One Democratic State: A Green Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

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As we note the anniversary of the “Arab Spring’s” revolts against repressive regimes in the Middle East, democracy remains uncertain. But a linchpin around which these regimes have long operated continues: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Indeed, as Egypt’s revolution began, James Jones–former commander of all NATO forces, former national security advisor to President Obama, and former special ME envoy to President George W. Bush–addressed the 2011 Herzliya Conference in Israel insisting that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the “knot that is at the center of the mass” of all regional and most global diplomatic problems today, . . . ”

According to Israel Today, “Jones rejected the notion that the current turmoil in Egypt proved that even without Israel and its land dispute with the Arabs the Middle East would not have peace.

That report criticized Jones for ignoring that “before 1967, Israel did not control the so-called ‘West Bank,’ and yet there was still much conflict.” However, the conflict’s origin is not the 1967 war. Rather it begins with Zionist colonization of historic Palestine from the late 19th century, culminating in the 1948 Nakba—”catastrophe”: Palestinian dispossession and ethnic cleansing of the majority native population from 1947-49 by a newly-created Israeli state, documented by many scholars, including Jewish Israeli historians.

Acknowledging this history is not only essential to resolving the conflict but also points to the solution: “One Democratic State” (ODS) in the land between the River Jordan and Mediterranean Sea. ODS is also the “Green” solution”—most just, legal, non-violent, sustainable. For these reasons, ODS was formally endorsed by the Green Party of the US in its 2010 platform.

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