July 2012 Open Thread

For those of you who have been around, as well as anyone new here, we do this every month. Check out past months’ descriptions and comments if you have any questions about what sorts of things usually get discussed in the open threads here. You may also post news tips here as well as send them to contact.ipr@gmail.com* — we’ll do our best to post them, but as an all-volunteer group blog, we make no promises. You can also sign up to post stories at IPR; drop a note in the comments here and/or at that same email address.

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To start things off, as reported near the end of last month’s thread here, via my LNC Region Rep John Jay Myers on facebook – a random car out and about on the road:

Your turn in the comments.

176 thoughts on “July 2012 Open Thread

  1. Michael

    I suggest that you write a quick editorial on Jill Stein’s success in getting federal matching funds!

  2. paulie Post author

    We don’t generally write editorials – only one in the whole history of IPR, we have to all agree on it unanimously and with over 30 people writing for IPR now that is rather unlikely.

    We do post news and I have already posted about it and plan on posting more.

    We also post other people’s editorials. You may suggest some that would be good to post here, with links.

  3. Lake, forwarding / presenting

    the problem really is from the west coast / Kansas and Chicago.

    It is not the United States Air Force, it is not Boeing, nor is it Northrop-Grumman/EADS.

    It is the United States Congress [Lake: lying sacks of poop! 1972 on ward ……..]which has ignored the critical problem of [air] tanker replacement for twenty years in the most indolent, criminal fashion that 535 overpaid people [Lake: Congress as Parliament of Whores ???????????] could do.

    Now the Congress is up in arms for purely political reasons, [again, still] the members have demonstrated for two decades that they don’t give a damn about the capacity of our [military] tankers, nor the lives of the brave young crews that fly equipment [first] flown by their grandfathers.

    But once there is a headline in prospect, once there is a chance for some cheap political shots, they line up like 535 Joan Rivers at the Oscars /Emmies, ready to ask stupid questions in sizzling sound-bites furnished by their bright young staffers.

    Courtesy Boeing Photo

    The Boeing Company

    Congress, get off your collective fat duffs, stop worrying about your immense pensions and stupefying moneymaking and start defending [21st Century] America.

    If we lose this war on terror, you will be the first to go, and it won’t be pleasant for you —– either.

    Having blown my cork, let us look at the problem as presented.

    Boeing damaged itself with the Darleen Druyan scandal, and this certainly played a role in the ultimate decision.

    Boeing didn’t just have to win a competition; it had to win in so significant fashion that no one would remember the past difficulties.

    Northrop Grumman did exactly what it should do: take a well-proven aircraft, develop the tanker equipment for it and place it in competition.

    Boeing did the same, but it was dancing to a different tune which led it to conclude that using the 767 as a tanker baseline was somehow better than using a 777.

  4. Roger Roots

    I happened to just hear Wayn Allyn Root on his friend Bill Cunningham’s radio show. Some of the high points:
    (1) repeatedly speaks of himself in the “conservative” movement and discusses how this movement can prevail in the future, such as in the wake of Justice Roberts’ vote in the Obamacare case.
    (2) discussed his personal sense of outrage at the fact that a gay pride event was held in the sacred White House recently in which participants were photographed “flipping the bird” at paintings of Ronald Reagan.
    (3) expressed the typical conservative reverence for the greatness of the White House as an institution regardless of who occupies it.
    (4) went on in some detail about Reagan being like a father figure to him and the greatest example of a political icon who should be revered, etc.

  5. Starchild

    “…a gay pride event was held in the sacred White House recently in which participants were photographed ‘flipping the bird’ at paintings of Ronald Reagan.”

    Glad to hear it! This country needs more of that kind of irreverence towards powerful politicians, especially the sacred cows among them.

    Giving Ronald Reagan the bird at the White House (hat tip to Wayne Allyn Root)

  6. starchild

    Just so no one will think I’m being unfairly partisan, let’s give the current occupant of the White House his due as well:

    President Obama looks on approvingly as the Constitution burns

  7. paulie Post author

    Via Marc Montoni


    Will the Election Strategy end Obamacare?

    Did electing Tea Party candidates change things?

    You may think so after House Republicans pass a bill to repeal Obamacare. But . . .
    It’s what they WON’T DO that really matters.

    We all know the Senate won’t agree to repeal and the President would veto. But here’s what you may NOT realize . . .

    House Republicans already have the power to stop Obamacare dead in its tracks, even if the Senate and the President disagree. Here’s how . . .

    House Republicans could attach riders to all 13 appropriations bills, forbidding the use of federal funds to implement Obamacare.

    They already do this to prevent federal funding for abortions, so they could do it for Obamacare too.

    But they won’t, because . . .

    Republican politicians want to exploit Obamacare to MANIPULATE YOU.

    And their manipulation is working just fine!

    Mitt Romney, the original creator of Obamacare, has exploited the Court decision to raise more than $4 million. But will that money get its donors what they want?

    Pay close attention to what Romney is saying. He claims he wants to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. But we’ve seen this con-game before . . .

    The rest at: http://www.downsizedc.org/blog/our-predictions-about-the-obamacare-congame

  8. Andy

    Starchild // Jul 2, 2012 at 7:08 am

    “…a gay pride event was held in the sacred White House recently in which participants were photographed ‘flipping the bird’ at paintings of Ronald Reagan.”

    Glad to hear it! This country needs more of that kind of irreverence towards powerful politicians, especially the sacred cows among them.”

    I totally agree. Contrary to the popular myth, Ronald Reagan was not even remotely libertarian. No self respecting true libertarian should have any respect for Ronald Reagan, because Ronald Reagan’s actual record indicated that he did not really have any respect for individual liberty.

  9. paulie Post author

    If you click on the names it takes you to a page that has links to their websites.

    I didn’t check to see how many do and how many don’t but it may be that some don’t have a website at all or LPHQ doesn’t know what their website is.

    The list is not new, btw

  10. Austin Battenberg

    I know its not new. The examiner is reporting that it is. The first few names have the link to the website, but the vast majority of them don’t link to anything.

  11. Michael Cavlan RN

    Sent story to you guys. Whee I challenge the Republican US Senate candidate, endorsed by Ron Paul to take a stand for liberty. In regards to an anti-gay amendment in Minnesota.

    Why are you not interested in it? No real prob, just curious.

  12. Paulie

    Michael, I didn’t receive it unless you just sent it a few minutes ago since I last checked my mail.

    contact.ipr@gmail.com has not been working. I’ve alerted Trent that it needs to be replaced and have not heard back.

    I’ve noted that it is not working several times in the comments here as well as in the story above.

    Try posting it in the comments here.

    I need to go out to work and can’t post it now but will try to get to it later.

    In general with any stuff that people want posted as articles, there’s always more such articles than people with time to post them. There are no group decisions on what is posted and what isn’t, just a bunch of individual writers deciding for themselves what to post and when.

  13. Lake, forwarding / presenting Jill Stein Update

    14 Andy // Jul 2, 2012:

    “…a gay pride event was held in the sacred White House …….”

    and no once else noticed that one of the WH staffers publicly criticized the ‘flippers’ ????????

    Any one else send a nasty note to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue reminding the folks that it is still located in the USA ?????

  14. Michael Cavlan RN

    US Senate Candidate Michael Cavlan Challenges Fellow US Senate Candidate Kurt Bills On Marriage Amendment

    The Michael Cavlan for US Senate 2012 campaign has issued a direct challenge to Republican Party endorsed candidate Kurt Bills to make a public statement in opposition to the so called Marriage Amendment.

    MIchael Cavlan RN states “Kurt Bills has been endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. I first want to congratulate him and his campaign. You bravely fought and won against the establishment in the Republican Party. For that fact alone you should all be applauded.” However candidate Cavlan then states “Now is the time to put that into concrete action. Ron Paul correctly called for an end to the assault on our Constitution. That sacred document has always been in place to protect the rights of Americans. The current Marriage Amendment that has been placed on the ballot is an assault on the rights of our fellow Americans. Those who happen to be gay. So I now call on Kurt Bills to make a public statement now, in opposition to it. As a proud and vocal supporter of the Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty, I now call on Kurt to join me in calling for all lovers of Liberty to vote NO on this Amendment. To remain silent or to vote yes means that one does not support Liberty and Justice For All.”

