No Johnson Endorsement For US Senate Race in NM

We have not announced our last set of candidate endorsements and the earlier announcement of an endorsement by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson in the US Senate race in New Mexico was the result of a clerical mistake entirely on my part — not Jon Barrie’s nor Governor Johnson’s.

I sent Jon the text of the endorsement as I had prepared it for use in our next press release (along with about 10 other candidates who we have been vetting over the past few weeks) but it had not yet been reviewed or approved by the Governor himself, nor had it been officially released by the campaign.

Look for that list of our last set of candidate endorsements to be posted here and on our website, just as the others have been, by the campaign later tonight or tomorrow.

My personal apologies, especially to Jon Barrie and his excellent campaign staff, for any confusion or embarrassment caused by my mishandling of his endorsement request to the Governor.

Again, Jon Barrie did nothing wrong here.  His request certainly met our previously stated standards for vetting (not running against a Libertarian, an endorsement of the Governor, a Liberty-oriented campaign, a campaign website, etc) and passing the endorsement request for review and consideration by the Governor.

Jon, his family, his staff and their families are, as has been noted elsewhere, warmly invited to celebrate with the Governor at the Hotel Albuquerque on November 6th.

The first round of drinks for Jon and his campaign staff, should they still choose to attend, will be on me.


PS Also my apologies to those other candidates, some of whom have been waiting for an endorsement for several weeks.  I can say this process was much easier in May and June than it has been during the last two or three months when both the Governor’s travel and media interview schedule, as well as my accountabilities in other areas of the campaign became somewhat more demanding . . .

78 thoughts on “No Johnson Endorsement For US Senate Race in NM

  1. Thomas L. Knapp


    Please, please, please tell me that the campaign HQ didn’t ask you for that retraction and that you mistakenly made it on your own.

    An accidental mistaken advance release of an endorsement isn’t something a smart candidate retracts. It’s something he pretends he intended.

  2. Joe Buchman Post author


    The campaign has not made any new candidate endorsement announcements since the last one here (in late August, if I remember correctly). So there was nothing to “retract.”

    What I did late last night was send Jon the text of the announcement as it was being prepared with my personal assurance (not the Governor’s) that he could go ahead and use it.

    I was asked to clarify what happened here.


  3. Thomas L. Knapp


    Let me see if I can simplify this:

    If a candidate is accidentally portrayed early as doing something he is, in fact, actually going to do, the way to go with that is FORWARD, not BACKWARD.

    In terms of PR, the governor has endorsed Barrie and then withdrawn that endorsement. Better to just let the endorsement roll, if he was going to endorse, than to be walking the goddamn thing back and forth in public.

  4. paulie

    At the very least you should change the headline to

    No Johnson Endorsement Yet For US Senate Race in NM

    (use your judgment on whether to put the yet there or at the end)

  5. paulie

    In general…Tom’s right.

    There is no need to pull the endorsement, even if it was premature, unless there has actually been a decision made to not endorse….then and only then pull it.

  6. Joe Buchman Post author


    No rocking here. I’ve been informed there will not be an endorsement in the NM Senate race.

    I typically send our proposed language to each candidate for review prior to putting out our media release about endorsements (and prior to putting it up on our campaign website) so they can check for errors.

    I’m just off the phone with Jon Barrie, BTW. He is one kind, forgiving, and generous gentleman. I’m looking forward to meeting him in Albuquerque a week from tomorrow. He says his campaign will have a statement on this tomorrow.

  7. paulie

    I would be curious to know why no endorsement. Barrie is not LP, but I would venture he’s closer than the Democrat and Republican. Anyone disagree?

    There’s no LP, indeed, no other alternative on the ballot except Barrie and the big two.

  8. paulie

    It could cost Obama NM and thus possibly a second term!

    OK, maybe not, but hey, it’s still news and comment fodder for IPR.

  9. Trent Hill

    Oh, I see why. Looks like Barrie’s GOP opponent served in Johnson’s administration.

  10. Peter Gemma

    Strange things are brewing here … the state chair of the NM Libertarian Party has been very active in the campaign and formally endorsed Jon. Other key NM Libertarians have been on board right from the start. For several weeks the Barrie campaign has been told he would be endorsed by Gary Johnson. The exact the wording came through with no caveats – just a news release on Johnson campaign stationary. That good news was spread far and wide by the Barrie campaign. Then, oops, a clerical error (I thought those were typos and misspellings). How lame is that?
    Let the record be clear: Gary Johnson nixed it.
    GOP nominee Heather Wilson was his Cabinet Secretary for Children Youth & Families and Johnson’s ties to the Republican Party trumped Libertarian politics and principles. Will Johnson follow Bob Barr back to his roots? Far fetched? Given the choices for US Senate in NM, he backpedaled and is now claiming neutrality. That’s a typo??
    There will be much more to this story before and after the election.

