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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jim Lark on Founding Student Groups and Why He Became A Libertarian

Youtube Description:

Dr. Jim Lark told us how he became a libertarian and how he helped found libertarian student groups at Northwestern University (The Libertarian Forum) and the University of Virginia (Students for Individual Liberty).

Dr. Lark is a professor of systems engineering at the University of Virginia and also served as the Libertarian Party’s National Chairman from 2000 to 2002.

This video was recorded at the 5th Annual International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, DC and was produced by Evan Banks, Tom Van Antwerp, and Alec Weisman for Alumni for Liberty.

Want to become an alumnus for liberty like Dr. Lark? Find out more here:

IPR Note: Dr. Lark is currently region 5S Regional Rep on the LNC, representing DC,DE,MD,NC,PA,VA,and WV; I (Paulie) am the alternate for Region 7 (AL,LA,MS,OK,TX).

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