LSLA Conference: Carla Howell and Evan McMahon On Volunteer Engagement

The Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) Conference was held in conjunction with the Libertarian Party of Colorado state convention in Aurora, Colorado from May 17-19th. In this presentation, Libertarian National Committee (LNC) executive director Carla Howell and the executive director of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee (LNCC) Evan McMahon give a presentation on volunteer engagement. From the video description:

People are flocking to the Libertarian Party, trying to find their place and something to do to advance the cause of liberty. They need more than meetings. They need to be engaged and active within the Party.

6 thoughts on “LSLA Conference: Carla Howell and Evan McMahon On Volunteer Engagement

  1. Mark Axinn

    George is right. Victor did a superb job on the videos.

    Please join me in a tangible show of support and send a donation to the South Carolina Libertarian Party, PO Box 291383, Columbia SC 29229.

  2. wolfefan

    Carla has argued elsewhere that those who receive government largesse (excluding Socail Security recipients) should have their right to make financial contributions to political causes curtailed. (This is a paraphrase so if I’m wrong I’ll be glad to correct it.) Does the LP (or Carla) believe the same restrictions should apply to in-kind contributions or volunteer efforts?

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