Oregon: August 1st 2012 Reeves Group Motion Immediately Dismissed

An email received by IPR, sent by Annie Jhun, Judicial Clerk for Presiding Judge Robert D. Herndon in the Reeves et al. v. Wagner et al.  Libertarian Party of Oregon lawsuit, indicates that following the initial denial of a Reeves Group request for an Expedited Trial (first covered on IPR here, https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2012/07/johnson-in-ballot-in-oregon-expedited-trial-motion-denied/) — a “Renewed Motion To Expedite Trial” filed by the Reeves LPO group yesterday, 1 August 2012, was dismissed today, less that 24 hours later.

 From: Annie.Jhun@ojd.state.or.us [mailto:Annie.Jhun@ojd.state.or.us]

Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2012 3:00 PM
Subject: Reeves et al. v. Wagner et al., CV12010345

We are in receipt of Plaintiff’s Renewed Motion to Expedite Trial.  Judge Herndon has reviewed your motion and will not be granting your request, based on the reasoning stated in his July 26th letter.  The case is currently not at issue, and the court will not set anything until it is at issue.
Best Regards,

Annie Jhun
Judicial Clerk to Presiding Judge Robert D. Herndon

The Renewed Motion To Expedite Trial which was filed yesterday can be read here:
The Reeves Group responses to the Wagner Group’s Amended Answers can be found here:

42 thoughts on “Oregon: August 1st 2012 Reeves Group Motion Immediately Dismissed

  1. Be Rational


    Once again, we have escaped the Reevers – a small group that used to be human, suffering from madness on the outer rim of civilization.

    Meanwhile, the Reevers have come up against the government Alliance.

  2. Oranje Mike

    When can we expect both sides to reveal tell all books? I smell a TNT mini-series.

  3. Stewart Flood

    No, Newline Cinema bought the rights. Three extended length films, plus an option for the Wanger/Burke prequel. I have inside contacts that say they have already cast Mathew Broderick as Wagner, George Clooney as Reeves, French Stewart as M Carling, and Miley Cyrus as Alicia Mattson singing her new hit single, the pi song.

    In addition there is a special guest appearance by Steven Seagal as chairman Hinkle.

    I understand that Seagal will not be using a stunt double during the convention floor fight scenes. Unfortunately, he did not understand what a floor fight actually entails when he signed up for the part.

    A leaked copy of the script reveals that there will be no sex scenes.

  4. Joe Buchman

    Stewart @3,

    What happened to the sex scene of Wayne Allyn Root playing Sarah Palin?!?!

  5. Stewart Flood

    I forgot to mention that both Brendan Fraser and Kevin Sorbo have turned down the role of Richard Burke, which now appears to be left to the CGI animation experts to add him to the scenes his part requires.

  6. Wes Wagner

    SF @8

    I was told there would be a dramatic romance fictionalization with Starchild!!! Played by Starchild.

    I hate post signature rewrites.

  7. Stewart Flood

    Sarah Palin will not be in this film. Lisa Ann was signed to play her part, but her agency cancelled when they found out that the shooting schedule for the court scenes will be played out in real time and they were afraid that she’d be in her 80s before production was complete.

  8. Jill Pyeatt

    Yo, Reeves group: You are looking desperate and pathetic. You are NOT winning people over to your side, if the lack of seriousness in these comments might indicate.

  9. Stewart Flood

    One final update for the evening: Emilio Estavez will be playing Dr Lieberman. He has offered to kiss Seagal.

  10. Stewart Flood

    Ryan O’Neal. But my list of bad actors is almost used up, so the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will play the part of the 2012 convention delegates, singing “Oh Knedler Me” to the tune of “Oh Tannenbaum”

  11. Wes Wagner

    Is there a scene where Rutherford goes all Hitler ala Downfall with his cabal when he finds out that NOTA tied him?

  12. Stewart Flood


    I’m not on any side. I’ve retired, and am now focusing on our statehouse race in South Carolina where the SCLP has the only partisan candidate on the ballot. Unfortunately, IPR does not publish stories about candidates who might actually win.

