Local Green Party endorses Long Island peace march

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Peace symbolA March for Peace and Justice:
Resisting the Culture of Violence

Saturday, March 30, 2013

12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Port Jefferson Village, Suffolk County,
Long Island, New York

Join us as we peacefully assemble and march:

· Calling for an immediate and true end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

· Mourning the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, both military and civilians.

· Condemning the killing of innocent civilians by unmanned U.S. drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere.

· Demanding that the more than $2 billion a week spent on illegal wars be diverted instead to fund jobs, education, health care, veterans’ services and other urgent needs at home.

· Resisting the perpetual war agenda of corporations reaping enormous profits from war-making.

Event will take place rain or shine.

Assemble at 12:15 at intersection of Rt. 112 (Main St.) and Rt. 25A (blinking light, across from ferry) in Port Jefferson Village. White “death masks” will be provided to those who wish to wear them. Signs will be supplied, or bring your own. Please wear black if possible.

March concludes at starting point with a solemn reading of the names of Long Island troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SPEAKERS: Mac Bica, Veterans for Peace Long Island; Ariel Flajnik, Hofstra University senior & LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives Program Assistant; Cathy Leahy, One Billion Rising; Charlotte Koons, CodePink Long Island; and Bill McNulty, North Country Peace Group.

Sponsored by the NORTH COUNTRY PEACE GROUP and endorsed by Bellport and Sayville Women in Black; CodePink LI; Franciscan Brothers of the Little Portion Friary; Great Neck SANE/Peace Action; Green Party of Suffolk; Interfaith Alliance- LI Chapter; LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives; LI Food Not Bombs; LI Teachers for Human Rights; MoveOn Long Island; Pax Christi LI; Peace Action New York State; PeaceSmiths; Share International U.S.; Social Justice Committee of UUCSR; South Country Peace Group; Suffolk Peace Network; Veterans for Peace LI.

For information, contact: ncpeaceg@gmail.com

For information contact: ncpeaceg AT gmail DOT com

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14 thoughts on “Local Green Party endorses Long Island peace march

  1. Dave Terry

    So, WHY such short notice????

    I’d HATE to think that it was because you didn’t want to share the street (and publicity) with OTHER political persuasions.

    Would someone from the L.P and the C.P. Please notify their affiliates on Long Island, ASAP!

  2. Kimberly Wilder


    That is what volunteer activist love…people who, when an activist does hard work, ask them why they did not do it sooner!

    Oh, well.

    The peace group’s call for endorsements has been out on the peace lists awhile. I just got around to another round of publicity today. Too busy with Passover and Easter duties, I suppose.

    I am registered “independent”. But, I used to be Green Party, and still lean that way. Would be cool to see some local Libertarians endorsing peace events. Some of the Long Island Libertarians do come to peace gatherings.

  3. Dave Terry

    Sorry Kimberly, I didn’t intend to sound rude.
    I just know how long it takes for folks to arrange to attend these affairs.

    THANK YOU, for your efforts. REALLY!!!!

    Dave Terry, Libertarian in Oregon

  4. Mark Axinn


    Send me link and I will post on LI Libertarian sites.

    Of course we agree on most of this. Only Democrats and Republicans oppose peace.

  5. Mark Axinn


    Both Kimberly and Gigi live in Suffolk County on ong Island.

    I just publicized the event on local and statewide meet-up and yahoo listserves.


    Hope you have a terrific turnout.

    All —

    Port Jeff. is a beautiful spot on the north shore of LI about 60 miles east of NYC. The ferry from Bridgeport CT lands there.

  6. paulie

    Hope you have a terrific turnout.


    Port Jeff. is a beautiful spot on the north shore of LI about 60 miles east of NYC.

    I used to live just south of there.

  7. Kimberly Wilder

    Thanks for the understanding, Dave Terry. Glad we are all on the same page.

    I was off-line last night, and pleased that Mark Axinn and Paulie got things done.

    It would be nice to meet Gigi. If someone wants to give her my e-mail or phone number, please feel free to do so. I don’t think I have been introduced to her before. Though, we may have met in passing, I guess.

  8. paulie

    pleased that Mark Axinn and Paulie got things done.

    I haven’t done anything except comment here.

    It would be nice to meet Gigi. If someone wants to give her my e-mail or phone number, please feel free to do so. I don’t think I have been introduced to her before. Though, we may have met in passing, I guess.

    I’ll send you both an email.

  9. Kimberly Wilder

    LOL! Paulie, you underestimate yourself (and overestimate what other people do). Mark asked for a link, I did not see the request, and you posted the link in the comments. That kept the ball rolling.

    Much appreciation for the energy you give to this site, and for answering stray questions.


  10. Gigi Bowman

    Hi Kim, It has been posted and I’m sure some of our members of the Suffolk County Libertarian Party and the group we have Save Long Island will attend. I probably won’t because I have a show to do tomorrow on Next News Network.

    Here are some links so you can join our groups and if you have any upcoming events let us know and we will post them.

    Suffolk County Libertarian Party
    Save Long Island http://www.meetup.com/SavelongIsland/

  11. Kimberly Wilder

    Hello, Gigi,

    I don’t like to join stuff. (I think it is my Libertarian streak.) So, I don’t do meet-up. Also, I would ruin my rep as a (mostly) greenie.


    Could you possibly e-mail me to be in touch? And, let me know if there are any good, local message boards or list-serves?

    Kimberly Wilder

    votewilder AT yahoo DOT com

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