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Gary Johnson Endorses Independent (NM) Jon Barrie for Senate

Correction: This post is in error. Please see here for latest update.
From an e-mail form the Barrie Campaign:
Governor Johnson says, “Jon is committed to lowering and eliminating taxes, minimizing the size of our federal government, restoring our Liberty and Freedoms, and the limits placed on Government as explicated in our Constitution.  His commitment to Liberty and demonstrated conservative economic principles make him the best qualified candidate for the US Senate in New Mexico. Be Libertarian with me!  Vote for Jon Ross Barrie for the United States Senate.”
Jon Barrie says, “Our nation needs leaders that will guide us back to the freedoms and liberties set forth by our founding fathers.  Governor Johnson and Judge Jim Gray will return us to freedom and prosperity.”


  1. Peter Gemma Peter Gemma October 30, 2012

    New headline

    now claims to have no favorite in US Senate race.

  2. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman October 29, 2012

    We have not announced our last set of candidate endorsements and this was the result of a clerical mistake entirely on my part.

    I did send Jon the text of the endorsement as we had planned to make it in our next press release (along with about 10 other candidates who we are vetting now) but it had not yet been reviewed or approved by the Governor himself.

    Look for that list of official endorsements to be posted here and on our website, just as all the others have been, by the campaign later tonight or tomorrow.

    My personal apologies, especially to Jon Barrie, for any confusion caused by the mishandling of his endorsement request to the Governor. Jon did nothing wrong here.

    I’m also going to post this as a new thread.


  3. Peter Gemma Peter Gemma October 29, 2012

    Barrie doesn’t use the IAP affiliation except for state and FEC regulations

  4. Peter Gemma Peter Gemma October 29, 2012

    it’s a technicality – as an Independent, he needed to gather a minimum of 18,084 signatures; any new political party wishing to appear on the ballot in the general election had to submit at least 6,028 names. You’ll remember that he filed over 10,000 signatures but the GOP Sec’y of Sate claimed Barrie’s campaign was 277 short (of qualified signatures). He went to court and the Supreme Court ruled him on the ballot.

  5. paulie paulie October 29, 2012

    I though Barrie was an Independent American Party candidate, not an independent? Maybe they are taking advantage of the “independent” in the party’s name?

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