Is Todd Palin Running for President? CA-AIP Submits Names for Presidential Primary

The American Independent Party of California, the largest single-state third party in the nation by registration has submitted to the California Secretary of State a list of candidates for its presidential preference primary, which is non-binding. Amongst the names is the husband of former Republican nominee for Vice President in 2008, Sarah Palin. Todd Palin was once a registered member of the Alaskan Independence Party.

At this point the individuals on the list have not necessarily agreed to have their names on the ballot. The Secretary of State’s office will contact each one and ask if they wish to be listed.

The fourteen names include former Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia, who is believed to desire the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination, although he hasn’t formally announced. The other names are: Philip Berg of Pennsylvania, Laurie Roth of Washington state, Todd Palin of Alaska, Wiley Drake of California, Ed Noonan of California, George Peabody of Hawaii, Marvin Ampelman of Massachusetts, Max Rieske of Michigan, Diane Beall of California, Walter Nayakik of Alaska, Veronica Piva of California, D. Clark Ambassador for Christ (that is his legal name) of California, and Robert Sisilo, who is a U.S. citizen who is not registered to vote and who lives outside the United States.

So, is Todd Palin running for President? No evidence suggests that. The AIP-CA does not need the approval of the candidates in order to submit their names to the Secretary of State. It is highly unlikely, though, that Palin will allow his name to remain on the ballot. Berg, Beall, Noonan, Rieske, Drake and Goode are all likely to give their consent to be listed on the ballot.

46 thoughts on “Is Todd Palin Running for President? CA-AIP Submits Names for Presidential Primary

  1. D. Lou Shenoll

    T.Palin endorsed Gingrich three days ago. His wife has not endorsed at this time .

    Why not put the ’08 CP Veeps name on the list? He most likely would be the CP fallback candidate if Goode backs out. Give him a shot at it.

    I hope Goode will actually campaign in CA vigorously for this race after he officially announces. Goode could break all records for the CP and assoc’. Party records if he can use the AIP label in CA. However, if Goode isn’t 100% for ending U.S. policeman of the world tactics, he needs to stay in VA and FORGET it !!!!!!!!!

  2. Indy

    “It is highly unlikely, though, that Palin will allow his name to remain on the ballot.”

    I’m just glad to hear he gets a choice in the matter.

  3. Mark Seidenberg

    I note a spelling error. The name is Marvin S.
    Antelman (not Anpelman).

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American
    Independent Party

  4. Don Grundmann

    This article covers as a microcosm of exactly why our nation is collapsing and will indeed do so without totally undeserved Divine Intervention.

    The simple, and tragically unfortunate, fact is that the inclusion of Todd Palin on the AIP Presidential list is an outrageous attempt to A) put lipstick on a pig and pig sty of criminals, and B) continue the cover-up of the criminal enterprise which the state-recognized faction of the AIP is.

    The current state-recognized Chairman of the AIP is Mark Seidenberg, an agent of the Southern Poverty Law Center ( SPLC ), the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ), and the Republican Party Establishment, also known as ” moderates ” within the Republican Party. Hence the very state-recognized ” leadership ” of the AIP, inclusive of his fellow criminals Mark Robinson and Ed Noonan, are agents of, believers of, and promoters of political perspectives which are completely 180 degrees opposite the views of Todd Palin and his wife.

    Behind the phony Christian veneer of their website the SPLC, ADL, and Republican Establishment are in complete control of the AIP. Their entire agenda has been and continues to be the destruction of the 3rd party conservative movement within the nation. The current objective of this continuing attack is to eliminate any conservative defection from the Republican Party by those who would wish to have an alternative to the Republican Establishment candidate Mitt Romney. Putting the name of Todd Palin on their Presidential list is simply a sick attempt to get positive publicity for the criminals who control the party; i.e.; to sickly use the honorable Todd Palin as an attempt to sanitize their moral and criminal corruption.

