LP National Promotes Virginia House of Delegates Candidate Lindsey Bolton

The LP National website, LP.org, currently has a small banner on the front page promoting Lindsey Bolton, Libertarian Party candidate for Virginia House of Delegates from the 48th district:

Recently, Bolton’s Facebook page surpassed 2,000 “likes.” Austin Petersen, former paid employee at LPHQ, current Director of Production at FreedomWorks and a former Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Fox News show “Freedom Watch”, recently promoted Bolton on his own Facebook page:

Another strong, independent lady of liberty is running for office in Virginia! Meet Lindsey Bolton.

Bolton’s three main objectives as a state delegate if elected, from her Facebook page:

I. Regarding Taxation:
1) Abolish the Virginia state income tax in order to incentivize business to relocate to Virginia thereby creating new, private sector jobs.
2) Repeal the new $6.5 billion Transportation Tax which is facially, unconstitutionally disproportionate to the residents Northern Virginia.

II. Regarding Spending:
1) Investigate and eliminate redundancies in government operations, agencies, and procedures.
2) Identify and eliminate any government contract rate or other spending which is above the going market rate or fair market value, as the case may be.

III. Regarding Civil Liberties:
1) Decriminalize marijuana, just as 16 other states have done, thereby eliminating costs of enforcement to taxpayers, minimizing the non-violent offender prison population, and alleviating the impact of prohibition enforcement on the unity of Virginian families.
2) Introduce a resolution that the Commonwealth’s role regarding marriage is merely to respect and uphold a contract governing the property ownership, legal duties, and managerial roles between the parties; with the only requirements to contracting being that the parties have consented and possess the legal capacity to do so.

Bolton’s Facebook page is below:



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