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LP Texas Road Trip: Presidential and Senate Candidates Hit The Road Together

In the grand tradition of Crosby and Hope (See: Road to Singapore, 1940; Road to Zanzibar, 1941; Road to Morocco, 1942; Road to Rio, 1947; and Road to Bali, 1952)  —  Libertarian Candidates Johnson and Myers (Gary Johnson (President) and John Jay Myers (US Senate)) are embarking on a “Road to Galveston” (2012) with stops from Austin to Waco.

See the Schedule HERE

Download the Press Release HERE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Dallas, TX – John Jay Myers, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senator from Texas, will be traveling across Texas in caravan with Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson starting this week. Texans will see the pair and their supporters in decorated vehicles, including a RV and a GMC Acadia professionally wrapped in Gary Johnson colors and images. According to Mr. Myers, their goal is to reach as many freedom-lovers and disenchanted voters in Texas as possible and show them how liberty will win.

John Jay Myers will join Governor Johnson for a meet and greet andbreakfast in Dallas (8/15-8/16), a book signing and dinner in Austin (8/17), ameet and greet and VIP reception in San Antonio (8/18), and a receptionand open mic night in Houston (8/19). Mr. Myers will also be stopping at East Beach in Galveston (8/19), and visiting East Texas for a publicbarbecue in Tyler (8/21), and dinner in Mount Pleasant (8/21) during an extended part of the trip.

Mr. Myers is running a campaign on three basic planks. First, end the wars and bring our troops home, from just about everywhere. Second, end corporate welfare (like bailouts) and detach America’s dependency on the Federal Reserve. Third, promote a culture where individual adults are completely free to make their own choices with regard to their personal relationships and recreational drug use. Myers owns and operates two independent businesses employing 34 people. He believes that his small business experience and his fiery, honest, tell-it-like-it-is personality will win big with grassroots Texans in November.

For more information on the trip, individuals may visit Texans for Gary Johnson on Facebook at Those interested in learning more about the respective campaigns may or for more information or to donate.


Looks like they’re doing that ROADTRIP in one of the new wrapped vans.

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Joe Buchman


  1. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt August 15, 2012

    Good article, Joe!

  2. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | August 15, 2012

    Jill @ 2. Motivated by Steve Kubby’s admonition — HEY — We’re the PARTY of FUN. Without FUN, how can it be a PARTY.

    I’d LOVE to be on that Roadtrip with them!

  3. just saying just saying August 15, 2012

    They forgot to mention ROAD TO HONG KONG (1962). I’m not sure people will get the point with only six films listed in the middle of a sentence.

  4. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman August 15, 2012

    just saying @ 4 — Thanks for the best laugh of the day. Yep, IPR, has (I’ve been assured by the editors) a bias toward a bit of comedy here and there (especially when ponderously parenthetically expressed).

  5. I hope someone (or many) is (are) contacting ALL local media in advance to get maximum profit (exposure) from these campaign trips. A good advance media person is a must for a third party effort !

    This is truly great and will mean tens of thousands of extra votes in TX. Send them a few bucks to help on travel expenses.


  6. paulie paulie August 18, 2012

    Posted on Texas exec comm list:

    Gary Johnson Texas Press Message List
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    Local Press:



    Fort Worth


    San Antonio


    Other Press regarding Texas trip

    Anyone have any links to add?

    Sincerely yours,

    Eugene J. Flynn,
    Texas LP Chair Precinct 3009 2012-14
    SLEC District 23 2012-14

    Come all ye brave lads who follow my story,
    I’ll stand at the border and give you my hand.
    Here’s honour and luck, good health and glory
    To those who would try for the wide Rio Grande.
    –Brian McNeill

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