6 thoughts on “Third-Party Candidates Speak Out on Election Night

  1. 2ur@

    Personally, I intend on getting started on a grass roots project to get rid of the power that both the Republican and Democratic parties think they have by seeking out a true 3rd party to elect. I hope to see a 3rd party that actually understands what this country needs and the willingness not to be swayed by lobbyist and media bias from either party. Both parties have represented themselves and their personal political agendas and not working for what is best for this country or the people of this country. We as nation of people have been presented with Democrats and Republicans that has been a poor representation over all in all areas. We deserve a better class of representation free from corrupt “Influence ” that is ruled by both parties

  2. paulie

    I didn’t realize she even supports nationalizing the major means of production, much less doing away with the wage and price system altogether.

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