February 2013 Open Thread

This thread is for anything our readers would like to share, assuming it has to to do with independents or third parties. For examples of what you can post, please have a look at any of the prior months’ open threads. This thread is for YOU.

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  1. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Yeah, lol, I emailed Warren, but do you guys think it would be ok for me to post without having to wait for moderator approval? Paulie told me that once someone contributes a number of articles (so far for me it’s at least 7, with one still pending), they can have the privilege of submitting articles without having to wait for someone to approve them.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I think it’s okay, Krzysztof. You might want to hear from Warren, though.

  3. wolfefan

    Thanks to all of you for your fine work. I visit this site regularly and am informed and enterained by your efforts. Just a comment that it is difficult sometimes to tell the ads from the articles, as many ads are appearing after the article headline but before the body of the article. The ads are in a similar font. Could the font for either the ads or the articles be changed so that there is a little more differentiation?

    Thanks again to all of you.

  4. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Warren, Paulie said it would be ok, Jill also said this further up, do you think something like this would be ok with you? I plan on being a more frequent contributor to IPR ( I think I’ve shown that I am a positive addition to the site) and waiting for moderator approval can be at times frustrating and even take a long time for the article to be approved. Since we’re a news site, shouldn’t we get the news items up as fast as possible? 🙂

  5. George Phillies

    And LNC income fell for the last month(+) to $78000.

    The corresponding numbers for the past two election cycles were:

    2008 $98498.94
    2004 $123052.28

    One might have expected the Treasurer to have made some note of this to the National Committee, but the Starchild Reflector shows no sign of this.

  6. George Phillies

    And the LNC Reflector list is forwarding again, so I am again posting summaries on the LPUSMISC reflector list.

    In other notes, I find that a third party has in fact been completely successful at the Federal level, in the past half century. They did it via the fifth column approach, but they did it.

  7. Steven Wilson


    Just an update on the Emerson election. The Missouri LP has confirmed that two candidates are trying to gain final ballot access to run in the special election. The election is getting more attention do to the odd timing of Emerson and her retirement. She announced only a few weeks after winning her election.

    Local republicans are not pleased with the campaigning expense for almost no return.

    If interested in finding out more, the contact information for Rick is in the article.

    Thank you.

  8. LPP

    hi everyone! here is a message from the good doctor tom stevens chair of the lppa.

    Pig Fuck,

    Saying you are one sick fuck is only the tip of the “iceberg” (not a Jewish
    word but often confused for one) regarding your mental condition. Everyone is
    already making up their own mind in that regard.

    Finally, I have been elected THREE times to represent the Manhattan LP. I
    have nothing else to prove. No one foisted me on the State Committee except
    the Manhattan LP members themselves.

    End of story. But I am sure you will continue to repeat your story over and
    over until some new people who weren’t around actually start to believe it.

    As Nic might say, stop acting like a Jewish Nigger!


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  9. wolfefan

    Hello –

    I noticed at the public Yahoo LNC-Discuss group that Dianna Visek had forwarded an e-mail from the National Right to Work committee about electrical workers from out-of-state being denied permission to participate in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts because they were not unionized. Could someone who knows Ms. Visek let her know that this story is not true and that she may wish to send a correction? Below is a link to Snopes that details the situation. People, including me sometimes, are too quick to believe the worst of their ideological opponents and too quick to repeat that which they are either too lazy or too busy to check.

  10. Steven Wilson

    @ 16,

    I have known her in the past not to respond to emails. I don’t know anyone that can call her up. I also can’t imagine she would back track if she posted such a thing. But Good luck with it.

  11. Deran

    I found this item on Ballot Access News particularly interesting:


    I’ve been able to find very little reporting on how things played out at the Peace and Freedom Party meeting where the presidential nominee was selected.

    Admittedly this article BAN is referring to is written from the perspective of the Freedom Socialist Party, a “competing” cadre/Leninist political party, but it is the same sort of backstabbing that many, if not most, of currently existing socialist political groups are all too quick to use against each other. I’ve seen it everywhere over the decades. I think it is a weakness of the Leninist/cadre method of organization – it lends itself to authoritarian cultishness.

    This infighting is always very apparent in the campaign for the Peace and Freedom Party’s CA ballot line for president.

    I wonder how many of the P&FP’s presidential candidates have ended up being nominated via the efforts of various socialist parties trying to undermine each other’s candidates? And how many P&F presidential candidates were chosen to block one of the Leninist parties from gaining too much power in the state party?

  12. Nick

    I know that the Reform Party is making a lot of updates on their website. It’s in a state of flux, but they’ve got a lot of new information up. It looks a lot better then it did.

  13. Dan Fishman for Senate


    There is a vacancy in Massachusetts for a U.S. Senator. Libertarian Dan Fishman has announced that he will seek the office. He has about eight weeks of petitioning to collect as a safe number 15,000 raw signatures. Realistically speaking, he needs substantial financial support from Libertarians beyond Massachusetts in order to get on the ballot.

  14. Andy

    Hey, somebody posted about this in my Libertarians for 911 Truth Yahoo Group recently.

    Remember a guy named Joey Dauben from Texas who used to post here a few years ago. Well, it seems that ole Joey got himself into some trouble for molesting a teenage boy according to these news stories:



    I wonder if the guards will allow Joey to post news stories online from prison.

  15. Robert Capozzi

    NS, thanks for sharing your opinion. I trust that “being different” is a matter of degree and sequencing. For ex., one might believe that SS is dysfunctional but may or may not advocate its immediate abolition. It WOULD be “different” to take a public stance for abolition, but whether it would be politically wise in another matter.

    And, perhaps you and I read the phrase “cult of the omnipotent state” differently. To me, it means “blind worship of an all-powerful state.” I don’t know a soul who does so. One could be for drone attacks and yet support drone strikes for example.

    Or, one could be opposed to the drone strikes and yet not believe there is such a thing as a “cult of the omnipotent state.” This I’m sure of, since it’s my personal view.

    CotOS is inaccurate and delusional, which is why I advocate striking it from the SoP. I also advocate being “different,” i.e., positioning Ls as a third way, distinct from Rs and Ds.

    Do you find that to be somehow inconsistent?

  16. Robert Capozzi


    One could be for drone attacks and yet oppose an omnipotent state.

  17. Nicholas Sarwark

    @26-27: Please explain how one can support the unilateral drone murder of American citizens without trial or any due process and still oppose an omnipotent state. A state that can arbitrarily murder its citizens is pretty damned omnipotent.

  18. Andy

    Jill, I posted a comment in last month’s open thread about Michael Badnarik’s new book, Secret to Sovereignty, yet still, nobody has posted about it as a news article. I thought that this would be newsworthy, but is a former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate authoring a new book not newsworthy?

    Read about it here:


    I’m really astounded that the response I’ve received on this topic so far would indicate that people here do not consider this to be a newsworthy topic.

  19. Robert Capozzi

    28 ns, “pretty darned” omnipotent is NOT omnipotent. It’s powerful, but not ALL powerful. “Omnipotent” is absolutist.

    My most lenient read of CotOS is that it’s an overstatement for effect. I can roll with overstatements for effects sometimes, but with CotOS, the effect is to make the LP sound like recent outpatients from the psych ward off their meds.

  20. Jill Pyeatt

    Andy, thanks for the link. I must have missed it when you mentioned it previously. It’s definitely worth an article, and I’ll try to get to it this evening.

  21. Jill Pyeatt

    RC: There’s no gray area here for me at all. Drone strikes are the epitome of an omnipotent government.

  22. Robert Capozzi

    JP, it might be that one is speaking Greek, then. 33 implies that IF, say, the US government was maybe 5% of GDP and assiduously followed the letter and spirit of the Constitution, but it used a drone overseas once, THAT TOO would be “omnipotent.”

    Is that what you mean?!

    This is not to say that these drones strikes are not highly inappropriate, for I don’t support them.

    If we had a nightwatchman state, and one person once was inadvertently killed by the LAPD, would that too “omnipotent”?

    There is no “epitome” of omnipotence. Omnipotence is ALL powerful.

    “Overreaching,” “ever-expanding,” and other synonyms might work. Omnipotent doesn’t.

    “Cult” doesn’t work, either, although at least that word I could roll with as an overstatement for effect.

    The phrase sounds still whack to me, and likely to most.

  23. Nicholas Sarwark

    @34: Like a slave owner who has the power to kill his slave with impunity, but may choose to only beat him, a state that can kill citizens at will is omnipotent, even if it does not exercise that power all the time.

