Libertarian Party Looking for Writers to Help Build Their Social Media Operations

I just found this on Facebook, and thought perhaps some of our readers would be interested in applying.

Two volunteer teams for Libertarian writers who want to help build our social media operations:

1. Write tweets for the LPNational Twitter:

2. Write 300-500 word LP Solutions for Facebook and


Update:  Chuck Moulton posted this in comment 2.  I missed it on Facebook  yesterday, but this includes far more information.

Fellow Freedom Fighters:

Our social media efforts are growing, and there are now several ways to get involved with the LP’s social media outreach. If you join a group, please read the welcome letter that can be found in the “files” section of the group.

Libertarian Solutions Writing Team: Write 300-500 word Libertarian Solutions to current political situations (e.g.: the libertarian way to improve education, ending the war on drugs. Some video examples here: Effective ones may be posted on this facebook page or at To join this team:

LP Twitter Team: Write clever, catchy, viral tweets. The best ones will be used for the LPNational twitter.

Liberty Counterstrike: Spread the message of Liberty on non-libertarian pages. For example: Democratic and Republican pages, gun control and drug pages, etc. The goal of this group is not to pointlessly troll the way Republican and Democratic “strategists” do on this page, but to politely and effectively introduce the ideas of liberty.

LP vs. Corporatism (New, and high priority): Find specific examples of crony capitalism, corruption, and special favors to politically connected groups. For example: The current ban on 64 oz sodas in NYC does not apply to big stores like 7-11, but it does apply to small businesses. Because many small businesses are minority owned, the NAACP is helping to fight against this law in court. Join here:

Organize large social media efforts, often working with different teams: The LP Social Media Leadership Team:

Design & Develop content for Facebook (like the images and memes we post): This one is for designers, cartoonists, motion graphics experts, copywriters, short essay writers, and researchers to collaborate to produce hard-hitting, fact-based, powerful content, viral ad campaigns, etc. To join the LP Social Media Marketing Team, go here:

And finally, the LP Social Media Ambassadors: Send welcome messages to new members of the Facebook page. To join, please contact (Also, if you joined recently and haven’t seen your welcome message, please look under the “other” folder under messages.)


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