Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses First Dozen Libertarian Candidates


2 June 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters

Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following candidates:

(Note: additional endorsements to follow as various State Libertarian Parties hold conventions and nominate additional candidates.)


RJ Harris for US Congress, Oklahoma 4th District.

RJ is a career Army National Guard Officer having served on three combat tours and one peacekeeping tour. He has been a small business owner and has appeared on Fox News’ Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Governor Johnson states, “RJ is a combat veteran and career officer who knows first-hand how our nation is made weaker, not stronger, by our interventionist foreign policy. You can count on RJ Harris to vote for Liberty and against bailouts, stimulus and debt limit increases.”

RJ Harris, “Gary Johnson is the only major party presidential candidate who will end these wars, stop the intervention, restore liberty and end all unconstitutional spending.”


Steve Collett for US Congress, California 33rd District.

Steve has lived in the 33rd Congressional District of California for over 30 years. He holds a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California and is the President of Collett & Company, Inc., Certified Public Accountants.

Governor Johnson states, “I can’t imagine a better Libertarian Candidate for California’s 33rd. Steve is terrific. Vote for Steve Collett.”

Steve Collett, “A true dream team. Two people I’ve followed for a long time. Governor Johnson and Judge Jim Gray. They really believe in the rights of every individual to choose what they can do with their own body. At the same time they are fiscal conservatives.”
Muir Boda for US Congress, Maryland 1st District.

Muir Boda’s family history goes back hundreds of years on the Eastern Shore. For the past 18 years he has been an Asset Protection Manager for Walmart.

Governor Johnson states, “Muir Boda’s consistent stand for Civil Liberties, less government regulation, and minimum taxes will create a safer America where all can prosper.”

Muir Boda, “Only the Johnson/Gray ticket stands for a federal government that is small enough to fit inside the US Constitution.”


Mark Grannis for US Congress, Maryland 8th District.

Mark is a small business owner as well as a lawyer. He serves as managing partner of a 30-lawyer firm that has quintupled in size since its founding. His is also the author of the book, “Less We Can: The Case for Less Government, More Liberty, More Prosperity, and More Security” available at

Governor Johnson states, “For several years, Mark Grannis has been sharing how good things in life expand only when government shrinks. His detailed knowledge of how Washington works, from the federal budget to our constitutional liberties, will make him a true Libertarian asset in the House of Representatives.”

Mark Grannis, “Governor Johnson and Judge Gray are at the forefront of a new generation of Libertarian candidates: candidates who not only understand the importance of our liberties, but who also have the background and experience necessary to govern effectively.”


Danny Bedwell for US Congress, Mississippi 1st District.

Danny is a retired Navy diver, a strict Constitutionalist, and an OathKeeper. He is self-employed in the timber industry and serves as Libertarian Party of Mississippi Chair.

Governor Johnson states, “Danny is the only candidate in this race who offers Constitutionally limited government. He has served his State party well and offers the only clear and distinct choice for the people of the 1st District.”

Danny Bedwell, “Both Governor Johnson and Judge Gray have shown through their ACTIONS, not just their words, that they hold dear to the Principles of limiting government to its proper role.”


Andrew McCullough for Utah Attorney General.

Andy is the former chair of the Libertarian Party of Utah. His Bar Memberships include, Utah State Bar since 1973, New York State since 1986, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals since 1979, United States Supreme Court since 1979.

Governor Johnson states, “Andrew McCullough is well qualified to serve as Utah’s Attorney General. He has proved himself, especially in his practice as an attorney in Utah to be a truly tireless campaigner for personal freedom.”

Andrew McCullough, “Governor Johnson and Judge Gray have the experience and qualifications to bring Libertarian government to Washington.”


Nathan Eberly for Ohio House of Representatives, 3rd District.

Nathan will bring over 11 years of Finance and Accounting experience to the Ohio State House. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management with a concentration in Finance.

Governor Johnson states, “Nathan Eberly is the only candidate representing both fiscally responsible and socially accepting principles for his District. He will bring the Libertarian Principles of Maximum Freedom and Minimum Government to the position of State Representative.

Nathan Eberly, “I endorse Governor Johnson and Judge Gray because of their commitment to restoring financially responsible and limited government, and their commitment to eliminate wasteful spending in D.C. from day one!”


