Donald Trump Says GOP “Must get Virgil Goode out of the race in Virginia”

Donald Trump’s twitter account today sent out a message that said, “The Republicans must get Virgil Goode out of the race in Virginia. He will take votes away from Mitt Romney”. This is an odd statement coming from someone who in 2000 considered running as the Reform Party candidate for President.

Virgil Goode has been polling in the high single digits in Virginia and more than makes up the difference between Obama and Romney’s percentage totals in those polls where he is included.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump Says GOP “Must get Virgil Goode out of the race in Virginia”

  1. Shawn Levasseur

    And if Trump kept his tweets quiet on the subject, few would have noticed Goode on the ballot.

    But then again, it’s really all about Trump trying to inject himself into the news. From a political standpoint that was a dumb thing to tweet in public. From a Trump P.R. standpoint it’s ‘mission accomplished.’

  2. Joe Moeller

    And how does the Donald propose to “Get Goode Out Of Virginia”???

    He is legally on the ballot. Is he suggesting something “illegal” to get him out of the race?

    Trump’s statement is actually very scary and threatening. Like a mob boss ordering a hit.

  3. NewFederalist

    Perhaps Trump is lining up his next contestants for Celebrity Apprentice. He has no morals so anything is possible with this clown (with all due respect to clowns).

  4. C James Madison

    Mr. Trump,
    Thank you for the free advertising.

    Having followed politics for the past 30+ years, Mr. Romney has not had my vote as far back as 1994, so he will not be losing my vote.; he never had it to begin with…

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