BREAKING: Kristin Davis Reportedly Arrested

IPR has been made aware of two different media sources reporting that Kristin Davis, the Libertarian candidate for NYC Comptroller and self-styled “Manhattan Madam”, has been arrested for selling prescription drugs to an informant.

The Wall Street Journal Metropolis blog and NBC New York have both reported on this in the last few hours.

The WSJ article includes a link to a pdf of the criminal complaint.

IPR reached out to LPNY Chair Mark Axinn for comment, and he responded:


I was informed this afternoon that Kristin Davis, a member of the LPNY and the Manhattan LP chapter as well as my friend and neighbor on the Upper East Side, was arrested today in a drug sting by the federal government.

Of course, this is not the first time Ms. Davis has been targeted by law enforcement officials for engaging in non-violent, consensual business arrangements with other adults.

I deplore the treatment she received when previously arrested. I certainly hope that her treatment this time is far less intrusive of her personal dignity and Fourth Amendment rights than what she experienced four years ago.

I know that I speak for all of us in the Libertarian Party of New York in wishing her a speedy and successful resolution to the current situation.

Mark N. Axinn
Chair, LPNY

Those who are familiar will be aware that I (the author of this article and owner of IPR) consider Ms. Davis an enemy, and I am currently suing her.

Nevertheless, it is the opinion of this author and IPR that the investigation, arrest and prosecution of Ms. Davis are wrong on multiple levels. The drug war itself is a disaster. Further, the US Constitution provides no role for the federal government getting involved in local matters such as this. Finally, the use of informants in the drug law enforcement is rife with abuse.

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Warren Redlich is CEO of SpinJ Corporation, which became owner of IPR in November 2012. He was the 2010 Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York, and has run for office as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Liberal.

44 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kristin Davis Reportedly Arrested

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    So she’s been arrested again, and once again for something that shouldn’t be illegal.

    There’s a word for people who are imprisoned/jailed/detained not for harming others but merely for violating unjust government edits. Actually, it’s two words: Political prisoners.

  2. Eric Dondero

    You all, whether you love her or hate her, put that aside for a second. LOOK BEYOND THE HEADLINES!!!

    This is all about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Clinton’s tapping former PA Governor Ed Rendell to run her campaign.

    And Rendell… was hinted at strongly by Kristin Davis REPEATEDLY to me directly, and on the NYC Opie and Anthony morning radio shock jock show, that he was the “other” Governor who sought her services besides Spitzer.

    Put two and two together.

    Kristin had a bunch of media interviews set for the coming days. Was she about to finally expose Rendell? Other top NYC Democrats???

  3. Eric Dondero

    @6, Warren, please. This is not about Roger Stone. This is not even about Kristin. We all know you hate her more than any other living human being. Fine. Put that hatred aside for a second. I know you can.


    This is not about inner-libertarian movement petty politics here.

    This is way, way, way, way more important than any disputes you, and I, or Tom Knapp, or Pauli Canoli or Carla Howell or Lew Rockwell or Justin Raimondo or Dave Boaz or Gary Johnson or whomever may have.


    And I’m not talking Spitzer. There were many, many more besides just him.

  4. johnO

    Was she sellling Viagra and/or Cialis? Ah, well if Anthony Wiener can get Ms. Leathers’ 5 minutes of fame (and a porn contract) maybe this will give Ms. Davis a jolt for her campaign against Spitzer. He has those socks in the drawer and Client #9 going for him. Now if NYC could just get that Sanford guy in South Carolina and the dude in San Diego to move to NYC. What a slate that would be. Would the slogan be “Hard to Elect” or “Stand Hard New York”?

  5. johnO

    Sounds like the “date rape drug”. New York races are really daring to say the least. Wow, if she stays in the Spitzer/Davis debate is going to be incredible. How about “DID you keep your socks on Governor?” and “DID you give the date rape drug to your johns and/or hookers?” Man I hope she doesn’t drop out just for comic relief. Ha Ha

  6. Robert Capozzi

    2tk: Actually, it’s two words: Political prisoners.

    me: I can see that title for Davis, who is a politician and was arrested. But if one isn’t engaged in politics, I’m not seeing your usage of the term “political prisoner” for imprisoned sellers of drugs or sex services.

    Please elaborate….