Margaret Melson for Delaware House of Representatives, 14th District.

Margaret describes herself as “an ordinary citizen who is tired of losing rights and freedoms to an ever more tyrannical government.” She believes it is “time for regular people to take back this country and return it to a land of freedom.”

Governor Johnson states, “Margaret Melson will bring the Libertarian principles of freedom and liberty to the Delaware House of Representatives. She will work tirelessly to reduce government size, waste, and intrusion.”

Margaret Melson, “I endorse Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray because I believe they will both work to restore our Constitution, personal freedoms and individual liberties, while dramatically reducing the size, scope, and power of the federal government.”


Will McVay for Delaware House of Representatives, 32nd District.

Will McVay graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Computer Science and Psychology and a minor in Political Science. He has been endorsed by and is currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware. He is currently running for this office as a Republican in the Republican Primary.

Governor Johnson states, “Will McVay will be a strong and firm voice in the Delaware House of Representatives. He is a strong stand against handouts to big business, federal interference in education, and a strong stand for new businesses, educational choice and fiscally conservative, socially tolerant good government

Will McVay, “Governor Johnson and Judge Gray are the only candidates offering a real choice on the issues that matter most.”


Robert C. Coogan for Ohio House of Representatives, 52nd District.

Robert Coogan holds an MBA from Xavier University in Finance. He has over 32 years of Accounting, Auditing and IT experience at Cincinnati Bell and currently works at Cincinnati HealthBridge. He is a CPA and Certified Internal Auditor, Institute of Internal Auditors.

Governor Johnson states, “Robert Coogan will bring the Libertarian values of personal responsibility, freedom, smaller government and lower taxes. His years of experience in business management, accounting and finance will make Ohio’s State Government more accountable in the areas of both fiscal responsibility and safeguarding personal liberty.

Robert C. Coogan, “The Johnson/Gray team knows the country is headed for fiscal disaster and they are willing to take the hard steps necessary to avoid a financial crisis by submitting a balanced budget to Congress in 2013, and by promising to veto any legislation where spending exceeds revenues.”


Jason Bateman for Mecklenburg County Commissioner At-Large, Charlotte, NC.

Jason has served on Libertarian Party of North Carolina’s state executive committee for 4 years as Membership Director and as an At Large member.

Governor Johnson states, “Jason is dedicated to the Libertarian principles of both fiscal responsibility and social tolerance. Jason knows that government is best when it does not burden citizens with unnecessary laws that reduce both individual liberty and economic freedom.”

Jason Bateman, “I feel Governor Johnson and Judge Gray represent the best combination of experience and principle. We need someone to bring the out out-of-control spending and increase in government to a halt. Governor Johnson is the right man for the job!”


S. Rowan Wilson for Reno Nevada City Council.

Rowan is a long-time Libertarian activist and, “laid-off commercial banker, dot-com entrepreneur, former teacher, current Med-Tech, completing Pre-Med requirements for a Doctor of Osteopathy degree.” She has lived in Nevada for the past six years.”

Governor Johnson states, “Rowan Wilson provides solid solutions to the massive debt problems of the city of Reno. Her campaign theme for transparency, “Show us the Money” is consistent with the very core of Libertarian governance.”

S. Rowan Wilson, “Governor Johnson not only espouses sound fiscal policy – he has the record to PROVE IT. Who else has actually vetoed so much ridiculous spending, balanced a state budget, and left a surplus. And he did this with a legislature from the opposing party! Gary is my Mensch!” (person of integrity and honor).


NOTE: FOR IPR READERS — If you’d like an emailed copy of the above MEDIA RELEASE for distribution in your area, drop an email to me and I’ll be happy to send you one.  Or feel free to copy, paste and distribute any or all of the above (in proper context) as widely and freely as you can.

The process for requesting an endorsement from Governor Johnson and the Johnson/Gray 2012 campaign is explicated in the 31 May 2012 article:

Johnson Campaign Announces Process for Endorsements

available online at:

Johnson Campaign Announces Process for Endorsements


Joe Buchman
731 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
Direct::435 602 0798
Campaign Office: 801 303 7926



64 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses First Dozen Libertarian Candidates

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    This is great info, Joe, and I’m pleased to see it posted here. Steve Collett is a local guy, and he’s running a good campaign–good enough that someone showed up at an LP function tonight to show that Steve actually merited negative campaigning; a competitor of Steve’s sent out a paper saying that Steve “would legalize marijuana”, or something like that (and he said it like it’s a bad thing!) I also didn’t realize my FB friend and fellow dog-lover Rowan Wilson is running for City Council. I’ll be happy to watch her campaign

    Please keep us updated on this, Joe!

