American Third Position Party Nominee Merlin Miller Interviewed by PressTV

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Press TV: OK, so you are a presidential candidate. What exactly does that mean because we know that we have the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and basically that is it in the United States? So when you say that you are running for the presidential election, do you think you have a chance of winning or tell me exactly what you want to do by running? What are you trying to do?

Miller: No, actually no chance whatsoever; nobody knows who we are yet. We are trying to build a movement as an alternative to the two-party system. The two-party system is such a corrupt system right now; it totally depended on huge sums of money; the party platforms are controlled by global elites; neither party represents the interests of the American people anymore.

We feel there is a need for a grassroots movement to develop, to actually have political representation for America’s middle class, America’s working people who have no representation anymore.
I was actually recruited by this party and very reluctant because politics are not my ambition but I decided ultimately to go ahead and join their effort. We have modified the platform a little bit but it is pretty much in line with Ron Paul’s platform with a few stronger positions, one against illegal immigration because we are concerned with all the job loss from multi-national corporations moving factories offshore away from America and with the invasion of illegal immigrants, it is just causing tremendous economic hardship to a lot of families in America.

So we are opposed to that; we are definitely opposed to these wars; we want to bring our troops home right away; a lot of economic concerns, a lot of things need to be done to get America back on track with its finances.

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14 thoughts on “American Third Position Party Nominee Merlin Miller Interviewed by PressTV

  1. Brian

    While many of their positions could be considered right wing, the main defining factor behind this party is their overt racism. They are a bunch of white supremacists, and as such, are well outside even the scope of right wing parties. They are a disgrace. I find it personally offensive, also, as a West Point graduate, that their nominee also went to my alma mater. Disgusting. It just goes to show that corrupt and bigoted thinking is possible regardless of where you come from.

  2. RedPhillips Post author

    The reference to Ron Paul is misleading. Miller is well known to be a Ron Paul supporter so I believe it describes his position pretty well. I’m not suggesting he is deliberately being misleading. But the name “third position” implies a largely European concept of a system somehow between capitalism and socialism. IMO it is a bad name because it doesn’t mean anything to Americans, and to the degree it does it likely scares off the kind of people they want to attract. There just isn’t a lot of anti-capitalist sentiment on the right in America and to the degree there is, it is more likely to view government as the problem or a tool of the Elites than it is as a partner. (Libertarian purists please spare me the lecture about how all right-wingers are statists.) The name was dreamed up by a few racialist wonks to whom it meant something. It ends up expressing itself primarily as opposition to outsourcing etc. which is really indistinguishable from paleoconservatism or Buchananism or whatever. You can see shades of it in their platform which praises NASA and encourages more space exploration, etc.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp


    Third positionism is not so much “between” capitalism and socialism as it is “against” both and in favor of ethnic nationalism as a basis for polity.

    That seems to be their central tenet — different third positionist groups tend to vary on other issues. Hell, there’s even an anarchist variety (“national anarchism”) of third positionism.

  4. Robert Stark

    There was a lot of debate about the name third position. Some people wanted to go with a more genaric name but others said it needed something to stand out. Third Positionism is much stronger in Europe.

    This is an interview I did a while back which I think best sums up the Third Position ideology.

  5. Oranje Mike

    What is PressTV? A black muslim woman made no reference to Miller heading the ticket of a racist political party. Is there an anti-Jew vibe at PressTV?

  6. Scott Rickard

    I know Merlin. He’s no white supremacist. No doubt the founders of A3P are. Like me, Merlin is hoping to help root out these misguided souls. Someone’s got to do it!

  7. fnn

    Cartoon Hollywood Nazis on welfare aside, WTF is a “white supremacist” in the 21st Century? Is La Raza a “brown supremacist” org? Is BHO’s former pastor a “black supremacist?”

    Those who toss around such terms are-at best-out of touch with the nature of the postmodern world. They are living in the 1950s or some earlier decade.

    A good -and not too difficult-book to read to help bring yourself out of the fog is Paul Gottfried’s “Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt.” It’s probably Prof. Gottfried’s most accessible work.

  8. fnn

    “What is PressTV? A black muslim woman made no reference to Miller heading the ticket of a racist political party. Is there an anti-Jew vibe at PressTV?”

    PressTV is in Iran. They aren’t staying up nights worried about Mississippi Klansmen from 50 or 60 years ago. They’re worried about the prospect of aggressive warfare by US and Israel killing them off by the millions.

    But most Americans think war is playtime, so you have to expect such ignorance. To them Emmett Till being killed in 1957 for propositioning a married woman is more important (and excites more moral indignation)
    than the constant drone strikes on innocent civilians and millions of Iraqi and Afghan innocent civilians killed by US aggression.

  9. Rose


    What “white supremacists” are you talking about. Anyone can join the party. ANYONE!

    So you should STFU.

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