    Michael Cavlan looks forward to meeting Kurt in the debates and opening up a real, democratic debate, where the ideals of a free market of ideas mean something honest and concrete.

    As for the incumbent US Senator, Michael Cavlan states “She has never stood for anything up until now, why should that change now. As I have stated in the past, our opponent has amassed over $4.5 million and that is her greatest weakness. I will proudly stand for the rights of We The People and help foster real democracy in our nation.”

    The Michael Cavlan for US Senate 2012 campaign look forward to a response from Kurt Bills in the very near future.

    More information can be found at


  15. Reed Ebarb

    Random Note: In fund-raising, Virgil Goode is raising less than half the money of Jill Stein. Being that Goode is a former congressman, I believe it should be the other way around. Johnson is raising at least 9x what Stein is though.

  16. Howe at 7%

    From George Phillies:

    In a recent 3-way poll, Barbara Howe is at 7% among candidates for Governor of North Carolina.


    Howe draws much more heavily from Independents and Democrats (11%, 7%) than from Republicans (3%), and more heavily from Liberals (9%) and Moderates (7%) than from Conservatives (5%).

    In a small sample, Howe substantially outpolls the Republican candidate among Asian-Americans, 29% to 16%.)

    Relative to her support, she outpolls Republicans among African-Americans and Hispanics. (She has about 1/10 the support that Republicans do among whites, a fifth the support Republicans do among African-Americans, and a third the support Republicans do among Hispanics.)

  17. paulie Post author

    BAN has an article on that http://www.ballot-access.org/2012/07/08/socialist-workers-party-regains-qualified-status-in-florida-announces-presidential-ticket

    On July 3, the Socialist Workers Party regained qualified party status in Florida. Qualified status for a party in Florida does not depend on submitting a petition, or having any particular number of registered voters. Instead, it depends on the party’s submitting a list of party officers and bylaws. This sounds easy, and it is relatively easy, although the state is remarkably fussy about the details of a party’s bylaws.

    Recently the Socialist Workers Party announced its presidential and vice-presidential nominees. They are James Harris, 64, for President, and Maura DeLuca, 33, for Vice-President. Harris was also the party’s presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000.

    The ticket expects to appear on the ballot in seven states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Washington. That would be the fewest number of states that the Socialist Workers Party has been on the ballot for President since 1956, when it was only on in four states. States in which the party qualified for the ballot in 2008, but which the party won’t attempt in 2012, are Delaware, New York, and Vermont.

  18. July 2012 Liberty for America Out

    George Phillies writes:

    Lieberman to Johnson Campaign—Avoid
    Oregon Ballot Access!
    LP Oregon Runs Private Primary
    Wrights Condemns Lieberman Statement
    Paulie Condemns Lieberman Statement
    Oregon Ballot Access
    Where Your Money Went—LNC
    Where Your Money Went—Johnson
    National Committee Finances
    National Convention Meets
    Root Endorses Romney?
    Wes Wagner on LNC Activities

  19. zapper

    So according to Liberty for America …

    The Johnson campaign owes it’s campaign manager Nielson $676,000 …

    and …

    Johnson’s superpack owes this same Nielson another $1,800,000 …

    This is why the Johnson campaign is doing nothing to date. They are raising money to pay off a campaign management team that has accomplished nothing except running up a huge tab due to itself for doing … NOTHING.

    Great success for Nielson. Another disaster for the LP.

    This is why I have been demanding that the Johnson campaign set up a segregated, guaranteed fundraising account … where the money would be used exclusively for advertising … 100% of all money raised to be used to buy time on major network TV … with no payouts for the Johnson campaign debt, no percentages lost for fundraising, no deductions whatsoever from the full amount raised.

    100% guaranteed for advertising.

    Of course, the big blood suckers, ahem ah, debt holders – Nielson and Bydlak and any others currently unknown – would have to agree to this contractually, in writing, to make the success of the campaign possible.

    But it is in their interests to do so. By allowing the campaign to actually go forward and operate with a clean slate, the Johnson campaign could actually raise some money, run advertising, run a real campaign and get some support in the polls and votes in the end.

    Furthermore, the campaign would be able to use the results of the media campaign to generate new donors, members and supporters for the campaign and for the LP … and these new supporters would be available for non-restricted fundraising that could be used to pay the ongoing (though minimal, due to the huge debt) operating expenses through November and to generate funds that would be available to help cover the overhanging debt.

    Absent such guarantees, I will donate nothing.

    Absent such guarantees, thousands of donors will donate nothing.

    If Nielson, Bydlak and whoever else is involved in this attempted looting of the LP persist, we should pursue them for their fraudulent activities … and although they may not be legally fraudulent, they are certainly morally fraudulent.

    We should pursue them in the world of public opinion – forever.

    These managers were well aware when the announced their switch to the LP that they had huge overhanging debt. It may have been foolishly agreed to in some sort of legal binding contract, but it should have been revealed to the LP Convention attendees prior to the nomination.

    These individuals should be publicly hounded, embarrassed and scorned for their deceitful and immoral acts by those of us who have been deceived.

    Further … I call on Gary Johnson – GOVERNOR VETO – to veto the actions of these looters.

    Fire Them !

    Veto them.

    They have done nothing to deserve the lucre they are demanding. It is beyond any reasonable caculable earned remuneration. It is an attempted fleecing of the Liberty movement.

    Perhaps the LNC can move around them. Perhaps the LNC can fundraise and support Johnson for POTUS advertising or at least general LP advertising that mentions Johnson and other candidates. Is that a legal possibility?

    Or maybe we need to start – someone needs to start – a debt free, no load superpack – run by volunteers with no paid staff and no unneeded expenses. Advertising and other outreach only.

    If the Johnson campaign managers will NOT relent in collecting this unearned and undeserved debt from the sweat of the LP donor base, then perhaps we should dump the whole bunch of them.

    Perhaps the LNC should consider removing Johnson as our candidate and replacing him with an alternate.

    [morse code beeps]
    (dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot)

    I’m calling out to Gary Johnson …

    Be Libertarian with US for one election

    Dump the damn looters inside your campaign and make a real difference ..

    Show us what you’re made of …


  20. Thomas L. Knapp

    zapper @33,

    “This is why I have been demanding that the Johnson campaign set up a segregated, guaranteed fundraising account … where the money would be used exclusively for advertising ”

    And as I have pointed out before, it would be dishonest and at least potentially fraudulent, for the Johnson campaign to do any such thing.

    At least some of the debts in question are in collection process and/or litigation. If a court tells the Johnson campaign to pay $X, it pays the $X. It doesn’t get to say “well, we only have $X – $Y, because we promised the people who gave us the $Y that it would be used for something else.”

  21. charles

    I’d think that libertarians would be more sympathetic to the free market dynamics of professional campaign contractors and debt payments. Big names often come with big debts or other strings attached.

    Perhaps you should consider the lean, efficient Green Party campaign to donate to. It will bring up many of the same issues, though with a different (leaner and more efficient) answer to our healthcare debacle.

  22. Be Rational

    @36 The debt being discussed is greater than the m0ney the Johnson campaign can be expected to raise. So, the LP has been seduced into donating to pay a debt instead of running a presidential candidate.

  23. LG

    no phone P and Joe , so well have to hook up at FF by commnicating here or FB….P r u coming

  24. zapper

    TLK @35 A number of alternatives were presented in my post @33 which make it possible for the Pre-nomination debt of the Johnson campaign to be isolated and ignored despite any court orders including the following, plus a few more:

    1) Nielson and Bydlak can agree to the segregated funds in order to allow the campaign to function and to preserve their good names.