  13. Stewart Flood

    Rutherford is suing the production company, so his part will be played by a small blue dot with a voice over using the actress who mumbled the part of the teacher in the classic 1960s Peanuts TV specials.

  14. Stewart Flood

    The blue dot has also offered to kiss Seagal. Unfortunately, none of this will end the insanity in the Oregon LP.

  15. George Phillies

    In more comic relief, I gather the two statewide candidates being advocated by the Reeves group may already be on the ballot, because they are the Republican candidates, or so I am told.

    Just think, your LNC donations going to subsidize what in other circles would be called a Republican takeover.

  16. Wes Wagner

    Well I suspect the insanity to be over somewhat soon… the “other side” if there ever was one only was able to muster 2 attendees to their nominating convention.

    Their refusal to negotiate for nearly 2 years now has led to serious attrition.

  17. Jill Pyeatt

    Stewart: I think we’d be happy to post articles about candidates who can win. I won’t be home where’s there’s a reasonably-sized computer, but I can post something Sunday or next week.

  18. From Der Sidelines

    Rutherford will be played by Fred Thompson.

    I also hear that M’s role has been recast to Verne Troyer and Starr is recast to be Alfred E Neumann.

    And Reeves and Burke have been recast to Beavis and Butthead.

    Wait, that wasn’t a recast?


  19. Stewart Flood

    That would be great. Feel free to contact me offline for details. I am also sure that we can get IRP an interview with the candidate.

    We’ll trust you to be fair and truthful in your reporting, which is something the local press has failed to do.

  20. Stewart Flood


    I was attempting to stick to known bad actors. Beavis and Butthead is a classic, Neauman never takes on speaking roles, and Rutherford is already being played by Thompson in real life, so he’s unavailable for the role.

  21. From Der Sidelines

    @27, True dat, but I was going on resemblance, not acting. As we all know from 2008, they resemble those remarks.

  22. Nicholas Sarwark

    This is not my area of practice, but in my experience in asking a court to reconsider a decision, especially on short notice, you’d better have some pretty good new information about why the court got it wrong in its initial ruling. This pleading reads more like, “pretty please, we really want a hearing before the election,” not like a persuasive argument that the court missed something in the initial denial.

    As I tell my clients (in a different area of law), the first rule of the legal system is that things take longer than they do.

  23. Stewart Flood

    That is a key point. Regardless of the merits of their case, there has to be a reason to reconsider that was not previously addressed.

  24. Starchild

    Wait a minute… how did this rumor start that I would refuse to kiss Steven Seagal? He’s loaded! If I made it a really good kiss, perhaps he would offer to pay for more. 😉

  25. Paulie

    Unfortunately, IPR does not publish stories about candidates who might actually win.

    Would you like to be signed up so you can post such articles directly?

  26. Paulie

    Did someone mention Lisa Ann?

    From the wikipedia page for Who’s Nailin’ Paylin:

    On November 1, 2008, the Masked Avengers comedy duo prank called Palin by pretending to be Nicolas Sarkozy. (See main article, The Masked Avengers’ prank on Sarah Palin.) “Sarkozy” commented that he enjoyed seeing “the documentary on your life, Hustler’s Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?,” to which the real Palin replied, “Oh good, thank you.”

  27. Stewart Flood


    Thanks for the offer, but I spend enough time online as it is. I spent too many years on radio and writing a column for the newspaper. If I were to write, it would probably turn out more in the form of an editorial than impartial news reporting.

  28. Stewart Flood

    And yes, I mentioned Lisa Ann. She’d make a much better Palin than Palin would. (Probably even in real life, since her IQ is reported to be significantly higher than Ms Palin’s)

  29. From Der Sidelines

    No, Holtzie, we’re parodizing the Oregon situation. You can have a cameo parodizing yourself. Your on-camera prop will be a dictionary with no word in it having less than two hyphens and twenty letters. Your big scene will be boring everyone to death with your ridiculous arguing before the men in white suits take you back to your asylum.

    IOW, just like real life….

  30. From Der Sidelines


    “her IQ is reported to be significantly higher than Ms Palin’s”

    So is your local picket fence post, youbetcha!

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