Penn Jillette’s 2012 Pick: Gary Johnson

After an epic rant about President Obama’s drug policies, magician Penn Jillette has named his favorite candidate for 2012.

Not surprisingly, it’s a pro-pot, libertarian White House hopeful.

“I think Gary Johnson is pretty good,” Jillette told Fox’s Sean Hannity on Wednesday, noting the former New Mexico governor’s “strong theory of government.” Last week, Jillette tweeted, “I love Gary Johnson. He seems pretty perfect.”

But he’s “not gonna win,” Hannity contested. “So isn’t that a half a vote for Obama?”

“I believe that voting for the lesser of two evils in game theory will always leads to more evil,” Jillette replied. “…If you actually believe that Romney is a fabulous candidate, then you should vote for him, I don’t. Most of the stuff I disagree with Obama on I also disagree with Romney on.”

This original article was found in Politico   May 24, 2012.

6 thoughts on “Penn Jillette’s 2012 Pick: Gary Johnson

  1. Oranje Mike

    Teller speaks up (sort of) after the Rio gigs. He adds plenty of visual humour when they debunk all sorts of b.s. political or otherwise during their performances and on their show.

  2. Charles Lupton

    I personally saw their show and took a pic with each after the show and when Penn saw my GJ shirt he said, “Gary Johnson for President. That would be a good thing.” He did this in front of at least a few dozen fans. I asked about attending the GJ fundraiser happening during the NatCon, but they had other prior obligations and apologized about not being able to attend.

    He’s tweeted, to his several hundred thousand followers, support of Gov. Johnson at least twice. This interview was likely seen by at least one million people. Our campaign in Nevada is currently trying to reach out to him to do some sort of event(s) together with Gov. Johnson. In Nevada at least, he can draw a crowd.

    He is libertarian and his show has a libertarian bent and would recommend to ANYONE going to Vegas.

    P.S. Teller although generally quiet on stage is libertarian as well.

  3. Robert Capozzi

    4 p, what was in the water in Washington Heights? Brilliant!

    Maybe Drew Carey, Jennifer Aniston, too. Maybe a series of celeb endorsements…

  4. paulie

    what was in the water in Washington Heights?

    Standard Manhattan tapwater, but the rusty 1920s vintage pipes it flowed through added some interesting flavor from time to time 🙂

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