Updates on Constitution Party Candidates Bill Mohr and Cynthia Davis

Below is a Constitution Party e-mail. Please excuse the donation appeal. I am passing along the information on the races.

 Dear Fellow Constitution Party Supporters:

This November we have two very important races that are winnable.  One six person state house race in Michigan in which Bill Mohr is running for state house district 76.  The other race is in Missouri in which Cynthia Davis is running for Lt. Governor.  Both races are winnable by our candidates and both are attracting the news media.

However, to win these races funds are urgently needed.  Bill Mohr is in need of $5,000.00 and Cynthia Davis of course is in need of a greater amount of funds than that since she is running a state wide race. Winning either or both of these races would do wonders for the image of the party and to not do all in our power to make this possible would be a most unfortunate mistake on our part.

I am therefore making an appeal to all or our members to contribute what the can as quickly as they can to at least one and hopefully to both of these candidates. Instructions on how to make the funds payable and where they need to be send the funds is included in the information about the candidates.

The information regarding Bill Mohr is included with this email right below my signature.  The information for Cynthia Davis is in the email below mine.  Plus there is an attachment above that is part of the information.  I am trying to make this as simple and straight forward as possible.

Again, please read the information on both candidates and act quickly as time is of the essence.

My sincere thanks to each of you,

Frank Fluckger
National Chairman
Constitution Party.

 Bill Mohr

A summary of William Mohr’s race for State House of Representatives in Michigan’s 76th District.  Why this race is winnable?

This is a 6 candidate race, broken down as follows.

1)      Roy Schmidt is an incumbent who, 15 minutes prior to the primary filing deadline,
switched from Democrat to Republican.  It was found out that he conspired with the Republican Speaker of the House and other prominent Republicans to pay a man (Matt) to run as a decoy Democrat to fend off competition.  The day after the filing deadline, Matt withdrew his filing and exited the race.  There is currently a Grand Jury investigation of the matter and voter perception is very much against Roy Schmidt. Roy Schmidt will appear on the ballot as the Republican candidate.

2)      The Democratic candidate on the November ballot is Winnie Brinks who ran a successful write-in in campaign to win the Democratic Primary.  Volunteers from my campaign are hearing Democrats say she is too liberal for them and they are grateful for a valid option in me (three such reports in the last two weeks).

3)      Patricia Steinport is the Libertarian candidate on the November ballot. She is not running an active campaign, but can be expected to get about two percent of the vote.

4)      Keith Allard is the fourth candidate who will be on the ballot and an Independent candidate. Allard He is billing himself as an Independent Republican who has obtained ballot access from signatures.  He has worked for our former very liberal Democrat governor and contradicts himself frequently.  Based on his sign locations he is not getting much support.

5)      Bing Goei is a fifth candidate who is running for the 76th District seat.  He is running as a write-in candidate so his name will not appear on the ballot.  He ran in his former district two years ago as a Republican and lost the primary even though he out-spent his opponent 4 to 1.  He is reportedly targeting the Democrats in this race for reasons unknown.

6)      I, Bill Mohr am the US Taxpayers Party candidate and will be on the ballot.  I have an aggressive campaign manager, several people working as volunteers (including former friends of Roy Schmidt).  I have put my work on hold so I can spend all of my time on the campaign.  My signs outnumber the competition by 4 or 5 to 1 combined!  My campaign has already been successful enough to cause pollsters to neglect to include me in the polls and I just got word that a candidate forum was held at a local university last night and I was the only candidate not invited.  The competition is fierce and I am apparently causing a lot of grief among the competition.  Today, I received two key endorsements from Republican County Commissioners to add to my lengthy list of Republican precinct delegates, businessmen and elected officials. What I need right now is money.  I have volunteers.  I have a solid strategy and there is a snowball rolling.  I am asking for $5,000.00 by the end of the month for mailings and radio ads.

Make checks payable to:
William Mohr for Michigan
1319 Penn Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI  49505

or donate online at:

 Cynthia Davis

September 30, 2012
Dear Constitution Party friends,
I am writing to urge you to strongly consider helping to fund Cynthia’s campaign to be Missouri’s next Lt. Governor. The following  information (below) will hopefully help you understand why her race is not only important, but winnable.  You heard me right.  Constitution Party candidate, Cynthia Davis, has an excellent chance to win election to statewide office.  This race is an incredible opportunity for the Constitution Party to make a major and lasting impact in the 2012 election.
Cynthia Davis joined the Constitution Party in August, 2011, and began campaigning full time, non-stop at that time.  She and her husband have owned and operated a Christian bookstore for 23 years; so, Bernie holds down the fort and is totally supportive of Cynthia’s political involvements.  Just look at her calendar and map to see where she has been and what is scheduled.

