Jill Stein Campaign Appears to Qualify for Primary Season Matching Funds


You did it. As of 10:30pm Mountain time on June 30th, the states of Arizona and Connecticut had clealry surpassed their matching funds requirements. They became the 21st and 20th states, respectively, to qualify. Washington D.C. is very close: Only $499 short of qualifying.

Tomorrow we will provide an initial report about this matching fund drive. For tonight, congratulations, and thank you.

Ballot Access News:

The Jill Stein campaign believes it has received enough contributions to qualify for primary season matching funds. The paperwork will be submitted to the FEC for an official determination. Assuming she does receive the funds, she will be the second Green Party presidential candidate to have qualified; Ralph Nader in 2000 was the first.

8 thoughts on “Jill Stein Campaign Appears to Qualify for Primary Season Matching Funds

  1. Austin Battenberg

    Congratulations Jill. I hope you do well so that way Republicans won’t use the spoiler argument against Johnson.

    All third parties need to spoil both major parties!

  2. Mark Hilgenberg

    It the states where it is clear who will win (Romney or Obama), it would be nice to see the Greens, the LP and any other third party combine forces and promote voting your conscience. It would be more educational about how the system works but it may help.

  3. Indy

    Jill Stein is the best candidate the Greens have ever run for president. Nader was never really a Green or into promoting their party, he did get a lot of votes relatively for them but he always made it clear he is an Independent, and the Cobb and McKinney campaigns were too disorganized (plus Cobb said he preferred Kerry over Bush which is exactly the wrong message when you are running against both, and McKinney intentionally ignored mainstream news media).

    Jill Stein is an actual Green with an organized campaign. Something they haven’t had up til now at the presidential level.

  4. Reed Ebarb

    Yes, Jill Stein is a great candidate but the level of candidates the Green Party is running needs to improve as well as support. They are headed in the right direction though.

  5. Michael

    This money could help Stein steal votes from Obama in critical Northeast states helping Romney in New Hampshire and possibly pushing Maine and Connecticut into play.

  6. paulie Post author

    “Steal” votes? lol

    Also, we don’t care whether it helps Romney or Obama – they are both the same.

    What’s more important is that it will help her get a message that’s different than O’Bombney out there, as Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is likewise doing.

  7. paulie Post author

    Either the Libertarians OR the Greens are better than either the Democrats OR the Republicans.

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