Two Libertarians Elected In Louisiana By Filing For Office

Two Alderman have been elected in Louisiana’s partisan elections before the races have even occurred. Randall Hayes and Michael Riffe are both Libertarian Party candidates for villages in Winn Parish, Louisiana. In each case, three Alderman are to be elected in the upcoming elections and only three candidates have filed, so the Libertarian Party candidates are to be elected by default.

Randall Hayes is a longtime third party activist and reader here at the Independent Political Report. He has previously run for Congress in District 6 in Louisiana as a Constitution Party candidate and then as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for US Senate in Louisiana in 2010, defeating Anthony “Tony G” Gentile in the Libertarian Party primary (primaries have since been phased out in Louisiana due to the jungle primary). Hayes will serve in the Village of Atlanta.

Michael Riffe is currently serving a term as Alderman in the Village of Sikes. However, he switched his registration to the Libertarian Party. Only two candidates filed for the three positions, so Riffe will automatically be re-elected. Thanks to State Chairman Reed Ebarb for the news.


20 thoughts on “Two Libertarians Elected In Louisiana By Filing For Office

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    “If there had been an election, party labels would have been on the ballot. As far as is known, these two Libertarians will be the first minor party members elected to public office in Louisiana since 1968, when the American Party presidential elector candidates won the election and voted for George Wallace in the electoral college. Thanks to Randall Hayes for this news.”

    Richard Winger’s comments at BAN were also interesting, so I thought I’d post them here.

  2. Oranje Mike

    This is why it is important to place emphasis on local level politics. I’ve been told in the past, here in Maricopa County, Arizona, there have been instances in the past where a Libertarian could have been elected by default just for filing as happened here. Top-down politics isn’t always the way to go.

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    This seems to be such an important way to get Libertarians in office that I suggest each state designate one person to keep an eye on this. Then, the LNC should have someone to oversee that each state gets it done.

  4. bruuno

    A little trivia for you folks-Winn Parish is where Huey and Earl Long were from. Also Eugene Debs got 36% of the vote in 1912 and it had a thriving Socialist Party throughout the 1910s.

  5. NewFederalist

    Jill… I agree this is important but your proposed method sounds awfully like central control to me. I prefer to think of the LNC as advisors not overseers.

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    Central control? Hell no, what Jill is proposing would just be someone who could advice each state party “hey, if you could find someone for X, it’d be a shoe-in”.

  7. Andy

    This is an example of why it is important for the Libertarian Party (and other minor parties and independents) to run for office. Sometimes you just might get elected, including victories by default.

  8. Reed Ebarb

    This and the Hayride article about the Democrats dying out and the Libertarians on the rise in Louisiana is the most press those of us in the Libertarian Party of Louisiana have received…..ever.

  9. Jill Pyeatt

    NF @ 7: Good comment. I think the responsiblity should be for each state, with someone on the LNC having resources and expertise to help, kind of like a Ballot Access expert.

  10. NewFederalist

    Thanks for understanding my point, Jill. After reading Trent’s comment I thought I might have offended you. I would never intentionally do that.

  11. Jill Pyeatt

    NF, LOL, you might check out the thread about Wayne Root Leaving. I don’t get offended easily! Your comment is fair and got me to thinking that involvement from the LNC could be problematic if their role wasn’t specifically defined.

  12. George Whitfield

    Congratulations to the two Louisiana Libertarians for their action and success.

  13. C James Madison

    Louisiana would be much better off if the Libertarians replaced the Democrats as a major party there:-)

  14. Reed E

    @16 We are trying hard to do just that. There are a lot of newspapers and a lot of talk here in Louisiana that the Libertarians are the next major party in Louisiana. We are fielding good candidates, raising money, and we are targeting elections in 2013 to hopefully get a few more elected.

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