    Additionally it is a behind the scenes insult of the highest order to Todd Palin via its attempt to use his name, and by inference to also use his wife, to cover up for and sanitize the criminal actions of this faction who knowingly hold him, his wife, and especially their beliefs ( such as pro-life among virtually all others ) in complete and utter spitting contempt. If Todd Palin knew the moral and literal criminality of the criminals currently in control of the state-recognized faction of the AIP, and how they secretly spit on and have utter contempt for all conservative principles which he and true conservatives believe in; not to mention the history of even just the SPLC as an enemy of our nation; he would rightfully be totally repulsed and revolted to be associated in even the slightest degree with such a criminal and morally sick element. If he knew that they gained their control of the party by deliberately constructing fake documents and deliberately filing those fake documents with the state; an open act and action of fraud; he would never allow his name to be smeared by their moral and literal criminality. This corruption and criminality has been documented at

    The greatest dangers to our nation are not from our virtually endless obvious/surface enemies. The death of our Republic will instead come from, and is currently being organized by and striven for by, traitors within our nation who are more than happy to stab our nation in the back for their own crumbs from the tables of our nations Plantation Masters/Controllers.

    The SPLC/ADL/Republican Establishment criminal cabal of Seidenberg, Robinson, and Noonan are the crystallization of such moral degenerates who; while, in this case, hiding behind fake masks of religiousity; are willing to betray all future generations, including their own crocodile tears professed religious faiths, for the sick rewards/dog biscuits which they get from their Masters/Controllers for their betrayal.

    It is a profound tragedy of our times that such crystallized evil is bringing our Republic to the brink of destruction.

    Hopefully Todd Palin can learn the truth regarding the treachery of the state-recognized AIP faction and will subsequently denounce them for their outrageous attempt to gain credibility for their criminality by smearing his good name and riding the coattails of his wife while betraying them both at every opportunity behind the scenes.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. properly elected Chairman of the REAL American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  5. wolfefan

    Hi Mark –

    You are a victim of Muphry’s Law! 🙂 Don’t worry – it happens to me all the time. (Muphry’s Law states that if you post to correct someone’s spelling or grammar, you will make a spelling or grammar mistake of your own in doing so.)

  6. Cody Quirk

    Seidenberg, if Todd Palin did endorse Gingrich, then it would be foolish to have his name on the AIP ballot.

  7. C James Madison

    I’m grateful that Goode at least made the list. Can someone concisely state the due process by which the AIP nominee will be selected? Is it a matter of all registered AIP voters voting in the primary with the winner being the nominee or is the nominee selected by a committee with the primary voting just being used as consideration in the discussion?

  8. Trent Hill Post author

    Ad Hoc nails it. Perhaps some delegates might consider the vote individually–but they’re under no pressure to.

  9. C James Madison

    Ad Hoc- When is the AIP convention and how many people usually attend? Is it in Sacramento?

  10. Trent Hill Post author

    C James Madison–it will be in Sacramento, yes. It will probably be a quite closed-off affair as a small group is now hoping to hold on to leadership. The amount of people in 2010 was, I think, just barely into the double digits. Maybe as high as 20.

    The other convention held by the rival (and in my mind, the right) faction had many more delegates.

  11. C James Madison

    Therefore, if one of these candidates get 57% of the vote, he/she may not necessarily be the pick? The nominee will be selected by the delegates (of around 20 people)?

  12. D. Lou Shenoll

    Roughly 20 people decide who has access to over Ten Million voters’ votes. Wow ! Hope the ladies and gents act responsibly and nominate the CP nominee, so their candidate has a shot to SHAKE things up and not just be a distant footnote !!!

  13. Don Grundmann

    ” Roughly 20 people decide who has access to over Ten Million voters’ votes. Wow ! Hope the ladies and gents act responsibly and nominate the CP nominee, so their candidate has a shot to SHAKE things up and not just be a distant footnote !!!”

    Response : D. Lou – ” Acting responsibly ” is completely impossible for, and completely opposite the intention of, the Criminal Enterprise ( C.E. ) which currently controls the state-recognized faction of the AIP.