    The cult of the omnipotent state is what we’ve seen in response to the revelation that the state claims this power. Democrats and Republicans lining up to hem and haw and eventually decide that it’s okay to unilaterally drone murder American citizens because the President’s doing it and he’s really sure that they’re terrorists.

    The cult is in the unshakeable belief that, to paraphrase Nixon, “if the President does it, then it’s not illegal.” The cult is the unquestioning acceptance of government control over every area of the lives of citizens.

    After listening to the reactions of Lindsey Graham, John Bolton, and Jay Carney to the revelation of the Administration’s claim of ultimate power without review, your claim that there is not a cult of the omnipotent state is what sounds insane.

  24. William Saturn

    Phil Davison Update

    Minerva Village Councilman and 2012 Boston Tea Party presidential candidate Phil Davison has had a busy year thus far:

    In January, he was one of 30 individuals that applied for the prestigious position of Stark County Administrator, which opens March 1. It pays $78,000 a year.

    In February, he was featured in a Volkswagen SuperBowl teaser video, in which he walked in a field with reggae singer Jimmy Cliff to a rendition of “Come on Get Happy.”

    Expect more to come this year. Davison is sure to continue his rise in fame as the 2016 presidential campaign nears.

  25. Robert Capozzi

    35 NS, logic flaw, counselor. In one sense, any State can kill its citizens with impugnity, just as any citizen can kill another. The question is whether the killing can be done by the rule of law, which I’d think we’d agree that it cannot.

    If the State PASSED a law that made these particular drone strikes legal, and if the Supremes upheld that law, I would agree that begins to look something like “omnipotence.” But, even there, that these drone strikes are being done off-shore in the context of a kind of war makes them qualititatively somewhat different.

    Your slave analogy fails for me, then.

    That the R and D leadership are supporting this behavior tells me – again – that a defringed LP might use such an issue to become competitive. This policy is unconscionable, and ought to be stopped.

  26. Andy

    The quote in question referred to something that was posted about Joey Dauben and Eric Dondero. Dondero was brought up due to a link from a YouTube being posted that was audio from the late Harry Browne’s radio show where he debated Dondero over the war in Iraq. The show featured callers, and one of the callers was Alex Jones.

  27. Darryl W. Perry

    On February 7, I spoke to the Election Law Committee of the NH House of Representatives in support of a the Ballot Access Fairness Act, which I have offered as a proposed amendment to HB 521.

    HB 521 would create a committee to “study all current New Hampshire election laws and procedures and review all options to increase participation and access to the ballot…”
    The Ballot Access Fairness Act is a proposal to give all candidates and parties the same path to the ballot.
    Two others spoke in support of my proposed amendment. The next step is an Executive Session of the committee which will happen in approximately 2 weeks. At that meeting, the committee will decide whether or not to adopt my proposal and will decide whether or not to move the bill to the full House.

  28. Darryl W. Perry

    bold text is the added text note: removed text is not included, due to not knowing how to strikethrough text with html

    Ballot Access Fairness Act
    652:11 Party. –
    I. “Party” shall mean any political organization which at the preceding state general election received at least 1 percent of the total number of votes cast for any one of the following: the office of governor or the offices of United States senators.
    II. Political organization shall mean any group which intends to run candidates for public office and has filed a copy of the party bylaws and a slate of officers with the Secretary of State.

    655:42 Number. –
    I. It shall require either the names of 200 registered voters or a fee of $100, to nominate by nomination papers a candidate for president, United States senator, or governor.
    II. It shall require either the names of 100 voters registered in the district or a fee of $50 to nominate by nomination papers a candidate for United States representative; either the names of 50 registered voters or a fee of $25 to nominate a candidate for councilor; either the names of 20 registered voters or a fee of $20 to nominate a candidate for state senator; either the names of 150 registered voters or a fee of $10 to nominate a candidate for county officer; and either the names of 150 registered voters or a fee of $2 to nominate a candidate for state representative.
    III. Any political organization as defined by RSA 652:11 shall nominate candidates in accordance with Section I and II, as prescribed above.

  29. NewFederalist

    Andy @ 41.. what is the deal with Joey Dauben? Wasn’t it posted somewhere on IPR that he got arrested?

  30. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    He actually was recently convicted of sex with a minor. I seem to recall it was 3 consecutive 3-year terms. See comment # 21.

  31. Andy

    “Jill Pyeatt // Feb 8, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    He actually was recently convicted of sex with a minor.”

    It was not just sex with a minor, he was convicted for raping a 14 year old boy. I recall from the article that it apparently happened while on some kind of church retreat.

  32. Steven Wilson

    Contact: Rick Vandeven, Chair – Missouri Libertarian Party 8th Congressional District Committee

    Tel: 573-318-5564

    E-mail: rickvandeven@sbcglobal.net

    What: Missouri Libertarian Party 8th Congressional District Forum and Nominating Convention

    Where: Scott County Courthouse, Benton

    When: February 9, 2013 at 1:00 pm



    The Chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party’s 8th Congressional District Committee, Rick Vandeven, has announced that as of February 5, 2013, Jason Williams of Bloomfield will no longer be seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for US Representative. Bill Slantz of St. Charles is now the presumptive nominee.

    Mr. Slantz moved his company to St. Charles from New York City in 1997. The W.G. Slantz Company provides a variety of essential consulting services to radio and television broadcasters across the country. Bill is widely considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on music performance rights. After moving back to Missouri, Bill met and married his wife Jean, a lifelong resident here. He was the 2012 Libertarian Party nominee for US Representative, Missouri 2nd Congressional District. Bill Slantz’ website is billslantz.com .

    “I am excited that Bill Slantz has stepped up to the plate”, Vandeven commented. “Bill’s years of experience as a business owner will bring a fresh perspective to this race. His focus on the proper role of government, and civil liberties will stand out as a positive alternative to the duopoly parties’ vision for the country. The libertarian philosophy is gaining popularity, especially among young people. Bill Slantz is a strong voice for those of us who are tired of the federal government sticking its nose into every aspect of our lives.”

    The Libertarian Party 8th Congressional District Committee will hold a nominating meeting on February 9, 2013 at the Scott County Courthouse in Benton. Before the nomination process begins, a Q&A session will be held beginning at 1 pm. Questions written by the Missouri Libertarian Party Executive Director, Greg Tlapek, and the Southeast Missouri State University Student Libertarian Association will be presented to Mr. Slantz. Mr. Tlapek and SLA President Skyler Miller will be the proctors of the Q&A. Mr. Slantz will also meet individually with the committee members, and give a presentation to those in attendance. The nomination process will begin immediately following the Q&A. The nomination rules are in accordance with Missouri State law.

    The public, including the media, is invited to attend the Libertarian Party Missouri 8th Congressional District Committee forum and nominating meeting at the Scott County Courthouse in Benton on Saturday February 9th, 2013 at 1:00 pm.


  33. Steven Berson

    While the bill just passed in Hawaii to label GMO foods is indeed full of loopholes and is not by any means comprehensive as we believe is needed Ultra-Radical Centrist still congratulate the State of Hawaii for having more sense on this issue than any of the other 49 States! While libertarian purists are against any government mandates for labeling Ultra-Radical Centrists know that truthfully labeling food ingredients is the only effective way these days for people to have the info they need at the time they need it in order to make the decisions that allow “free market signals” to support ethically run companies rather than to just those that are most convenient or lowest priced. It’s past time for every other State to LABEL GMO’s NOW!

  34. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Thanks for the good news about Hawaii, Steven. I worked so hard to try to make others understand about the threat of GMOs in California, with little succuess, I’m afraid. I understand the reluctance of Libertarians to vote for mandatory labeling, but my view is that the free market can’t work if we don’t know what is GMO so we can’t buy it. California is behind the times in this, and at least one other respect (gay marriage).

  35. Darryl W. Perry

    re: 43&44

    favorable mention in the Union Leader (though I’m actually an inhabitant, not a resident)

    Meanwhile, in the state Legislature, a House bill proposes a study committee to examine all of New Hampshire’s election laws and see where there’s room for improvement.
    Rep. Kathleen Hoelzel, R- Raymond, is the prime sponsor. At a hearing last week, Hoelzel told fellow members of the House Election Law Committee that she envisions the study committee soliciting comments from state and local election officials about which laws work well and which may need updating.
    David Scanlan, deputy secretary of state, told the committee his office supports the idea, but would not want the committee to consider early voting. “We just believe that it’s not a route the state should go down,” he said.
    Representatives from America Votes and the League of Women Voters spoke in support of the bill.
    Jessica Clark, New Hampshire political and field director for America Votes, urged committee members to reach out to local election officials who are on “the front lines” to get their ideas for making the voting experience a positive one.
    Joan Flood Ashwell of the LWV said she would like to see more public education about voting. “New Hampshire is very, very different from any other state in the country, and anyone who moves here will be mystified by the way elections are conducted,” she said.
    Three Keene residents who attended the hearing suggested the proposed study committee look into allowing minority parties and independent candidates to get on the ballot in New Hampshire.
    Darryl Perry of the New Hampshire Liberty Party said “the perfect solution” to increase voter participation is “to create ballot access fairness.”
    He said opponents claim that would create confusion. But, he said, “New Hampshire is actually very proud of the fact that they have a larger number of candidates running in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. So if ballot or voter confusion is not a problem for the primaries, why would it then all of a sudden become a problem for the general election?”
    “The answer is: It’s not a problem,” he said.