    2) The LNC could sponsor advertising with no obligation to pay Johnson’s debt. The LP would have to take care to comply with the law as far as how the ads were structured.

    3) A new superpac could run ads with no obligation to pay Johnson’s debt.

    additional altenatives I would suggest:

    4) The LP candidate for VP, Jim Gray is allowed to have his own campaign and fundraising. His campaign could raise money and serve as an alternative campaign. TV ads for Gray could also refer to Johnson.

    5) It is also allowed for Johnson and Gray to run with a joint campaign for FEC purposes. We should find out if such an effort would be considered a new organization legally and if it would be free from these outrageous debts. If a joint campaign can be registered with the FEC and be considered a new organization by virtue of its representing both candidates and not just Johnson, then this would be ideal and should be started immediately. Such a campaign org could fundraise, begin with a clean slate, all volunteer staff and run the ads we need. Is this legal? Anyone know the FEC rules on this?

    6) As a final step, if Nielson refuses to be reasonable, and no alternative funding methods can be found that avoid the overhanging debt, the LNC should consider dumping Johnson altogether.

    ** In the meantime ** All potential donors should refrain from donating to the Johnson campiagn.

    That’s right:

    Attn: LP Donors:

    Do NOT fund the Johnson debt. Do NOT donate directly to the Johnson for President campaign. All such donations will be used to pay off an outrageous, unearned pre-nomination DEBT left over from Johnson’s Republican campaign. None of your money will serve any useful purpose. None of it will benefit the LP.

    Hold your money until we find a better place for you to donate to our 2012 POTUS campaign effort.

    In the meantime, you should contact the LP national office or the LNC about donating now to help the ongoing ballot drives for 2012. This money will not be used to pay off the old Johnson Republican debt. It will be used to put Libertarians on the ballot in races in numerous states and at all levels for 2012 and beyond.

  25. LibertyForAmerica.com

    @46 When last I checked the rules, 4 and 5 do not work that way. When the VP is nominated, his campaign funds and debts become the Campaign’s debts, and his money is merged with the Presidential campaign’s.

  26. zapper

    @48 In the past the FEC rules allowed for either a combined P/VP campaign or individual campaigns for each. It was up to the candidates to choose the type of arrangement they preferred.

    For example, in 1980, great care was taken to allow for a combined campaign for Clark/Koch so that Koch’s ability to donate to his own campaign would benefit both.

    In 1988, due to the personalities involved, the Paul POTUS campaign was kept independent and separate from the Marrou campaign for VP. Each had their own separate fundraising, expenditures and FEC reporting. It also meant that donors could max out to each of the two campaigns.

    So, the question still stands.

    Are the candidates running separate campaigns allowing some independent actions by Gray?

    Can we set up a combined campaign and leave the old debts in the original Johnson campaign?

    If neither, we still have the other options to consider.


    There have been several rounds of “campaign reform” since 1980 – Phillies information is more current

  28. zapper

    @50 Both of my examples occured since 1980 and Phillies may not have explored all other options. His information could be both more current and less complete. I have seen no information to indicate that the possibility of choosing (as was allowed in the past), either combined or individual campaigns, has been foreclosed. However, since he may be correct or he may have missed the alternative arrangement, I asked the question again.

  29. zapper

    So, it seems a bit more info from an FEC experienced attorney within the LP would be advisable.

    We need to find a way around the debt.

    We shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have a real 2012 LP POTUS campaign because of a huge overhanging Republican debt.

  30. zapper

    New story reports Goode at 9% in polls in VA.

    How embarrassing will it be for the Johnson campaign to be outpolled by Goode, not just in VA, but VA vs. NM and other states.

    Huge debt. A campaign floundering. The managers sit in wait of payment, doing nothing as before. And no response and no resolution … will the problems drag on till November?

    How is a paralyzed Johnson campaign ever going to advertise to make something of itself, when they are unable to move due to morbid obesity – where the weight being carried is debt not fat.

    And how is it Governor Johnson, that when you campaign so well on the issue of the Federal Government’s debt problem, knowing full well that the debt that overhangs America is destroying our chance to move forward and grow our economy, create jobs, encourage investment and savings … how is it that you do not see that your campaign is suffering from the same kind of fatal debt load, that it is destroying your own campaign and destroying any chance of 2012 being a positive growth effort for the LP and toward Liberty for us all?

  31. Thomas L. Knapp

    zapper @ 53,

    “We shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have a real 2012 LP POTUS campaign because of a huge overhanging Republican debt.”

    Well, the LNC’s national convention had that opportunity in May. They decided to nominate the Republican with six or seven figures of debt instead of the Libertarian with the debt-free campaign.

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.

  32. Be Rational


    A better analogy:

    The new husband wakes up from his wedding night to find that his beautiful bride has brought along her drunken, deadbeat brother and his millions in bad gambling debts. The problem is how to get rid of the brother-in-law without assuming any of his debt and still keep the bride. Tricky, but it can and must be done.

  33. paulie Post author

    P r u coming

    I got a ticket. Hope it works getting through the airport.

    I can’t sit on a greyhound bus for 2 days + each way right now, work is too good and it won’t last…

  34. Jill Pyeatt

    Great, Paulie! We need you to be there.

    You probably won’t blog through the meeting, but please check in and let us know what’s going on from time to time, please!

  35. Joe Buchman

    Be rational @ 38, Zapper and George @ several posts and others . . .

    For what it’s worth, paying off past debt is not what I see around here. Several full time paid staff (Grant, Jason, Heather) and others working at least on contract basis (Joe Hunter, Charles . . .).

    I’m a volunteer, loving it, and putting in near full time hours (while covering my other work as an online college course professor).

    I see yard signs, bumper stickers, flyers etc going our for free to all State Directors, free to all our endorsed candidates, am on a daily conference call; and am aware of our region directors hosting at least weekly conference calls with their state directors. There’s an RV that’s been wrapped in GJ logos. The CNN protest. Appearances by Gary and Jim around the USA . . . Active website and FB page, videos designed to go viral (though none have).

    So I just don’t see where all the money is going to old debt.

    I was with the Judge yesterday, will be with Ron and Gary this weekend at Freedom Fest and the LNC meetings. I’ll hope to have more info that could address your concerns (and mine based on what I’ve read here and at George’s Liberty for America site).

    But to say there’s no campaign going on is just inconsistent with my personal experience here, and, I’m fairly sure is not just a smokescreen to distract me from seeing where the big bucks are going!

  36. Paulie

    I have friends who are working next door in PA and NY and they will be running into some NJ people there. If you have money they may carry your petition.


  37. William Saturn

    I contacted Rocky Anderson and despite the rumors, he confirmed that he is not considering Minerva, Ohio Councilman Phil Davison as a running mate. In fact, Anderson says he has never heard of Davison.

  38. Curt Boyd

    The Socialist Workers Party has gathered nearly 2,000 signatures on their New Jersey petition, according to The Militant.

    Sort of related to that, I’ve never really done much reading about it, but what’s the difference between the Socialist Workers and PSL?

  39. Deran

    I believe the Green Party is having it’s national/presidential nominating convention as I write this. I think the GP is nominating right now, Saturday. Will there be any IPR linkage to the active livestreams of the convention? Will Ross Levin be there and be able to at least report of what happened?

    I’m not a Green, but come on. I realize it’s not Wayne Root giving another inane interview. but, really.

  40. Deran

    SWpies are a much more socially conservative pseudo-Trotskyist sect, PS&L is a split from the Workers World Party which split from the SWP. PS&L is much more feminist and popular culture connected than the SWPies. In short SWPies are a cult of persona;lity around Eternal Comrade Leader Jack Barnes, PS&L is more of a cadre-centric Leninist group. In my opinion.

  41. NewFederalist

    Deran- can you comment on the SLP and what they are up to these days? You seem to have a good knowledge of parties in that sphere. Thanks!

  42. Curt Boyd

    @73 – Thanks for clarifying. I always thought if they ran together, they’d get on more ballots, and therefore get more votes, more of a chance to put their message out there, more donations, etc.

