Alexander Snitker: Whose side are you on?

A few days ago an article was realeased by Wayne Allyn Root titled: How Romney Can Win The Presidency – This Week which was met with some controversy. Alexander Snitker, former Libertarian Party Senate candidate of Florida had this to say:

It is completely appropriate to be paid for punditry work, but as a member of the LNC it is unethical to be writing, against or at least not in favor of, the party you hold a position in.  Why not write article after article about our candidate?  Mr. Root, if you want to be a pundit then we wish you well with that endeavor, but the ethical thing to do is to remove yourself from any official position within the Libertarian Party.  You should understand that damage you are causing within the party.

He has said personally that he does a great deal of work for the party.  But lately has gone out of his way to give Romney advice — or attack Obama — while continually ignores Gary Johnson being the answer.  Romney will be just as bad if not worse then Obama.

Romney will increase federal spending.  He refuses to balance the budget, and he supports the indefinite detention of Americans without trial. Romney supports a government mandate on Healthcare.  Romney supports the FED.  He not only supports the wars, but has made it clear he will increase them.  This should sound familiar since it is all JUST LIKE OBAMA.

So then, what would be gained by giving Romney any advice on how to win?  Would it not be better help to the party to use the pulpit that he talks so much about by telling everyone that there is no difference between those two, but Johnson has a clear distinction?  Not only because he is a Libertarian, but because IT IS THE TRUTH.  A truth he should know and embrace, as his position would dictate.

Read the whole article here: Wayne Allyn Root: Whose side are you on?

Alexander Snitker is a former Libertarian Party, United States Senate Candidate in Florida. He currently hosts the Liberty Underground Radio show on Tan Talk 1340 AM in Clearwater, FL

28 thoughts on “Alexander Snitker: Whose side are you on?

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    I still can’t believe Root wrote that article a couple days ago, when he knew how upset everyone got about the Bill Cunningham incident in April. I’m not sure what he thought he’d accomplish. I don’t blame Alexander for writing this article up. Suffice it to say I wonder, also, what side Wayne
    Root is on.

  2. Austin Battenberg Post author

    Sometimes Wayne doesn’t seem like a bad guy. I understand that he is trying to get attention to the LP (but moreso for him), but I agree with the article that he should be writing articles promoting the candidate of the party he is a part of. If he gets as much media attention as he claim he does, then it is his duty to the LP to promote Johnson.

  3. Stewart Flood

    Why does anyone wonder which side Wayne Root is on?

    He is on HIS SIDE.

    He makes money by being visible and by attracting people to products and services that he promotes. While sales promotion is generally considered by libertarians to be “ok” (or at least if it is not intentionally deceptive to the intended audience regarding the value or quality of the product or service), promotion at the expense of the candidate chosen at the convention where he was elected to serve another term on the LNC is definitely NOT ethical.

    Just my two cents. I didn’t vote to re-elect him.

  4. Joe Buchman

    IMO Wayne is simply fulfilling on his declared intentions for 2016. I believe he has been perfectly honest and forthright about those for several years now.

    IMO he started his campaign for the LP 2016 Presidential nomination months before the national convention, one he is running with a “Ronald Reagan-Libertarian” brand and strategy designed, in part, to discredit and undermine the current campaign, which he seldom, if ever, mentions at all, much less in a supportive or call-to-action (Vote for Johnson) manner, and not ever with his otherwise characteristic enthusiastic, over-the-top nature.

    What is, IMO, apparent is that he sees Gary Johnson more as a competitor than as our best possible candidate; that he see’s his strategy for success for the LP as far superior to the Johnson2012 campaign or the direction set by the LNC, or delegates to the convention, not only for 2016, but for this year as well and that his burning desire is to prove anyone who disagrees with his analysis and insights — utterly wrong.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    GP @ 6: Good observation, George.

    Joe, are you involved enough in the campaign to know if Johnson is aware of this apparent disrespect from Wayne? If Wayne really is setting up a presidential run for 2016, that could become an issue for Johnson, since I know Johnson has said he’s like to run in 2016, also.

  6. Thomas L. Knapp

    It may be that people are attributing too much cunning, guile and dishonesty to Wayne here. Maybe he just honestly believes the things he says and isn’t willing to not say them in order to please some in the LP.

    On the other hand, if cunning and guile are involved, it’s worth considering the possibility that his goal is not the LP’s 2016 presidential nomination, but rather a situation in which he can depart the LP and return to the GOP on his own terms: “They didn’t fire me, I quit — because after spending four years showing them how it’s done, they still didn’t get it and just wanted to continually slag my efforts.”