  36. Mr. X

    Robert Milnes made a guest appearance on Episode 509 of The Simpsons (September 30, 2012) as the cab and subway mate of Homer and Bart Simpson during their trip to New York City.

  37. Andy

    “Darryl W. Perry // Feb 10, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    re: 43&44

    favorable mention in the Union Leader (though I’m actually an inhabitant, not a resident)”

    What is the legal difference between a resident and an inhabitant?

  38. Liberty for America February Issue

    The February 2013 issue is out, complete with extra reports in the electronic edition.

    Articles include:

    Johnson Debt Now $1,134,602
    Bennett Resigns as Secretary
    Volunteer to Help Your Party
    Pennsylvania Libertarians Organize
    Daniel Fishman for U.S. Senate
    LP Kansas Sues to Sustain Open Carry
    More Good News
    Ways to Get Involved in the Libertarian Party
    Exploiting Modern Technology
    More on Technology
    Where Your Money Went
    The Johnson Campaign
    LNC Financials Suffer
    LNC In Action
    Hinkle Attacks Old LNC
    Olsen Responds
    LP Oregon Warns on Mattson
    LP Oregon Warns on Incorporation
    LNC Passes New Building Motion
    —Articles Only in the Electronic Edition—
    Oregon Warns on Mattson
    Thoughtful Advice from Norm Olsen
    Hinkle and Lieberman on a Building

    …George Phillies

  39. No Comment

    Another trainwreck involving Brett Pojunis (and by extension Jillian Mack).

    Actually I am surprised this hasn’t come to IPR yet.

    From: “Brett H. Pojunis”
    Date: February 9, 2013 8:19:29 PM PST
    To: “Joseph P. Silvestri”
    Cc: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org, State Chairs
    Subject: Re: [Lnc-discuss] [Statechairs] My Resignation from the LPNevada Executive Committee _ Brett Pojunis
    Reply-To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org
    To the recipients of this email who are not members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada), I apologize you are being exposed to local internal politics.

    Chairman Silvestri,

    I am disappointed by your email.

    I resigned from the LPNevada Executive Committee – several months ago! – because I felt it would be the best thing for the Party so that you could focus on building LPNevada, instead of trying to remove me from the Executive Committee.

    You seemed so focused on removing people who disagree with you, I imagined that by my stepping aside you would have no alternative but to turn your attention to making LPNevada more successful. Instead, even with no one remaining in opposition on the board, you continue to focus on your disagreements with others rather than taking constructive steps to move the party forward.

    That is a loss for all of us. We would all be better off if you would focus on fostering an environment where our candidates can be elected to office. I still have hopes that you will do that. It is my sincere preference that you be successful in your duties as Chairman.

    However, should that not come to pass, there will soon be a state party convention, at which time our members will judge whether your performance and tactics have improved the state of our party.

    Regarding your accusations, they are false. And anyone who wishes to contact me directly with any questions about them, may do so. My contact information is listed below. I will not comment further in this forum.

    Brett H. Pojunis
    Libertarian National Committee (LNC) – Region 4 Representative
    Young Libertarian National Alliance (YLNA) – Co-founder and Co-Chair

    702.325.7426 | Las Vegas Mobile
    202.505.3606 | Washington D.C. Mobile

    ? ? ? ?
    Contact me: ? clubscene



    Already raised $4,048 out of $15,000

    The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest and fastest growing party. …

    ? Share? Like Get this email app!

    Please accept my apologies all. I try to limit my list participation to productive comments, and especially avoid such negative postings.

    Unfortunately, I must offer a response to the resignation letter Brett Pojunis sent to the LNC, and our State Chairs list (as well as additional cc recipients). If you read his resignation letter, and his attack on my leadership, you might value my perspective as well.

    I’ve enclosed my response below, and also provided attachment.

    Below are outlined some major concerns that led to my reassessment of Brett’s commitment, and abilities. Since I had initially promoted Brett, and supported his campaign to be LNC Regional Rep, I’m concerned that others might experience some of the same problems we’ve had.

    Each of these items I discuss in more detail in my response below.

    LPN website
    Conservative/libertarian internet talk-show website
    Gigantic Email list
    Monthly fundraiser at nightclubs
    2012 Campaign websites
    LPNevada Spokesperson claim
    Other outrageous declarations – 40 candidates for 2012!
    Other outrageous declarations – 300 delegates to national convention!
    Other outrageous declarations – 21 candidates to run for State Senate in 2014
    2012 LPNevada convention at the Chameleon
    5000 square foot office in SOHO, Manhattan – August 2012
    money taken for website for friend
    2012 Campaign interference
    misrepresentation to Chuck Muth, of Citizen Outreach

    working to build a viable LP,


    Joseph P. Silvestri
    LPNevada – Chair
    2012 LPNevada Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 4


    Reasons why Brett Pojunis needed to go.

    As I have been repeatedly attacked by Brett Pojunis for my leadership of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, I feel compelled to respond to the accusations made against me and to state for the record the reasons why Brett Pojunis had to be removed from the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. Before I give those reasons, I wish to apologize to the State Chairs of Region 4 for so wholeheartedly endorsing Brett. As a salesman, he presents a good pitch. He promises exactly what you need and makes you hope that all will be delivered. I was overly optimistic that he was all that he appeared. At first, he seemed great. He had big exciting ideas and promised to deliver on them. With his business charts and confident timelines, he created a positive first impression.

    But, as time passed, I learned better.

    It is worth noting that the Libertarian Party of Nevada executive committee that was elected at the last convention did not include Brett Pojunis. He was appointed by me to fill a vacant position.

    Over the course of less than a year, he lost the support of the executive committee to the point where we were prepared to remove him from the board. In anticipation of his removal, Brett resigned and shared our local dispute across the country with a broadside attack on me, and the rest of the Libertarian Party of Nevada executive committee. While not speaking for the committee, I will address reasons why I came to this opinion, and let other committee members speak for themselves.

    Once again, I offer my apologies to my fellow Region 4 State Chairs, and to the rest of the state leadership who wasted time on such matters. Although I usually read (most) everything on the State Chairs list, I infrequently post. I share my two cents when appropriate, and try not to clutter up the list. Our lives are busy enough without useless chatter.

    With that in mind, I do believe many in our state and national Libertarian Party leadership will finds my comments of interest, and possibly of practical help. Brett Pojunis currently serves as a Regional Rep 4 on the LNC. He has lately been recruiting for states to endorse Big L Solutions, his fundraising/data management company. The experience the Libertarian Party of Nevada has had with Brett may offer a broader perspective to others in the party who may have dealings with him in the future.

    Although I list below many of the reasons why Brett has lost my support, I can summarize them in brief. Brett promised too many things that he never delivered on. We eventually stopping trusting his word, and we could not rely on him working with the rest of our team. When you overpromise and underdeliver to the extent that he has, it can only be described as fraud.

    You might agree or disagree with any one of my issues, or even my overall assessment, but hopefully you can at least understand my perspective and how I reached such a conclusion.

    Since we are all volunteers, there’s no contract or service agreement to compel our service. It’s just a commitment to the team around you to follow through on what you say. When your word becomes worthless, you’re off the team.

    In Nevada, the LPN executive committee works with a team of people to help grow our party. We don’t always agree, but we come to consensus and work together. If an individual shows that they cannot work with others, and that they frequently don’t keep the commitments they’ve made, the team will not rely on that individual. Over the past year, this Nevada “Team” reached the conclusion that Brett could not be counted on to keep his word, and his efforts would frequently be at odds with everyone else.

    Although this list is (mostly) in chronological order of occurrence, the events below are not listed in order of importance. For instance, I would argue that item number 14 is the most significant problem.

