Peace & Freedom Party Nominates Roseanne Barr-Cindy Sheehan Presidential Ticket

As reported on Ballot Access News, the socialist Peace & Freedom Party has nominated comedienne Roseanne Barr for president and selected anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan as her running mate at the party’s August 4 convention.

The presidential nomination was completed after two ballots since Barr did not receive a majority in the first round of voting. In that round, she won only 29 votes versus 18 for Freedom Socialist Party nominee Stephen Durham, 12 for Socialist Party USA nominee Stewart Alexander, and four abstentions. In the final tally, Barr won with 37 votes over Durham’s 16, and Alexander’s six with five abstaining.

As for other candidates that did not receive any votes: Party for Socialism and Liberation nominee Peta Lindsay chose to withdraw prior to the vote and backed Barr; Justice Party nominee, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who won the nonbinding California Peace & Freedom primary in June, withdrew from the race several days ago.

Sheehan won the vice presidential nomination with 50 votes versus 14 who abstained. She had previously voiced her intentions to serve on the ticket.

According to Richard Winger, the Peace & Freedom Party, which is already on the ballot in California is now attempting to qualify the Barr-Sheehan ticket for ballot access in Florida.

32 thoughts on “Peace & Freedom Party Nominates Roseanne Barr-Cindy Sheehan Presidential Ticket

  1. just saying

    Kudos to P&F for picking up Ms. barr after the Greens went with the joke candidate Jill Stein instead.

    Surely P&F party will be on more than two ballots? Certainly there are at least a handful of states that only require a few bucks and an electoral slate?

  2. Trent Hill

    Im guessing Hawaii, California, Florida, LA, CO, and a number of other easy-ballot access states will be managed by the P&Fs. This probably isn’t how they imagined they’d roll out their name nationally, but it’s a great way to do it. It’s a shame they didnt get Barr and Sheehan on board months ago (and maybe Mayor Anderson?)

  3. upstartgreen

    It will be interesting to see whether personality trumps substance in the States where Stein and Barr compete.

  4. just saying

    Ms. Barr’s substance as a successful business executive will surely trump Ms. Stein’s boring Zionist professor personality.

  5. JamesT

    Isn’t P&F a California only party? I like Cindy Sheehan she’s fun. Should be interesting.

  6. Curt Boyd

    Roseanne should have some money, right? California, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Utah, Colorado, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Rhode Island come to mind as doable ballot access right away.

  7. Dolorous Dan


    the United States has encouraged the worst tendencies of the Israeli government as it pursues policies of occupation, apartheid, assassination, illegal settlements, blockades, building of nuclear bombs, indefinite detention, collective punishment, and defiance of international law. Instead of allying with the courageous proponents of peace within Israel and Palestine, our government has rewarded consistent abusers of human rights. There is no peace or justice or democracy at the end of such a path. We must reset U.S. policy regarding Israel and Palestine, as part of a broader revision of U.S. policy towards the Middle East.

    Does all this sound “zionist”? No. People were disappointed in Jill Stein because they thought she didn’t focus enough on being anti-foreign intervention, there’s just no basis for their concerns though.

    Regardless good luck to P&F party.

  8. Deran

    Crikey, I wish Barr/Sheehan had been more active a month earlier, we could have gotten them on the ballot in WA state.

  9. Nick Kruse

    Colorado and Louisiana only require $500 each to be on the ballot. I hope Barr at least has the organization to make it on the ballot there.

  10. Siobhan Cleff

    So Roseanne does have money for ballot access but doesn’t have money to adequately pay her staff members while she was running in the Green Party? This doesn’t sound ethical to me.

  11. William Saturn Post author


    In 2008, the party appeared on the ballot in Iowa also. It has attempted for several years to be a national force.

  12. Trent Hill

    This ticket could have put them on the map–but it came far too late. I’m sure they’ll make the ballot in ten-ish states. Maybe a few more.

    Anyone else find it really peculiar that two competing candidates bowed out right before the voting? Anderson and Lindsay both would’ve gotten votes.

