Robert Stark Interviews Chuck Baldwin

This link was sent to me on Facebook. Chuck Baldwin is a pastor, conservative columnist and the 2008 Presidential nominee of the Constitution Party.

Charles “Chuck” Baldwin (born May 3, 1952) is an American minister and politician. He is the founder and pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. He was the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party for the 2008 U.S. presidential election and had previously been its nominee for U.S. vice president in 2004. He hosts a daily one-hour radio program, Chuck Baldwin Live, and writes a daily editorial column carried on its website, on News with Views, and on

Topics include:

  • His move to Montana
  • The importance of third parties
  • Ron Paul
  • Rand Paul
  • How a Romney victory will cause the Right wing opposition to go to sleep, allowing the Republicans to enact bad policies that the Democrats could not
  • How the religious Right has become corrupted and co-opted
  • Neoconservatives
  • Christian Zionists
  • The folly of gun buy backs
  • The Left-Right spectrum
  • The importance of state and local jurisdictions
  • The importance of national sovereignty
  • The necessity of protecting the borders
  • Republican warmongering

16 thoughts on “Robert Stark Interviews Chuck Baldwin

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    I like Chuck Baldwin, and agree with him surprisingly often. This is a long interview, though, and it’s going to take me a while to get through it.

  2. NewFederalist

    I agree with you, Jill. I find him surprisingly libertarian in a lot of areas that one might not think of a pastor. I felt he was more libertarian in 2008 than Bob Barr.

  3. Gene Berkman

    I did not listen to the podcast, but I looked at the website. The website “” has a lot of explicitly pro-Nazi content, including writings by Savitri Devi, Julius Evola, Revilo P. Oliver and Francis Parker Yockey.

    I would advise Rev. Baldwin to ask the site to take down his interview, and to distance himself from “” It cannot possibly help a constitutionalist to be associated with pro-Nazi elements.

  4. ctomp

    @4- I followed the link and found what you said to be too true. The tagline to counter-currents (Books against Time) is in itself a reference to Devi’s concept that Hitler was messianic (A Man Against Time). Odd for a Christian minister to be interviewed by probable proponents of Esoteric Nazism. Surely, he’s unaware of it.

  5. RedPhillips

    Counter-Currents hosts Robert Stark’s radio program. His program used to be on Reason Radio Network. I do not know the reason for the change. We have posted several of his interviews here before, as Stark often covers topics related to third parties.

    Anyway, it is silly to hold against Baldwin the site that hosts someone who interviews him. What difference does it make what the site believes? What matters is what Baldwin believes. Making links and drawing conclusions from such associations is the tactic of the PC thought police. Should Baldwin not give interviews to liberal sites lest he be tarred as a liberal? Since he is a Christian should he not give interviews to an atheist site? Since he is a Baptists should he not give interviews to a Catholic site? A Mormon site? Since he is pro-life should he not give interviews to a pro-choice site? How far do we take this?

  6. ctomp

    “How far do we take this?”

    Uh… at least as far as Messianic Hitlerism. The examples you have given are not on par with that. Anyhow, it is not PC thought policing to dislike another’s ideology. Besides, I don’t believe anyone condemned Baldwin individually.

  7. Gene Berkman

    Red @ 7 – we all judge people by their associations. I respect Rev. Baldwin’s commitment to Constitutional government, and I salute him for his activism on behalf of Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.

    Sure he should be interviewed by a liberal site, or a pro-choice interviewer etc. But that is quite a different matter from being interviewed and having that interview posted on an explicitly white nationalist site that includes so many pro-Nazi references.

  8. Observant Reader

    This interviewer sounds like a moron, but this is still an insiteful interview, especially about the Christian Right and the left-right divide.

  9. JD

    Red, why does it have to be white nationalism? Why isnt there really an American nationalist organization? While the CP has nationalist tendencies it fosters more individualism than nationalism so cant be considered as such. Why not a modern American Party that cares more about virtue and intelligence than is does race or religion?

  10. RedPhillips Post author

    JD, I’m not defending white nationalism which I have significant issues with. I was objecting to the idea that Baldwin should ask for the interview to be removed based on the nature of the site.

  11. JD

    I understand Red. I didnt mean to imply you were supporting them. I’m sorry it sounded that way. You have more experience dealing with right wing movements than I do. What is it that cause there to be so much white nationalism and so little true nationalism?

    No Chuck Baldwin is a minister it is his calling in life to deal with people and situations that would make many of us uncomfortable. He has no reason to ask for a retraction or to refuse the interview. I am a ministry student myself and I certainly wouldn’t.

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