    LPN website
    Conservative/libertarian internet talk-show website
    Gigantic Email list
    Monthly fundraiser at nightclubs
    2012 Campaign websites
    LPNevada Spokesperson claim
    Other outrageous declarations – 40 candidates for 2012!
    Other outrageous declarations – 300 delegates to national convention!
    Other outrageous declarations – 21 candidates to run for State Senate in 2014
    2012 LPNevada convention at the Chameleon
    5000 square foot office in SOHO, Manhattan – August 2012
    money taken for website for friend
    2012 Campaign interference
    misrepresentation to Chuck Muth, of Citizen Outreach

    1. LPN website – While I acknowledge that he improved the Libertarian Party of Nevada website, he also declared that the initial build was only “stage one”, and that six months down the line would be a “stage two”, and finally a “stage three” that would be greatly superior to the first setup. There was never any “stage two” or “stage three”. Over the past year, there were numerous requests made (by myself or other excomm members) to fix/adjust/improve parts of the website. One example was to adjust the main image on the main page. Stage two should have included replacing the one static image with a revolving series of liberty images. Another example was to modify the blog postings so to allow readers to sort (by author, for example). These were not addressed, and were apparently ignored. One reason why they were not addressed, in my opinion, is that I do not believe he has the ability to make such changes himself, despite being the “CEO of a website design firm”. When I first met Brett, he declared he owned his own website design firm, and was an expert at social media, etc. He had (a year ago) a few employees (who worked out of his home) but in a short time that had changed, and I believe he had no hired tech hands to do such work.

    2. Conservative/libertarian internet talk-show website – Last year, he promoted a grand new business plan he described as “just a few weeks from launch”. It was a website that would be a portal for conservative/libertarian talk radio shows. He introduced me to one couple who had their own radio program (internet based) and wanted the Libertarian Party of Nevada to have its own weekly program, with me as host. Brett assured me he would take on a major role in helping to produce the program. He repeatedly declared it was just a few weeks from “launch”.

    misc: “launch” – Launch is a word that most associate with NASA, and other major kickoffs that are planned well in advance (months, years, even decades). “Launch” to most people creates the impression that something is ready to run, and that “almost ready to launch” means “we’re very close to release and are only fine-tuning last details”. Brett has used the term “launch” so frequently over the past year that our excomm no longer takes his promises as authentic. Even worse, the project to be launched never gets launched. Often, there is no explanation for its failure. It just seems to be forgotten. A brainstormed idea can be forgotten (“oh well, it was a good idea at the time, but after thinking about it further, it’s not possible”). A plan that is heavily promoted and declared “ready to launch” cannot.

    3. Gigantic Email list – Last year he promoted that he had an email list of over 200,000 names (yes, two hundred thousand). This list has never been utilized in the service of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, and no evidence was ever provided of its existence.

    4. Monthly fundraiser at nightclubs – Last year he boasted of his former experience in the Las Vegas nightclub scene, and how he knew everyone in the industry. He promised to establish a monthly fundraiser for the Libertarian Party of Nevada at various high end nightclubs in town (ie. Tao). He said he had a liquor sponsor, and that the Libertarian Party of Nevada could earn $8000-12,000 for EACH event. I thought at the time that it seemed wildly unrealistic, but accepting him at his word (I take people at their word until evidence proves otherwise), I encouraged him to get it done. We never had a single event.

    5. 2012 Campaign websites – Promise of websites for our 2012 Congressional Candidates. Last year, before we had even nominated candidates for office, we discussed plans for the 2012 congressional campaigns the Libertarian Party of Nevada was supporting. We had two candidates for U.S. Congress (Nevada has 4 districts). Bill Pojunis (Brett’s dad) ran for District 1 and I ran for District 4. Without being solicited, Brett volunteered to produce the campaign websites for our campaigns. Ideally, the sites should have gone live the day of filing. Instead, we entered September and still had no websites for our campaigns! How does “the CEO of a website design firm” not have those websites live? Especially when he is an Officer of the state party? Still, I received almost 4% of the vote, a record for a Libertarian Congressional candidate in Nevada, and helped maintain ballot access for our state party. If my campaign had a strong website up the day of filing, I’m reasonably confident my results would have reached 5-10%. Had I not relied on Brett to get this done, I would have got it done myself. A successful team consists of members who can be counted on to do their job.

    6. Robocalls – Some years back, the former (Las Vegas) Clark County Libertarian Party (of which I was Chair for about 10 years) had purchased a computer and robo-dialing software to promote our events and campaigns. Since we didn’t have a brick-and-mortar party office, this equipment was operated from my home office. I had four phone lines installed that were exclusively used for this purpose. After I moved, this equipment was stored (thanks to me) but left unused for several years. Last year, I suggested that the LPN consider using this equipment to promote our party and the 2012 campaign. Brett was vocal in opposition, claiming he “knew a guy” that could make phone calls for just pennies a call. By the way, our old robo-dialing/computer setup could make FREE phone calls (with only the cost of a one-time installation fee for the phone lines, and a monthly phone line fee). I was overruled by the executive-committee (we really do work by consensus, I lobby hard for my position, but defer to my Team). Brett’s “guy” went AWOL, with months passing before he could even reach him. Even then, the plan evaporated and was never mentioned again. He’ll create great sounding ideas, announce he’ll get it done, and then it’ll fade into the forgotten promise-land.

    7. LPNevada Spokesperson claim – While Brett had the responsibility of maintaining state website, it was not done as expected. For example, the State Leadership page was not updated for many months after we had vacancies filled. After review by other committee members, it was noticed that the State Leadership page identified Brett as “Libertarian Party of Nevada Spokesperson”, a role he was never given. By default, the State Chairman or his designee is the Spokesperson for the Party. Neither the State Chairman, nor the Executive Committee delegated this role to Brett. He continues to misrepresent himself as Libertarian Party of Nevada spokesman, and he is not even currently a member of the Libertarian Party of Nevada!

    Other outrageous declarations – Brett has made promises that sometimes leave the listener incredulous. Here’s a few:

    8. 40 candidates for 2012! Last year Brett declared he would PERSONALLY bring 40 candidates for office to the LPNevada 2012 convention. He brought 1, if you count his father.

    9. 300 delegates to national convention! Brett told Wayne Allyn Root that he would bring 300 (three hundred!) delegates to the national convention. When I heard this from Wayne, I could only laugh. For those of us with even just a small degree of experience in the Libertarian Party, such promises are laughable. “I will personally bring 40 candidates to the convention” I’m always striving to recruit new people to run as candidates. The trouble is that most people are unqualified, or unrealistic, or uncommitted to the task. To find one quality candidate is a good find. To declare “I will personally bring 40 candidates to the convention” is foolish. I accepted the declaration much like the promise of running monthly high-end nightclub events that would bring in $8000 plus. I said, “Great! Make it happen.” He brought zero (unless you count his father)

    10. most recent candidate boast – His most recent boast is to bring 21 candidates to run for State Senate in 2014 and take over the legislature! How about you bring us one good candidate first?

    11. 2012 Libertarian Party of Nevada convention at the Chameleon – The Chameleon is an “after-hours” high-end nightclub that Brett secured for us as the venue for our 2012 state convention. He told our excomm that the owner (who was a former business associate of his) gave us the venue in exchange for Brett providing web services for her. Some time after the convention had passed, Joe Hassen (our State Treasurer at the time) had been told by this owner that she had been ripped off by Brett because he never delivered the website he had promised. Brett told us that this venue cost $200,000 a night! I don’t know if this was ever addressed by Brett, but it was another glaring incident that gave me pause. I felt (and feel) the image of the Libertarian Party of Nevada had been damaged by (what I consider) fraudulent promises made on our behalf.

    12. 5000 square foot office in SOHO, Manhattan – August 2012 – During the spring of 2012, after the campaign had officially begun (and I had yet to get a promised campaign website), Brett declared he was going to have “a 5000 sq ft office in SOHO”, and that he would be in New York City the first week of August. During the summer (which I spend in New York after my teaching year is done), I made plans to host a Gary Johnson for President – Joe Silvestri for Congress fundraiser. I have lots of family and friends back home who would support the effort. I also try and work with the local Libertarian Party whenever I’m back home. To this end, I scheduled this event for the first week of August when he declared he would be there. Initially, I was thinking we could host an event on Long Island, and one in New York City (at his supposed new SOHO office space). When I called him during the summer to discuss the plans, he had no recollection of saying he would be in New York during August. When I reminded him of this, he said, “I can be there if you want”. I hung up, and shook my head. By this time, I was beginning to have serious misgivings about Brett. Within a week or so, another incident became the “final straw that broke the camel’s back”.

    also – does Brett have a Washington D.C. office? – While his announced NYC-SOHO office didn’t come to pass, he promotes a phone contact in Washington D.C. Does he have an office in D.C.? Personally, I don’t think so. But it looks good on an email signature and serves to give the (I believe) false impression that he is the CEO of an powerful national company.

