Constitution Party Of Illinois Now Has Its First Elected Official

On April 9th, municipal elections were held throughout the state of Illinois. In Lake County (the county directly north of Cook County, where Chicago is located), the Constitution Party of Illinois elected its first officeholder in the party’s history. Phil Collins was elected Libertyville Township Trustee. Collins came in 4th out of 6 candidates, with the top 4 being elected. ┬áHe received 1,132 votes, or 15.11%. He got 56 votes more than the 5th place finisher. Collins is currently the campaign manager for Chad N. Koppie, the first announced Republican candidate in the US Senate election in Illinois in 2014. Koppie was the Constitution Party candidate for US Senate in 2008, receiving 24,059 votes, or 0.45%. Collins is also the deputy campaign manager for GOP candidate David Earl Williams III’s 2014 congressional campaign in Illinois’s 9th district.

The following was posted on the Constitution Party of Illinois’s Facebook page today:

“The Constitution Party of Illinois is proud to announce our first elected official, Libertyville Township Trustee Phil Collins from Lake County. He is the first of many.”

8 thoughts on “Constitution Party Of Illinois Now Has Its First Elected Official

  1. Mike Indiana

    Kind of confused by Phil Collins? The more I read about him the more it sounds like he’s a republican. In 2012 he ran as a candidate for delegate to the Republican National Convention while at the same time he was the Illinois coordinator for Gov. Buddy Roemer’s presidential campaign. This coupled with the fact he is a campaign manager and deputy campaign manager for 2014 Republican candidates makes him seem more a Republican who is sympathetic to the Constitution Party then a member of the Constitution party. If anyone knows I’d be interested to know weather he is a dues paying member or if he has or does hold any internal party positions.

    regardless this is a major step for the Constitution Party of Illinois

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I know Phil and he is a great guy. He was a dues paying member of the CP for at least 2 years, but isn’t currently because he is unemployed. He is involved in both. Which is great, in my opinion. He can get more accomplished this way.

  3. David

    This was non-partisan race wasn’t it. That means a member got elected but not as a CP candidate.

  4. Cody Quirk

    Good to hear. Hopefully the Illinois CP will soon enough catch up to our affiliate in Nevada.

  5. Mr. Tin

    Excellent, Phil Collins now holds elected office. Now he can stop writing songs that all sound the same.

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