USA Today Story on Ballot Access

Here is a seemingly sympathetic article on ballot access from USA Today. Hat tip to Ricardo Davis of the Georgia CP for drawing my attention to the article.

It is a quirk of American democracy: Your choices for president of the United States depend on which state you live in.

For instance, voters in Colorado and New Mexico who do not want to vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama for president will have the option to vote for Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party or for Libertarian Gary Johnson or for several others. But those candidates will not be on the ballot in neighboring Oklahoma.

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2 thoughts on “USA Today Story on Ballot Access

  1. R. D. Holland

    A very good article, which gives attention to an issue I do not think most voters are aware of, at least speaking for myself, until this summer. Hurrah for Colorado, and the way our government is always preaching “free elections” in other countries, what about this one?

  2. C James Madison

    For these parties to be listed in the USA Today is a great step in the right direction…

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