    13. money taken for website for friend – The final straw in my re-evaluation of Brett came after a new friend (a friend of an old friend) called me and basically said. “Hi Joe, I’m sorry to call you with this, but I know you and Brett are friends” (she didn’t realize my association with Brett was fairly recent) “but I have a problem that maybe you can help me with. I met Brett at the national convention and he promised to build me a website. I gave him $700 months ago and he has not done anything. I’ve called him and, at this point, I just want to get my money back. I feel like I’m getting the run-around and don’t know what else to do”. I called Bill (his dad) and he told me that she would have her money “by Friday”. That didn’t happen. My friend said that she was told that she’d then have her money the next week, by Tuesday. I called my friend LP California Chairman Kevin Takanaga and expressed my concerns because I had introduced Kevin to Brett and knew that they were friends (and now I believe business associates in Brett’s Double-the-LP enterprise) I expressed my concerns to Kevin (not yet aware of Brett and Kevin’s apparent business relationship). He asked if I had spoken to Brett. I recounted that I had already spoken with his father Bill and that I was content to wait to see if Brett paid my friend back by Tuesday. I specifically asked Kevin NOT to call Brett, but allow him to keep his promise without additional warnings. I believe Kevin did not do that, but that he made sure that Brett refunded the money because he had a financial stake in Brett’s success. My friend was paid back on Tuesday (only after she called Bill who finally arrived 40 minutes late with the money). I was left embarrassed (because a new friend trusted my failed judgement of Brett) and angered that a non-LP related business deal should affect me because of my Libertarian Party relationships.

    14. 2012 Campaign interference – A functional team needs to work together. This is why I support the election of a slate of state party Officers who can/will work together. For example, in England, the ruling party in Parliament works together to accomplish their goals. They don’t need to (and shouldn’t) work with the opposition. That is why they are the opposition. Different goals, different teams. While we are all “for liberty”, how we advance the fight is debatable. A successful football team has one play on the field. Each player doesn’t run their own play just because they don’t like the play given. Libertarians tend to hate taking orders, and some have a hard time working with a team because they can’t agree to put aside their own way and work with a group plan. Brett interfered with, and damaged both the Gary Johnson-Jim Gray campaign, as well as the congressional campaigns of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. I’ve already mentioned the non-fulfillment of the campaign websites he had promised. Had he not made such promises, I would have found my own way to get a website up. Instead, trusting Brett to be good to his word, my campaign lost untold votes. Notwithstanding, I still managed almost 4% of the vote, helped our party maintain ballot access, and received the highest vote total ever for a Libertarian Party congressional candidate in Nevada. If my campaign had a live website the day after filing for office (when it should have been “launched”), I strongly believe I would have received vote totals in the 5-10% range. Next time.

    More campaign damage – Jared Lord served as State Director of the Gary Johnson – Jim Gray campaign. Jared was selected by the Gary Johnson campaign, and the Libertarian Party of Nevada executive committee worked very well with him. Except for Brett that is. From the outset, Brett campaigned against Jared and stirred up ill-will and suspicious feelings. On numerous occasions he disregarded the organizational chain-of-command and created havoc with events. At one fundraising event for Judge Gray, Brett improperly brought our Vice-Presidential candidate into this unpleasant business. Judge Gray should not have had to deal with any struggles within the Libertarian Party of Nevada. He should have only needed to show up to an enjoyable successful fundraising event, and leave feeling positive and supported. Unfortunately, Brett did not help that endeavor, and only further damaged the campaign. It’s difficult enough trying to run a grassroots organization with little money/resources without rogue players upsetting the effort. He acts like the player who knows best and tries to get the team to run a different play then what the quarterback has called. This is a major reason why the executive-committee was prepared to remove him as an officer. We appointed him expecting he would work with, not against, the team. When his actions became increasingly damaging to the campaign, it became clear. We were better off without him.

    More campaign damage – Brett hijacked a Gary Johnson appearance to benefit his Double-the-LP website. Worse still, it took our candidate away from a large group at another campaign event the Libertarian Party of Nevada was supporting. (Nevada Wild Fest – Lili Claire Foundation charity event – big crowds over several days – LPNevada hosted a campaign booth at the front entrance) Rather than helping work the main campaign event for Gary Johnson, he drew support and media attention away from that appearance to his own event.
    And Brett’s actual “launch” of his “Double the LP” event was a mini-fiasco, fraught with technical difficulties. I believe the Double the LP website funnels money into Brett’s business, and that seems to be a major motivation for arranging this event at the same time as the Nevada Wild Fest – Lili Claire Foundation event. Brett heavily promoted a celebrity-studded event that touted minor-celebrities (like Reason’s Kennedy and Survivor victor Rupert Boneham). Neither showed at this event, and Brett apparently knew weeks in advance that they would not be present, yet continued to promote the event as if they were attending. This is called fraud. Children call it lying. When you say things you know are not true, that’s a lie. I’ve come to the conclusion that Brett lies to advance his position, and does so frequently. It’s one thing to “puff” a bit. It’s beyond salesmen-puffing when lies are continual, and large. Overpromising and underdelivering to the degree Brett has done over the last year raises serious concerns about trust. I have lost all trust in him.
    There are other incidents over the past year that have led me to this perspective that I will not mention here. I am not alone in my assessment, although I will not speak for my fellow Libertarian Party of Nevada executive committee officers, or others in the Libertarian Party of Nevada. They likely share some or all of my views, but you can speak to them personally and get their perspective. In Brett’s national attack on me (emailed to the LNC, and the national State Chairs’ email list), he resigned his position as Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. In this letter, he declared the I had made “four attempts” to remove him as Secretary. In truth, there was never an attempt. We were prepared to remove him as Secretary, and had discussed this issue amongst ourselves before he had finally resigned. Had he not resigned at the meeting he did, he would have been removed. That would have been the first and only attempt to remove him, and it would have succeeded. Since then, Brett has been trashing my name and the current Libertarian Party of Nevada executive committee, both in Nevada, and across the country. He’s free to do so, and I only offer my perspective here because many in the Libertarian Party know me (if not very well), and have the right to make their own judgements.

    Additional thoughts for consideration – Here’s a general assessment that I hope will lend perspective to what has been happening in Nevada. Brett is a self-described entrepreneur. He’s struggled for some time trying to make a successful business come to life. I don’t fault him for that. Most businesses fail. When I first met him, he was struggling to get several efforts off the ground. Within a few months, it appeared that financial support from his investors had dried up (his last few employees disappeared) and he began to see the Libertarian Party as a business opportunity. He would convert the national wellspring of discontent into profit. I don’t oppose making a profit, but your actions and commitment do come into question if they are all directed to that end. Earlier last year, Brett wanted the Libertarian Party of Nevada to award him a fundraising contract. We considered it, and were prepared to sign it (after legal review and some small changes), but we were united as a committee that Brett would have to resign his position as Secretary (we considered it a conflict of interest). Brett refused to resign, declaring that it was not a conflict of interest, and improperly recruited non-Nevada LP members to endorse his demand. Ultimately, the issues I detailed above brought the executive committee to the point of considering his removal. When it was clear that the executive committee would not approve his contract without him resigning his position as Secretary, he declared that he would move to elect a new executive committee. That is his right, but it helps explain his push to discredit me and the current officers.

    Offered for your information,

    Joseph P. Silvestri

    15. p.s. This past week, Citizen Outreach, headed by (small “l” libertarian ) Chuck Muth, issued this startling statement:

    Our new co-sponsor – joining Citizen Outreach and KDWN 720 AM – for this “conservative/libertarian” get-together is, appropriately enough, the new-and-improved Libertarian Party of Nevada.
    The LP’s Brett Pojunis is taking over most of the management of the event this year and will soon update/upgrade the website, social media, etc.

    To review: Brett is not currently an Officer for the Libertarian Party of Nevada, not its designated spokesman, and not even a member as of this writing!

    I had to call Chuck Muth to explain how he had been mislead. Sadly, its almost comical, except that such actions do not help us. How much of our energy is wasted on such counterproductive behavior? Brett seems to me much more of a self-promoter than someone genuinely working to promote the Libertarian Party.


    —–Original Message—–
    From: Brett H. Pojunis
    To: LNC Discussion ; LP-State Chairs
    Sent: Sun, Nov 25, 2012 6:08 pm
    Subject: [Statechairs] My Resignation from the LPNevada Executive Committee

    LNC and Statechairs,

    I would like to share with you my resignation letter from the LPNevada Executive Committee. This is a very hard decision for me to make and I am doing this because I want LPNevada to grow and succeed. Candidly, I am also sick of fighting.

