George Phillies: Electronic Warfare

George Phillies is a college professor and Libertarian Party activist who is based in Massachusetts. The following was published on Liberty for All’s website on June 12, 2013. Liberty for All is an online newsletter edited by LP vice-chair and 2012 presidential candidate R. Lee Wrights. 

Back in 2008 when I ran for our Presidential nomination against Republican Bob Barr, Republican Wayne Root, and their LNC supporters:

1) Electronic Warfare is Warfare. If you don’t believe me, look up how much money the military spends on it.

2) America is the American People. America is not a flag, or a piece of hemp paper: America is its people.

3) Waging electronic warfare on the American people, listening to their phone messages and reading their email, is waging war on the American people

4) Waging War on America is treason. It’s one of the three crimes enumerated in our Constitution.

5) We have our two witnesses: Senator Feinstein. Senator Chambliss.


Try the electronic warriors against America, for treason. That appears to be around 40,000 NSA employees, for starters.

And when I was asked, how we would try and imprison so many people, well, we tried the drug users. We can try these people to. There are fewer of them. Some of them may even be innocent. That’s why we have judges and juries. As for the rest, well, after we free the drug users, there will be plenty of space in Federal prisons for twenty or forty or a hundred thousand new life prisoners.

Perhaps in 2020 we will get things right, rather than running yet another Republican rose-fertilizer-for-brains as a candidate.

George Phillies is a contributing editor for Liberty For All. You can contact Dr. Phillies at




12 thoughts on “George Phillies: Electronic Warfare

  1. Joe Wendt

    We need to start having people like George Phillies running LNC and serving on the Presidential ticket.

  2. Ad Hoc

    He’s run for all those (quite a few times for LNC). Never done very well with the delegates though.

  3. Ad Hoc

    Maybe, maybe not. About 5-10% of delegates at each of the last 5 or so national convention seem to agree with you.

  4. Ad Hoc

    Phillies is completely right in this article, although I’m not sure how that reflects on his would-be ability were he elected Chair, much less his ability to be so elected.

  5. Ad Hoc

    “Perhaps in 2020 we will get things right,”

    What about 2016? That’s still quite a way away…I wouldn’t make any predictions about 2016 right now. Johnson may well be out with his latest statement about going back to the Republicans, unless he changes his mind yet again. Not sure I want someone that wishy washy anyway.

  6. Joe Wendt

    maybe the LP can nominate George Phillies and Darryl Perry in 2016, which would be an awesome thought. Phillies-Perry 2016!!!

  7. Joe Wendt

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If you run, you’d probably do alot better this time around, given all the idiocy that has been going on at the LNC and in the Federal duopoly. Phillies 2016!!!

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