Issue 7 of Constitution Party Newsletter Now Available

Issue 7 of the Constitution Party’s News at a Glance Newsletter is now available here. It includes the following update on Virgil Goode’s campaign activities.

This past week (Ed: the newsletter is dated 13 Aug) Congressman Goode has been traveling in the Midwest. He met with the head of the Constitution Party in Kentucky and made a campaign stop in Illinois, where he met with voters and distributed literature. He then visited with the leadership of the Iowa Constitution Party. In Iowa, the Constitution Party is working very hard to secure around 2,000 signatures to be on the ballot. Petitioning at the upcoming Iowa State Fair was discussed. On Tuesday evening, MSNBC covered some of the main issues of the campaign. Congressman Goode’s positions and pictures were displayed prominently during the commentary. On Wednesday morning, the Wyoming Constitution Party hosted a breakfast at the historic Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, WY, after which the party sponsored a campaign rally at the State Capitol.

One thought on “Issue 7 of Constitution Party Newsletter Now Available

  1. C James Madison

    Overall the ballot access for the CP is bad this year, but as an optimist I think Goode can get his best results in Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, and Virginia. For the future of the party, is it better to get a small amount of votes in all 50 states or is it better to add 4 or 5 states into a group whereby the CP would be considered “solid”, meaning the membership and ballot access would be able to roll on into the future, thus allowing the party to concentrate on other states upon which to build? With the CP getting shut out of places like Kansas, Arkansas, Vermont, and Maryland, it seems like the best thing to do know is to “go for the gusto” in 7 or 8 states to build a firm foundation.

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