    I have been informed there is going to be a vote to have me removed from the LPNevada Executive Committee tonight, this will be the 4th attempt to do so. I believe the votes are there, but no cause has been given. It has been expressed that the chair has given an ultimatum to the other 3 Executive Committee members that either he will quit or they vote me off. I could fight this on many different levels such as they are violating the bylaws and violating the procedures under Roberts Rules. However, I think it is more important that LPNevada moves forward so I am stepping down in the short term interest of the party.

    Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you for your time!


    Brett H. Pojunis
    Libertarian National Committee (LNC) – Region 4 Representative
    Libertarian Party of Nevada – Secretary & Executive Committee
    Young Libertarian National Alliance (YLNA) – Co-founder and Co-Chair
    702.325.7426 | Las Vegas Mobile
    202.505.3606 | Washington D.C. Mobile
    http://www.lpnevada.org/blog – LPNevada Blog

  40. Mobert Rilnes

    If only we had used the SFAS method–the Simpsons futurama alliance strategy, we could have won an Emmy for that episode.

  41. Darryl W. Perry

    @56 – residents are required to get a NH driver’s license (if they have one at all) and register any vehicles with the State of NH. Residents also declare that they are residents of NH.
    Inhabitants are domiciled within the State of New Hampshire, yet have legal residency elsewhere, if they claim a residency at all.

  42. Dennis

    Ever wonder how government killed culture in NYC?

    “Giuliani’s revolution was, in his eyes, a success, even though civil liberties and Constitutional rights were trampled upon to make it a reality. Even former Mayor Ed Koch, a one-time ally of the city’s millennial crusader, eventually slammed Rudy for his overly zealous crusade in the book Giuliani: Nasty Man.”

    Read the full blog at:


  43. Steven Berson

    via Modern Whig Party press release:


    On Thursday February 14th-Join Andrew Evans, T.J. O’Hara, and J.R. Martin as we talk about the State of the Union address and offer some Whig and Whiggish repsonses to the address.

    Andrew Evans is the National Chairman of the Modern Whig Party. T.J. O’Hara is a corporate turnaround expert, author, and former presidential candidate. J.R. Martin is the Wisconsin Whig state chairman and author of the award nominated book, Selling U.S. Out.

    Join us live at 4 pm eastern until 4:30 pm eastern or listen later via archive here at Blog Talk Radio or http://www.modernwhig.org

  44. Andy

    “Andy // Feb 7, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Jill, I posted a comment in last month’s open thread about Michael Badnarik’s new book, Secret to Sovereignty, yet still, nobody has posted about it as a news article. I thought that this would be newsworthy, but is a former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate authoring a new book not newsworthy?

    Read about it here:


    I’m really astounded that the response I’ve received on this topic so far would indicate that people here do not consider this to be a newsworthy topic.”

    I first posted news of former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik releasing a new book that he authored back in January. I figured that one of the writers here at IPR would post it as a story, yet this has not happened.

    I thought that a former Libertarian Party candidate for President releasing a new book would be news worthy. Apparently nobody who writes for IPR seems to care.

  45. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Andy, it’s not that we don’t care, it’s more a matter of other stories taking up our time.

    Why don’t you sign up to write?

  46. Andy

    “Jill Pyeatt // Feb 12, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    Andy, it’s not that we don’t care, it’s more a matter of other stories taking up our time.”

    Why did Julie Borowski get a story when Julie has never been a member of the Libertarian Party or any other minor party, or a campaign for an independent candidate?

    I know that Allah whatever guy already brought this up, but I’m bringing it up here again because a former LP Presidential candidate can’t get a story here when they author a new book, yet a person who has never been a part of any minor party or any campaign for an independent candidate, yet they get a story here.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Julie Borowski’s videos, and I think that she is a libertarian, but she is a small “l” libertarian who thinks that libertarians should work through the Republican Party.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that the purpose of this website was to provide news coverage about minor political parties (also known as “third” parties) and independent candidates.

    “Why don’t you sign up to write?”

    I thought about it a few times but I did not really want to be a writer here. Maybe I’ll change my mind at some point.

  47. Andy

    Julie Borowski on Gary Johnson’s campaign as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President:

  48. functional fillmore frugal

    “someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”

  49. Andy

    “functional fillmore frugal // Feb 12, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    Save America
    Functional Fillmore Frugal
    Cut the Budget, Now”

    Hmmmm, “f” is the 6th letter of the alphabet. I wonder if functional fillmore frugal has is a reference to 666.

    Man, there’s some real weirdos who pop up on these internet forums.

  50. functional fillmore frugal

    I am Concerned Citizen. I believe America will be functional if we mirror the modesty of the past and be frugal as we were before the anti-Americans seized power. Let’s be the rain that cleans up the streets; that cuts welfare; cuts handouts; and cuts all entitlements. We are the last hope

  51. Deran

    I’d like to again propose that IPR braoden who this blog is talking to, and include the unaffiliated socialist blog


    for inclusion in the side bar set of links to various blogs. Like other blogs listed at IPR, The North Star talks about a wide variety of topics of interest to socialists, but they also run very well written, and hotly debated in the comments, posts about electoral politics in the United States. I’ve posted a few links to articles at North Star abt electoral politics in the last couple months open threads.

  52. Concerned Citizen

    Mr. Andy, I spent a great deal of time coming up with the name Functional Fillmore Frugal. You have destroyed the movement by connecting it with Satanism. Just as you did when you refused to vote for Romney, you are helping to destroy America.

  53. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I believe they’re still in the second round of voting (by email). I expect that the winner will be selected this round, so we should know by next week.

  54. William Saturn

    Does anybody have any information on the identity of Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry? If you do or if you are Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry, please send me an e-mail at wssaturn@gmail.com

  55. George Phillies

    Good news from Nevada!

    James Libertarian Burns wins election

    Dear George,
    January 31, 2013, I was elected to the Beatty Water & Sanitation District commonly called the Water Board. I took the oath of office on February 7, 2013. Term Expires January 2015.

    James Libertarian Burns

  56. Deran

    It looks like Socialist Alternative is hoping to replicate the electoral momentum they built in Seattle with Kshama Sawant’s state legislative campaign last fall with a city council campaign in Minneapolis. And I think Minneapolis uses rank choice voting of some kind for municipal elections? I wonder if this will be help ful for the SA candaite Ty Moore?

    Minneapolis does have a Green Party leader, Cam Gordon, already on the City Council.


  57. just Libertarian

    It was revealed last night on “The Cleveland Show” that Cleveland’s mother is the five-time LP candidate for mayor of Stoolbend, Va.

  58. Darryl W. Perry

    I’d like to thank everyone who made the RELEASE PARTY for Voluntary Islam And Other Essays by Davi Barker the most successful one day e-book giveaway in FPP history! A total of 568 copies of the Kindle edition of the book were downloaded in 24 hours causing the book to climb to #708 among free kindle books. Let’s keep that momentum going with actual sales of the physical book AND more sales of the Kindle edition. I have a feeling that Voluntary Islam can become the most popular liberty-oriented book to be published outside of the major publishing companies.

    A breakdown of the 568 downloads:
    Amazon.com – 547
    Amazon.co.uk – 14
    Amazon.de – 3
    Amazon.ca – 1
    Amazon.co.jp – 1
    Amazon.fr – 1

  59. Mark Axinn

    @85 and 86.

    I believe the second round of voting for LNC Secretary closed about 2 hours ago.

    If anyone has updated information, pls. advise.

  60. Dennis

    @42, That video was wonderful–what an intelligent, classy individual Harry Browne was, a true advocate of peace and rational thought. This video should be shown to anyone who believes Eric Dondero deserves even a modicum of respect—which he doesn’t.

  61. Andy

    “Dennis // Feb 21, 2013 at 12:17 am

    @42, That video was wonderful–what an intelligent, classy individual Harry Browne was, a true advocate of peace and rational thought. This video should be shown to anyone who believes Eric Dondero deserves even a modicum of respect—which he doesn’t.”


  62. From Der Sidelines

    @101: No, he’s just a Pastafarian. Advocating for freedom of religion alone doesn’t necessarily make him a libertarian.

    However, seeing him drive the theocrats in the CP nuts would be quite entertaining… 😛

  63. FAN of Dr. Stan

    I handled hundreds of signals to all parts of the Soviet Union which were couched in the following form:
    “To N.K.V.D., Frunze. You are charged with the task of exterminating 10,000 enemies of the people. Report results by signal.–Yezhov.”

