Goode Campaigns in Wyoming and Nevada, Attends American Independent Party Convention in CA

Virgil Goode has been on a Western States tour for his presidential campaign. The nominee of the Constitution Party was in Wyoming a few days ago and called for deep cuts to the federal budget as a solution to the issues of over-taxation and the national debt.

Goode said he would also make reducing the deficit and balancing the federal budget his immediate priorities.

“I know that means we will have to make cuts in lot of discretionary spending,” he said. “But I am willing to submit a balanced budget to Congress, and that is one of the first things I would do as president.”

On social issues, he said he is anti-abortion and he would defend the definition of marriage as “between one man and one woman.”

Additionally, Virgil Goode stopped in Reno, Nevada, in order to visit activists and talk with voters there. This article has a good video of him included.

Goode was a representative of Virginia from 1997 to 2009, following several terms in the Virginia State Senate. In his time in politics, he has been a member of the Democratic party, the Independent party, the Republican party, and now the Constitution party. When asked why he has had so many party affiliations, he responded that he follows whichever party best aligns with his views.

“I think the attention paid to our party will grow,” Goode said, “because we’re right on the issues. We are on the issues that truly matter to the American citizen.”

Goode takes a strong stance on immigration reform, saying that he supports Arizona’s immigration policies, and that he would put a moratorium on legal green cards issued until the unemployment rate drops to five percent. He also supports term limits for members of Congress.

Goode said those are issues that neither major party will solve, and his supporters agreed.

“We see no answers, no real answers, just internal bickering between the Republicans and Democrats,” Independent American Party of Nevada Executive Director Janine Hansen said. “We need to go back to the foundation of the Constitution.”

Additionally, IPR has learned from various sources that Virgil Goode is now in California and will be attending the state convention of the American Independent Party of California on August 11th, hoping to obtain that party’s presidential nomination.

16 thoughts on “Goode Campaigns in Wyoming and Nevada, Attends American Independent Party Convention in CA

  1. NewFederalist

    If he doesn’t get the AIP nomination his campaign will be in real trouble. It might be tough for him to best Chuck Baldwin’s vote totals of four years ago.

  2. RJ

    For all the registered people in the AIP why do they keeping getting such low vote totals for president? Keyes got what about 35,000 votes.

  3. Andy

    Alan Keyes was only on the ballot in like 3 states, California, Colorado, and Florida, plus he spent very little on promoting his campaign, so what did you expect?

  4. Indy

    Most of the registered AIP voters meant to register independent (better known as unaffiliated, nonpartisan or decline to state) got thrown off by the name.

  5. Lake, forwarding / presenting

    Medical situation[s] preclude Donald and Tish from running up to Sacramento this week end ——- but both want to know if Mister Goode has any thing to say about two decades of U. S. Taxpayer Party and Constitution Party deceit and deception. Especially involving military veterans.

    It is not just ideology. The U. S. Taxpayer Party and the CP, as puppets of the minuet fascist, nazi like cabal that ran them, were / are their own worst enemies.

  6. Cody Quirk

    Couldn’t make Virgil’s stop in Reno because I had to work that day. But he should do better here then Baldwin did in 08′.

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