  2. Joe Buchman

    Thanks Jill,

    All feedback, ideas, suggestions and most criticism is welcome, either here, or at

    My personal goal is 1,000 links back to on 1,000 candidate websites. (I know there are only 700 or so Libertarians expected to be running, and some of those may not have websites . . . but I find it, for now, an empowering goal!

    988 more to go!!


  3. Ad Hoc

    Very good! You should link to your first article within this one for those who missed it and might just now start to wonder how to get in on it.

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    JS @ 5: I don’t personally know RJ, but I would be surprised if he knows or aligns with Dondero at all. RJ was recently a candidate for LP’s Presidential nomination. Oklahoma has unique ballot access issues, so I understand that’s why RJ is running as a Republican.

    Anyone is welcome, as always, to let me know if I’m wrong.

  5. Andy

    “just saying // Jun 2, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Is RJ Harris from the Dondero warmongering wing of the LP?”

    I’ve spoken to RJ Harris at length on the phone and I can tell you that he is most definitely not a warmoner.

  6. paulie

    Is RJ Harris from the Dondero warmongering wing of the LP?

    No, he’s a noninterventionist Ron Paul republitarian.

  7. paulie

    Even better. Independent > Republican.

    I think he is a guy who cares about his message more so than labels.

  8. David Colborne

    I’m absolutely proud and thrilled to see Rowan’s name up there. As one of the few libertarians in the area willing to not only put her name on the ballot but actually run – seriously run – for office, she deserves every bit of support she can get.

    Good job, Rowan! Let’s kick some tail and get past the primary!

  9. George Phillies

    I am not at all concerned about Libertarians who run as independents or under an alternative an alternative third party name, for example “Liberty”, because there are strange ballot access rules or because the local party has factionalized that far.

    I said in my question “Harris is a Republican again?”

    For at least one other candidate there is no doubt that the man is running as a Republican, thus giving support to Republican policies of fiscal profligacy, torture, war crimes, and the Republican War Against America.

    Some people have odd tactical ideas. However, running as a Republican should not be endorsed, in particular not by our Presidential candidate.

  10. George Phillies

    In fact, the file lists 6 independents:
    Harris RJ
    Martin Pat
    Murphy Robert
    Mullins Curtis
    Nicholson Tommy
    Prawdzienski Richard

    Three are running for Congress, and three are running for State Senate.

  11. Steve M

    @14 George,

    You are going to have to be a lot more specific. I don’t see any obvious Republicans in this list.

  12. RedPhillips

    I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, but is it really surprising that the LP Presidential nominee is endorsing fellow Libertarians? Isn’t it pretty much understood that a party nominee “endorses” his fellow party nominees barring some major ideological issues or personal baggage? Johnson having a “process” for endorsements strikes me as rather pretentious.

  13. Steve M

    @15 George,

    “In fact, the file lists 6 independents”

    What file? I don’t see Martin Pat, Murphy Robert, Mullins Curtis, Nicholson Tommy or Prawdzienski Richard in this announcement.

    You must have more information that isn’t public?

  14. Steve M

    ahh you are working off of the Oklahoma Elections spread sheet. But of these Johnson 2012 has only endorsed RJ Harris

  15. George Phillies

    @17 At least one of these people — I have not done a complete search — is a Republican, namely he is running in a Republican primary. Perhaps you missed this.

    @14 You actually have to find out with which party each of these people is running, as opposed to whatever smoke screen you see on their web site.

  16. Steve M

    My analysis says of the 12 Candidates Endorsed.

    all 12 self identify as Libertarians.

    The respective elections boards list

    as Libertarians

    Harris as an independent

    Rohan as a non-partisan



    are not listed as qualified candidates.

