Free & Equal: The Thrive Movement supports United We Stand Festival

Posted on Free and Equal Elections Foundation’s  website on June 12th:

Free & Equal is pleased to announce that Foster and Kimberly Gamble, creators of “THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?” will be speaking at the United We Stand Festival in Los Angeles scheduled to take place in October on the UCLA campus.

One of the great features about promoting a more open democracy and election process is that the cause unites individuals from across a wide range of political backgrounds. And so, The Thrive Movement has also announced their support for the United We Stand Festival as official sponsors of the event.

Christina Tobin, founder and president of Free & Equal, recently sat down with the Gambles (who wrote, produced, and directed “THRIVE”) to discuss what it takes to create a peaceful, prosperous world for all.

Click HERE to hear the podcast on Podomatic!

Thrive is a powerful feature-length film that explores the connections between energy independence, corruption in medicine, our financial system, electoral reform and more. Most importantly, it asks the question, what does it take to create a world where everyone can thrive?

Thrive has received over 1 million views per month since it has released 14 months ago – that’s more than 17  million views! It has been translated into 23 languages and soon will be translated into two more. Thrive is available for free at

The Thrive Movement is solutions-oriented. The Solutions Hub, available on their website, features over 750 groups from over 90 countries who are using this hub to share best practices with each other.


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