  7. Michael H. Wilson

    He is looking for someone to pay him for his opinions and get the attention.

  8. Humongous Fungus

    Your dude nominated him for At-Large this year.

    He wanted Root in the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in.

  9. Mike B.

    Root represents the RNC wing of the Libertarian Party what do you expect?

    His mission is to conservatize the LP.

    I can’t decide if he’s a Conservatarian or Republitarian or a Closet Statist.

    ….but what do I know, I’m just a George W. Bush libertarian.

  10. Joe Buchman

    George @ 6 — sigh. I know. I was in the second row (with Utah) for that. Be worth watching the video of that if there is one.

    Jill @ 7 — I’m focused on endorsements and working from home. I’ve heard from others that Wayne has made multiple worthwhile contributions but am not aware of specifics or how that may have changed since the convention.

    My fears may be unreasoned- and unreasonable, and are based entirely on what I see in public posts and on Wayne’s various websites and past video interviews. They’re not based on any private conversations with anyone but Wayne back when we were exchanging private emails after the WLW debacle. He asked that I post here that his “heart was in the right place.” I declined that request at the time.

  11. Joe Buchman

    Mike @ 13 and other Mike @ 14 — Maybe I should reconsider my claim that “I don’t know what a Ronald Reagan Libertarian is any more than I know what an Abraham Lincoln Astronaut is. Liberty is not something we lost in our past, it sure as hell was not part of the Reagan administration that we need to rediscover. Liberty is in our future, not our past. It’s never been fully present on the Earth, and calls to us from the future.”

    Or something like that.

    Now that Abraham Lincoln is clearly a vampire hunter,

    I’ll take on being an Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killing Libertarian

  12. Satan's Panties

    When some for whom I am a campaign official does something, he is ‘my dude’.

    And at other times? Have you mind up your mind about who you will vote for and if so, would you care to make that public here?

  13. Thane Eichenauer

    “It may be that people are attributing too much cunning, guile and dishonesty to Wayne here.”
    I agree. I generally think the reason Gary Johnson supported Root was that Root can be helpful at times and when he isn’t particularly helpful he can be ignored. I think many Libertarians divert their personal energy from other fruitful endeavors when they allow themselves to focus on Root to the exclusion of other notable candidates and political figures.

    Others have said before that if you don’t care for news a la Root to make your own news product to supplant Root’s product.

    That being said I still want to have critiques of Root but I don’t think it is a worthwhile long term past time for anybody who could be promoting let’s say… Calen Fretts for US House [FL-1].

  14. Mark Hilgenberg

    I wrote this for the “Root Out the LINO’s facebook page.

    What is it about Wayne Root and many other conservative leaning libertarians that bother so many of us? By Mark Hilgenberg:

    I don’t think he is a republican planted in order to destroy us, I think he just has a complete lack of understanding of what individual liberty is all about.

    One of our biggest problems is the fact that so many Libertarians come from the right and they bring their biases and baggage with them. Sure, most of them do come with a rounded understanding of liberty, just as people coming from all political persuasions do. But the problem is so many people are attracted to liberty because they think it is means ultra or extreme conservatism. The think the only “enemy” are those on the left and the right are just our very slightly misguided brothers and sisters.

    Conservatism and Libertarianism are as far apart as Liberal and Libertarians are, only the rhetoric used by the right sounds similar.

    Our party has been so tainted by the conservatives who promote “Reagan libertarianism”, the Tea Party and other conservative ideas masked as liberty, that we are going to have a very difficult time surviving if we keep down this path. One of the biggest problems with this outreach is the age of these voters, most of them are deeply vested in their way of thinking and the odds that they will have a radical shift in thinking is very slim.

    Those of us who come from the left can see the flaw in this path very easily; we don’t see the left as the enemy. We see most of the rank and file liberal supporters as people who have just been misguided about liberty and feel that conservatives (they include us) are just “me” centered and don’t look out or care for the average individual.

    Liberty is a “we” centered yet few people understand that. If we don’t start promoting the positive benefits of liberty for all, we risk losing a generation of voters who, if presented with the “we” focused benefits of liberty will help us bring about liberty in our lifetimes.

    I invite Wayne and other conservatives to learn about the benefits of real liberty for the individual and help us promote liberty to the majority of Americans and the massive independent and left Millennial generation.

  15. Alan Pyeatt

    Damn, now I want to move to Florida.

    I’m sick of the faux-libertarian Rootards in California.

  16. George Phillies

    @22 It does not matter. The fellow for whom I got the nomination no matter who he is or what office is someone for whom I am in part responsible.

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