  11. Trent Hill

    I dont think this represents a Barr-ian level of betrayal–but it’s not good.

    It IS however, somewhat understandable. This woman served in his cabinet and is likely close to him.

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  13. Peter Gemma

    Trent – what?!? She invented the word RINO, shown zero loyalty to him (Wilson endorsed Romney), and hasn’t even nodded toward anything that smells like libertarianism in her career. The Democrat may be worse in many ways, but at least he signed-on to Ron Paul’s audit the fed bill.

    If Johnson had some personal ties to her, then a simple phone call as a heads-up would do the trick. That often happens when a politico jumps into a primary race and endorses one candidate over the other even though he knows both.

    The Johnson campaign says Barrie met the criteria and even put their endorsement in writing, without caveat. What’s a “clerical error” – “Johnson backs Barrie” vs. “Johnson is Neutral” – where’s the typo in that? That’s not a clerical error, it’s a complete reversal.

    Johnson can’t possibly be saying “well gosh, back in ’94 she was a great gal. Great family too. Um, I’m not sure about this Barrie fellow – what does he stand for anyway?” C’mon, that’s not what happened. And it’s certainly not what principled politics is about.

    Gary Johnson has a clear cut choice in the NM Senate race – his staff knew by instinct Barrie was the right choice. That’s why they wrote the press release. When given the opportunity to do the right thing – in terms of consistency and the Libertarian Party – Gary Johnson turned his back on Jon Barrie. Shame on him.

    The question which should haunt Johnson on the campaign trail is why.

  14. NewFederalist

    I think you nailed it, Peter! This certainly is not Johnson’s finest hour. Heather Wilson is an excellent example of a Demorepublicrat. Looks like she’s going down anyway but there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two dominant party offerings.

  15. paulie

    Is everyone sure this is the reason the endorsement got pulled?

    I seem to remember (Joe or someone could correct me if I am wrong) that the criterion for endorsing non-LP candidates is that they endorse Johnson? If so, that could be another explanation.

    I wouldn’t expect Barrie to endorse Johnson (even before this) – Goode has endorsed him also.

    Since Wilson is endorsing Romney I don’t think Johnson owes her any loyalty. He should have not withdrawn his endorsement of Barrie (Joe jumping the gun in making it in the first place notwithstanding, that’s how it comes off so that is in effect what happened). I don’t think it makes Johnson as bad as Barr by any means, but it is a mistake.

  16. Thomas L. Knapp


    If I’m understanding, the “clerical error” was the release of the Barrie endorsement text before Johnson had reached a decision on whether or not he wanted to actually do it.

    In my political judgment, the way to respond to something like that is to double down on it, not walk it back — “we meant to do that, and we stand behind it,” rather than “we didn’t mean to do that and we retract it” — unless there’s some REALLY good reason to go the other way.

    It occurs to me that maybe ALL of this was intentional — that Johnson felt he needed to formally endorse a former member of his cabinet, but wanted word to get out that he is with Barrie “at heart.” A planned “oopsie” seems like a pretty silly way to go about it, but I’ve seen sillier shit in my day.

  17. Mike Jones

    Tom, you’re overthinking this (or pretending to).

    It was miscommunication plain and simple. Johnson is not endorsing either Barrie or Wilson (or the Democrat).

    The way the Johnson endorsements go out is that they send the candidates the text to check over for mistakes. This time, they did not explain that it was just a sample and not yet the endorsement, so the Barrie campaign assumed it was an endorsement and publicized it.

    That was when Johnson (or Nielson, or someone) said wait a minute – we did not approve this.

    As to *why* that happened that there will not be an endorsement – that is speculation right now. But we do know there will be no endorsement – see #6. I think that means no endorsement of Wilson, either.

    Mistakes happen on campaigns. People get tired and overworked and have more things to do than there’s time and people to do them. It was not some Machiavellian plot; just plain and simple screw up. It happens.

