Armstrong and Getty Switch to the Libertarian Party!

This was sent to me to be posted here from my friend Rich Vanier.  This is what he wrote:  “Armstrong & Getty are the #1 Morning Drive Time Talk Show in Northern California. This is a big deal. I been listening to them for years. Welcome to Libertarian Party Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty!”


6 thoughts on “Armstrong and Getty Switch to the Libertarian Party!

  1. Austin Battenberg

    I listen to these guys all the time. Even though they never mentioned libertarianism, I knew they were because they were backing Gary Johnson when he was a Republican. (They also liked Ron Paul, but I think they fell for the whole isolationism propaganda).

    I for one, am happy that they are no longer going hiding their true identification, and the caller is correct, even if its not a truly pure philisophical libertarians in the LP, the fact is if more and more people register as members of the LP, both of the other two parties will realize they will have to make some changes to cater to us in order to someday get our votes again.

  2. Rich Vanier

    Thanks for posting Jill. Armstrong and Getty are fed up with the business as usual wasteful spending and corruption of Sacramento. I hoping to cultivate a relationship with them and The LPC. Hopefully they will promote The LP on their show and bring new activists to the The Libertarian Party.

    Their show is actually funny and informative.

  3. NewFederalist

    “Their show is actually funny and informative.”

    That would be a great combination f0r the LP. All too often (L)libertarians take themselves and the philosophy way too seriously. I believe this scares a lot of potential support away.

  4. Steven Wilson

    In a marketing mix or media plan, radio is still king. If they could get the idea out and associate some local candidates, then the LP would start branding itself 24 7.

    The vehicle of radio does legitimize the message, but their listener base must expand before the LP could get a county commissioner or state rep from that area.

    For the moment, a smart media plan should be in the works.

  5. Jared King

    Statist LP member Neal Boortz is retired, libertarian LP members Armstrong and Getty are in. Good day.


    Welcome to the Party !

    “Isolationism is a negative word used by the baby killing WARMONGERS who control the Duopoly and mass Media to label sane Peacemakers in a negative light. At one time it was the main foreign policy of the USA and everyone was better off for it.

    Libertarians believe in “NON-INTERVENTIONISM” but friendship and TRADE with all ! A big difference and a much BETTER policy than mass imperilism and being policeman of the world.

    A policy cooked up by globalist baby killers to soothe their greed and lust for more wealth and power.

    Someone send these guys each a copy of Rothbards “For A New Liberety”. If they want to join up they need to know what’s what and not be pleasant in a R Lite mood !

    Viva Libertarians

    WAR on Force and Fraud…….

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