    FWIW, I’m undecided between Johnson and Stein. I think both are excellent candidates, and represent their parties very well…it may come down to ballot access.

  43. NewFederalist

    Yeah… one might have thought that LPR (oops! IPR) would have had a story up about it.

  44. Mobert Bilnes

    milnes lives in camden why does not he just go across the river and get the reform party nomination?

  45. William Saturn

    He only wants the nomination of a party that he believes can win the election.

  46. Thane Eichenauer

    Robert Milnes and his campaign is as fine an example of why people should boycott politics altogether as I have seen in quite a while. He suggests that voters drop their support of several interesting, sincere and hard working political parties and instead support the Robert PLAS Milnes party which will win due to Mr. Milnes having superior strategic intelligence.
    95% or more of his web site is focused on promoting PLAS and nothing else other than PLAS.
    (Presuming the IPR contact email is working again) All Milnes has to do to get coverage is accomplish something newsworthy. He has little need to be invited to comment on IPR if he is engaging in newsworthy activity or a political sort.

    That being said I find Robert Milnes the candidate to be unnotable and rather bland. I found Robert Milnes the commenter likewise to be unnotable due to him having little else to promote but his PLAS strategy.

    I will not miss Robert Milnes unless he manages to engage in actual politicking or actual campaigning.

    There are plenty of other political news web sites other than IPR. Robert Milnes could easily locate them and probably gain significant awareness if only he had ideas that were worthwhile and political tactics that didn’t drive possible supporters from wanting to support him.

  47. JD

    Thanks thomas I saw that already. I was really asking if anyone knew anything about the re-launch. If anyone had corresponded with them.

  48. Dennis

    In Milnes’ defense: he did do a lot of investigatory work into the Boston Tea Party’s original presidential nominee, which ultimately resulted in her removal from the ticket.

  49. Deran

    @74 NewFederalist

    SLP? Socialist Labor Party? I honestly have no idea. 30 yeaars ago I worked in a Leftist book store in Seattle and we had several elderly DeLeonites who would come in, but I don’t think they’ve been on the ballot in WA state since ’76? I don’t think they even publish their monthly anymore? Even in the early 80s they were more like a group of elederly lodge brothers than an activist org.

  50. Deran

    One great thing abt WA State up until the 90s was that it only took 200 signatures of registered voters to get a presidential candidate/electors on the ballot, so we would always get a large array of candidates, so one could always keep an eye on what parties were still active. And for local and Congressional races it was only 25 signatures or so. Now it’s a thousand sigs and for legislative and Congressional there is also a serious fee. Not to mention the “Top Two” scam.

  51. Ken S

    Monday CNN protest is over with about 70 – 100 participating. Sunday’s crowd was smaller. There were a few run-ins with CNN security today, but nothing major. Police were irritable early in the day before the organizer with the permit showed up. There was a van with speakers attached that was an apparent hit with the crowds.

  52. Ken S

    Please go to the CNN Facebook site and leave a message asking about the exclusion of Gary Johnson from CNN coverage. Hopefully if hundreds of people use this forum as well as phone calls, perhaps CNN will take notice.

  53. Jill Pyeatt

    Ken, I’ve started an article about the event with a photo I found on Faceboo. I can list your whole name, if you’d like. Just give it to me here and I’ll edit the article.

  54. Austin Battenberg

    NewFederalist // Jul 15, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Yeah… one might have thought that LPR (oops! IPR) would have had a story up about it.

    Perhaps you or someone you know affiliated with the Green Party would like to post here. I was with my family for the weekend, so I was late posting it, and I’m sorry for that. But as a libertarian, I am not the best contributor for the Green Party. I do the best I can, and try to remain unbiased. After all, my grandmother is a Green.

    I know that IPR wants more contributors for the CP and the GP. We do NOT want to be exclusive for the LP.

  55. NewFederalist

    Is it me or has the traffic on this site really decreased? It doesn’t seem as busy as it used to be.

  56. William Saturn

    Maybe because Milnes ended his campaign; he’s not checking in as much.

  57. Steven Berson

    I received the following email from the Modern Whig Party today:
    Modern Whig Party National Convention Update

    In this update is the dates, hotel information, agenda, and how to participate as a delegate online:

    When: August 3rd-5th2012 Where: Bloomington, Minnesota & Online

    Fontainebleau Room at the Sofitel Hotel Minneapolis http://www.sofitel.com/gb/hotel-0539-sofitel-minneapolis/meeting.shtml

    The Whigs have a block of hotel rooms available for reservation at the Sofitel Hotel http://www.sofitel.com/gb/hotel-0539-sofitel-minneapolis/index.shtml these rooms are either double beds or king bed rooms. The room block is available for Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. The block consists of 10 rooms for Thursday, 15 for Friday, 15 for Saturday, and 5 for Sunday evening. The rates are $79 for a room per night plus tax. To book a room at this rate you must do so by Thursday August 2nd. To book a room please contact the Sofitel Minneapolis hotel at 1-952-835-1900 and mention that you are a delegate booking a room for the Whig National Convention. You do not have to stay at the Sofitel Hotel and can make alternate arrangements but we are encouraging it.

    There will be no child care provided during the convention. Family members who are not Whigs or not delegates may attend the convention and be present on the convention floor during open sessions as long as they are of at least 14 years of age as of Friday August 3rd, 2012. This of course is subject to space within the convention meeting room.

    If you are interested in room sharing and ride sharing you can post on the Whig forum and social media, also if you anyone is interested in donating frequent flyer miles to delegates please post on these sites as well to connect with delegates.

    Delegates attending the convention must provide a photo ID at registration on the first day of the convention or during their first appearance at the convention meeting room. Also, each delegate attending the convention must bring a check or money order payable to the Modern Whig Party of America in the amount of 20 dollars. This is a onetime registration fee that will go to help offset the cost of the convention.

    Our plan is still to stream the convention online or at least record it and post it online for Whig members.

    **Final Itinerary will be finalized by middle of next week**

    @=open to online delegates

    Friday-August 3rd 1pm-5pm

    1-1:30-Registration/Set Up

    1:30-2:00-Welcome @

    2-3pm- General Speeches & Presentations@

    3-3:15 pm-Break

    3:15-4pm- Whig 101Training-Training, Q&A, Role Playing Situations@

    4-5pm- General Speeches/Review for tomorrow@

    Saturday, August 4th 9am-5pm

    8:00am-9am-Registration/Set Up

    9am-10am-National Executive Committee and State Officers meeting (closed session to Whig officers only)

    10am-11pm-Introduction to Whig Roundtables/Whig Roundtable Training @

    11am-11:15- Break

    11:15-12:00pm General Speeches and Presentations@

    12pm-1:30pm-Lunch break

    1:30-5:00pm-Amendments to Bylaws, Website, Where We Stand@

    Sunday August 5th 9am-4pm

    8am-9am-Registration/Set Up

    9am-10am- National Executive Committee and State Officers meeting (open to all delegates)

    10am-11am- Whig 101Training-Training, Q&A, Role Playing Situations@


    11:15-12pm- Whig 101Training-Training, Q&A, Role Playing Situations@

    12pm-2pm- Amendments to Bylaws, Website, Where We Stand@

    2pm-3pm- Vote for Whig candidate for President of the United States@

    3pm-4pm – General Speeches, Presentations, & Closing of Convention@

    Roberts Rules of Order will be used during the convention as needed.

    Physical and Online Delegates

    The final date to register for as a physical or online delegate is July 27th2012 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

    To register all you have to do is provide your name and state and answer the following questions:

    Are you a registered Whig member ( registered online at http://www.modernwhig.org)
    Are you at least 18 years of age as of August 3rd, 2012.
    Are you a registered voter?
    Are you a U.S. citizen?
    If you attend the convention in Minnesota are you willing to submit a government issued ID to the Convention Registrar to verify your identity?

    Send your name, state, and answers to the above questions to convention2012@modernwhig.org

    You are not officially recognized as a delegate until you get a confirmation response from convention2012@modernwhig.org

    How will being an online delegate work?