  18. Peter Gemma

    Question is – why not endorse Barrie. He meets the criteria, Johnson’s people invited Jon to share the platform with him at an ABQ rally (the only candidate to be asked; he got a standing ovation), and they sent him a written statement. Maybe they were tired and in their jammies when the endorsement was faxed (late afternoon), but this is big time, grown up politics. Running away from the endorsement leaves a vacuum – that has an impact on this race, especially since Barrie is polling somewhere between 3-9% and she trails by 4-9% of the vote. Wilson needs no Johnson-related brushfires to put out, and he’s accommodated her.
    Johnson’s people committed no “clerical error,” they weren’t sleepy-weepy … they wrote the endorsement knowing Jon Barrie was Gary Johnson’s type of candidate and then Gary Johnson himself killed the idea. There’s more to this story. No conspiracy … and perhaps he’s not as weak-kneed as Barr … but there’s something that needs to be said about what really happened.

    Pardon me, but there’s an elephant in the room.

  19. Mike Jones

    Did I say tired? I meant exhausted. When I have worked on campaigns, especially towards the end, it turns into a thing where there is a chronic sleep deficit that impacts everything you do around the clock, not just at bedtime.

    By the way, I agree with you. Johnson should have endorsed Barrie. Plain and simple.

    Maybe Barrie is too socially conservative for him? I honestly don’t know what is behind the non-endorsement, but I’m not going to assume that it’s loyalty to Wilson….although it may be.

  20. Thomas L. Knapp


    I don’t think I’m over-thinking it. I doubt that it was an intentional thing.

    Here’s what I just wrote in a private email when someone asked my opinion:

    I’m not familiar enough with the players to say who, if anyone, Johnson should have endorsed.

    But once he DID endorse Barrie — and he did, even if it was an accident — the best political/PR/spin approach is just to pretend you did exactly what you intended to do, unless in the interim you found out that Barrie is a klansman or something.

    One of the few strengths that independent/third party candidates have at their disposal is that they’re not flip-floppers (which is why I understand Johnson’s refusal to drop the vile, disgusting “Fair” Tax proposal).

    Another is that even if they disagree with other independent/third party candidates, they are united in opposing the establishment.

    And here Johnson is endorsing an independent/third party candidate, then walking back that endorsement, then apparently leaking that his endorsement is of an establishment candidate.

    Granted it is small potatoes in the scheme of things — it probably won’t affect 500 votes, if that many — but still, What. The. Fuck.

  21. Mike Jones

    Yep, I agree with all of that – except for the “apparently leaking that his endorsement is of an establishment candidate.”

    I don’t think he has hinted any such thing. All I have seen is speculation by people not connected to the campaign.

    I also don’t think that his holding firm on the “fair” tax is just because he does not want to be seen as a flip flopper. I think it’s because he actually supports that dunderheaded idea. He’s wrong, but he’s standing up for what he believes, not playing political games.

    Otherwise you are correct.

  22. Joe Buchman

    Paulie and all,

    >>Joe jumping the gun in making it in the first place notwithstanding<<

    We didn't make the announcement, the Barrie campaign did. All of our prior announcements have been posted here at IPR and on our website the moment they became official. And I think I've been fully transparent about the process.

    The fault here though was entirely mine. (I think I've (perhaps over-) explained that above.) But, again, there was no endorsement by the campaign. There was the standard prepping of an endorsement with language vetted by both the candidate and the campaign before going on to the Governor. I sent that to Jon as if the process was complete. An error on my part entirely. Jon was a perfect gentleman about that in our phone calls yesterday. I believe he plans to say more about it later today.

    Also look for another set of candidate endorsements from us later today. Some of those have already gone out to the candidates as official announcements, others are out for review and approval. Given the late date some of the new ones are already on our website, but I'm being extra careful with each of them to be sure, in the fog of the closing days of this campaign, that the rest are perfect before posting any new endorsements here or anywhere else (something I think we've not done since August 29th or so).


  23. zapper

    This is a very minor mistake concerning a single race in a single state, probably involving not wishing to insult a friend, during a long, nationwide campaign where much bigger problems and mistakes have been ignored or glossed over.

    This one is no biggie and, for me, a matter of no concern from this point forward.

  24. Mike Jones


    You are both correct – just approaching what happened from different sides of the glass.

    Once you sent “the standard prepping of an endorsement with language vetted by both the candidate and the campaign before going on to the Governor. I sent that to Jon as if the process was complete. ” …and Barrie already publicized it…an endorsement effectively happened, and then you effectively pulled it. I understand that Johnson never approved it. However, the net impact is the same as if he had.

