Goode/Clymer Campaign Material Available

Below is an e-mail from the Constitution Party:
Are you preparing to campaign in your neighborhood, precinct, community and/or across your state for the Constitution Party’s Goode/Clymer Presidential ticket?  Regardless of whether the Goode/Clymer ticket is on the ballot or a write-in option in your state, you should be planning now to get the word out to voters in your state that they have a far superior choice to “Romneycare” or “Obamanation” in 2012 with Virgil Goode for President and Jim Clymer for Vice-President.
Your “army” of supporters is not expected to enter this campaign “battle” unarmed.  First class campaign materials are available!  The palm card, slim jim, push card (call it what you will) shown below (editor’s note: actually not because I didn’t want to cut and paste an image) ) is available to those who are willing to get out and distribute them to voters in your precinct, district, region and or state.  These beautiful and effective two-sided glossy, hardstock pieces can be used for door to door campaigning, public events,  mailings or in any other way you might imagine.
Also available are very attractive blue and white “plastic bag” style Goode/Clymer yard signs, bumper stickers, round Goode/Clymer stickers and campaign buttons. (Supplies are limited)
Virgil Goode is receiving more media attention at the national and local level than any Presidential nominee in the history of the Constitution Party.  People are hearing about him and his campaign for President.  The literature you distribute; the sign you put on your lawn, or the bumper sticker you place on your car may well be the “connector” that reminds a voter that the great candidate he or she saw on TV, heard on the radio or read about in the newspaper or on the Internet is available for him or her to vote for…for President of these United States. In other words, it can make a difference!
Politics is all about OUTREACH.  These excellent campaign materials will help you reach the voters in your precinct, neighborhood, community, region and state with the Goode/Clymer message.  Considering the competition, that may be all it takes to win votes in your area the Goode/Clymer ticket.
Please contact the Constitution Party office at: 717-808-2138 (ask for Gary Odom) or to order materials.

8 thoughts on “Goode/Clymer Campaign Material Available

  1. NewFederalist

    Not cardboard-like material but strong plastic that stretches over a metal base that gets pushed into the ground.

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  3. JD

    I like the CP of Indiana and I like Virgil Goode. I have a couple of policy issues where I do disagree with the CP and I also have a time issue. I definitely do want to be involved but I have to know my schedule better. I am starting a new position with my employer that will have me traveling all across the tri-state area. As soon as I get settled in to the position I will call the state office.

    BTW there is a conference call for the midwest region tonight at 9pm eastern/8pm central time. I will be participating. Dial 1-712-432-3066 put in code 878-870

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