Election Results from All Constitution Party National Conventions Now On Wikipedia

On June 16th and 17th, a Wikipedia user named Ariostos updated an entry for Constitution Party National Conventions to include all of the results for the presidential and vice-presidential nomination elections, from the party’s first convention in 1992 (when it was still called the U.S. Taxpayers Party) until 2012.

Constitution Party National Convention Presidential vote, 1992[2]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Howard Phillips 264 97.78%
Bo Gritz 4 1.48%
Evan Mecham 1 0.37%
Totals 269 100.00%
Constitution Party National Convention Presidential vote, 1996[4]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Howard Phillips 392 2/3 92.83%
Charles E. Collins 20 1/3 4.81%
Ted Gunderson 5 1.18%
Pat Buchanan 5 1.18%
Diane Beall Templin 0 0%
Totals 423 100.00%
  • The 1999 convention was held September 1–6, 1999 at the Regal Riverfront Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.[5] It was here that the party changed its name from the U.S. Taxpayers Party to the Constitution Party.[6]
Constitution Party National Convention Presidential vote, 1999[7]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Howard Phillips 500 85.03%
Herbert Titus 88 14.97%
Totals 588 100.00%


Constitution Party National Convention Vice-Presidential vote, 1999[8]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Joseph Sobran 588 100%
Ellen Craswell 0 0%
Totals 588 100.00%

Joseph Sobran later withdrew in April 2000, citing scheduling conflicts with his journalistic commitments. Curtis Frazier, a surgeon from Missouri, was later selected by the Party Committee to be his replacement on the ticket.

Both Michael Peroutka and Chuck Baldwin were nominated unanimously.

Detailed Map on the Vote for the Presidential Nomination by Individual State Delegations.

Constitution Party National Convention presidential vote, 2008[11]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Chuck Baldwin 383.8 74.38%
Alan Keyes 125.7 24.36%
Max Riekse 4.5 0.87%
Daniel Imperato 1.0 0.19%
Susan Ducey 1.0 0.19%
Totals 516.0 100.00%


Constitution Party National Convention vice-presidential vote, 2008[11]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Darrell Castle 389.0 75.98%
Scott Bradley 58.0 11.33%
Don Grundmann 43.7 8.54%
Mad Max Riekse 13.3 2.60%
Susan Ducey 8.0 1.56%
Totals 512.0 100.00%
Constitution Party National Convention presidential vote, 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage
Virgil Goode 203 50.37%
Darrell Castle 120 29.78%
Robby Wells 58 14.39%
Susan Ducey 15 3.72%
Laurie Roth 6 1.49%
Totals 402 100.00%

Jim Clymer was nominated for Vice President by voice vote.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_Party_National_Convention

34 thoughts on “Election Results from All Constitution Party National Conventions Now On Wikipedia

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    @2 JamesT

    From Wikipedia:

    Sobran was named the Constitution Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2000, but withdrew in April 2000 citing scheduling conflicts with his journalistic commitments.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I didn’t realize that Ted Gunderson was involved in the early stages of the party. This information is quite interesting.

  3. paulie

    Wow I had no idea Imperato won a delegate in 2008.

    He may have paid a delegate to vote for him there, as he allegedly did at the LP convention. Or maybe they made him a delegate himself.

  4. paulie

    Why am I not surprised that 43 people voted for that nutjob Grundmann

    CP has “proxy votes,” so it wasn’t necessarily 43 actual people.

  5. paulie

    Another possibility with the votes Grundmann got, it may have been part of a horse trading deal whereby he would run for VP rather then president.

  6. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author


    Because Sobran wasn’t a pro-Israel Zionist fantasist unlike a bunch of people in the CP. I think it’s safe to say most CP’ers are avowedly pro-Israel, based on some fairy tales in the Bible or something.

    Anyway, from Wikipedia, here are some of Sobran’s views which likely didn’t sit well with some CP’ers:

    In 2002 he spoke at the Institute for Historical Review’s annual conference.[9] In his speech, which he also reprinted in his newsletter, Sobran said:

    “I am not, heaven forbid, a “Holocaust denier.” I lack the scholarly competence to be one. … Why on earth is it ‘anti-Jewish’ to conclude from the evidence that the standard numbers of Jews murdered are inaccurate, or that the Hitler regime, bad as it was in many ways, was not, in fact, intent on racial extermination? Surely these are controversial conclusions; but if so, let the controversy rage.”[10]

    Through much of his career, Sobran identified as a paleoconservative and supported strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. In 2002, Sobran announced his philosophical and political shift to libertarianism (paleolibertarian anarcho-capitalism) citing inspiration by theorists Murray Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.[13] He has referred to himself as a “theo-anarchist.”[14] In the 2008 presidential election, Sobran endorsed Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin.[15]

    Sobran said Catholic teachings are consistent with his opposition to abortion and the Iraq War. He also argued that the 9/11 attacks were a result of the U.S. government’s policies regarding the Middle East. He claimed those policies are formed by the “Jewish-Zionist powers that be in the United States.”[16]

    Sobran considered communism a significantly Jewish phenomenon, writing:

    “Christians knew that Communism – often called “Jewish Bolshevism” – would bring awful persecution with the ultimate goal of the annihilation of Christianity. While the atheistic Soviet regime made war on Christians, murdering tens of thousands of Orthodox priests, it also showed its true colors by making anti-Semitism a capital crime. Countless Jews around the world remained pro-Communist even after Stalin had purged most Jews from positions of power in the Soviet Union.”[17]

    He believed about the Jewish people that “History is replete with the lesson that a country in which the Jews get the upper hand is in danger.”[17]

  7. George Phillies

    Sobran’s line about Bolshevism being a Jewish heresy is a very old line among NR conservatives. Note Hilaire Belloc’s volume The Great Heresies for even stranger details of this peculiar point of view.

