Elmer Whittaker: Questionable Inaction By The LNC

Elmer Whittaker is an activist involved in the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN). The following was published on his blog, Liberty and Bliss. The LPN situation has been well chronicled on IPR, one needs to only do quick search in the search box to learn more. 

Questionable Inaction By The LNC

Published June 15, 2013

By Elmer Whittaker

 After the Libertarian Party’s Chairman Geoffrey Neale’s completely uncalled for letter of apology, which Vice-Chairman R. Lee Wrights, of course saw as most appropriate, the general inaction of the LNC to the cancellation of the LPN convention and the email exchange between Geoffrey Neale, R. Lee Wrights and LPN Chairman candidate Brett H. Pojunis, which was posted in the LPN’s Facebook Group and started this entire discussion, I could not help myself against an overwhelming impression that both Geoffrey Neale and R. Lee Wrights, are determined to excuse and legitimize reigning LPN Chairman Joe Silvestri’s cancellation of the LPN elections.

Geoffrey Neale’s Letter of Apology

Excusing and legitimizing is all that both, R. Lee Wrights and Geoffrey Neale have done so far in their emails and with the Vice-Chair’s very first and last posting in the Libertarian Party of Nevada’s Facebook Group. Not once have either of them condemned Silvestri’s cancellation of the elections. Not once have they called it for what it is. Tyranny!

Joe Sylvestri’s Cancellation Notice of the LPN Elections

Posting after posting R. Lee Wrights continued to downplay the severity of the violations one of the most basic rights members of the Libertarian Party or of any political party, should have and do have. The right for free elections and self-determination.

EmailExchange Between Geoffrey Neale, R. Lee Wrights and Brett H. Pojunis

R. Lee Wrights speaks of evidence that supposedly has not been provided, and he even goes as far as blaming me, Brett H. Pojunis and the members of the LPN for the mess we supposedly created. Both, R. Lee Wrights and Geoffrey Neale basically made it already clear that if the LPN item remains on the agenda for the July 14 LNC Board Meeting in Las Vegas at all, that both Chairmen are choosing to do more of nothing about the intolerable situation in Nevada.

R. Lee Wrights crudely continued to ridicule my fact loaded postings and even tried to discredit them by simply denying their truthfulness but he cannot keep me or others from starting to question why he and Geoffrey Neale are doing that.

Why are they seeking to defend and legitimize the tyrannical cancellation of the LPN election instead of trying to remedy the crisis and attempted to restore liberty and justice within the LPN?

Brett H. Pojunis might be so nice and thank the Vice-Chairman for his input of even responding in this group, but neither I nor Brett nor many others here are gullible enough to buy into the pretense of R. Lee Wrights really just wanting to help.

If either the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman wanted to help to remedy the intolerable situation in the LPN would have and should have responded favorably to the petition of the LPN members for free and fair elections and condemned Joe Silvestri’s actions while demanding the elections being held as stipulated in the petition.

Petition to LNC: Please Give Us a Fair Convention in Nevada!

Why are R. Lee Wrights and Geoffrey Neale really so interested in keeping Joe Silvestri in power and why on the other hand is Joe Silvestri so determined of completely shredding the LPN into dysfunctional little pieces? Is there a pattern that might lead to the destruction of the Libertarian Party itself?

If one then takes into consideration that Chairman Geoffrey Neale’s unjustified letter of apology not only smeared Brett Pojunis and put his character into question but actually gave Joe Silvestri a to many seemingly legitimate reason to cancel the elections, then you really cannot help but wonder. In fact, Geoffrey Neale’s letter of apology might be a reason that the outcry of the Libertarian Party members against the grievous violations of cancelled elections was not even more condemning.

By now, the LNC must realize that it not only stands to lose its Nevada affiliate along with almost its complete membership, but that the allowing, condoning and enabling of tyranny by the LNC has started a brushfire within the membership of the Libertarian Party itself. Talks of founding a new party and abandoning the LP altogether are no longer just talks and are by far not restricted to Nevada alone.

There is however, some incredible talent, energy and numbers in support of liberty here in Clark County of which not only the election of “Ron Paulian Libertarian” Cindy Lake to Chairwoman of the Clark County Republican Party bears witness.

I personally think and feel that this talent and energy can be channeled into a powerful force for good, liberty and justice, in which there seems to be little room for a Libertarian Party that enables and tolerates tyranny.

 “Cowardice asks the question: Is it safe?
Expediency asks the question: Is it politic?
Vanity asks the question: Is it popular? 

But conscience asks the question: Is it right? 

And there comes a time one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular – but one must take it simply because it is right.”  

– Dr. Martin Luther King
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