  17. Steve M


    The respective elections boards list
    Coogan and Eberly as Libertarians

  18. Joe Buchman

    @ 3 and @ 17


    As for the process it’s simple, transparent, and incorporated valuable feedback from here. Not too much to it, IMO. You need to ask. You need your Gary Johnson 2012 State Director’s approval. You need a website with a bio. You need to be running as a Libertarian with no other possible Libertarian opponents, or as a libertarian running with some other party label with reasons that somehow justify that, and without links to anything parties other than Libertarian Party on your website (no R or D links) . . . The above is somewhat more detailed based on my experiences working on the vetting since announcing the process in the thread above.

    Again, ideas, feedback, suggestions welcome here or by email at

    Personally I think we had a great group of candidates in that first dozen and I’m having a terrific time getting to know those in our next group.

    Also FYI, I’ll be at the Texas State LP Convention next weekend to work the process for vetting endorsements there in person. I imagine we’ll have more than a dozen in our next announcement which will go out around June 12th or so.

  19. Joe Buchman

    Steve @ 11

    “This puts RJ Harris in the “Johnson endorses an Independent because the State Government is hostile to 3rd Parties””

    Thanks for the laugh. Clearly I need to create more lists, and thanks to George and other’s vigilance I need to check them more than twice.

    Joe (feeling like Santa, even though the last of the snow has finally melted out here at our home (in the mountains above Park City UT)).

  20. Joe Buchman

    @ 13 Spoke with Rowan last night. She was thrilled by the endorsement and one of the candidates who called and email to say THANKS.

    First met Rowan when we volunteered at the LP booth at Freedom Fest in 2008. Later, because his flight was late, I got to fill Bob Barr’s seat at the Penn & Teller show, and then go to their green room (with Bob, he made it near the very end of the show and Wayne). That was a terrific time.

  21. Joe Buchman

    @ 14

    “There is no doubt that the man is running as a Republican, thus giving support to Republican policies of fiscal profligacy, torture, war crimes, and the Republican War Against America.”

    George, that’s a leap in logic I’d ask you to reexamine.

    First, based just on my experience at the LP Convention in Las Vegas, it’s clear a LOT of wars can be best fought from within. I see that among at least a few people who run as Republicans and have agenda’s quite different from those you explicate above.

    Second, this particular candidate is also the Vice-Chair of his state’s Libertarian Party!

    Third, this candidate has been endorsed by his state Libertarian Party.

    I don’t speak for the campaign, but IMO, we’re going to give State Libertarian Party endorsements very significant weight in our decisions going forward, as we did here.

    Fourth, I’d urge you to talk to the guy. Look at his website. Ask him why he’s running that strategy. Talk to the State Party Chair, and the State Director there for the campaign.

    If you still feel we erred here, I’ll be interested in learning any new insights you have about that then.

    “Some people have odd tactical ideas. However, running as a Republican should not be endorsed, in particular not by our Presidential candidate.”

    I can tell you I’m currently working on the vetting of a candidate currently running as a Democrat with similar (not identical) credentials. I gather your concern in the paragraph above is not limited to Republicans though; and from what you’ve written elsewhere would allow for some “Liberty-but-not-Libertarian” party labels.

    I’ve not seen any of those yet, but if candidates with those labels do make a request for an endorsement I’ll look forward to getting to know them (as I have each of the 12 above — this is, in essence, a really FUN job (even as a volunteer)) and I’ll look forward to our conversations about those as well.

    I think if you look at this one candidate more closely, your concerns will be, if not fully resolved, diminished a bit.

    And, thanks for the feedback. I do listen, value your perspective (at least some/most of the time), and appreciate your commitment to advancing the cause of Liberty.



  22. George Whitfield

    Joe Buchman, thank you for the information and the fine work you are doing for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

  23. Will McVay

    Mr. Phillies, I understand your trepidation, but I can assure you that I am a Libertarian. The part you should really have paid attention to about me was “Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware”. I’m a Libertarian first. This is an invasion.

  24. Raymond Agnew

    Look people in about at least 3 States The Libertarian Party line will not be on the ballot because of the Rigged election system put in place by the Tyrannical One Party system of the R&D Party This is how they have rigged the game. So in those states all of our LP Members will have to petition to get on the Ballot as Independent & be on that line of the ballot & That includes our LP Presidential Ticket as this is the only way we can be on the ballot in al 50 states & Joe Buchman manny state LP’s 23 of the are still in the process of putting up a full slate of candidates to get on the ballot for each states ballot Drive Petition Deadline, So there will be alot more than just 700 Libertarian Party candidates on their states ballot everything is in motion & we won’t know the LP candidate nationwide total till about the beginning of September Joe.