    So, it is legitimate to say by way of shorthand that that is what happened. Sorry.

  25. Mike Jones

    Why NOT endorse Jon Barrie?

    Three possible explanations I have seen or thought of:

    1) Misplaced loyalty to Wilson. Everyone seems to be assuming that’s the reason, but maybe not.

    If it is, Johnson should junk that. She has endorsed Romney and deserves no consideration in return.

    2) Barrie has not endorsed Johnson. This may be a procedural issue with endorsing non-LP candidates. Joe, is it a rule that non-LP candidates have to endorse Johnson if they want him to endorse them?

    3) Maybe it’s because Barrie is too socially conservative for Johnson. Johnson takes the socially liberal part of Libertarian seriously. If Barrie is a social conservative, that may be a reason why Johnson may not want to endorse him.

    4) Just thought of this one as I was typing this.

    Barrie was encouraging his supporters to show up to Johnson’s election day rally with Barrie signs. If Barrie has more people on the ground than Johnson – maybe it risked upstaging Johnson and turning into a Barrie rally?

    I don’t know the answer why no endorsement, although I wish I did.

  26. Once a Republican, Always a Republican

    Peter Gemma is right. Jon Barrie is running one of the most impressive alternative campaigns for the U.S. Senate this year…an endorsement from Johnson should be something of a no-brainer — unless, of course, the ex-governor is finding it more difficult to break with his former party than most Libertarian activists want to believe.

  27. Peter Gemma

    @ 29 … sure is a biggie in his home state where the liberal GOP candidate used to work for him. The decision to enter the NM Senate contest – where his staff thought Barrie was just the kind of candidate Johnson would like – went to the Governor and he vetoed it.

    Remember this has been in the works for weeks – calls/faxes/e-mails – it was not some last minute sloppiness.

    So why did he walk away from an endorsement? Johnson knows NM politics intimately … inquiring minds need to know what 2+2 equals.

    I think it’s written on that elephant in the room – the one that’s jumping up and down.

  28. Mike Jones

    ” mistake concerning a single race in a single state,”

    Johnson’s home state where he was Governor, which rarely ever gets a US Senate candidate who is not a Democrat or Republican because they have to petition twice – once to get a party on the ballot, then to get a candidate on the ballot after they finish the party petition.

    So it’s a bigger deal than other endorsements Johnson has or hasn’t made.

    You are correct that there are bigger issues in the overall campaign, but as far as IPR goes it’s news and unlike many items which are not very controversial (so there’s not much to say about them), it has controversy so people will talk about it. Will it make much difference in Johnson’s on Barrie’s vote totals? Highly unlikely.

  29. Gene Berkman

    Maybe Gary Johnson declined to endorse a candidate who was not a Libertarian Party nominee because he was afraid of backlash from George Phillies and others who have attacked Libertarians for supporting candidates outside the party.

  30. NewFederalist

    Wow! I Don’t know what happened to that post!

    Wilson was my Representative and she is a Pete Domenici-type Republican which is no closer to a Libertarian than an 1948 Dixiecrat. I see no reason why Johnson needed to endorse anyone in this race but if he did it should not be Wilson.

  31. Peter Gemma

    So what changed since yesterday? Jon filled out the simple form … twice. And he got back a nifty news release from Johnson’s campaign … then what? Did Gary Johnson change any of his stands on the issues? Jon Barrie didn’t. So, if issues aren’t the reason, what changed since yesterday? Now the elephant in the room is kicking at the door: simple form, simple question … why not endorse Jon Barrie?

  32. Peter Gemma

    There are a herd of elephants in the room.

    @39 – to be fair, Johnson did not endorse Wilson. However by NOT endorsing Barrie – actually by withdrawing his endorsement – there is the awful smell of a deal. If Jon Barrie was the choice of staff – who wrote up the news release and gave every assurance to Barrie that it would be the official position – why renege at the very last moment?

    Question that floats above the smell – why not endorse Jon Barrie.

  33. Peter Gemma

    Misplaced loyalty? Very much a possibility. Why is the real question.

    Johnson has endorsed non-LP candidates (see #36)

    Barrie is not much of a social conservative – only one statement on abortion – defund planned parenthood and leave abortion regulations to the states. (Wilson claims to be “only pro-lifer in the race” in one mailing; she voted to use tax dollars to support Planned Parenthood).