    A) You will find the key essentials regarding how the AIP was attacked at

    B) The AIP is under the control of the Southern Poverty Law Center ( SPLC ), the ADL ( Anti-Defamation League ), and the Republic Establishment, also known as ” moderates.” Mark Seidenberg is their agent and Mark Robinson and Ed Noonan are simply collaborators who aided him because of their galactic sized ego ( Robinson ) and hatred for the Constitution Party ( Noonan ).

    The LAST intention of this C.E. is to ” shake things up.” Rather the complete opposite is ( and has always been ) the plan – to shut down the party so that NOTHING is done except to dissipate the energies of those conservatives who may seek to aid the party without realizing the anti-Christianity/anti-US motivations/beliefs of its Controllers/Masters.

    C) No one will be allowed to vote at the convention who opposes the corruption of Seidenberg, Robinson, and Noonan or the control of the party by the SPLC, ADL, and Republican Establishment.

    D) The already declared winner of the AIP primary is the ultra-corrupt liar, traitor, and coward Ed Noonan. No matter how many votes the winner gets the convention will choose Noonan since the key purpose of the attack upon the AIP/CP was to destroy the power of the 3rd party conservative movement of the nation to present an alternative to the ” moderates” of the Republican party establishment; i.e.; an alternative to those who will continue to not only keep the nation in endless wars but will also continue the nations ” Brog assimilation ” into the New World Order. Noonan is their local traitor for fulfilling this desire of the SPLC/ADL so there is no way that he will not be on the Presidential ballot line of the AIP in November.

    It is a measure of how far our nation has fallen and how close it is to death that a staggeringly evil coward, liar, and traitor such as Ed Noonan will actually be on ANY ballot as a Presidential candidate.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. properly elected Chairman of the REAL American Independent Party, the pro-life, pro-U.S., pro-Christian faction and the California branch of the Constitution Party

  14. paulie

    Roughly 20 people decide who has access to over Ten Million voters’ votes. Wow ! Hope the ladies and gents act responsibly and nominate the CP nominee, so their candidate has a shot to SHAKE things up and not just be a distant footnote !!!

    Bet against it.

  15. C James Madison

    Shouldn’t the group that claims to be affiliated with the Constitution Party (the group that supported Chuck Baldwin) show up when the AIP officers (the group who put Alan Keyes on the ballot) schedule the meeting? I realize this would legitimize the Keyes-supporting AIP, but then all of the delegates could be at the same meeting? (Or does the Keyes-supporting officers not recognize delegates that supported Baldwin?)

  16. Paulie

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    They’re disinvited.

  17. Mark Seidenberg

    September 2, 2008, was the last date that Don
    Grundman was a member of the State Central
    Committee and the National Committee of the
    American Independent Party. Don Grundmann
    was a delegate at the July 5, 2008 Convention
    in Sacramento, but he walked out of the Convention just before Ambassador Dr. Alan
    Keyes won the nomiation of all the voting delegates to the Convention. By the walkout
    of Don Grundmann, he alone allowed the
    Convention to nominate Dr. Keyes by acclamation 100%.

    Dr. Grundmann is not welcome at any Convention or Meeting of the American Independent Party as a guest. I’m also informed
    the Alameda County Chairman of the AIP, Mr.
    Patrick Colglazier will not let him be at any
    meeting of the Alameda County Central Committee.

    Dr. Grundmann hold no office in the AIP.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  18. Mark Seidenberg

    C. James Madison

    Dr. Don Grundmann claims that he is Chairman of the Constitution Party of California. The last
    time I check Dr. Grundmann was trying to have
    the Constitution Party ballot qualified in California. That party has 157 electors in the State of California. The number required to be
    ballot qualified is 103,oo4 electors. Grundmann
    is far off from the mark.

    On the other hand the AIP has well over 420,000 electors and is free from Don Grundmann.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  19. Darryl W. Perry

    AIP has well over 420,000 electors

    Yes, and as I understand it, many people that are registered AIP believe they have registered as “independent” which in California is actually listed as “No Party Preference”

  20. paulie

    It’s called Decline to State.

