her website tab Who is Tiffany is not a graduate of HCC nor is presently a member of the Board of Trustees. The President’s Office asked me some questions and I referred them to Briscoe’s website and BTP website. I think they were concerned that a student was claiming to be a graduate and a member of the Board of Trustees, but that is just what I think…

On January 10, he elaborated:

I suspect Tiffany Briscoe is actually not a graduate of HCC. On her Cambridge Who’s Who press release website dated February 4, 2011 is stated “Ms. Briscoe earned an associate degree in general studies from Howard Community College.”

Now, when you type Tiffany Briscoe into HCC’s search engine you get 3 results. The first says Board of Trustees-Howard Community College then the name Tiffany Briscoe followed by several others with a date 11-30-11 and refers inside to a December graduation date.

The second result is irrelevant in that it does not refer to Tiffany Briscoe.

The third is another document Titled Board of Trustees-Howard Community College followed by the name Tiffany Briscoe followed by several other names with a 08-24-11 August graduation date.

This begs the question, if Briscoe had an associates degree in general studies from HCC on or before February 4, 2011, why would she apply again in August then again in November?

Just yesterday, he wrote:

Just spoke with HCC Acting Registrar Eli Stav. He said Tiffany Briscoe has no degree/did not graduate and there is no photo available. It is not required.

In addition, Milnes also claims that Briscoe’s campaign manager Pierre Alexandre Crevaux called and offered him the vice-presidential position on different state ballots in “a standard reactionary political practice-to placate the loser.” However, Kimberly Johnson-Barrick has already been chosen as Briscoe’s running mate. In response, Crevaux said:

Honestly, such an issue wouldn’t even be considerable since I am not the one taking care of such decisions…

I guess he loves to make this campaign look ridiculous. There is no chance of collaboration like that. The man is accusing me of being a mix of Putin, Trump, and the GOP. I think ignoring him will be the best cure from now on.

Milnes says that Crevaux is “a fricken liar-in the least.”


  1. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist January 14, 2012

    Milnes and Saturn, the new Woodward and Bernstein!

  2. paulie paulie January 14, 2012

    William @12, gotcha. That wasn’t clear to me from the post, but no worries.

    It wasn’t clear to me on first read, but on second read it was.

  3. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young January 14, 2012

    William @12, gotcha. That wasn’t clear to me from the post, but no worries.

  4. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry January 14, 2012

    Ms. Briscoe,

    This message is being copied to Pierre Crevaux and posted publicly online . As you are aware, the issue of whether or not you were not completely honest in representing your credentials. Originally, the question of whether or not you were, in fact, part of the Board of Trustees of Howard Community College was brought up. Now, it seems you may have misrepresented whether or not you actually graduated from Howard CC – a contributor at Independent Political Report has sited that the College has said you have not graduated.

    As Chair of the BTP, it is my responsibility to ensure the integrity of the Presidential nominating process. Even though the nominating convention is over, such accusations of misrepresentation are indeed affecting the integrity of the process. I request that within two weeks (not later than January 28, 2012) you either a) provide documentation to support your claims, b) post a public message stating that you misrepresented yourself and come clean with the truth, or c) post a message resigning your position as the Presidential nominee of the BTP.

    If you do not comply with this request, I will consider your campaign within the BTP to be an act of fraud and will proceed with action to remove you from the BTP Presidential ticket.

    In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
    Darryl W. Perry
    Chair Boston Tea Party National Committee

  5. Indy Indy January 14, 2012

    No further response from Briscoe or Creveaux, I take it?

  6. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | January 14, 2012

    For clarity, I personally emailed the registrar and was told that Briscoe is not a graduate but a current student.

  7. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | January 14, 2012

    That is exactly what I did.

  8. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young January 14, 2012

    Should we really assume that Milnes is telling the truth when he says he talked to the college’s registrar? I’d want an independent investigation confirming that before I’d run this as anything more than an allegation.

  9. Bill Bill January 14, 2012

    And the lulz continue…

  10. D. Lou Shenoll D. Lou Shenoll January 13, 2012

    I thought this anthony guy was mental, NOW he verifies it 100%. A single bullet guy no less, who’s into blowing GOATS !!!

    Looks like the BTP is having an OOOPHS moment. Why not DISBAND this splintter and get back to laying real wood in the LP ?!!

    Milnes needs to check further and see what (FORCED from TAXPAYERS) gov’t funds this lady has or does receive. Then check her family members and see how many are on the dole. My old longtime, now deceased friend Grady told me more than once “when you mess around with turds you always get s#^t on yourself”. I have always thought you can substitute turds with Democrats and come up with the same conclusion.

    Sound advise (FREE) for any candidate ! When faced with a very tough question, NO COMMENT can get you by everytime…goat lovers!

  11. AnthonyD AnthonyD January 13, 2012

    dammit. I was all set to have sex with my pet goat in November after Briscoe won, freeing us downtrodden members of the North American Man-Goat Love Association (NAMGLA).

  12. paulie paulie January 13, 2012

    fast devolving into a home for malcontents with delusions of grandeur.

    Does the name Jim Davidson ring any bells? Among others…

  13. paulie paulie January 13, 2012

    Gotta give credit where it’s due, Milnes did good on this one.

  14. Deran Deran January 13, 2012

    I think Milnes’ career is more gadfly than journalist, and in this case that pesky quality shared by all gadflies has struck pay dirt.

    You realize he’ll be insufferable to the nth degreee now.

  15. NewFederalist NewFederalist January 13, 2012

    Go Bob! Perhaps you have found your calling… investigative reporter!

  16. Brian Holtz Brian Holtz January 13, 2012

    I’ve criticized Milnes in the past, but I applaud his investigative diligence here.

    I’ve criticized the BTP as being one pro-freedom party too many, so I hope that Briscoe doesn’t just own up to her resume inflation so she can focus on her excellent platform, and instead subjects the BTP to a lengthy process of denial and evasion.

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