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Brett H. Pojunis Reports on Last Saturday’s Non-Convention Event

Found on Facebook

To the members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada Executive Committee, State Leaders in Region 4, Libertarian State Leadership Alliance, and members of the Libertarian National Committee;

Libertarian National Committee: Please give us a fair Convention in Nevada!

We respectfully request that the Libertarian National Committee host, facilitate, credential, and oversee a fair, legal, and Libertarian convention for the Libertarian Party of Nevada during the July 2013 National Committee meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

The LPNevada Executive Committee has indefinitely postponed the 2013 LPNevada State convention five (5) days prior to the convention! This has inconvenienced many members who had taken time off work, had plans already to travel to Las Vegas and rearranged their schedules to be able to participate in the convention.

Overview of our meeting on Saturday April 27th, 2013:

Concerned members of the LPNevada held a meeting next door to the original convention site at the J.W. Marriott Spa and Resort. We paid for the costs of the meeting space ourselves and took some donations from people who showed up. The meeting was very professional and the venue was fantastic.

We started the meeting by discussing why this was not a Convention and just a meeting. We did not have any intentions of hosting a “Rump Convention” as the LPNevada accused me of last week while making very negative claims against me in the process. Having a Convention would have caused more harm than good.


We printed up the attached document titled “2013 Strategic Operations Game Plan To Effectively Develop and Build the Libertarian Party in Nevada” This document, was printed and bound with a clear plastic cover and a nice hard cover back. Please review it as there is a lot of information. The document was broken up in the following main sections:
Solutions to building a Strong and Sustainable LPNevada
LPNevada Membership Decline & Projections
Our Candidates for the 2013 – 2015 LPNevada Executive Committee
Recent Activities from Our Slate
Topics of Discussion – This was for our Saturday meeting
Petition to LPNevada and LNC.
We had a starting point prepared by Tim Hagan, David Colborne, Lou Pombo and myself.
The group discussed the goals and voted on each line item together, then it was printed and each member present signed it.
Purpose of the Libertarian Party
Strategy Session – Building the Libertarian Party in Nevada

I feel we had a very productive meeting! The takeaway is that we are going to start setting up working groups and building the Libertarian Party IN Nevada! We will not sit idle while we wait for another convention or for National to take action. There are too many productive things we can do to grow the party now.

During the meeting we constructed a Petition to the LPNevada Executive Committee and the Libertarian National Committee. The petition is attached to this email with 33 signatures on it. Many more signatures are coming! We are working on getting the video from the meeting online. I have attached a few images to this email from the meeting. Please take this petition very seriously. The vast majority of the LPNevada membership is extremely upset at current leadership. They are clearly in violation of our Bylaws and no affiliate should be able to do what they are doing. Candidates who wish to run in the 2014 Elections must be selected my the membership of LPNevada at our convention in the beginning of March 2014. If we do not have a timely convention in 2013 this will hurt the 2014 election cycle. We have to give notice for our 2014 convention in December 2013. This does not allow enough time for us to recruit candidates nor build the infrastructure we need to win elections!

On a separate note, the LPNevada utilized the space reserved for the convention for a private function that only a select few members of LPNevada were invited to. When we showed up no one from the Executive Committee had the courage to speak with us and they had security escort us off property which was very embarrassing to our membership. Our group was very respectful and professional (it is all on camera) and did not do anything other than ask questions to ensure they were not holding a convention of their own. The actions of the LPNevada Executive Committee were in very bad taste.

We request a prompt response and immediate action!

Brett H. Pojunis

The text of the petition can be read here .

More information about this dispute can be read  here and  here .

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About Post Author

Jill Pyeatt

Jill Pyeatt is a small-business owner and jewelry designer from Southern California. She currently serves on the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of CA. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt June 12, 2013

    Found on Facebook. I don’t think this warrants its own article until we get a’ yay’ or ‘nay’ from the LNC as to including Mr. Pojunis on their agenda.“Brett H. Pojunis toLibertarian Party of Nevada

    I am going to keep you updated on everything with the Nevada situation. After the Agenda item email went out and was accepted by our Chariman, the board started making statements that the LNC should NOT get involved.

