Joe Cobb (Libertarian) challenges Democrat in Arizona 7th C.D.

In Arizona’s 7th District, Congressman Ed Pastor is seeking re-election to a seat he has held since 1991. Congressman Pastor is Assistant Democratic Party whip, and was a co-sponsor of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare.

Congressman Pastor is facing only one challenger this year, Joe Cobb, Libertarian candidate and long-time activist in libertarian causes.

Joe Cobb was an Editor-in-Chief of New Individualist Review from 1965 to 1968. N.I.R. was the earliest professionally published radical libertarian magazine, published quarterly from 1961 to 1968.

In the 1980s Joe Cobb worked in the offices of Rep. Ron Paul from February 1983 til January 1985. February 1985 he went to work for Sen. Steve Symms (Idaho). Joe Cobb provided a free market perspective on pending legislation for both solons.

A long-time advocate of gold as money, Joe Cobb formed the Choice in Currency Commission to advocate for an official U.S. gold coin. In 1983 Rep. Ron Paul introduced a bill to create such an official gold coin. The bill was passed in 1985 as Public Law 99-185: the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Act. Details of this bill @

This year Joe Cobb is focusing on a realistic reform of U.S. immigration law. “I favor giving a Green Card to anyone who comes to a legal border station and fills out an application, passes a health test, and has no criminal record.” At the same time, Joe Cobb would end the 1924 immigration visa quota system, which allows immigrants to sponsor the immigration of elderly relatives.

Joe Cobb proposes ending the income tax by cutting back on the power and cost of the federal government. He would cut federal spending on domestic programs and also cut military spending. He calls for bringing the troops home from Afghanistan, and would oppose wars of choice.

On social issues, Joe Cobb supports legalizing marijuana, and supports the right of same sex couples to marry. Joe Cobb has endorsed Gary Johnson for President, and sees Barry Goldwater as an early influence promoting personal liberty and free market policies.

Joe Cobb explains why he is running @

6 thoughts on “Joe Cobb (Libertarian) challenges Democrat in Arizona 7th C.D.

  1. Oranje Mike

    The link attached to the article has contact information. I’m not sure if he’s collecting funds or not. When he runs against Pastor is typically a low key affair because Pastor has one of the safest seats in Arizona despite being a milquetoast. Funny enough, though, Cobb’s nomination petitions were challenged by a family member of Pastor’s.

  2. paulie

    Running against a safe incumbent can be a great opportunity to advertise, especially if you are creative with it.

    Your ads will not get drowned out in a deluge of the other two attacking each other with high budget campaigns. There’s no horserace to cover, so you may get a smidgeon of media attention. Your opponent will have to go through the trouble of making a feel-good reminder ad about himself (you aren’t enough of a threat for him to go negative). And, until he makes one and gets it placed, you have the airwaves to yourself.


    I hope Joe challenged him to a debate. And if Pastor says “no,” then announce the debate anyway and
    put an chair on stage with a rubber chicken sitting in it.

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