Jill Stein qualifies for matching funds in Texas

Jill Stein, presidential candidate of the Green Party, just qualified for matching funds in the state of Texas. In order to succeed she has to raise $5000 in 20 states, and it must be done by June 30th. The following is an email to help her fundraising.

Dear Friends,

What you do with this letter in the next few hours could change the direction of the 2012 presidential campaign.

The big money forces think that they’ve bought this election and that they can frighten people into meekly endorsing one of the two establishment candidates. But thanks to a breathtaking outpouring of support from across the nation, our campaign is poised to shake up the political establishment and answer this politics of fear with the politics of courage.

My campaign for president is within striking distance of qualifying for federal matching funds that will allow us to launch a people’s campaign for economic justice, peace, and an end to Wall Street rule in Washington.  We need to raise only about $24,000 more by June 30th to apply for FEC matching funds that will DOUBLE  the value of contributions received so far. Please donate here. This will not only give our campaign the enhanced credibility that comes with qualifying for public funding, it would mean that we can finish our ballot access drives and burst onto the national scene with an adequately funded campaign.

Last fall, the Occupy movement took to the streets and changed the national political dialogue. This fall, our campaign — based on Madison, Wisconsin’s Capitol Square — is poised to show that millions of Americans will vote for real change instead of more of the same.

You know that neither of the establishment candidates will speak for you in this election. They will continue to promote their failing strategies for propping up Wall Street and the status quo, while our society and the planet move ever closer to disintegration. I am prepared to provide a clear voice for justice, civil liberties, environmental rescue, and an economy that works for everyone.  But I need your help.

Victory is in sight!  Please pitch in NOW by donating on our web page –http://www.jillstein.org/donate.  Then forward this note to 10 friends who might be willing to join you in contributing.  We will file for matching funds on July 1, so quick action is essential.  Help push us over the top!

Dr. Jill Stein
P.S. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar (up to donations as big as $250) by federal funds once we qualify.

P.P.S.  While all donations are valuable, we especially need donations from the following key states to help us reach the required $5000 per state threshold.  If you know anyone in these states, please ask them to make a donation of up to $250:   AZ, CO, CT, DC, FL, ME, MI, MO, NC, NM, OH, OR, SC, TN and VA — read all the nitty gritty details and updates here: http://www.jillstein.org/funding

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8 thoughts on “Jill Stein qualifies for matching funds in Texas

  1. Richard Kuszmar

    FEC is a 100% match. So if she just met the minimum that would be $100,000. Some States have exceeded the $5000 minimum so she would likely get more.

  2. Nick Kruse

    Why is the deadline for collecting the funds June 30th? Is it different for every party?

  3. Eric Blitz

    @3 Not sure why they say June 30th. I think it must be prior to her final nomination, so yes, different for each party. But their nominating convention is July 15th or so, so not sure why the discrepancy.

  4. Paulie

    June 30 is the end of the 2nd quarter, so that may have something to do with it.

  5. Chris

    Their convention is mid-July, that is true. However, if they submit it later than June 30th and some error is noted after submission, and thus matching funds rejected, they would have a lot of difficulty correcting it in time.

  6. Charles Lupton

    @6 – That is why we submitted early with Gov. Johnson’s campaign and also addendum’s with donations after submission and prior to the deadline are allowed. Once qualified the first $250 of any donation, even those made after the convention, can be earmarked for the primary and still get matched. So the first $250, no matter when donated, will do more for any qualified campaign than the last $250.

    Earlier is also better as early $$$ has a greater effect on a campaign in terms of support and name ID than later $$$ will. For those supporting any 3rd Party candidate seeking matching funds (like Jill Stein) or already qualified (like Gov. Johnson), if donating, try give $250 as soon as possible(for maximum effect) and make any donations as early as possible as timing of donations can be critical.

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