    Unfortunately, I am forced to shake things up. I am waiting on permission to forward some emails from the board members, but in the interim, here is my responce. FYI – I am not going to have a lot of friends on the LNC when we are done with this so I am really going to need your support. Everything we have done will be worthless if we do not have 80 plus people show up in support of us at the LNC meeting.

    My email:

    Mr. Chair,

    May I forward your comment to our membership?

    LNC – Let me speak plainly… You, we, will lose the overwhelming majority of our Nevada membership if we do nothing. Is that plain enough for you???

    If we want to be taken seriously, we have to lead by example. You should get involved in EVERY issue that effects the majority of members in a state. You want cause, there are many different bylaws violations right now plus the cancellation of the State Convention because they didn’t have the votes, is that Libertarian? What more do you need? Is that how we want people to view our organization?

    When an affiliate of the Libertarian Party is not operating in a professional manner, WE MUST DO SOMETHING OR THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION SUFFERS! Additionally, this is not a factional thing where When there are states that have factional problems that are 40% vs. 60% or even 35% vs. 65% maybe we shouldn’t get involved. When you have a Tyrant with 8-10 followers versus a group that has done everything right and is over 80 people strong, then that is a problem.

    If you do not get involved I promise you this will not stop in Nevada because we will demonstrate how weak and spineless this board is and it will send the message that states can do whatever they want. It is already happening. Set prescience in Nevada to stop the nonsense Nationally.

    Brett H. Pojunis”

  2. David Colborne David Colborne May 2, 2013

    Note that the Statement of Principles deals exclusively with the government, while the remainder of the National bylaws deals with the operation of the National LP. There might be room for disaffiliation if there are financial shenanigans that inhibit the National LP’s ability to use GAAP, but beyond that, explicit “causes” are few and far between.

  3. David Colborne David Colborne May 2, 2013

    The interpretation, as I understand it, is that “cause” is only those items explicitly listed in the bylaws, particularly Article 6, Clause 4:

    No affiliate party shall endorse any candidate who is a member of another party for public office in any partisan election. No affiliate party shall take any action inconsistent with the Statement of Principles or these Bylaws.

    Basically, Geoff’s argument is that, if the LNC attempts to revoke affiliation for any reason not listed in the above clause, they’re exceeding their authority by inventing “causes” that don’t exist in the bylaws.

  4. Warburton Trevonius Folsom Warburton Trevonius Folsom May 2, 2013

    That doesn’t seem right. The bylaws say that affiliates have to be disaffiliated for cause, not what the cause may or may not be. What if some nazis or communists or someone like that takes over a state LP and runs their own candidates as Libertarians? What if a branch is taken over by NAMBLA or people that want to put bestiality legalization as their #1 issue? There are all kinds of reasons that could potentially constitute cause other than cross endorsements.

    As protection for affiliates, they can appeal any disaffiliation to the judicial committee.

    I don’t understand how Mr. Neale arrives at his interpretation.

  5. David Colborne David Colborne May 2, 2013

    Current status:

    No word from LP Nevada in response to petition, which isn’t surprising. During last night’s LNC Executive Committee call, it was made clear that Geoff did not believe the LNC had the power to disaffiliate unless a state affiliate violates the one and only cause listed in the LP bylaws for censuring a state affiliate, namely, endorsing a candidate for another Party (I viewed this as a warning shot across LPWA’s bow).

  6. Mike McDonald Mike McDonald May 2, 2013

    I don’t think it really matters, since their event was not an LP event after all. It would have only been interesting if they tried to hold a convention after announcing it had been cancelled.

  7. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood May 1, 2013

    Don’t you mean start the endless bland music on hold you hear when calling to get technical support?

  8. Rev fatsax Rev fatsax April 30, 2013

    Begin jeopardy theme……..

  9. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt Post author | April 30, 2013

    The offer remains for Mr. Silvestri or anyone from his group to send us a report or comments about their event. Please send to, or to any of the other writers.

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