  25. Andy

    “paulie // Jun 2, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Even better. Independent > Republican.

    I think he is a guy who cares about his message more so than labels.”

    RJ Harris is running as an independent because the Libertarian Party does not have ballot access in Oklahoma.

    I think that RJ is a good guy and Libertarian Party members should be supportive of his run, no matter what label it is under.

  26. Joe Buchman

    @ 30 — THANKS Will!

    “This is an invasion.”

    Excellent! I can see why the folks up in Delaware really had so many good things to say about this candidate!

    @ 31 Raymond — that’s why my goal is 1,000. For the 700 number, I was referring to the total number of candidates I expect to ultimately receive from Robert Kraus and the LNC. To get to 1,000 I’m looking beyond that and trying to find Libertarians and libertarians, and Liberty-oriented Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Tea Partiers, Boston Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, and whoever might like to join with us in this campaign . . . (AND being Vigilant for those who might want to embarrass the Governor or the campaign by momently pretending to be something they are not) and then bring them to the Governor’s (and other campaign workers) attention after vetting for his/their review — as well as using this forum to recruit and seek advice/consent/brainstorming.

    Have I said this is a FUN job? I feel more than a bit like Diogenes.

    Hopefully the light we create here will reveal the true Libertarians regardless of what dress-up the R&D folks may sometimes require them to wear.

    And I do very much appreciate EVERYONE’s help with that.


  27. Paulie


    The campaign would be really smart to trade lists with the LP, then call as many LP members in states where filing deadlines have not passed and ask them to run for office. It might even be a good use of Johnson’s own time, in between media appearances and speeches, to make some of these calls and combine them with asking for money and volunteers. Since no one from the official campaign talks to me, maybe you could pass that on.

  28. George Phillies

    Why Johnson is totally wrong to support Republicans and Democrats

    Your Vote Counts Twice
    Your Support Counts Twice

    When you vote for a candidate, your vote counts twice. It counts once for the candidate. It counts again for the candidate’s party.

    Even when your candidate loses, your vote for the candidate shows that the candidate’s party and the ideas it represents have support. When a D.C. resident votes for a Republican Presidential candidate, or a Utah resident votes for the matching Democrat, they know their candidate will lose in their state. There is almost no chance that their popular votes will translate into electoral votes for their candidates. Their popular votes are still important, because they show that their candidate enjoys popular support for his views, popular support that may well manifest itself in other elections for other offices.

    That’s why there are no wasted votes. Every vote counts as a show of support for the candidate’s positions and ideas.

    The same is true for support. When you give a candidate money or volunteer time, your aren’t just supporting that candidate. You’re also giving legitimacy to his party. You are sending the message that people like that political party enough to invest their hours and their checkbooks.

    What does this mean for Libertarians?

    When you vote for a real Libertarian candidate, your vote counts twice. It counts once for the candidate. It counts again for the candidate’s party. Your vote for any Libertarian candidate not only lends support to the candidate you voted for, it lends support to our Libertarian Party.

    When you support a Libertarian candidate with your money and your time, your money and time counts twice. It counts once for the candidate. It counts again for our Libertarian Party. Your money and time, invested in the campaign of any Libertarian candidate, gives our party the legitimacy that one day will give us an electoral majority.

    On the other hand, when you support a Republican or a Democrat,you are lending legitimacy to the Republican or Democratic Party. It does not matter who the Republican or Democrat is. No matter what a nice person they are, when you give them money you are giving money to support the policies and principles of the Republican and Democratic parties.

    A donation to a Republican is a donation in support of Republican warrantless wiretaps. It’s a donation in support of Republican warrantless searches. It’s a donation in the support of the Republican War On Women And Gays. It’s a donation in support of the Republican Party whose national leaders have had American citizens kidnapped, held without trial, and tortured. A donation to any Republican is support for the Republican party torture policies.

    If you actually support the Libertarian Party, you have no legitimate excuse for giving money to any Democrat or Republican.

