South Carolina LP: Hasn’t Lindsey Graham Learned Anything From History?

For Immediate Release: 06/11/13
South Carolina Libertarian Party

Victor Kocher, Chairman
Timothy Moultrie, Press Secretary

Hasn’t Lindsey Graham Learned Anything From History?

National news revolves around the NSA’s “legal” metadata mining and monitoring of telephone records of millions of innocent United States citizens. A much ignored sub-current in news is the parallel attack on the rights of citizens buried in the Senate revision of US immigration law.

The South Carolina Libertarian Party opposes both attacks on our rights. Lindsey Graham stands foursquare behind both of these atrocious actions.

Graham fully supports collection of telephone records of US citizens because it might prevent a terrorist attack. Backers of the NSA’s actions point to a foiled terrorist plot as justification for continuing the policy, but they provide no details to verify such fact. They also claim no conversations are recorded or monitored. This is reminiscent of days when our government denied bombing Cambodia, or made claims of Saddam’s possession of weapons of mass destruction.

The fact remains, in the United States, that we have a presumption of innocence and Constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure. Both of these traditional guarantees of freedom are dashed when the government claims the right to monitor our every conversation, in any manner whatsoever.

Graham also supports the overhaul of US immigration law, along with other “leading” Republicans. It goes without saying US immigration law is in dire need of an overhaul, but there is one provision in it which threatens our freedom more than any other: the National ID card.

The institution of a National ID card, and the biometric data contained therein, will in one motion eliminate any vestiges of privacy, freedom of movement or presumption of innocence. Of course, Graham states if one is innocent they have nothing to fear. This claim, too, fails historical muster.

When the Japanese-Americans (the Nisei) dutifully completed their US Census forms in 1940, they believed the Commerce Department when it said this information would be used for no purpose other than statistical analysis. The Japanese-Americans’ faith was betrayed, and they were housed in desert internment camps, based on the data that was collected.

This is a lesson we should not fail to learn, again.

Victor Kocher, Chairman of the SCLP said, “How can Lindsey call himself a ‘Republican,’ when he–seemingly in every moment and in every breath– works to give the national government total and unrestrained dominion over our lives? For every instance of a government restraining its power, there are ten thousand examples of government abusing its power. Lindsey continues that ugly tradition.”


6 thoughts on “South Carolina LP: Hasn’t Lindsey Graham Learned Anything From History?

  1. Jared King

    “How can Lindsey call himself a ‘Republican,’ when he–seemingly in every moment and in every breath– works to give the national government total and unrestrained dominion over our lives?”

    What’s not Republican about that?

    I’m not sure I get the term RINO either, since it applies to the most authoritarian of GOP members, who are merely sticking to the party “princibles”.

  2. Stewart Flood

    The point you’re missing is that the South Carolina Republican Party, of which both of our current Senators are members, publicly states their support of exactly the opposite. They fool voters by claiming they are for limited government, which is the point our party’s chairman was making.

    The press release was understood by the press in our state, but was ignored –as expected.

    There are a lot of libertarians in our state who agree with us (the LP), but fool themselves by believing the solution is to turn the SCGOP into (they say “back into”, but it never was, so back doesn’t apply) a party that believes in and supports liberty.

    Our state is sadly represented by one of the worst leaders of the movement toward a totalitarian county. Mr Graham needs to be defeated in his run for re-election next year.

  3. Starchild

    Nice to see the South Carolina LP not only calling out this sorry excuse for a representative, but tying several important issues into a common thread and backing up your points with historical reminders including how the information Japanese Americans provided on their census forms was used to incarcerate them. Great work guys!

  4. Stewart Flood

    I’ll pass your comments along to our chair. He spent a bit of time on this one…and this is just the start. We (all of us) need Graham out of office. It is a high priority to the SCLP.

  5. Waldemar Testarossa Fiumente

    Couldn’t we export Graham and McCain to someplace more suited for them, like North Korea?

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