    In my personal experience of registering thousands of voters in CA, very, very few people know the AIP is actually a party and not decline to state.

    I made a practice of pointing it out to people. Some of them would thank me, tear up the form and start a new one, while some said they were busy and didn’t care what party they were registered with so they went ahead and registered AIP anyway.

    I would say that less than one in a hundred people that I saw check the AIP box knew that it was a party and actually wanted to register that way. That is less than one percent of easily over a thousand people, maybe two or three thousand – I’ll guesstimate maybe six or seven people that whole time.

  21. Don Grundmann

    C James Madison – In regard to your comment #24 no one will be allowed to vote at the AIP convention of the state-recognized Criminal Enterprise controlled by SPLC agent Mark Seidenberg who would possibly challenge the corruption of the party in any way. Only SPLC/ADL/Republican Establishment votes will be allowed.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. properly elected Chairman of the REAL American Independent Party; the pro-life, pro-U.S., pro-Christian faction; and the California branch of the Constitution Party

  22. Don Grundmann

    ” AIP has well over 420,000 electors ”

    Response – Any recent growth of the AIP has been due to the courageous campaign of our wonderful Governor candidate, Chelene Nightingale. The growth brought about by her work is even more impressive when it is understood that the SPLC/ADL/Republican Establishment objective of the Criminal Enterprise now in state-recognized control of the party is to bury it so that the 3rd party conservative movement in the nation is killed. That same Criminal Enterprise; of Seidenberg, Robinson, and Noonan; openly and outrageously attacked Chelene throughout her campaign and STILL the party grew despite their best efforts to kill it. Now that the campaign is over they are continuing on their path of backstabbing the conservative movement of our nation in service to their New World Order, pro-U.N., and anti-Christian Controllers/Masters.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. properly elected Chairman of the REAL American Independent Party; the pro-life, pro-U.S., pro-Christian faction; and the California branch of the Constitution Party

  23. Mark Seidenberg

    Darryl W. Perry

    Thank you for the posting. That SOS cite also
    shows that AIP has major party status in two
    California Counties, viz., Lassen and Sierra.

    Now I understand what Don Grundmann is trying to do. He is trying to get back at the
    AIP leadership of 2006 to 2008 for removing
    him as an area director of the AIP in early, 2008.

    He is also trying to label his movement of 157 electors (in the Constitution Party of California)
    as a pro-Christian faction of the AIP. Is that because, I am the Chairman of the American
    Independent Party!? I am Jewish by faith. Even, George C. Wallace of Alabama when he
    ran for President stated that his Uncle was
    of the Jewish faith.

    Barry Goldwater, would say also that he had a
    Jewish father and a Jewish grandson.

    I am a recovering Republican, I joined UROC
    early on as a teenager. I had no connection with
    SPLC/ADL. I joined the AIP in early 2004 at
    the personal request of my friend William Shearer. The day I joined AIP in 2004, I sent
    a letter to UROC stating I ended my membership
    with that fine organization. I left UROC on good

    As a teenager, my first election work I did was
    to help Joe Shell run for Governor of California
    in 1962. Even William Shearer was in the camp
    of Joe Shell at the time.

    My hope is that Dr. Grundmann will do his own
    thing and leave the AIP convention alone. It
    will be my suggestion to the 2012 Convention Chairman of AIP that he or she will ban Grundmann from the convention hall in Sacramento, CA. According to the California
    Election Code all AIP convention take place in
    Sacramento County, California.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  24. Mark Seidenberg


    Why and how did you point out to people that
    AIP was a party?

    Back in the 2008 presidential primary in California one of the County Election Officials
    directed that if a declined to state voter asked
    for the AIP ballot he should be told that the
    AIP was a political party and do they still want
    to vote on the AIP ballot. This caused a shortage
    of AIP ballots.

    The California legislative committee looked on
    that action by a county election official as voter
    intimidation, because others around the poll
    worker that made the comment, could hear
    what ballot they were asking for.