She is doing extremely well, having won a Straw Poll in the Republican incumbent’s home town.  Missouri Grassroots Coalition just published that she is a viable candidate (see article below), and she is winning in a recent KMOV speed poll.  Here is the link to the Flash Poll that shows she is beating the Republican incumbent, Peter Kinder:  Cynthia has 355 and Kinder has 310, but in most of the other matchups, it shows the Republican winning.  This shows that the majority of the people who are conservative prefer Cynthia to Peter Kinder.   The fact that it is close is profound, but the fact that she is ahead, when we didn’t even know about it, shows that across a broad secular audience, we are winning.


Polls aside, we need her to win.  She will use the Lt. Governor’s office working with the legislature and via back halls, and as a mouthpiece for better legislation.  It will be profoundly beneficial for us for her to be there.  This would be the first time I am aware of where the Lt. Governor actually does something.

Cynthia’s Opponents

Peter Kinder (R):  Involved in scandals with prostitutes in strip bars, missed all 5 of the 5 tie votes that is part of his constitutionally mandated duties, and billed taxpayers for personal expenses.

Susan Montee (D):  Involved in public drunkeness and quoted as saying she wants a margarita bar installed in her car.

From what I am hearing around the state, I really believe that with the current political climate, Cynthia has an unprecedented opportunity to win this office.  More people than ever are dissatisfied with the direction of our government and do not want the Republican incumbent or the Democrat.

Cynthia will have a good chance of winning with a $16,000 donation to finance a statewide mailer.  $16k would make a huge difference.  She needs this quickly to get the mailer out in time.

Checks can be made payable to “Elect Cynthia Davis” and mailed to:
Cynthia Davis for Lt. Governor
94 Sunfish Drive
Site 201
Defiance, MO 63341

or, of course, credit card donations can be made payable here:  https://secure.piryx.com/donate/FEQDxEHM/Cynthia-Davis/ 
We have a direct mail and TV plan to connect with the people who are longing for someone who will be constitutional, perform the obligations of the position and work independent of the two political parties to accomplish real progress.  Wherever we go and talk about free markets, we are winning.  All of our money received has been from very hard earned sources in very small amounts, but it represents a larger amount of grassroots involvement than what Missouri has ever seen before.

With CP’s involvement, we can change the dynamics of this race.

FYI:  Watch this brief YouTube made by CP volunteers pleading for donations to Cynthia’s campaign:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN2tYqK_RMM&feature=g-all-u

Additionally, here are 2 other 1-minute videos to give you a flavor of Cynthia’s incredible insight and experience into state government:



Missouri Grassroots Coalition Calls Cynthia Davis a Viable Third Party Candidate

By: FavStocks

Posted on September 21, 2012 at 04:24 AM EDT

The momentum is building for Cynthia Davis. Davis is the former Republican who fought big government within the Republican ranks. Knowing the Republicans weren’t going to give up their love of big government, Davis left the party and joined the Constitution Party. She is now running against the scandal ridden incumbent Peter Kinder, who got into trouble and lost his chance to become Missouri’s next governor when allegations came out he was stalking a St. Louis stripper.

Missouri Grassroots Coalition has this to say about Davis:

Cynthia Davis is lately being recognized as not only the leading “third party” alternative in November’s election, but as the one who actually is viable; who has a good chance of winning.

I know you won’t find someone pounding the pavement harder and spreading their message this fall than Cynthia Davis. She is someone who is truly fed up with big government. FavStocks.com – Missouri Grassroots Coalition Calls Cynthia Davis a Viable Third Party Candidate

Read more: http://markets.financialcontent.com/stocks/news/read/22313367/Missouri_Grassroots_Coalition_Calls_Cynthia_Davis_a_Viable_Third_Party_Candidate#ixzz277j2Ee18


Donna Ivanovich
“ELECT CYNTHIA DAVIS” Campaign Manager
(314) 956-6181

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