    Barrie was invited to the election night watch with the Johnson campaign – and encouraged to bring signs etc. The thread here started off with an offer to buy Jon a drink that night. He’s a Mormon – keep the drink and own up to the endorsement.

  34. paulie

    Johnson has endorsed non-LP candidates

    A condition may have been that the endorsement be mutual. I’ll try to find out for sure.

  35. Joe Buchman


    Jon and I agreed on ginger ale.

    I’d enjoy meeting and apologizing to you then as well. As for the endorsement, there will not be one from Governor Johnson in the New Mexico Senate race. Jon met all of our stated requirements (as I’ve mentioned above) for review by the Governor, but I, and I alone, jumped the gun here.

    This hasn’t happened before. I’m certain it won’t happen again. And, honestly, it has nothing to do with elephants. My impression, for what its worth, is that it has more to do with a professional relationship of over 20 years which transcends the politics of the moment.

    Hope that helps.


  36. paulie

    My impression, for what its worth, is that it has more to do with a professional relationship of over 20 years which transcends the politics of the moment.

    Seems to be one-sided, since she has endorsed Romney.

  37. paulie

    Apparently some people are now asking if she has in fact endorsed Romney. I didn’t find anything with a quick search. Anyone have a link handy?

  38. Joe Buchman Post author

    Paulie @ 49,

    Thanks. I’d just been looking on her website and Romney’s for mutual endorsements. Looks like they don’t do the sort of thing we’ve been doing with our down ticket candidates.

  39. Thomas L. Knapp

    ” As for the endorsement, there will not be one from Governor Johnson in the New Mexico Senate race”

    There already has been one.

    Just because it was accidental, and just because it was withdrawn, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  40. paulie

    Repetition does not add much to the argument, if anything. If I was to interview Barrie, anyone have questions I should ask?

  41. Peter Gemma

    I just found out Barrie did indeed endorse Johnson: “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because our nation needs leaders that will guide us back to the freedoms and liberties set forth by our Founding Fathers. prosperity.” It was dated August 4th.

  42. Trent Hill

    I’m sorry, but this can’t just come down to “clerical error”. I’ve been hearing about this being in the works for weeks from more than one source. It clearly got nixed by Governor Johnson at the last moment. I don’t think we really have to guess at why–his professional relationship with Wilson that goes back over twenty years is not something he wanted to cause any rancor over, I get that.

    But honestly, this candidate has already appeared on stage with Johnson. Wilson has already endorsed Romney. Why is he doing her favors that she isn’t doing for him? I believe in being a generous political lover. If she gives, you do too.

  43. Peter Gemma

    Well, apparently the NM Libertarians don’t care much about bureaucratic snafus either: they sent out a mailing to all members saying Johnson endorsed Barrie – I suppose if Johnson gets called on it, he’ll have to explain it to the media … and then Barrie will have to comment on the situation. It’s the kind of attention what Barrie needs, but I’m not too sure it is the PR image Johnson wants in his home state.

  44. Peter Gemma

    Democrat Martin Heinrich released an internal poll yesterday that showed a 51% to 41% lead for Heinrich, with Jon Barrie taking 6%.

    Heather Wilson’s poll from the day before shows Heinrich at 44%, Wilson pulling 43%, and Jon Barrie taking 6%.

    The margin of error for both surveys is +/- 4% … clearly Barrie is the “spoiler” for some – to others he’s an example of what happens to the GOP when it nominates tired old RINOs.

    The GOP, Dems, and outside interests have dumped nearly $18 million into New Mexico – projected voter turnout is about 900,000 … $20 per vote … Jon Barrie spent about $11,000 so far (my calculator can’t factor his cost-per-vote number). The voters are ready for an alternative political voice.

  45. Peter Gemma

    The stakes are pretty high for Wilson right now – all kinds of polls are showing her behind but within the possibility of winning. Barrie – at 2-4-6-8% – must be driving her nuts. Lots of finger-pointing and arm-twisting going on there … which brings us back to Gary Johnson’s “neutrality.”

  46. Peter Gemma

    But he did endorse – something that was promised and in the works for weeks – and then delivered, without a caveat, on campaign stationary. However, he’s back-peddled. If that’s fine with NM voters it’s ok with me – but now Johnson needs to clarify his position: so far he has chosen not to show his face. But the Senate race is too hot to ignore, and the personalities and politics in his home state cannot be shunned.