    Being an online delegate will allow for you to make proposals and amendments while the convention is live. It will allow you to vote live during the convention. For example when the call for a vote is issued we will allow for 10 minutes for online delegates to vote on an issue via a poll that which will be set up within 5 minutes and posted online after the physical convention vote at http://www.modernwhig.orgunder the Forum section.

    If I am an online delegate do I have to be online for the whole day to participate and vote on issues?-

    No, you do not have to be online all day to participate as an online delegate. You will not be able to offer amendments if you are not live online but you can still vote. Every item that the convention votes on will open for online delegate voting until the beginning of the convention the next day. This means that after work or later in the day you can log in and vote as an online delegate and not be tied to your computer all day if you don’t want to.

    All the best,

    Andrew Evans

    National Chairman

    To unsubscribe: Unsubscribe
    Modern Whig Party of America
    2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Suite 616
    Washington, DC 20006
    United States

    Prepared and paid for by the Modern Whig Party of America.

  58. Steven Berson

    just announced by the Justice Party:

    Luis Rodriguez Joins Rocky Anderson’s 2012 Campaign As
    Vice Presidential Running Mate

    Salt Lake City, UT – Luis Rodriguez, a leading Chicano writer, speaker, gang expert and interventionist, and activist for justice in urban peace, the arts, labor, and human rights, has joined Rocky Anderson’s 2012 presidential campaign as Anderson’s vice presidential running mate. “The search for a highly competent, dignified, principled running mate has been arduous,” Rocky stated. “Luis exceeds any expectations I had. He will inform, uplift, and motivate in this campaign, just as he does every day in his inspirational work.”

    He is a co-founder of the Network for Revolutionary Change, trying to fill the gap of strategic and unified leadership among the poor, the pushed-out, the dismissed, and forgotten. He’s also co-founder of the nonprofit Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore and its publishing wing, Tia Chucha Press, in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles. He has fifteen published books in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature, including the bestselling 1993 memoir Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. and its 2011 sequel, It Calls You Back: An Odyssey Through Love, Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing.

    His writings have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicano Tribune, The Progressive, Philadelphia Inquirer magazine, The Nation, L.A. Weekly, U.S. News & World Report, Fox News Latino, and the Huffington Post, among others. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, San Bernardino, and fifteen years in Chicago. He’s now a resident of San Fernando, CA.

    For over thirty years Luis conducted workshops, readings, and talks in prisons, juvenile facilities, homeless shelters, migrant camps, universities, public and private schools, conferences, churches, Native American reservations, and men’s conferences.

    Luis has received the Inner City Struggle of East L.A.’s “Spirit of Struggle”/Ruben Salazar Award; the “Local Hero of Community” Award from KCET-TV of L.A. and Union Bank of California; “Hero of Nonviolence” Award from Rev. Michael Beckwith and the Agape Christian Center in Culver City, CA; and an “Unsung Heroes of Compassion” Award, presented by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
    According to Rocky Anderson, who practiced law (including civil rights and constitutional law), served as Mayor of Salt Lake City for eight years, and founded and served as Executive Director of High Road for Human Rights, “Unlike most candidates for high public office, Luis brings with him a wealth of knowledge and real-life experience, inspirational personal growth, and proven commitment to social, economic, and environmental justice. Such justice is an essential element of a nation committed to equal opportunity, peace, and genuine freedom for all.”

    Rodriguez stated, “I’m honored to be on this ticket with Rocky Anderson. It’s important to find a politically independent means to voice the real issues of justice in this country. The Justice Party comes at a crucial time, when the truth about who holds power and wealth in this country is daily more evident and the failures of the two-party system become increasingly irreparable. This is a vision for a new America, new ideas, new forms of struggle–of true justice in our time and for generations to come.”

    According to Rodriguez, “The Justice Party is part of a growing movement in the United States for true peace, justice, equity, and dignity. People are understanding more and more that to have a healthy and full development for each person we need to have the healthy and full development of all.”

    “My aim in being part of this ticket with Rocky Anderson in the Justice Party is to help spread the conversation in this country about how we need to incorporate more voices, stories, ideas, and people into how we govern and take care of everyone. Two directions for true justice are to have meaningful, respectful and healthy relations with the environment, the earth, and its bountiful resources. And to have meaningful, respectful, and healthy relations with each other. ”

    Contact Sally Soriano: sallysoriano.justice@gmail.com or 801-990-5300

  59. paulie Post author

    Is it me or has the traffic on this site really decreased? It doesn’t seem as busy as it used to be.

    According to sitemeter it’s picked up the last few days compared to the few before that. What time frame do you mean?

  60. Dennis

    How the GOP Iced the Tea Party
    By Dennis “DJ” Mikolay
    Vice-Chair, Reform Party of NJ

    In the wake of the 2008 presidential election, the unthinkable happened: a grassroots populist movement sprung forth from the bowels of the two major parties. Conservative citizens, angered by the status quo, formed what became known as the Tea Party movement, a loose-knit coalition of like-minded Right wing organizations dedicated to fiscal conservatism and anti-establishment candidates. For a brief time, they seemed like a beacon of hope in a sea of despair, living proof the long dormant American citizen still had fire in his belly. They were able to unseat politicians, advance legislation, and steer government policy. For four long years, the movement prepared for the 2012 presidential election and what was to be their crowning achievement, the election of a true conservative president.
    Dreams may be nice, but if history has proven one thing, it is dreams rarely come true. Barack Obama may not be re-elected this November, but this year will mark the end of the Tea Party. Early on in the campaign season, it seemed as though the Tea Party could potentially survive into the indefinite future. The movement nearly unanimously disavowed Governor Mitt Romney, shunning him as though he was a leper despite warnings he was destined to become the Republican nominee. Conservative activists flocked to candidates like Herman Cain or Rick Santorum, and although these men never stood a chance, at least they represented a threat to the establishment, even if on a minor scale. Tea Parties across the country professed the movement would remain adamant in its convictions. It was, after-all, the last bastion of populist hope, the scourge of power hungry party bosses and career politicians. Many boasted there was no power in Heaven nor earth capable of forcing the Tea Party to compromise its principles; come Hell or high water, they would never endorse the former Governor of Massachusetts.
    All of this sounded noble, but talk is cheap, and many observers questioned whether these rogue Republicans would actually live up to their threats when they finally arrived at the ballot box. Unfortunately, there were several signs that the Tea Party was about to commit suicide and cave in to the demands of the establishment by surrendering their last crumb of independence to the greedy Republican cookie monster. They begrudgingly began to accept the GOP-propagated fallacy that Mitt Romney’s policies represented a drastic departure from those of Barack Obama, and that it was every conservative’s patriotic duty to remove the incumbent from office. Sure, Romney wasn’t the best candidate in the world, but he was a step in the right direction, and there was too much at stake during this election cycle to let Barack Obama remain in office for another four years. Once they managed to sell that message to the masses, it was just a matter of time before the Tea Party bought it. Before long, they were focused explicitly on one thing: defeating Obama. It didn’t matter who replaced him, so long as he was gone.
    Today, Mitt Romney is not worried about the Tea Party, nor is Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or any other politician for that matter. While many activists claim this compromise is only temporary and that after the fate of the free world is secured the Tea Partiers will reclaim their position as crusaders of conservative righteousness, America’s elected officials know better. They have seen “independent” movements like this before and know they never last. The establishment got what they wanted all along and nobody will ever view the Tea Party as credible. Why should anyone? When push comes to shove, they will cave in and endorse the status quo, at risk of “spoiling” the election. They will never regain the fierce reputation they once had and that’s exactly what the Republican Party always wanted.
    One can’t blame the Tea Party for falling for the GOP’s trap. Many of those involved were political novices, unprepared for the barrage of propaganda the Republican machine hurled their way. The Republican Party wanted to see the Tea Party silenced more than anyone else; the Democrats didn’t feel threatened by them after the 2010 Congressional midterm elections because they knew it was just a question of time before the GOP squashed their internal insurrection. The 2012 presidential election was the culmination of a three-year operation to infiltrate and discredit the movement, which at one time did represent a threat to the Republican hierarchy, which is no longer the case. Many in the Tea Party don’t recognize it and believe they have outsmarted their opponents, but the truth of the matter is they were never going to be removed from the political landscape via physical force; it was subversion of their treasured ideology that did them in. Why does America even need a Tea Party now that it has proven incapable of resisting the pressure of the two-party system?
    It is true that there is no unified “Tea Party” and several renegade groups have refused to tow the party line, instead endorsing Ron Paul, the vast majority are now in Romney’s pocket. During an election where there are literally more than a handful of qualified, credible conservative alternatives to Mitt Romney, there is no excuse for the Tea Party’s behavior. Congressman Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party’s candidate and Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee, will likely both be on the ballot in enough states to conceivable secure enough electoral votes to become president. Why not back one of these gentlemen? Because the Tea Party has surrendered its war on the establishment, and like any person or organization that sells its soul, the movement will soon suffer the repercussions of its relationship with the devil.