    And in due course the reply would come back:

    “In reply to yours of such-and-such date, the following enemies of the Soviet people have been shot.”

    —-Former Soviet Spy-Chief Vladimir Petrov

    DEKA-MEGAMURDERERS: http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/MEGA.HTM

    Never doubt my friends the battle for LIBERTY is a very serious matter in these current times. RESIST the gungrabbers at ALL costs……..

  64. Darryl W. Perry

    NHLP convention video:


    The three co-chairs, Ian Freeman, Darryl W. Perry and Conan Salada, were all re-elected. The party officially joined the Ballot Access Fairness Coalition, a new group formed in NH for the purposes of lobbying for ballot access reform in the State of New Hampshire.

    The three co-chairs are running for Keene School Board and were officially nominated by the party in their non-partisan election.

  65. Darryl W. Perry

    Unfortunately there is no audio in the video linked above – there was another camera in the room filming the entire convention – that video will be uploaded soon.

  66. Andy

    “Darryl W. Perry // Feb 23, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    NHLP convention video:


    The three co-chairs, Ian Freeman, Darryl W. Perry and Conan Salada, were all re-elected. The party officially joined the Ballot Access Fairness Coalition, a new group formed in NH for the purposes of lobbying for ballot access reform in the State of New Hampshire.

    The three co-chairs are running for Keene School Board and were officially nominated by the party in their non-partisan election.”

    Didn’t you guys form another party called the New Hampshire Liberty Party? Is this for the New Hampshire Liberty Party or the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire?

  67. Starchild

    Darryl – I watched the video of the meeting/convention, and noticed the following bylaw mentioned:

    Article 3, Section 7 – “No candidate shall be endorsed by the NHLP state committee who is not a member of the party”.

    The convention further added the additional language that, “all candidates nominated or endorsed must be members of the NHLP.”

    Can the New Hampshire Liberty Party guarantee that the best, most pro-freedom candidate in any particular race will always be a member of the NHLP? It seems to me that no such guarantee is possible. A hypothetical future candidate could be strongly pro-freedom, possess excellent qualifications, be a person of unquestioned integrity, etc., and not belong to the NHLP for any number of valid reasons.

    So why would the NHLP want to set up conditions that could prevent it from endorsing such a candidate?

    From my experience in the Libertarian Party, I’ve observed that there seems to be a strong natural tendency, among party members writing party rules, to operate on the assumption that “the good” is always going to be synonymous with “the party”. But this is dangerous, because *any* organization can go astray over time, and they often do!

    I assume members of the Liberty Party believe that to be true of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party, or else they would not have started this new, presumably more radical pro-freedom party.

    Meanwhile the NH Libertarian Party likely has some rules in place that restrict itself, and/or its members, from fully supporting/endorsing the Liberty Party candidates running for the school board in Keene, even though they are probably the most pro-freedom candidates in that race. I expect that whoever wrote those Libertarian Party rules believed at the time that by doing so they were acting in the best interests of freedom, but I expect Liberty Party members would agree that present circumstances suggest that has not always turned out to be the case.

    Therefore it would be sadly ironic for the Liberty Party to go down the same mistaken path of presuming that its candidates will always be the best, most pro-freedom candidates, and that no others will ever be deserving of their party’s support.

    I recommend therefore that the Liberty Party consider scrapping the language cited above, and instead writing its bylaws so as to recognize that what’s good is “whatever advances the cause of freedom” or “whatever is in the best interests of the libertarian movement”, since that movement by definition is whichever groups and individuals are consciously seeking to advance freedom at any given point in time.

    Personally, I confess that I don’t see a need for the Liberty Party, and would encourage its members to join the New Hampshire Libertarian Party and try to keep that party as radically pro-freedom as possible. But if you’re not going to do that, for heaven’s sakes don’t reinvent a bumpy wheel! If you’re going to be radical, then be radical. Don’t just create another organization engineered to put its own organizational interests ahead of the cause that you believe in.

  68. NewFederalist

    I wonder when Paulie plans to return to this site? When he is gone he is sorely missed.

  69. Darryl W. Perry

    @Starchild – “Can the New Hampshire Liberty Party guarantee that the best, most pro-freedom candidate in any particular race will always be a member of the NHLP? It seems to me that no such guarantee is possible.”
    Nor can there be any guarantee that there is even a pro-freedom candidate in any race.

    The reason behind the bylaw requiring anyone nominated or endorsed by the party to be a member of the party is to make sure that all NHLP candidates support the platform (a requirement for joining the party). The first plank of the platform is secession – something the LPNH does not explicitly support.

    The NH Liberty Party was formed to be a secessionist party, something that did not exist in NH.

  70. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I talked to Paulie this week. I think he’ll be back. I understand he’s had issues accessing the Internet, but this is just temporary.

  71. Starchild

    Darryl @118 – If that is the purpose of the Liberty Party rules I mentioned is to ensure that any candidates it endorses support the right to secede, then I would encourage party members to revise their bylaws to say so directly.

    You could delete the above-referenced language and add a rule that simply states, “Only candidates who explicitly support the right to secede shall be nominated or endorsed by the NHLP” or something to that effect.

    That way you won’t inadvertently preclude yourselves from the possibility of endorsing Libertarians or others who support secession and are the most pro-freedom candidates in their races solely on the basis of failure to join a particular organization.

    Is there anything in the platform of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party opposing secession? I would hope not, since the right to secede is an important libertarian principle.

    If it is simply a matter of that right not being specifically affirmed by the NH Libertarian Party, I can understand why Liberty Party members would be disappointed, but if that is the case I would encourage your group to try to get such a platform plank added rather than to split over what ought to be a rectifiable shortcoming.

  72. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Hey guys I have two radio shows broadcast on LibertyMovementRadio.com so far. Both have substantial coverage of 3rd parties so far. Here are the archives on YouTube.

    First show:

    Second show:

    Can you guys listen to them, and tell me what you think of them? And if you like them, could you put them in an IPR article? I don’t want to do some shameless promotion for myself, lol. It would be MUCH appreciated. In the first show I talk a lot about 3rd parties in general and second show is about left libertarians. Hope you guys will find them interesting!

    Also, please like the Facebook page for my radio show, The Lesiak Report:


  73. NewFederalist

    “Some days being in the Libertarian party is simply discouraging.”

    Very true. And those are the GOOD days! How could such a great idea get so derailed? >:(

  74. Arizona_Citizen

    ANYONE interested in organizing a third party campaign in Arizona Congressional District 9, please contact me.

  75. Arizona_Citizen

    Arizona Citizens in CD #9 need a congressional candidate that will respresent them in 2014 Election.

  76. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    CC @ 133: Bite your tongue!! Newt Send-People-to-Space Gingrich as a Libertarian??? It isn’t April Fools Day yet!

  77. Not a libertarian

    The New Hampshire Liberty Party has appropriated the logo of the Liberal Democratic Party of the UK.

    The NHers cut off about half of of the bird, making the it one-winged and butt-naked but it’s recognizably the same image with the same color and everything.


    Odd choice. Deliberate or just lazy?


    Golden State will be Performing at the Free & Equal “United We Stand” Festival in Little Rock, Arkansas

    “If ever you can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required: young people would have to be involved and you would need music.” – Dr. Ron Paul

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    Golden States’ powerful music includes the anthem “Bombs” which became an inspiration for many to support for Dr. Ron Paul’s message to end the wars. “Bombs” shares the message that peaceful and united citizens have the power to cause monumental change, including ending the wars.

    Golden State is the first of many honest musicians to step forward and guide the movement through powerful, heartfelt music. Free & Equal’s mission is to unite and encourage honest musicians like Golden State and also honest leaders, authors, comedians, artists and more to create a strong, unified message of peace and prosperity.

    During the podcast, James Grundler, lead singer of Golden State, points out that music can reach those who are disaffected and disheartened by politics: “We’re not going to use a politician’s name or use the word ‘Congress’ because all that does is limit you. But if you can make it more poetic more people can catch on and the message can be shared with more people.” By using music, more people can be reached with the fundamental message of peace and prosperity, which stands above and apart from any specific politician.

    This message is the Free & Equal message about an open, transparent world where power is not in the hands of special interests; a world where new solutions and ideals take precedence over the corrupt ways of the past. And in Golden State, that message has a powerful supporter.

    Hear more from James Grundler and Christina Tobin about the importance of honest musicians and the role they play in the movement.

    The exact location and date for “United We Stand” Festival is to be announced soon!

    Warmest Regards,

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    PS: Please consider making a donation, because with your contribution we can make this an epic event.

