Huffington Post Essay on Ron Paul and Third Party Voting

Here is an essay by Brian LaSorsa from Huffington Post, “Is a Vote for Ron Paul a Vote for Obama, or the Product of a Disenfranchised Right?”

In the end, though, we have meaningful questions to ask: are third-party voters betraying the Republican Party, or are these voters a product of the Republican Party betraying the ideals of small government? And, even if Ron Paul were to swing the election, is it possible that conservatives and libertarians are so disenfranchised that their symbolic votes of displeasure have become more important than winning a race to the White House?

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12 thoughts on “Huffington Post Essay on Ron Paul and Third Party Voting

  1. Austin Cassidy

    Ron Paul is not a third party candidate for president.

    He’s not even a candidate for president at all any more. Why can’t these folks wrap their minds around that fact?

  2. Oranje Mike

    #3, Cult of personality, I guess. I try my damnedest to rationalize with these folks and politely inform them the write-in votes won’t even be counted. They don’t care or listen. Many will but there’s too many Paul or Die folks (especially among the younger voters).


    #3, the younger RP folks at the local campus have swung over to Gary Johnson. Only their Ron Paul club leader is working hard for Romney.

  4. Austin Battenberg

    There are plenty of us Ron Paul supporters who have moved to Gary Johnson.

    What is especially nice to see is the Daily Paul is finally beginning to embrace Johnson. Not completely, there are still a few holdouts, those who claim that Johnson is part of the CFR or doesn’t want to end the FED or supports military intervention etc, but I think now over 50% of the Daily Paul visitors are on Johnsons side.

  5. Austin Battenberg

    I fixed the second link.

    Also, what is interesting about the article is how they go through the last six elections and combined the third party vote total to see how the third party voters potentially effected the election.

  6. Zapper

    @3 Just be patient. The “Paul or die” crowd is showing admirable adherence to principle combined with admirable loyalty. Their voting is a protest, and even if their votes are not counted, at least they aren’t wasting their votes on Romney.

    Voting for Romney is the ultimate wasted vote. Romeny is in some ways different but in no way better than Obama. In any case, it is now obvious, and has always been true, that it is all but impossible for Romney to be elected. Even the Romney campaign has recognized that he cannot win, and day by day, in desperation, he flips, flops, and flounders on the issues like a landed fish in its death throes.

    In the years ahead, as the Repulican party sinks into the muck of its own mindless, muddled message and its lust for power exposes its lack of principle or purpose, these already committed libertarians will realize that they are leaderless. One by one, they will come to understand that the torch has been passed on to each of us to lead, join together and change the world and they will make their way to the future of individual liberty – the Libertarian Party.

  7. Jared King

    Ugh…not a single mention of Gary Johnson in the article. Instead, will it be the guy who’s not running who swings the election? If only Paul Ryan brought him up as the ‘spoiler’, instead of Vermin Supreme and Ron Paul.

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