  61. George Phillies

    Overwhelming support in a libertarian direction under current world circumstances: “http://www.nationaljournal.com/nationalsecurity/enough-study-finds-voters-overwhelmingly-want-big-defense-cuts-20120715” Votes want less defense spending; Rmoney wants much more.

  62. Executive Detractor

    I wish someone would do a story about the $1 signs LASPAC is offering–it’s nice to get feedback including complaints and other suggestions.. Also, I’d benefit greatly from a discussion about the door hangers we’re offering. I’d even like to hear Robert Capozzi critique them. That’s a LASPAC sticker on the window on that car up there.

  63. paulie Post author


    On my agenda for when I get back from work but I’ll probably be tired…send me the story, that would make it easier…or better yet let me sign you up to post articles here.

    Post it in the comments here too.

  64. Executive Detractor

    $1 Gary Johnson Yard Sign sale!!!

    Wow! You will not find a deal this great anywhere else! Please email this to your friends right away!

    Now through Friday, July 27, get one Gary Johnson yard sign for $1 (one dollar).

    Free shipping! Stand included! Limit one per customer.

    Just donate $1 or more right here, and we’ll send you the free yard sign.

    It costs us much more than $1, so we hope some of you will donate more than $1 to help us cover the costs. We just want to get these signs into more people’s hands to help promote Gary Johnson for President.
    Gary Johnson door hangers now available!

    Only 5 cents each, any quantity, and as always, FREE SHIPPING on all orders.
    We have a “Provocative” version that declares “Republicans and Democrats suck,” and a more “Traditional” version that leads with “Have Republicans and Democrats let you down?”

    –Wes Benedict
    President, Libertarian Action Super PAC

  65. Executive Detractor

    I just tried posting the email in a comment and it looks like it went into spam.

    If I sign up so I can post articles, can I post them about the two PACs I’m running?

  66. paulie Post author

    If I sign up so I can post articles, can I post them about the two PACs I’m running?

    Yes. But I’ll need to get on that tonight, Andy is waiting in the car impatiently.

  67. Ken S

    I have been in touch with this radio talk show host about bringing up Gary Johnson’s stance on immigration. His reply has been that this will not be a politically correct interview. The 10 am show TODAY at 10AM PST features CNN analyst on hispanic affairs – Maria Cardona. She played a key role on the Obama election team. Just an FYI. I’m not sure if this available on a podcast, but I have emailed the show to ask and will post here if I hear something.

  68. Ken S

    So much for personal conversation. It was politically correct – in my opinion. Sorry I canceled a meeting to sit there and listen. He is certainly sympathetic, but I suppose things need to be kept sterile to keep his guests coming back…

  69. Mohamed Jihad

    From the sayings of the Prophet;

    Remember often the destroyer and cutter off of delights, which is death.

    Not one of you must wish for death from any wordly affliction; but if there certainly is anyone wishing for death, he must say, “O Lord, keep me alive so long as life may be good for me, and wish me to die when it is better for me so to do.”

    The Faithful do not die; perhaps they become translated from this perishable world to the world of eternal existences.

    Death is a blessing to a Muslim. Remember and speak well of your dead, and refrain from speaking ill of them.

    There are two things disliked by the sons of Adam, one of them death; whereas it is better for Muslims than sinning; the second is scarcity of money; whereas its account will be small in futurity.

    The grave is the first stage of the journey into eternity.

    Death is a bridge that uniteth friend with friend.

    Sleep is the brother of death.

    Muhammad said, three days before his death, “Not one of you must die but with resignation to the will of God, and with hope for his beneficence and pardon.”

  70. Thane Eichenauer

    If there is some numerical criteria where comments that are utterly unrelated to third party politics are subsequently set to the big bit bucket of Islamic nirvana then I hope Mohamed Jihad reaches it soon so that I don’t have to waste time reading them in hopes that it might just be relevant.
    As awful as Robert Milnes comments were they at least did have the redeeming factor of actually talking about politics.

  71. paulie Post author

    I have discussed this with Mohamed Jihad. He says he will accept 72 virgins as his price for moving on to the next world.

  72. NewFederalist

    “I have discussed this with Mohamed Jihad. He says he will accept 72 virgins as his price for moving on to the next world.”

    Would retired nuns be okay?

  73. Darryl W. Perry

    Since I began my campaign for Register of Deeds in Cheshire County, NH in late May, I have accumulated several endorsements – including endorsements from two Presidential candidates. On July 23, I received the endorsement of Liberty-Candidates.org. This is the second time I’ve been endorsed by Liberty-Candidates.org, I was also a Liberty Candidate in 2008 as a write-in candidate for US Senate in Alabama.

    23 July 2012
    United States of America

    Liberty Candidates 2012 Endorses:
    Darryl W. Perry who is running for Cheshire County Register of Deeds in the State of New Hampshire

    LIBERTY-CANDIDATES.ORG enthusiastically welcomes Darryl W. Perry to the growing slate of candidates championing a return to Constitutional governance in the United States!

    A Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of:

    Individual Liberty
    Constitutional Government
    Sound Money
    Free Markets
    a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy.

    This endorsement is the hallmark of a true Liberty Candidate. To qualify, Candidates must submit answers to the liberty questions (http://tinyurl.com/libertyapplication). Then, each application is voted on by a committee made up of peers and other liberty minded individuals. Each candidate’s website is visited by committee members to see that a candidate’s answers and his/her stance on the issues coincide.

    If accepted, each Liberty Candidate is added to the Liberty-Candidates.org site with prominent links back to his/her site(s). All Liberty Candidates are eligible to participate in the Liberty Candidate Money Bombs.

    With candidates like Darryl W. Perry serving the people at the city, county, state and federal level, there is real hope for change in America.

    Let Freedom Ring!

    About Liberty-Candidates.org

    Liberty Candidates.org’s mission is to support Liberty Candidates running for public office in the United States. A true Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of Individual Liberty, Sound Money, Free Markets, Constitutional Government and a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy. Our Goal is to have at least one Liberty Candidate in each state!

    Gigi Bowman, Founder

    Sally O’Boyle, V.P.

  74. Lake, forwarding / presenting

    Settlement in FAC * case breaks new ground in public access to officials’ emails —— July 24, 2012—

    “The * First Amendment Coalition is pleased to announce a landmark settlement in a case involving public access to government email messages.

    The agreement with the city of Auburn, California requires the city to save emails for at least two years–replacing a prior policy of deleting most emails after 30 days.

    The agreement, approved by the city today, also assures public access to emails about government business even when officials send or receive them using a private email account.

    “This settlement sets a new benchmark for transparency in government communications,” said Karl Olson, lawyer for FAC and co-plaintiff Victoria Connolly, a community activist in Auburn.

    “While not perfect, the procedures agreed to by Auburn will show cities, school boards and other agencies how they can increase citizens’ access to information without adding to operating costs.”

