Libertarian N.C. county commissioner candidate racks up major endorsements

Jason Bateman, Libertarian candidate for Mecklenburg (N.C.) county commissioner has picked up two major endorsement. Creative Loafing Charlotte an alternative newspaper, and MeckPAC, a non-partisan lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political action committee are both backing him.

Bateman received MeckPAC’s highest level of recommendation for his support and dedication to achieving equality and promoting liberty for the citizens of Mecklenburg County.

“I am thrilled to receive both Creative Loafing and MeckPAC’s endorsement,” Bateman said. “It is a sign that Mecklenburg County is hungry for real leadership and honest discussions about the role of government.”

Bateman said that for too long residents Mecklenburg residents have been subjected to politicians of both parties acting irresponsibly when passing laws and spending money.

As a longtime reader of Creative Loafing, Bateman said that he has much respect for their ability to look beyond party labels when discussing ways to improve local government.

“The writers work hard to keep our government accountable and are not willing to ignore the failed leadership by our elected officials just because they wear the same political jersey,” Bateman said.

Bateman said that MeckPAC has been incredibly inclusive and open in their process of making endorsements, which he greatly appreciates.

“I’m proud to carry their endorsement as I have always believed that the fight for equality was essential to the fight for personal liberty,” he said. “Discrimination by government is a grave threat to the liberty and privacy of all citizens and as county commissioner I promise to continue the fight against such intrusions.”

Bateman said that Mecklenburg County government needs to live within its means and focus its efforts and resources on essential functions such as education, infrastructure, safety and law enforcement.

“Instead, it often spends its time interfering in its citizens’ private lives by legislating morality and wasting taxpayer money on corporate giveaways and pet projects,” he charges. “I would put an end to that.”

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