  29. paulie


    I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, but is it really surprising that the LP Presidential nominee is endorsing fellow Libertarians? Isn’t it pretty much understood that a party nominee “endorses” his fellow party nominees barring some major ideological issues or personal baggage? Johnson having a “process” for endorsements strikes me as rather pretentious.

    It helps publicize Johnson and it helps publicize the candidates by having links to each other. Also, not all of them are running as LP, as has been discussed elsewhere on the thread.

  30. paulie

    Joe @24

    A link in the article itself would be even better, since more people read the articles than read the comments.

  31. Eric Blitz

    George Phillies (36) is correct with respect to the dual impact of votes and the danger that crossing over into other parties presents for the Libertarian Party. My gut reaction is more along the lines of Mr. Phillies’ opposition as I’m interested in a campaign that helps build the base for future campaigns, and to me that means party building.

    However, I can see some room for making the choice to support a strong libertarian in another party by a candidate, especially one for national office. We do have to give Gary’s campaign the room to do what’s best for the campaign itself, not just the party. It is a tough balance to strike.

    (I’m more strongly opposed to endorsements of candidates in other parties by the party or affiliates, as they must speak for all party members and have a representational role that must respect that they are inherently partisan associations)

  32. zapper

    A also agree with George Phillies @36.

    As a general rule, Libertarians – and hopefully Gary Johnson’s campaign will follow this rule as well – Libertarians should not endorse or support Democrats and Republicans for the well presented reasons @36.

    Yes, we should endorse and support true Libertarians running as independents and in other 3rd parties where running as an LP candidate is not possible, but we should refrain from such support for Ds and Rs.

    However, I’m willing to accept the possibility of exceptions. There are circumstances where for strategic reasons it makes sense for a Libertarian to seek to obtain the D or R line and, if successful, to proceed to run on that line. I would not expect to see 300 such exceptions or even thirty, but a handful is possible in any given election year.

  33. George Phillies

    @17 “I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, but is it really surprising that the LP Presidential nominee is endorsing fellow Libertarians? ”

    You seem to have missed the point: We have someone running as a Republican here. We also have someone who says he is a libertarian, but who has always supported Republicans and has recently run as a Republican.

  34. Steve Newton

    We have someone running as a Republican here. We also have someone who says he is a libertarian, but who has always supported Republicans and has recently run as a Republican.

    @George, with all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about. You don’t know Will McVay; you don’t know conditions in Delaware (such as the fact that fusion nominations were legal here until last year); you don’t understand the relationship between the LPD and the DE Campaign for Liberty; in short, you are taking the equivalent of a talking point out of context.

    I would suggest you visit here

    but I doubt the arguments there would sway you.

    Still, it is a succinct–and, I believe, accurate–indication of where we are in Delaware.

    I will be glad to listen to criticism from all the folks whose ballot access is as stable as ours; from all the folks who have had more success running candidates that we have; from all the folks better positioned than us to draw the local Ron Paul people into our campaign; and even from all the folks who have invested any effort whatever (outside the Gary Johnson campaign) in Delaware.

    Those are the people I’m willing to listen to.

    The rest of you, not so much.

  35. Steve M

    “If you actually support the Libertarian Party, you have no legitimate excuse for giving money to any Democrat or Republican.”

    Other then whom I give my money to is nobodies business especially not the Libertarian Party’s or members of the Libertarian party. I don’t need an excuse I will damn well do what I like!

    When I chose to make a donation to a Democratic candidate it is because, I believe, that defeating their Republican opponent or primary opponent or keeping them in the primaries so they can raise hell is more important then supporting a political party that often is run in a in-competent manner. Likewise when I make donations to Republican candidates, Green, Peace and Freedom, Alaskan Independence etc….

  36. Joe Buchman

    Paulie @34, will do. We will also be doing regular conference calls with all the endorsed candidates who choose to participate, as well as their key campaign staff. I’ll ask for you to be included on those calls, or some other call that may make more sense.

    BTW I just clicked on

    and made a donation to the campaign of the Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware’s campaign for the United States Congress. I trust local judgment for the strategy to best win that race.

    I’d like to personally challenge everyone here to do the same, especially those who, IMO, have gone at least to the borderline of slandering a fine, true LIBERTARIAN candidate.

    If you want a headline of “Johnson campaign (volunteer) staffer gives money to a Republican” go for it.