    The question that is on the table is simply why not endorse Jon Barrie. If the answer is that Johnson likes/appreciates Wilson so much as to not back the choice of the NM Libertarian Party and his own staff’s recommendation, just own up to it. Principled politics is defined by such actions.

    BTW, Barrie is not running as a Libertarian but that does not disqualify him from a Johnson endorsement: Johnson’s given endorsements out to candidates running under different banners and the endorsement request form a candidate signs allows for the choice of Libertarian or other party/Independent.

  47. Peter Gemma

    @59 … “Unlike most other alternative presidential candidates past and present, Gary Johnson actually held high political office. ”

    Virgil Goode, former 4 term Congressman and Constitution Party nominee, has also endorsed Barrie.

  48. Peter Gemma

    Johnson’s not the only candidate who’s held high political office: Virgil Goode, former 4 term Congressman and Constitution Party nominee, has also endorsed Barrie.

  49. Trent Hill

    “especially since the candidate seeking the endorsement is not even running under the banner of Johnson’s newly adopted party.”

    Yes, Peter, but it isn’t like Wilson is extending Johnson the same courtesy–she has endorsed Romney, his opponent. Why wouldn’t Johnson endorse Wilson’s? Especially since the endorsement is all-but-taken for granted anyway?

  50. Peter Gemma

    I think that one was prepared the night of the endorsement – before rumors went out that there was no endorsement. Poor Jon Barrie – he gets an endorsement in writing but no one told him, officially, Johnson would turn tail. I know the Libertarian Party of NM did a mailing using the Johnson endorsement to their supporters.

  51. Peter Gemma

    Poor Jon Barrie – he gets an endorsement in writing but no one told him, officially, Johnson would turn tail. The mailing you rec’d was done as soon as he got the good news. I know the Libertarian Party of NM did a mailing using the Johnson endorsement to their supporters – in spite of rumors that Johnson had crept away from NM politics.

  52. Darcy G Richardson

    A Barrie endorsement shouldn’t be this complicated. After all, Heather Wilson once earned a spot on the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) most corrupt list of members of Congress for her role in the politically motivated firing of U.S. Attorney David Iglesias.

    New Mexico voters are also aware that she served on the board of Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS after leaving Congress.

    Personal friendship and loyalty aside, this shouldn’t be a difficult decision for Gov. Johnson.

  53. Jill Pyeatt

    It does seem like a dumb error to have been made, but it’s possible they thought “Oh, well, by the time we have to send out a correction letter, the election will be over and we may receive more donations in the meantime..”

  54. Joe Buchman Post author

    Peter @ 73,

    For what it’s worth I just donated $100 to the Jon Barrie for Senate campaign.

  55. paulie

    I got that email too and responded:

    Not sure if this goes to Jon personally or campaign staff. I’m in no position to contribute, but would be happy to say that Jon Barrie is a considerably better choice than Wilson and Heinrich. I doubt I’m important enough for my endorsement to do any good, but you are welcome to use it if you think it can somehow help.

    Joe Buchman has suggested that I interview Jon Barrie for; I’m trying to think of some questions.

    He texted me a number, but I can’t find it.

    Paul Frankel
    Alternate, Region 7, Libertarian National Committee (AL, MS, LA, OK, TX)
    Reporter, Independent Political Report
    415-690-6352 cell

  56. paulie

    Wilson endorsed Romney, Barrie endorsed Johnson. Seems to me Johnson as well as Johnson supporters should support Barrie.

  57. Peter Gemma

    Joe – I’ve noted to others earlier (privately) that you have been a gentleman throughout what be at least an awkward thread. I have certainly not made that easy. Now you have proven to be a generous gentleman as well. I think I can speak for Jon – and others here who have mixed feelings about the incident – by giving you a tip of the hat for your first class loyalty to Gov. Johnson and for keeping your cool.

    And if you’re ever in Sarasota, bring your speedo and you can work on a tan poolside at my place – last call at Gemma’s bar is 4am … which is just enough time to prepare for the early opening Bloody Mary special.

  58. Joe Buchman Post author


    Sounds great. Last year I drove out to Titusville to watch the launch of Atlantis, and then down to Miami and the beaches near there. So I will take you up on your offer someday.

    Plus I need to get down to Florida to get to Betty’s now.

    Bettys Bar

  59. Mike Jones

    Gotta agree with most here. A Barrie endorsement should have happened, it’s only logical. However, both the Barrie and Johnson campaigns have many other battles to fight.

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