  75. Dobert Gilnes

    I heard on MSNBC Romney is going to withdraw form the race before the convention which means that robby wells will probably be the nominee of the party or ron paul but i think robby wells since he has more name recognition in Georgia.

  76. Dobert Gilnes

    @136 you mock me now but i heard it on msnbc don’t you think that wells knows what he is foing he is going to the rnc convention next month because he knows mitt romnet is going to drop out and he can becum the nominee

  77. LOL

    “you mock me now”

    I mock you today. I’ll mock you tomorrow. I’ll mock you forever!

    “don’t you think that wells knows what he is foing”

    Nice video tho, lol

  78. just saying

    @133/34 It’s just the anti-Obama Democrat vote. The anti-Obama Republican vote will go with Romney because he’s a Republican.

    After four years of Romney, the LP candidate will be pulling more votes from the rs than Ds.

  79. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Dear Libertarian leaders, Gary Johnson supporters and volunteers,

    My name is Natalie Dicou, and I’m a media relations specialist with Gary Johnson’s campaign. I’m compiling a list of libertarian-themed talk shows and media outlets across the country. Can you help?

    If you know of any libertarian-leaning radio hosts, stations, etc., in your area, will you pass those names along to me? I don’t need contact info, just the name of the show and radio station on which it airs. (If you’ve got contact info handy, go ahead and send it too).

    Thanks so much in advance,



    Natalie Dicou
    Media Relations
    Gary Johnson 2012
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  80. NewFederalist

    Why is the Johnson campaign being run from Salt Lake City instead of Albuquerque or even Santa Fe?

  81. Joe Buchman

    @ 141 — Ron Nielson and his polling company NISON research are based here. Gary used them for his two successful campaigns for Governor in 1994 and 1998.

  82. Oranje Mike

    #140, Jim Sharpe on 550 KFYI in Phoenix has libertarian leanings…or so I’m told.

  83. just saying

    @142 – Let’s hope the Johnson camp is on watch for possible Romney sleeper agents in Salt lake.

  84. bruuno

    #149- I find it pretty hilarious that Root is championing a socialist economy. And not the loose definition of socialism that Root uses but real socialism. Not to mention that he is grossly mischaracterizing what the complaints about Romney’s comments were. Honestly, this article by Root only demonstrates how grossly dishonest he can be.

  85. Michael H. Wilson

    Anyone know how many U.S. dollars have been given to Israel over the years?

  86. Be Rational

    @149 & 150:

    I read the whole article.

    Wayne Root is not “chanpioning a socialist economy” in his article. He supports the positive aspects of business and economic growth in broad strokes. He also shows understandably biased pride in his own heritage. It’s fine.

    Wayne doesn’t mention the massive US military subsidies and support, nor is there much that is overtly political. It’s cheerleading. It’s his living.

    He does support individual effort and self-reliance. He does attack government in general and especially the history of governments attacking the jewish peoples of the world.

    The US economy is grossly socialist as well as Israel’s – real socialism. We can still praise the positive elements that have some free market components, even though they are few.

  87. bruuno

    Israel’s economy is significantly more ‘socialist’ than America’s. That is a fact.

  88. bruuno

    #152- Not to mention that the criticism Mitt got was not because he talked up Israel (the implication that the American press is anti-Israel is laughable) but his comments regarding the Palestinians as well as his promotion of the Israeli health care system (and the inherent hypocrisy considering his stance as a candidate towards the Obama Health Care plan).

  89. Be Rational

    @154 I don’t agree. There is little difference in the level of internal socialism between the two. Most people never look at the “whole” economy.

    The US government (all levels combined) owns the air, the water and 1/3 of the land in the US. They own the highways, bridges, roads, dams, rivers, lakes – the Infrastructure is the most important element in the economy in need of privatization. The distortion caused by this massive socialist failure and its spread to other nations is destroying the world.

    The Federal Reserve and the US dollar provide the socialist underpinnng for a world-wide socialist financial infrastructure.

    The US socialist military intervenes around the world.

    The US socialist government supports governments around the world with military welfare and other government to government welfare.

    There is more socialism in the world everywhere as a direct result of US government policy.

    The US government is one of the leading engines of socialism around the world.

  90. Joe Buchman

    @ 148 — I’ve been told some R operatives have tried to hire some staff away with lucrative offers and promises of administration positions should they win.

    I guess I’m not yet doing a good enough job to be targeted with that.


    There’s a loyalty here to the candidate, the campaign, the campaign management that I think will prove to be untouchable.

  91. Jill Pyeatt

    I have posted Wayne’s article as its own article. Everyone needs to see this new priceless gem.

  92. Starchild

    For some time I have been frustrated that documented information on past Libertarian Party conventions, both at the state level in my state of California, and at the national level, is so hard to come by. I believe that we as a party are not thinking critically and creatively about the nature of our conventions, and are not doing everything we can to ensure that we negotiate the best contracts we can with convention venues (almost invariably hotels, at present). I also believe that these issues — the lack of information, and the lack of creative planning and tough negotiating — are related.

    In a minor step to address this problem, I am going to start collecting convention contracts and information, and posting these documents to the Yahoo group for the public reflector list for the Libertarian National Committee discussion and business email lists, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LNCDiscussPublic, where I have set up a folder for this purpose at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LNCDiscussPublic/files titled “Convention Contracts”.

    If you have access to convention or event contracts that have been used by the state or national LP or by other organizations (libertarian or not), or documented details about LP or other conventions or gatherings, I encourage you to post them to the Yahoogroups site above, or send them to me and I will post them, so that interested Libertarians can start getting a better grasp on the range of possibilities that have been used in convention/event planning.

    By improving the Libertarian Party’s institutional memory in this respect, I hope to give Libertarians the knowledge to plan more effective conventions and events going forward.

    ((( starchild )))
    At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee

  93. Deran

    This article is abt how the Obama campaign is excited about Goode and Johnson because they may recieve enough votes to deprive Romney of a few states.


    To me, this article is somewhat odd in that I would think Obama’s enthusiasm for Goode and Johnson would be kept quiet, because this article would seem to me to discourage potential voters from voting for either of these candidates if it is widely said that Obama likes them?

    And of course, the rest of the article is just blah blah about how stupid and inconsequential non Dem and Rep candidates are.

  94. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Please Share With All Who Might be Interested ! THX.

    Online Town Hall Thursday with Gov. Gary Johnson
    & Women’s Right Activist Ann E. W. Stone

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    6:00 PM PDT/ 7:00 PM MDT/ 8:00 PM CDT/ 9:00 PM EDT

    Please join Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee, for an online town hall Tuesday evening, 9 p.m. EDT/ 6 p.m. PDT.

    Joining Governor Johnson is special guest Ann E. W. Stone. Ms. Stone is one of the original incorporators of the National Women’s History Museum and the founder of Republicans for Choice. This year (2012) she was named as one of the 21 Leaders for the New Century by Women’s eNews.

    Ann Stone is also the founder and president of The Stone Group,Inc., an award-winning direct marketing business. Ms. Stone has founded other businesses and helped launch a national bank. She serves on the boards of Empowered Women International and The Washington Center (Women as Leaders).

    Ms. Stone speaks professionally in the United States and overseas on such topics as entrepreneurship, politics, women’s history, women’s issues, and much more. She has been listed in the Who’s Who of Marketing and Advertising Executives and the International Edition of Who’s Who as well as Outstanding Women in America. In 1992, she was chosen as one of 75 Women Who Changed Politics in America by C&E Magazine.

    This town hall will be featured on Vokle.com. To ask questions via video or text, simply sign into your Facebook account or sign up for a Vokle account. If you just want to watch the town hall, go to http://www.GaryJohnson2012.com.

    These informal online video chats are an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas regarding important issues of the day, and we urge you to participate if you can.

    Again, go to http://www.GaryJohnson2012.com Thursday evening for what I am sure will be a great discussion.

    Hope to see you online!

