Scotty Boman for Senate leads LP Slate in Michigan

The Michigan Republican Party has put real effort into keeping Gary Johnson off the ballot in that state, even as they have downsized their effort to defeat President Obama in Michigan. The Michigan Libertarian Party has qualified a full slate of candidates for Congress from Michigan, including Scotty Boman for Senate along with candidates in all 14 Congressional Districts.

Scotty Boman has been involved in The Libertarian Party for years and has run as a Libertarian candidate every two years since 1994, when he first ran for State Representative. In 1994 he headed the statewide petition drive which qualified The Libertarian Party for the Michigan ballot.

In recent years, he was the LP candidate for Lt Governor in 2006, and in 2008 he ran for U.S. Senate.

He prepared for his 2008 campaign by becoming very active in the Ron Paul for President campaign that year. As the LP candidate for Senate in 2008 he received more than 76,000 votes, and gained real visibility for the Michigan LP.

This year Scotty Boman was again active in the Ron Paul for President campaign, and he is again running an active campaign for U.S. Senate on the Libertarian ticket. His campaign theme is Peace, Liberty and Prosperity.

Scotty Boman is calling for a non-interventionist foreign policy, an end to undeclared wars, bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and closing foreign military bases. He pairs that with a call for domestic peace by ending the War on Drugs. His views on other domestic issues reflect his commitment to personal liberty and the free market.

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8 thoughts on “Scotty Boman for Senate leads LP Slate in Michigan

  1. Jason Gatties

    It should be noted that Boman originally sought the Republican nomination this time around, but ended that campaign the day their signatures were due to the Secretary of State in order to get in the primary ballot. He did not have enough signatures.

  2. NewFederalist

    “I am glad to see the Michigan LP doing so well”

    Really? Let’s see how many votes they get if there is no presidential ticket listed. I would hope the LP of MI would ask its supporters to vote Democratic in every race where there is no Libertarian nominee especially at the state legislative and county level. Republicans must be held to account for the injustice they cause.

  3. Gene Berkman

    NF A@ 4 – it would be self defeating for Libertarians to urge a vote for Democrats – except in the case of libertarian oriented Democrats – for several reasons.

    The LP exists to promote limiting government power, which is contrary to the views of most Democrat candidates.

    Secondly, the LP exists to offer an alternative to both pro-government parties, and should only favor individuals from other parties if they are for less government.

    Third – the Republicans in Michigan, Pennsylvania and other states are accusing Libertarians of acting at the behest of Democrats to split the vote, because Republicans won’t admit how unattractive Mitt Romney and their other candidates are.

    Best to concentrate on getting out the vote for Libertarian candidates.

  4. NewFederalist

    “The LP exists to promote limiting government power, which is contrary to the views of most Democrat candidates.”

    AND Republicans as well. Since the Democrats did not challange the LP off the ballot why should Libertarians EVER vote for a Republican? In races where no Libertarian is running and there is an alternative candidate (Green, Constitutionalist/US Taxpayer etc) them by all means vote for them but in the case of many races at the state legislative and county level where the only choice is a D or an R I still say vote for the D just to cram it up the GOP’s A$$!

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