  13. Krieger

    With Cindy Sheehan on board, this is actually quite an appealing ticket for anti-imperialist voters. Too bad they’ll be on the ballot in less than five states. Both the PFP and the Greens should hold their conventions earlier in the year.

  14. Trent Hill

    I don’t think so. They’re actually socially conservative, if I remember correctly.

  15. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Deran: As far as Stein and Israel go, the Green Party supports the quackish notion of a “one state solution.”

    Some people thought that freeing the slaves — and then keeping them in the U.S. — was a quackish “one state solution.” They figured that blacks were just too different from whites to share a country with them.

    I suppose you’d have been on the side of those who wanted to ship freed slaves back to Africa.

    However, the “one state solution” worked in the U.S.

    And the ‘one state solution” (Israel annexing the West Bank and Gaza, and giving equal Israeli citizenship to the Arabs living there, including the right or return for their relatives) is the only humane, libertarian, and non-racist, non-theocratic solution.

  16. Deran

    Hmm, I would think it less quackish if it was Palestine that would be the one state solution.

    I have no idea how you percieve a seperate independent Palestine would be racist? Israel’s current racialist apartheid state is hardly an example of a state that would insure racial equality.

    quack, quack, quack.

  17. paulie

    Anyone else find it really peculiar that two competing candidates bowed out right before the voting? Anderson and Lindsay both would’ve gotten votes.

    Not especially. Maybe they just counted the votes and determined they would lose.

  18. paulie

    Any chance Virginia Indy Greens will give these ladies a ballot line?

    Depends on whether they are the highest bidder. They sell ballot access to whoever has the most money that they are willing to pay them; it’s not about ideology.

  19. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    @ 21, Perhaps you are ignorant of the very concept of “one state solution.”

    It calls for merging Israel, Gaza, and West Bank into on multinational, multi-religious but secular state. Neither Jewish or Muslim or Arab or Christian. A secular democracy where all would have equal individual rights.

    I think it was Tony Judt who first popularized the idea:

    They’ve even designed a flag for the proposed new one state, which you can see if you scroll down:

  20. Trent Hill

    “Not especially. Maybe they just counted the votes and determined they would lose.”

    They lost, anyway. It isnt like their names weren’t already attached to this.

  21. Scott West

    @27 “I thought P&F is only active in CA?”

    You are correct, though Ballot Access News Says P&F will be able to organize in Florida as well. There is discussion above and at BAN about whether other states are even possible.

  22. Deran

    @25 Root’s Teeth. Please don’t lecture me, it’s distasteful, makes you appear juvenile and dose not add to the discussion.

    I am well aware of the notion of a “one state solution”, I’m pretty sure the idea goes back to the early-1900s.

    At thsi point in history, with Israeli society deteriorating economincally and racism becoming so predominant among Jewish Israelis, and between Jewish Israelis, and especially the expansion of the inherently racist and illegal colonization of occupied Palestine, all makes me think the number of Jewish Israelis that would support ewaul rights for Arabs is very small.

    And after decades of Jewish Israeli apartheid against Arabs inside Israel and inside the illegally occupied Palestinian territories, I don’t see Palestinians being so keen on joining the Jewish state of Israel.

    As far as theocracy. Hamas is in power in Gaza only because they have seized power in a coup. In the West Bank, and in Gaza, there is increasing opposition to Islamism and social conservativism.

    I think if the US cut off Israel’s massive welfare payouts the Jewish state would scramble to get the illegal colonists out of the West Bank, return the stolen water rights and open the borders, those three moves would set the staage for a solidly independent and sustainable Palestine. IMHO.

  23. Curt Boyd

    I’m with the majority of folks who think this would have been a decent ticket, had it been formed earlier this year. That said, having a celebrity candidate can only make people curious, and if they like what they see, they may get involved in trying to put that party on their state’s ballot.

    Time will tell, but I think 5 to 10 states at best.

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  25. Laine

    Is there any indication that Roseanne will seek the nomination of any other minor state pary or petition in any other states?

    Is it feasible for a state Green Party to nominate her as the candidate in their state even if that is unlikely?

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