  7. Thomas L. Knapp

    RC @ 12,

    Drug and prostitution arrests aren’t based on harm or victimization of anyone by the “criminal.” The “criminal’s” only “crime” is defying the state.

  8. Reality Watch

    You know this site is in trouble when crazed Zionist Dondero-Rittberg is making more sense than anyone else here.

  9. Andy

    “IPR has been made aware of two different media sources reporting that Kristin Davis, the Libertarian candidate for NYC Comptroller and self-styled ‘Manhattan Madam’, has been arrested for selling prescription drugs to an informant.”

    I wonder who the rat (ie-the informant) was.

  10. Will

    I wonder how this will affect the petition drive, if at all.

    It’s at moments like this that I always wonder why the Libertarian Party maintains relationships with candidates who run campaigns that are really all about issues like drug legalization and prostitution legalization. I think it’s a mistake. Voters who do vote for candidates like this tend to be the kinds of voters who just want to voice their protest against another candidate or against the politics of the race in general. If she gets on the ballot and gets any votes in the general I seriously doubt that most of her supporters will actually believe she’s the best candidate for Comptroller of the City of New York.

    Warren, you were at the debate in 2010. I’d really like to know the impression that Ms. Davis made on you. Watching the thing, I thought she was absolutely the worst candidate in the race. I’ve never participated in a debate, and I’m sure it’s stressful. But I’ve also never been a candidate for an elected office that will affect the lives of millions of constituents.

    Why even take the breath to talk about this story?

    The LP needs concentrate on attracting candidates who have serious accomplishments in mainstream society, and who have gained recognition for what they’ve accomplished while remaining compliant with the law.

    I just don’t get it.

  11. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Dondero: Kristin had a bunch of media interviews set for the coming days. Was she about to finally expose Rendell? Other top NYC Democrats???

    Dondero often intimates that he has insider knowledge about this or that breaking news or conspiracy.

    But I’m still waiting for him to put forward his evidence that the American antiwar movement is funded and controlled by Islamo-terrorists.

    Years ago, he claimed — actually, he breathlessly panted — that he would very shortly expose the antiwar movement’s Islamo-terrorist roots.

    Yet since then, whenever anyone reminds him of his past claim, he slinks away without a word.

    Partially because of this, I doubt any of Dondero’s claims to breaking news or shocking revelations or insider knowledge of anything.

  12. Antirevolutionary

    On the other hand, in 2008 Eric Dondero was talking about Sara Palin as a possible running mate for McCain when almost nobody else was. This was on TPW so I can’t find the source unfortunately.

  13. wredlich Post author

    @17 “Warren, you were at the debate in 2010. I’d really like to know the impression that Ms. Davis made on you.”

    I sat next to her. She didn’t make an impression at all. But I did think she was a better candidate than Paladino.

    As for Dondero, I don’t hate Davis more than any other human being. She’s not close to the top of that list. Dondero here is obviously serving as a shill for Stone.

  14. Warren Redlich

    Here’s the docket report from the court system’s website:

    Date Filed # Docket Text
    08/02/2013 SEALED ORAL ORDER as to Sealed Defendant 1. (Signed by Magistrate Judge Frank Maas on 8/2/2013)(dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)
    08/02/2013 1 COMPLAINT as to Kristin Davis (1). In Violation of 21 U.S.C. 841 (a) (1), 841 (b) (1) (C), 841 (b) (2), and 18 U.S.C. 2 (Signed by Magistrate Judge Frank Maas) (dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)
    08/05/2013 Arrest Warrant Returned Executed on 8/5/2013 as to Kristin Davis. (dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)
    08/05/2013 Arrest of Kristin Davis. (dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)
    08/06/2013 3 Order to Unseal Case as to Kristin Davis.. (Signed by Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn on 8/6/2013)(dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)
    08/06/2013 4 NOTICE OF ATTORNEY APPEARANCE: Retained Attorney Daniel Adam Hochheiser appearing for Kristin Davis. (dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)
    08/06/2013 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn: Initial Appearance as to Kristin Davis held on 8/6/2013., with Retained Attorney Daniel A. Hochheiser and AUSA’S Kristy Greenberg and Daniel Richenthal for the government. AGREED CONDITIONS OF RELEASE: $100,000 PRB; ONE FRP; Travel Limited to SDNY/EDNY; Surrender Travel Documents (& No New Applications); Strict Pretrial Supervision; Drug Testing/Treatment; Mental Health Evaluation/Treatment; Deft to Be Released on Own Signature; Remaining Conditions to Be Met by 8/13/13; (1) Drug Testing/Treatment If Appropriate, (2) Mental Health Evaluation/Treatment If Appropriate; ( Preliminary Hearing set for 9/5/2013 at 10:00 AM before Judge Unassigned.) (dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)
    08/06/2013 5 AGREEMENT TO FORFEIT PROPERTY (OTHER THAN REAL PROPERTY) by Kristin Davis. Personal Recognizance Bond in the amount of $ 100,000 PRB, ONE FRP; Travel Limited to SDNY/EDNY; Surrender Travel Documents (& No New Applications); Strict Pretrial Supervision; Drug Testing/Treatment; Mental Health Evaluation/Treatment; Deft to Be Released on Own Signature; Remaining Conditions to Be Met by 8/13/13; (1) Drug Testing/Treatment, If Appropriate; (2) Mental Health Evaluation/Treatment, If Appropriate (dif) (Entered: 08/06/2013)