  37. Joe Buchman

    Paulie, that “you” in the last sentence @ 46 is 2nd person plural. Translate as “any of all you alls.”


    Joe (who feels REALLY good about the donation he just made).

  38. Joe Buchman

    Paulie @ 38. OIC. Thanks. Inserted the link to the process in the article itself. Also fixed the capitalization error in the headline of the original article. Figuring my way around the IPR posting and editing process.

    Let me know if you see anything else I should fix.


  39. Steve M

    I have made donations to every one on the list except S. Rowan Wilson who’s donation script was broken. I figure that a bucks each will help get yard signs out in most of the partisan races that have Libertarian on them.

  40. Will McVay

    Steve and Joe, thank you for your contribution. The LP nominated me. I’m a (L)ibertarian, not a (l)ibertarian. Again, I am INVADING the DEGOP and attempting to STEAL their ballot access from them in my district. This is war, and I am not going to be content to sit around on my ass because a bunch of pointy headed Libertarians from not-my-state try to tell me what to do. You don’t get to run the LIBERTARIAN party like a top down organization. You think you know how to get the libertarian message out to the voters in Delaware? Come do it or stfu.

  41. S Rowan Wilson MBA


    Reading the comments above are always entertaining…. factually inaccurate at times but always entertaining.

    Look, many of us, particularly in NEVADA who have been ‘disaffiliated/consolidated’ (see 1 year ago May soap opera) are functioning Libertarians in many ways. Clarification on my part though it didn’t come up:

    1) City council is a ‘non-partisan’ race in the state of Nevada.
    2) I am currently a registered Ron Paul Republican (see listing from one of the Pressitutes last week in our local paper –
    a. WHY? Remember that debacle a year ago in Nevada LP? Yeah. We’ll save the rest of the ‘family drama’ for another time. Most of us are now inactive, registered RP repubs taking over the state or just doing things for Ron, Gary on our own or just… out shooting! ;-0
    3) Many folks have been in and out of the party for years.
    a. National dues paying member of the LP and oh, now Georgia member – state of my birth – who kindly offered those of us who are disgruntled/consolidated Nevadans a spot should we wish to be involved in a local level and have more voting rights somewhere (damn good fundraising tactic for their local chapter IMHO!)
    b. I’ve been ‘known’ and involved as a Big L, registered, active, longtime Libertarian since living in the Bay area back in 2004.
    c. My first Run, i’m modeling it somewhat after Norm “firecracker” Westwell from a speech I heard him give and sponsored (bailing out CA LP who frequently drops the ball)
    4) Ballot access has been an issue in NV. We may in fact lose it again due to lack of proper management from SoNev. Unless enough people vote for Gary Johnson, we’re screwed (I’m in a Non-partisan race again folks so it doesn’t matter what party i’m in according to the NRS codes of NV sadly ;-p)
    a. Nevada also has the ‘Super Happy’ and ‘Tequila’ parties along w/ various other sundry names I discovered having to file my campaign contribution report 2 weeks ago.

    Last, semantic schemantics. We all need to come together and get behind Gary Johnson & Judge Gray through November. It’s the best ticket we’ve had in years. This is not like ‘everyone get behind ObOmney’ as others are beating the drums in the two major parties. I’m looking forward to seeing Judge Gray tomorrow, Gary on John Stewart Tues night then getting Gary here to climb the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall in a PR stunt and fundraise which WE, two (count em’ 2) remaining local active Northern Nevada LIBERTARIANS are setting up and running! (Thanks David Colborne and take that to the bank folks!!!)

    Off to hand out some fliers and get past the Primary despite low $$$$… including from the local GOP men’s club! ;-0


  42. S Rowan Wilson MBA

    Oh, and BIG THANKS to Joe Buchman who has a thankless job cranking all of the work out AND NO, Wayne Root hasn’t done much of JACK in Nevada – in fact it has totally gone the other way including w/ another longtime local SoNev LP who continues to DESTROY the party.

    Suffice to say SSDD for the SoNev LP, continue onwards building Liberty from multiple sides…

  43. Austin Battenberg

    Seeing this makes me happy. It seems like Team Johnson is doing much more then the Barr campaign ever did.

  44. Steve Newton

    Austin, you have no idea.

    The Gary Johnson campaign is actually doing its damndest to build a real 50-state organization.

