South Carolina has a Legislative Race with Only an Independent and a Libertarian on the Ballot

Reported at Ballot Access News, the South Carolina legislature will have either an Independent or a Libertarian in office.

The South Carolina ballot will contain only two candidates for State House, 26th district. They are Raye Felder, who is on the ballot as an independent, and Jeremy C. Walters, Libertarian. Felder is actually a Republican, but she was eliminated from the Republican primary ballot because she didn’t file copies of her campaign finance papers both electronically and on paper by the March deadline. Over 100 candidates for state and local office in South Carolina made the same legal error.

In South Carolina, independent candidates are on the ballot as “by petition” instead of “independent.” Here is Walters’ campaign web page; here is Felder’s campaign web page. The district is new and is centered on Fort Mill, which is a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. Walters got some publicity last month when he appeared at a joint campaign appearance with Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

Read the rest at Ballot Access News.

4 thoughts on “South Carolina has a Legislative Race with Only an Independent and a Libertarian on the Ballot

  1. NewFederalist

    So in reality this is just another LP-GOP race in what is probably a safe GOP district, right?

  2. Trent Hill

    NewFed–most people use the straight ticket GOP device in South Carolina, so a lot of voters might miss this. Libertarians really ought to get this guy a couple of Gs to see if he can win it.

  3. Matt Cholko

    If there is evidence that a couple of Gs can win it, I agree. Hell, if there is evidence that $100k can win, and I see it, I’ll donate as much as I can to the cause, and encourage others to do the same. However, I suspect that if the L gets his hundred Gs tomorrow, the “independent” will have 500 Gs on Monday.

    Nevetheless, this certainly presents a nice opportunity for the L.

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