    Gov. Gary Johnson

  95. Steven R Linnabary


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    Stein and Honkala arrested in protest of foreclosure giant Fannie Mae
    (PHILADELPHIA) Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested today during a protest at the offices of mortgage company Fannie Mae on Banker’s Row in Philadelphia.

    Among those arrested along with Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala were labor lawyer James Moran and Sister Margaret McKenna of the Medical Mission Sisters. An attorney who supports civil disobedience cases is providing legal assistance. All of those arrested are expected to come before a judge on Thursday morning. At that time bail will either be set or they will be released on their own recognizance.

    The protest was originally called for by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign to demand that the giant mortgage company halt foreclosure proceedings against two Philadelphia residents in danger of losing their homes. Stein joined the protest after Cheri Honkala joined her as Stein’s vice presidential running mate. Honkala, a former homeless single mother, has been confronting banks and mortgage companies for decades demanding that they adopt policies that will, “keep families in their homes.”

    At 1pm today about 50 protestors gathered outside of Fannie Mae’s Philadelphia headquarters. They heard from Miss Fran and Rhonda Lancaster, the heads of two families evicted by Fannie Mae in its refusal to negotiate an alternative to foreclosure. Fannie Mae executive Zach Oppenheimer had previously promised in writing to meet with the two women in order to discuss other options. Yet no followup meeting ever took place, and so protestors today entered the Fannie Mae building and vowed to stay until Mr. Oppenheimer’s word was honored.

    At about 2:30pm, an hour after entering the building and beginning a sitdown protest, lower level Fannie Mae officials agreed to meet with Miss Fran and Ms. Lancaster. These meetings proved inconclusive, ending only with promises of more meetings. With Philadelphia police on hand with six paddy wagons and plainclothesman, a smaller subset of protestors stayed inside the building and risked arrest. Five were arrested, including Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala.

    In explaining why she joined the protest, Stein said that almost half of Americans now live in poverty or near poverty, eight million families face eviction from their homes due to foreclosures, and over a third of mortgage holders are “underwater” – meaning that they owe more to the lenders than their properties are worth on the market.

    Said Stein, “The developers and financiers made trillions of dollars through the housing bubble and the imposition of crushing debt on homeowners. And when homeowners could no longer pay them what they demanded, they went to government and got trillions of dollars of bailouts. Every effort of the Obama Administration has been to prop this system up and keep it going at taxpayer expense. It’s time for this game to end. It’s time for the laws be written to protect the victims and not the perpetrators. It’s time for a new deal for America, and a Green New Deal is what we will deliver on taking office. ”

    “The laws and the budgets and the procedures are designed to protect the lenders and to extract as much money as possible from the victims,” Honkala explained. “This isn’t the way it would be if we really had a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The first goal of government should be to keep families in their homes, and to provide restitution for the deception and fraud that has robbed millions of Americans of financial security.”

    Stein laid out a number of steps that will be part of a new deal for homeowners when and where the Green Party wins power. First, as President, Dr. Stein would issue an executive order establishing a moratorium on foreclosures of occupied dwellings. Second, municipalities governed by Greens will get homeowners out of underwater mortgages by seizing mortgages through eminent domain and letting non-profit community development organizations – not Wall Street banks – reissue the mortgages.

    Noting that the Obama administration has only released 10% of the aid that Congress had promised to homeowners, Stein asserted that “There is much more interest in Washington in protecting the profits of banks than in getting this aid out to the families whose lives are falling apart. President Obama held a big press conference to announce a program that would supposedly help 1.5 million homeowners and so far it has actually helped only 1 per cent of that number. Real help goes to the CEOs who play golf with the President and the people get lip service. This will change only if the people stand up and say we’re not going to put up with it anymore.”

    Statement from RHONDA LANCASTER (Excerpted from People’s Tribune):

    My family has lived in this home in Germantown for over 35 years. When my mother got ill and could not afford her health care, a reverse mortgage idea was presented to me. They made it look like it was a great thing. It was going to take care of my mother, and when my mother passed away it would be just fine.

    The nightmare started after my mom died. I notified the bank she had passed away, and two days later I was getting ready for her funeral. Relatives and friends were coming in from all over the country. The bank told me to stop everything and let them come in and do an appraisal.

    The bank refused to accept me as the executor of her estate, although the proper papers had been filed at City Hall. From that point on it was a complete nightmare. I could get through to no one and no one could help me. They denied me my legal US rights as heir to my mother’s property.

    Statement from MISS FRAN (Excerpted from People’s Tribune):

    I have lived in Philadelphia all my life, and in this house since 1988. Once when I was forced to file for bankruptcy, my mortgage holder, Chase Bank, suddenly came to court and objected to my bankruptcy plan. Although the law requires them to notify me in advance, I had no warning of their action, so I had no lawyer and no time to prepare my evidence. The judge dismissed my file for bankruptcy and Chase began foreclosure proceedings.

    I participated in Philadelphia’s Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program, so I was able to keep my home off the sheriff sale list. Then they claimed I missed a Conciliation Conference even though they had never notified me about it. When I complained, the court rescheduled the sheriff sale of my home from July 1, 2008, to September. I attended that sale on July 1 and was shocked to hear them put my house up for sale anyway. I was in the back of the auditorium and ran to the front making so much noise the sheriff’s lawyer had to stop the sale. Finally they brought in a letter from the sheriff saying they had obtained a court order that same day to sell the house. They had gone to court without even notifying me. The same judge who postponed the sale in the first place had turned around and vacated his own order, all without telling me.

    The sale of my home went through on July 1, but my battle was just beginning. Although Chase Bank foreclosed on my home, I found out the sheriff changed the name on the documents to Fannie Mae. There is no bill of sale from Chase to Fannie Mae and no record of any transfer. Fannie Mae has no legal standing to evict me. But that didn’t stop them from trying. They sued to evict me in April 2011. I filed an objection, it was overruled, I answered them, and we were supposed to go to trial in February 2012. Then they filed for a summary judgment against me, which is only supposed to be granted when there is no dispute in the matter. I told them we most definitely do have a dispute: a district court order was ignored and Fannie Mae has no standing. But the judge granted the summary judgment anyway. They obtained a writ of eviction and scheduled my eviction for June 12.

    Do you like this post?

    Paid for and authorized by Jill Stein for President, PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217
    For more information, contact us at HQ@JillStein.org
    Sign in with Facebook, Twitter or email. Created with NationBuilder

  96. Austin Battenberg

    hey guys. sorry I haven’t been posting any updates. my computer contracted a very bad virus and the only way I can access the net is through my wife’s tiny laptop. Once I get it fixed I will be posting again.

  97. Jill Pyeatt

    I wondered where you were, Austin! I’m on vacation and only have a little netbook, and Joe said he only has his cellphone. I’m glad there are other writers since there’s so much to post. I found an article yesterday where Jill Stein was arrested, but it’s just too hard to post on this teeny thing.

  98. Darryl W. Perry

    I’m looking to raise approximately $1,000 for my campaign for Register of Deeds for Cheshire County, NH. The money will be used to print palm cards, purchase door hanging bags and put towards robo-calling voters.

    If elected, I will work to abolish the office of the Register of Deeds.
    I will also return half of the salary to the County Treasury on the condition that the Treasurer either refund the money to the tax-payers or donate the money to charities of my choice.

    For more information on my campaign, visit http://darrylwperry.wordpress.com

    To donate via chipin, go to http://darrylwperry.chipin.com

  99. just saying

    1) Who will register the deeds, then?

    2) Why not just donate your salary to charity yourself, rather than asking the government to do it for you?

  100. Darryl W. Perry

    1) There is overlap between the duties of Register of Deeds and the town clerks and Country Treasurer, either of which could take over these duties.

    2) New Hampshire law prohibits me from stating that I would donate a portion of my salary to charities. However, it is perfectly legal for me to state that I would return a portion of my salary to the Treasurer on certain conditions.

  101. paulie Post author

    We are discussing site policy on our email list. Tried to email Peter about this, not sure if I have his current email.

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