    OK they have no money, which they’re seriously working on, but in all other aspects we are supported, encouraged, and challenged.

    If I am reading the tea leaves right, these guys and gals are not just building for this year, they are building us a nation-wide campaign organization that will eventually allow us to go head-to-head at all levels with the Dems and GOPers.

    If we are just f–king smart enough to get on board.

  45. Jill Pyeatt

    SRW @ 52: You might be pleased to know that many non-Nevada LP members are aware of what happened in Nevada, and who was involved. That’s enough said by me.

    Good luck to you! Norm Westwell has had some unique success in Orange County, CA (the town my mother lives in), but I don’t know what he’s up to now. He didn’t attend the CA state convention in March. Does anyone know what he’s up to now?

  46. paulie

    made a donation to the campaign of the Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware’s campaign for the United States Congress. I trust local judgment for the strategy to best win that race.

    I’d like to personally challenge everyone here to do the same,

    My finances are a bit unpredictable, so I rarely make political donations per se (I do donate a lot of time and spend a lot of money by attending events), but I would recommend those of you with more stable jobs and/or savings do so. I know money counts more than moral support when running for office, but there it is anyway.

    Will, good luck in the race. Same to Rowan and the other candidates.

    Let me know if you see anything else I should fix.

    Will do.

    Nevada also has the ‘Super Happy’ and ‘Tequila’ parties

    Did I mention I’m still a little hung over from my last trip to Vegas a month ago? 🙂

  47. Joe Buchman

    I want to sincerely wish — Best of luck to everyone in their campaigns!

    I’m working on finishing the vetting for the next set of candidates for endorsements and expect to post here about those here and elsewhere the week of June 12th.

    Shortly after that, I’ll have (I hope) all of the Texas Libertarians — I’ll be doing their initial vetting in person in Dallas this weekend and by the middle of this month we should have over 50 endorsements out.

    I have no delusions I’m perfect at this, but I’m hopeful these next two sets of endorsements will be met with near to, or perhaps, universal support.

    We have a LOT of really TERRIFIC candidates out there running their HEARTS out. It’s inspiring and I’m delighted to be learning more about them.

    Governor Johnson was in SLC this morning and among other things we had a terrific breakfast with about 20 other campaign staff and volunteers together.

    He asked that we all share his gratitude for the positive difference everyone is making to this effort.

    With Gratitude,


  48. JT

    Red: “I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, but is it really surprising that the LP Presidential nominee is endorsing fellow Libertarians? Isn’t it pretty much understood that a party nominee “endorses” his fellow party nominees barring some major ideological issues or personal baggage? Johnson having a “process” for endorsements strikes me as rather pretentious.”

    I agree. Obama & Romney are obviously behind their own party’s candidates. They might weigh in on a contested primary within their own party, if they consider that race important, but that’s it.

  49. Steven Wilson

    I have contacted the Missouri director for his campaign Alicia Dearn and had no response as of yet about him not only endorsing Missouri candidates but also about him endorsing the show me cannabis petition drive.

    The drive failed to get enough signatures for the ballot, but it is fundraising money for the next cycle in 2014.

    Just mentioning it would shed light on the campaign here. I think it would carry some merit.

    If he spoke about the HR 1831 Hemp farm bill that would be a very good thing in Missouri. He could brand himself through the bill itself, even if he didn’t appear in the state.

    Hopefully I will hear something soon.

  50. Robert Capozzi

    I had a similar reaction to GJ’s endorsements at first…seemed understood. But I see this as a symbolic gesture to say, Hey, I’ve really come over to the LP. I’m not Barr.

  51. zapper

    This process of endorsement and links can help forge better working relationships among Libertarians. We need to work more as a team. It should also individuals and the media find Johnson’s campaign as well as other LP campaigns at all levels.

    The effort has a low dollar cost, although it does use quite a bit of time from at least one good volunteer.

    Although nominating Ds and Rs is problematic and should be avoided with rare exceptions, this looks like a good program.

    Team building and more exposure. I call this one a win.

  52. Robert Capozzi

    63 z: Although nominating Ds and Rs is problematic and should be avoided with rare exceptions, this looks like a good program.

    me: I’d have no problem if GJ were to endorse, say, a Ron Paul R. But my counsel would be to not do so. No upside to doing so, all downside that I can see….

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