  15. Warren Redlich

    It’s a “personal recognizance bond” for $100K. I think that means she didn’t have to put any money up. So the judge thinks she can cover that if she doesn’t show up?

    They’re talking about up to 80 years in prison and she gets out without putting any money or property up. Weird. Either a soft judge or a great lawyer.

    Of course the 80 years is nonsense. I’d have to see the sentencing guidelines for her charges but I’d guess she’s not looking at more than a few years, and maybe less than one year.

  16. Warren Redlich

    Hard to say based on the complaint, but the worst of it might be the 180 oxycodone pills. Running some quick numbers on the sentencing guidelines that could mean a couple years in Club Fed. Depending on how her case plays out, it could be a lot less, or a lot more.

  17. Robert Capozzi

    14 tk: The “criminal’s” only “crime” is defying the state.

    me: Sure, the “crimes” aren’t CRIMES, so stipulated. Generally, common usage of “political prisoners” is for people who are dissidents of some form, who have a political agenda, who the State views as a POLITICAL threat.

    You might use the term differently, though.

    Personally, I don’t see drug sellers or pimps as “defying” that State so much as making a living that happens to be illegal. People engaged in this business generally LIKE the laws that prohibit their behavior, as with the increased risks come increased potential returns, yes?

  18. johnO

    I agree not convicted of anything but mental evaluation? Drug treatment? Over the top and too much of the state coming down on individual.

  19. Mark Axinn

    The likelihood that she gets jail time may be exacerbated by the fact that if she pleads or is found guilty, she also will have violated her parole from the prostitution ring charges.

  20. wredlich Post author

    I think she was released early from her previous probation. I don’t think that would affect federal sentencing. Prior criminal history affects the sentencing guidelines. But if she has only one prior it may not matter.

  21. Eric Sundwall

    oh great , , , a pair of ny lawyers swapping probation law.

    I think Stone knew Spitzer would seek the NYC Comptroller position because he watched Client 9. He wanted his GOP shill as the LP candidate and pointed KD to the latter situation. Stone plays bread & circus politics now.

    At best they hoped she would defeat an always beleaguered Edes for the LPNY 2014 nomination and still get to play the game that they seem so enamored with. Media whoring.

    KD is trash that can’t do a real days work if her life depended on it. Was her little buddy Miller caught too? That being said, no matter what the principle or assumptions behind any regimes mechanisms (Waren and Mark read:LAWS), if you get caught defying them you better be up to dealing with it.

    So is no civil disobedience issue.

  22. Thomas L. Knapp

    ES @31,

    “KD is trash that can’t do a real days work if her life depended on it. ”

    If you think that running an escort service isn’t “work,” you don’t know what work is.

  23. Mark Axinn

    Eric is quite correct that this isn’t a civil disobedience issue. If Kristin was selling drugs, I am sure it was for financial gain and no other reason.

    Which, of course, is a completely valid reason to do so from any libertarian or anarchist perspective.

    I don’t think Stone knew about Spitzer when Davis switched from Mayor to Comptroller. Another possibility is that he planned to sell the Mayor’s line to Lhota, who surprised him by then saying he’s not interested the next morning.

