Jeremy Kareken Releases His First Gary Johnson 60-Second Spot

The above video was brought to the attention of IPR via a link posted to Jeremy Kareken’s Facebook page.

14 thoughts on “Jeremy Kareken Releases His First Gary Johnson 60-Second Spot

  1. Joe Buchman

    Video where he describes breaking his leg (and getting it to heal early — before he went to Everest — by not taking pain meds, antiinflammatories, or using a cast and by using an experimental ultrasound bone healing device!) is here:


  2. paulie

    Very well done!

    Better than most of the official campaign spots (although I really like the most recent one) and especially impressive for a first attempt.

    We need more people doing this.

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    The climbing Mr Everest thing is awesome! I’d vote for him just because of that, since I’m somewhat aware of what a tremendous challenge that is.

  4. Jeremy Kareken

    Errr… Just my name is spelled wrong. Jeremy Kareken. Pronounced like American.

  5. Michael H. Wilson

    Some what off topic but…

    I was listening to the Norman Goldman radio show this afternoon and Norman mentioned that he had asked Gary to speak on the show and had been turned down. That sounded strange to me. So does anyone know anything about this? If so is it true?

  6. Ad Hoc

    Great ad!

    The only nit I can think off is that Johnson always points out he did not create the jobs created by private companies while he was Governor.

    If you do another version you may want to find a good way to rephrase that.

    Overall very solid.

  7. Mark Axinn


    Great job!!!

    Please email it to me off list so I can blast it all over the state.

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