  8. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Yeah, he probably did. Also collectivizing people into groups (like “the Jews”, “the blacks”, “the gays”) etc is such as statist and un libertarian thing to do.

    I wonder if Sobran would still be in the CP if he were alive today. He did say his views shifted towards libertarianism, but idk. He might have considered aligning with the American Freedom Party.

  9. SirGwain

    @ 11
    “I think it’s safe to say most CP’ers are avowedly pro-Israel” nope, NONE of the of the ones I know personally here in Texas are.

    “based on some fairy tales in the Bible or something.” it was my understanding that you are a professing Catholic? I never heard of Catholics calling the Bible fairy stories.

    “collectivizing people into groups (like “the Jews”, “the blacks”, “the gays”) etc is such as statist and un libertarian thing to do.”

    I have never understood that point of view, we are humans nothing can change that, I am white, that does not mean I am good or bad, just white, I cannot change that, some people are black, they cannot change that, I thought libertarianism was about not forcing anyone too give you the stuff that they own, not some sort of politically correct group think.

  10. JD

    I personally think it is healthy for us to examine World War 2 and all its surrounding events and continue to learn new things. Let’s face it victors write the history books so often times we have to look especially hard to find the truth.

    Historical revision is healthy so long as it is done without prejudice. I personally am a revisionist but I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone of any other race, color, or creed. Remember, my wife is a minority.

    I salute anyone who has the courage to say “I don’t know about that.”

  11. Mark Seidenberg

    paulie at post # 7

    Answer, After Grundmann could get no one other than himself to support him for either POTUS or VPOTUS in Kansas City, I wanted
    to give Chuck Baldwin a “gift”! for what he did
    to Michael Peroutka in the lockout in Concord,
    NH. What better gift to Baldwin than a running
    mate for VPOTUS than Dr. Don Grundmann!?
    All but the one vote that Dr. Grundmann cast
    for himself came through my efforts.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  12. Mark Seidenberg

    Paulie at Post # 10.

    There was no Horse Trade going on. Jim Clymer
    through his wife was trying to convince me to give 64 California votes for Alan Keyes as the
    head of the California Delegation. The delegation from California was split between
    Keyes, Corsi, Baldwin, and the one and only one
    vote for Grundmann at the first vote within the
    delegation. 80% of the California Delegation voted for Dr. Alan Keyes. The other 20% was divided between Corsi, Baldwin, and the one and
    only self vote of Dr. Don Grundmann.

    After talking within the delegation, we got word
    that Corsi wanted out. Grundmann switch his
    vote for Baldwin and the California Delegation
    vote was 80% for Alan Keyes and 20% for Chuck

    I was the elected head of the California Delegation in Kansas City Convention in 2008.

    While this was going on I got word that Charles
    Deemer wanted to do a unit rule in California and give the entire California vote to Chuck Baldwin as a block vote like they tried do do in Florida (Baldwin’s home state).

  13. Gene Berkman

    GP @ 13 – “Sobran’s line about Bolshevism being a Jewish heresy is a very old line among NR conservatives.”

    If by “NR” you are referring to National Review, that is an abysmally ignorant, even libelous remark. William Buckley fired Joseph Sobran from National Review for making anti-Semitic comments, and NR from the beginning disavowed anti-Semitism.

  14. paulie


    I did not say anything about California. It was speculation on why 43 people (or proxies) went to Grundmann for VP.

  15. Mark Seidenberg

    pauie at post # 22.

    I know you did not say anything about CA, I got
    all but one vote for Don Grundmann other than
    his own vote.

  16. Mark Seidenberg

    paulie at post # 22

    I was upset with Chuck Bauldwin for what he did
    at Concord, NH over the issue of Michael Peroutka and the lockout in 2006., I like the Castles from my days in the Constitution Party.
    I thought it was wrong on how the majority of the
    Executive Committee of CP treated Peroutka with the lockout.

    I expect the CP is dropping in electors in California from talking to county election officials

  17. Mark Seidenberg

    paulie post # 6

    At Kansas City I met Mr. Imperado in 2008. I
    told him that I was going to Greenland in May,
    2008 for an international conference. He said
    he was going also. Yet I could not find him there.

    My plans is to attend an international conference in Iceland in October, 2013, and have
    no idea if he is still interested in fighting the issue on LOST (UNCLOS).

    Do you know how to make contact with him again?

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