    My question to Paulie, is why you made comments as to which party the voter picked?
    Did you make this type of comment if the voter
    picked some other party you were not pushing?

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  25. Mark Seidenberg


    As for Rabbi Dr. Marvin S. Antelman. He had run for VPOTUS before. Please read

    Dr. Antelman was the Chief Justice of the Beth Din. (viz., a court of Jewish Law) that excommunicated Dr. Henry Kissenger.

    He is a fine Constitutional nestor.
    Unlike Obama he is a Natural Born Citizen of
    the United States.

    Sincerly, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  26. Mark Seidenberg


    The GOP has a problem with both Romney and
    Satorum. There are questions about them being
    “natural born citizens”. I can see a Constitutionalist like Todd Palin who was once
    registered in the Alaska Independence Party
    (AIP), look for someone who was constitutionally qualified to be President of the
    United States. Both Romney and Santorum
    fathers were alliens at there birth. Under the
    Treaty of Saint Germain en Laye (1919) read
    with the Hague Convention of Nationality (1930)
    which was ratified by the United States in 1937,
    Aldo Santorum (Rick’s father) prevented Rick
    Santorum from being a Natural Born Citizen of the United States.

    George Romney was born in Mexico to a Mexican Citizen mother (who was a former
    United States Citizen that was naturalized in
    Mexico). George Romney was the father of
    Mitt Romney. George Romney is from the
    State of Chihuahaua, Mexico.

    By the MINOR case before the US Supreme
    Court (1875) a natural born citizen is a person
    that was constitutional qualifed to be a United
    States Citizen born in one of the several states, who at the time of their birth had two United
    States Citizen parents.

    Since, I had a Canadian mother, I would not be
    a natural born citizen either. My mother was
    born a British Subject. I have no idea why the
    GOP has not done a good venting job. It’s the
    GOP that needs to tell the American electorate
    why they are running in the primary persons
    that can not take office in JANUARY, 2013 FOR

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  27. paulie

    Quite simply, I knew that the word independent causes confusion, so I asked people whether they wanted to register non-partisan (IE decline to state as it was called at the time) or whether they were aware that the AIP was a separate political party that had formed to support the 1968 presidential campaign of Alabama segregationist Governor George Wallace, and was at the time affiliated with the Constitution Party, which was trying to blur the line between church and state. I knew it caused confusion because a lot of people asked me whether independent was AIP or decline to state, so I started to anticipate the question and answer it before they even asked. Many people were very grateful that I saved them the embarrassment of mistakenly registering AIP. More often I just said it was its own separate party without describing what they were about and that was enough to cause them to tear up the form and re-register Decline to State right then and there. Some people also made very angry remarks about the deceptive name of the party they mistakenly almost registered into, but not very many.

    Since none of the other party names caused confusion I did not generally have to anticipate people making mistakes. However, if someone made a comment that they thought Nader or Buchanan had run as a Libertarian I would correct them. Also, some people did not know whether Bush (or Clinton) was a Democrat or a Republican, so sometimes I had to explain that. It had nothing to do with which party I was pushing; it just had to do with informing voters and making sure that as many of them as possible were registered with the party, or lack thereof, that they wanted to be registered with.

    Many of those times I was not pushing any party but was just registering people and updating registrations for the purpose of insuring valid signatures on initiatives. However there were at times two parties that paid for registrations, Republican and Peace and Freedom, and I just asked people straight up to check their box so I could get paid. When I put it that way a lot of people were willing to help me out. With Peace and Freedom I also pointed out that it kept the state from taking them off the ballot. That also caused a lot of people to be willing to register with them.

  28. paulie

    Any recent growth of the AIP has been due to the courageous campaign

    It’s actually due to the motor voter law, disgust with the Democrats and Republicans, and people mistakenly thinking they are registering as no party preference (formerly decline to state). The number of new people registering AIP that actually know it is its own party is in my experience less than 1%. More than 99% mistake it for no party preference due solely to its name.

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