    If that’s the case, then Spitzer running for Comptroller was an unexpected Godsend to the Davis campaign. Getting caught selling drugs in an FBI sting was not.

    Finally, I think Kristin is still on parole from her last business venture and conviction of another felony (whether by plea or trial) cannot be good. Of course, plea bargains are just that: a negotiation, but she ain’t got a lot of leverage on her side of the table (Dondero’s fantasies notwithstanding).

  24. Eric Sundwall

    @32 My standard for a days work is peeling and covering a roof. I just assume most people can’t do that. I can’t seem to avoid at least two of those days a year. I can still do it though. 🙂

    @33 Watch Client 9, it talks about Spitzer running for that exact position as an option to get back in it. Roger prides himself on opponent research, I’m sure he saw that and had it in the back of his head as the configurations changed. As they always do . . .

  25. Eric Sundwall

    I do think it eliminates KD as a viable option for the LPNY in 2014. The delegates want a messiah not a pariah.

    LPUS: Davis/Halloran 2016!

    Whoever gets paroled first is the top of the ticket.

  26. Green Party

    Unfortunately, unregulated pill sales, contributes to deaths. I have known personally 2 families affected by drug over dose. Young 20 something’s, with a future ahead of them. Had they not been able to purchase the amount of pills underground, maybe they would have stuck to just smoking weed. I knew these kids from the time they were born. Went to the funerals, saw the sorrow of their parents and grandparents. The amount of pills Kristen was trading purchasing was out of bounds IMO.

  27. Thomas L. Knapp

    GP @ 36,

    “Unfortunately, unregulated pill sales, contributes to deaths.”

    Yes, it does. It doesn’t contribute nearly as much to deaths as the police state that’s been put together to regulate it, though.

  28. Steve M

    RC, yep drug prisoners should be considered Prisoners of War and not political or criminal prisoners. We are after all in a drug war.

  29. Mark Axinn

    Don’t forget who the enemy is in the drug war: It’s the US government vs. its citizens and those of foreign countries.

    Mostly, of course, it’s a war on black men but sometimes it gets used against people like Kristin Davis too. So who did she piss off that Obama’s Justice Dept took her down?

  30. Jose C

    @ 7, 8, &15: You are on to something. In Los Angeles the Monica Lewinski / Bill Clinton sex tape has been getting a lot of attention. The sex tape was released by the National Inquirer and they are publishing articles about the sex tape.

    Talk show hosts have been talking about the sex tape and Bill Clinton;s relationship with Monica comparing his behavior to the scandals occurring in San Diego, New York, and South Carolina. Added to the discussion is Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President. The liberal left are beside themselves! The thought that this sex tape will derail her candidacy has them up in arms. Talk show host Stephanie Miller shrieks that Bill Clinton’s behavior is not the same as the other candidates scandals and Hillary’s campaign will not be stopped. Whenever discussion occurs pertaining to the sex tape she changes the subject. The word is that Hillary is very upset this sex tape has surfaced. Could the Democratic Party Clinton machine have something to do with this?

    In other words do not talk about Hillary and the Bill Clinton sex tape. Change the subject and talk about the other scandals.

  31. paulie

    From the story: “…Kristin Davis, the Libertarian candidate for NYC Comptroller”

    I’m surprised that Warren wrote that, and even more surprised that Mark Axinn, Gary Donoyan, etc did not correct it,

    “…Nevertheless, it is the opinion of this author and IPR…”

    An opinion I share, and of course as site owner Warren is not subject to any rules about editorializing (to the extent they still exist at all). However, it might be nice if there were some way to distinguish cases when “opinion of IPR” can be taken to mean a consensus of all the writers after some discussion, versus cases where it can be taken only to mean the opinion of IPR’s owner(s). I’m unaware of any poll of the writers in this case, although this may have been a rare case where we would all agree had there been one.

    Knapp: “…merely for violating unjust government edits.”

    Oh, the outrage! As if government edicts and government censors weren’t enough?

    Error Donderror: “…Pauli Canoli..”

    F minus.

  32. Warren Redlich

    When the owner of a print newspaper states his opinion it is not attributed to the other writers. Same with editorials. I don’t see the difference here.

  33. paulie

    I think print newspapers have editorial board meetings. And IPR in the past had a policy of only doing editorials when we reached a consensus of the writers. But of course, you are free to change that, and I see that you have.

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