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  79. paulie

    Posting as comment so I can grab HTML for article:

    Green Party candidates to watch in April 2013 elections

    • Barbara Davis for Common Council in Madison, WI
    • Dean Loumos for School Board in Madison, WI
    • LeAlan Jones for U.S. House in Chicago, IL
    • Perry Redd for At-Large Council Member in Washington, DC
    • Green candidate database and campaign information:

    WASHINGTON, DC — Several Green Party candidates are drawing attention
    for their campaigns in local elections that will take place in April
    2013. The candidates are profiled below.

    “The Green vision for people, peace, and the planet is more needed
    than ever — and it’s gaining traction at the local level. Green
    officeholders are leading the charge for good-wage green jobs, for
    conservation, clean renewable energy and recycling, for local
    agriculture, well-funded public schools, rolling back tuition at
    public colleges and universities, for fareless public transportation,
    making corporations and the wealthy pay their share, supporting
    immigrant rights, and protecting forests, fisheries, open space, and
    the climate. Green officeholders have proven over and over that we can
    win local races. Green ideas work, and we are making life better for
    our communities and beyond,” said Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2012
    presidential nominee.

    The Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala campaign is currently holding Green
    Campaign Schools to build Green candidates’ campaign skills and help
    them win elections

    See also the Green Party’s Candidates Page
    (http://www.gp.org/elections/candidates/index.php) and Officeholders
    Page (http://www.gp.org/elections/officeholders/index.php).

    • DEAN LOUMOS (http://deanforschools.org) is running for Seat 3 in the
    April 2 general election for the Madison Metropolitan School District
    and BARBARA DAVIS (http://www.davisforalder.com) is running for
    District 3 Alder in the Madison Common Council in Wisconsin.

    “As a teacher, I understand the importance of listening to all the
    voices of constituents in my district and representing their concerns
    fairly,” said Barbara Davis. “I will work to empower neighborhood
    associations to participate in the city’s political process. I will
    also strive to advocate for greater transparency in the city decision
    making process and to ensure that city plans, neighborhood plans and
    ordinances are respected and applied when considering new projects.”

    “As the parent of two children who attended the Madison schools, as a
    part-time teacher who taught within them, and as a concerned citizen
    and local activist, I will fight to protect our schools, our students,
    and our teachers and staff, from those who fail to see the value in an
    exemplary education, in respect and support for teachers and staff,
    and in providing adequate resources and infrastructure for real
    learning to take place,” said Mr. Loumos.

    Barbara Davis grew up in Madison and has served as a public school
    teacher since 1995. She is a volunteer and teacher for Literacy
    Network. She is former President of the St Louis Foreign Language
    Teachers Association and a member of the Oregon Teachers Association
    and of Capital Area UniServ-NORTH (affiliated with the National
    Education Association and Wisconsin Education Association Council).
    She was the sponsor of a large student council for ten years, leading
    students in a wide variety of service projects for the elderly and

    For ten years, Dean Loumos taught Alternative Programs for students in
    residential drug treatment, working with their local schools to
    maintain their current classes and assisted them in earning credit
    towards graduation. He also taught Basic Educational skills and GED
    test prep at the Dane County Jail for one year and assisted 35 inmates
    in attaining their GED while incarcerated. He taught for three years
    in the Madison Metropolitan School District “School Within A School”
    program at LaFollette High. For the last 17 years, Mr. Loumos has
    worked as the Executive Director of Housing Initiatives, Inc., an
    award winning non-profit housing agency that provides permanent
    housing to people who suffer from mental illnesses.

    Several other Green candidates are also running strong Common Council
    campaigns in Madison’s April 2 election: Ledell Zellers in District 2
    (http://ledellz.com), Christian Hansen in District 8
    (http://www.facebook.com/VotersForHansen), Leslie Peterson in District
    12 (https://www.wepay.com/donations/leslie-for-alder), and Hawk
    Sullivan in District 15 (http://www.voteforhawk.com).

    See also:
    Facebook page for the Barbara Davis campaign

    • LEALAN M. JONES (http://www.lealanforcongress.org) is the Green
    Party’s candidate for the U.S. House in Chicago and Cook County,
    Illinois (2nd District) in the April 9 special election.

    For a video profile of Mr. Jones, in which he talks about running for
    Congress in Chicago, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9b0JIDzFas

    When Mr. Jones ran as a Green in the 2010 election for the US Senate
    in Illinois, he drew equal support from McCain and Obama voters.
    During this race, an NBC commentator declared Mr. Jones the winner of
    a debate in which he wasn’t allowed to participate

    In 1993, 13-year-old LeAlan Jones made headlines with his WBEZ-FM
    documentary “Ghetto Life 101” which he made with 14-year-old Lloyd
    Newman and producer David Isay. His honest portrayal of life on
    Chicago’s south side earned him worldwide acclaim. He followed up his
    success with a tragic investigation into the murder of a five-year-old
    boy in a Chicago housing project entitled “Remorse: the 14 Stories of
    Eric Morse,” for which he became the youngest recipient of the Peabody
    Award and Robert F. Kennedy Grand-Prize. Just before the 2008
    election, Mr. Jones produced a follow-up to his first documentary for
    the BBC World Service called “Out of the Ghetto.” He is currently a
    linebackers coach at Chicago’s Simeon High School.

    See also:
    Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LeAlan-M-Jones/131328860221800

    • PERRY REDD (http://www.redd4council.com) is the DC Statehood Green
    Party’s candidate in a special election for At-Large Member of City
    Council in Washington, DC on April 23, 2013. He is competing against
    six Democrats and one Republican in the nonpartisan race, which will
    fill the seat vacated by Phil Mendelson, who was elected to Council
    Chair in 2012.

    “We are running to seize this opportune time for change — change to
    repair relationships with the people, change to gain confidence in our
    leadership, and change to include the voices muted by our government.
    We aim to do it different and get it right!” said Mr. Redd. “It’s time
    for true democracy on our City Council.”

    “I recall when Mayor Vincent Gray ran for office, he coined the phrase
    ‘One City’… That hasn’t panned out, not necessarily because he
    didn’t want it to, but because he allowed more of the same: political
    corruption and cronyism, disregard for the city residents and
    maintaining wealth disparity,” he added.

    The DC Statehood Green Party has major party status and ballot access
    in Washington, DC. In 2012 and other recent elections, Statehood Green
    candidates have collectively received more votes than Republican
    candidates, leading many to call Statehood Greens “DC’s Second Party”
    in terms of election day numbers.

    Perry Redd mentors men on their return from incarceration and has
    testified on numerous occasions before DC City Council on behalf of
    Returning Citizens. He has campaigned against DC’s coming Walmarts,
    which degrade working people, in the “Respect DC” campaign and has
    served on WPFW-FM’s Community Advisory Board for three years. Mr. Redd
    currently hosts the Internet radio show Socially Speaking
    (http://socialspeaks.podomatic.com) and pens the weekly syndicated
    column “The Other Side of the Tracks”

    See also:
    “Perry Redd, endorsed by DC Statehood Green Party, runs for At-Large
    Member of Council in the Washington, DC special election on April 23”
    (DC Statehood Green Party press release, Feb. 6,
    Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Redd4Council

    Green campaigns are also underway for elections to be held later in
    2013. In Pennsylvania, York County Green Bill Swartz
    (http://www.swartzforyork.com) will compete for the 95th District
    Auditor General seat in a special election on May 21. He has been
    endorsed by the Green Party of Pennsylvania.

    Cam Gordon and Annie Young are running for reelection in Minneapolis,
    Minnesota: Mr. Gordon for his third term as Ward 2 member of City
    Council (http://www.camgordon.org) and Ms. Young for Citywide Park
    Commissioner (http://www.annieyoung.net). In Ohio, seven Greens have
    declared their candidacies for the November 5 general election, with
    two candidates, Susie Beiersdorfer and Terry Esarco, participating in
    a contested Green primary on May 5 for Youngstown City Council
    President (http://ohiogreens.org/candidates).


    Green Party of the United States http://www.gp.org
    • Green candidate database and campaign information:
    • News Center http://www.gp.org/newscenter.shtml
    • Speakers Bureau http://www.gp.org/speakers
    • Ballot Access Page http://www.gp.org/2012/ballot-access.html
    • Video Page http://www.gp.org/video/index.php
    • Green Papers http://www.greenpapers.net/
    • Discussion Forum https://secure.gpus.org/secure/GreenPartyForum
    • Google+ http://www.gp.org/google
    • Twitter http://twitter.com/gpus
    • Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus
    • GP-TV Twitter page http://www.gp.org/twitter
    • Facebook page http://www.gp.org/facebook

    Green Pages: The official publication of record of the Green Party of
    the United States

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